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  1. On FM14 I think I had a player suffer a double leg break. Can't remember how long he was out for but he was out for at least a year.
  2. It has to be exactly ten years to the day since he joined the club before he becomes eligible for a testimonial.
  3. How come you're only allowed 5 subs on the bench in the FA Cup? Irl you're allowed 7
  4. I'm not too sure, but using a lower league database you can play as the real Scarborough.
  5. Ben Barber on loan from Stoke, Ian Dunbavin on a free and Alefe Santos on loan from Derby are three very good signings for Halifax - they're signings I made when I won the league first season with Halifax
  6. Nice to see that things are going alright for me at West Ham.
  7. Same as the regen, and when I said English/Welsh I meant English with Welsh as a secondary nationality.
  8. First Name: Lewis Last Name: Walsh Common Name(Nickname): Full Name(If you want Middle): Lewis Richard Walsh Nationality: English/Welsh D.O.B(Day and Month): 7th May Position: Striker Preferred Foot (can be either): Left Favourite Club: FC Halifax Town Technical: 5 at 15: Finishing, Dribbling, First Touch, Heading, Free Kicks 5 at 10: Long Shots, Corners, Penalties, Passing Technique 4 at 5: Tackling, Marking, Long Throws, Crossing Mental: 5 at 15: Compossure, Determination, Work Rate, Flair, Off The Ball 5 at 10: Vision Anticipation, Bravery, Concentration, Decisions 4 at 5: Leadership, Aggression, Positioning, Teamwork Physical: 4 at 15: Acceleration, Pace, Jumping Reach, Strength, 2 at 10: Agility, Stamina 2 at 5: Balance, Fitness
  9. The star ratings mean nothing, as pointed out earlier in the post. Go by attributes and pro and cons in the report.
  10. FC Romania are a club playing in the 9th tier(I think) of England that can only sign Romanian players, but I don't the restriction is coded in.
  11. The ability to choose options such as the database size and whether you want attribute masking on or not on the demo. I usually start my year long Halifax save on the demo, and with me preferring not to use the new scouting system it would be good if I didn't have to use it just because I started my save on the demo.
  12. I have recently been promoted to the Championship with Halifax, but did not manage to get The Shay converted to an all seater as I had only just acquired it, leaving me with a maximum attendance of only 5830 (the amount of seats at The Shay) instead of the 7000 I was averaging last season in League 1 which probably would have been higher in the Championship. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't you allowed to have terracing? It's a pretty big thing, as it affects finances. Examples of clubs that have used terracing in recent years in the Championship include Brentford, Peterborough, Scunthorpe and Yeovil.
  13. You can still loan your players to Gijon despite what it says on the tin.
  14. I'm sure this has been suggested numerous times before, but dynamic rivalries needs to be a thing. If I beat say, Man United to the title on the last day of the season with Halifax, I would like to see the game consider Halifax and Man United rivals. It's no good being the Premier League when the game still has you rivals with Guiseley, who are still in the Conference North.
  15. Definitely not a problem with the stadium, I've been promoted with smaller stadiums.
  16. It should be under the responsibilities for the reserve team.
  17. How did Halifax end up in the Conference South? We're a pretty northern team.
  18. For HOYD and Goalkeeping Coach, I've found that selecting the 'Coach' option works best. For DOF, I'm not sure.
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