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  1. Closing this as we are tracking the issue in this thread: This should now be resolved, so please let us know in that thread whether it is working for you now or if you're still having issues.
  2. Thanks for reporting - we believe we have a resolution for this: Closing this thread as we already have threads for tracking the issue.
  3. For those who have had issues with finding and joining online games since the 21.3 update, please see this response and let us know in that thread whether the issue is still happening for you:
  4. Thanks again for reporting this everyone, and apologies for the inconvenience. We found an issue with the online backend which we believe we have now resolved - can you let us know whether you are still having the same problems please?
  5. Can you confirm whether this is still happening for you after updating to the most recent version of the game (21.2.2)? If it is still happening, can you confirm you are definitely signed in to your Xbox Live account and connected to Xbox Live Services please?
  6. Unfortunately we don't have direct access to the files you save in Xbox Edition as they are all cloud-based and handled at Microsoft's end - I was confused by you mentioning a file name in your original post, so thought you had found a way to extract the save and send it to us via our cloud service. I'm afraid to say that, because we aren't able to access the save files created on Xbox Edition due to the way the Play Anywhere cloud saving system works, it's very unlikely we'll be able to recover save files which have become corrupted. We've since released the 21.1.3 minor update which comes with significant stability improvements, so the best thing I can recommend is starting a new game where you'll be unlikely to encounter the same issue again. Sincere apologies again for the inconvenience caused.
  7. Thanks again for reporting this everyone - we just released Minor Update 21.2.1 which should resolve this issue - let us know if performance is improved for you now. If you can't see any difference after updating you may need to clear the game data and reinstall the game for the changes to take effect.
  8. We've just released an update (21.2.1) which may reduce graphical quality but should improve performance fairly significantly on the majority of devices - due to a bug, graphics were rendering at a higher resolution than intended which was causing performance and stability issues on some devices. It's not a case of downgrading graphics on higher spec devices to accommodate lower spec ones, as we have different configs for different performance levels, but it's something we're continually tweaking and trying to optimise to make sure that we strike the right balance between graphical quality and performance and stability on as many devices as possible. We'd like to do this but it's much more difficult to do on iOS and Android than on PC/Mac due to the way data and assets have to be packaged on those platforms. No simplification - it's still exactly the same Match Engine as FM.
  9. We've just released Minor Update 21.2.1 for iOS/iPadOS and Android only, which includes match performance and stability improvements. On iOS/iPadOS devices, go to the Updates page in the App Store, find Football Manager 2021 Touch in the Pending list and tap the Update button. On Android devices the game should update automatically if you have auto-updating on. You can update manually by going to My apps & games in the Google Play Store, finding Football Manager 2021 Touch in the Updates tab, and tapping the Update button. Please remember to report any issues in the FM21 Touch bugs forum. We'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all a safe and enjoyable festive season and to say a huge thank you for continuing to play our games.
  10. I've moved this to the Android bugs forum - please remember to use the bugs forum rather than the General Discussion when letting us know about bugs and technical issues. Thanks for reporting this, we're looking into it.
  11. We're looking into the reported performance issues following the update - thanks for letting us know @ss03.
  12. If you load the save where you got to 30 seasons and continue until you get the dialog telling you you have reached the season limit, it should then unlock. The Money, Money, Money achievement, should unlock in existing saves which have already earned over that amount, so we'll look into that. If you start a new game in the meantime it should be reasonably easy to achieve if you manage a big club.
  13. Hi everyone, thanks for your patience while we've been working on this. In Minor Update 21.1.3 which we released last night, we've added a Screen Calibration option to the Preferences on consoles which should allow you to adjust your screen to resolve this - please let us know if you have any problems with it.
  14. Hi guys, very sorry to hear you've run into these issues and thanks for the info you've provided. We're very concerned about the save corruption you mentioned, so we will try to reproduce that on our end - @Interista4 did you say you uploaded a save to our ownCloud server? The update we released last night should have improved stability in online games significantly, so please let us know if you're still encountering crashes after updating.
  15. Thanks for letting us know @AlcoholicSocks and apologies you're seeing this issue - we're looking into it.
  16. We posted an update in the General Discussion forum here: We'd like to be able to respond to every thread but with many of us now on holiday for the festive period we're a bit understaffed at present. Thanks for letting us know about Challenge Master and Shrewd Spender, and apologies those aren't working for you - those were both tested and working for us so we will look into it in more detail and see if we can work out what's going on.
  17. This should now be fixed as of Minor Update 21.1.3 - please let us know if you run into this again after downloading and installing the update.
  18. We're delighted to announce that the first minor update for Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition, 21.1.3, is out now! The game should update automatically on your Xbox console or Windows PC. Please note this is a minor update with a few key improvements and fixes to address some specific issues as outlined below - you can expect more updates to come in 2021. All the fixes in this update are fully save game compatible, allowing you to continue your pre-existing saves, except for the fix for incorrect fixture scheduling which may require starting a new save to be fully resolved. A huge thank you to all of you for giving us feedback on the game and reporting bugs on our bugs forum, and thank you for your patience in waiting for this update to arrive. As always, please report any issues on our bugs forum and we'd be delighted to hear whether this update resolves any of the issues you previously reported. FOOTBALL MANAGER 2021 XBOX EDITION -- 21.1.3 MINOR UPDATE CHANGELIST -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STABILITY AND TECHNICAL ISSUES - Fixed instances of freezes when leaving matches in online modes. - Fixed long delays related to text entry on the Add Manager screens. - Fixed long delay between steps in Squad Induction. GAMEPLAY - Fix for Money, Money, Money and Value for Money achievements not unlocking. - Fixed some Challenges being too difficult to pass. - Fixed issues with fixture scheduling. UI/UX - Added screen calibration option in Preferences to help ensure screen can be adjusted to fit 720p displays. - Fix for missing UI during Fantasy Draft matches. - Improvements to Tactics screen UX. - Fixed Team Instructions cut-off in Fantasy Draft mode on consoles. - Fixed overlapping NavCon on Code of Conduct inbox item. - Fixed not being able to move the focus back to questions in Remote Chat popup dialog. MISC - Fixes for some items not displaying in the in-game store. - Fixed missing icons for items in the in-game store.
  19. As I say, please tell us which bonuses and clauses you have a major issue with losing. Most of the ones removed already had other very similar clauses which were kept - it was a case of removing clauses which were slight variations and didn't add much in terms of gameplay, only additional complexity. I can assure you that we are not ever planning to remove substitutions from the game.
  20. We don't announce every single thing we change in the game every year - there's a lot! We felt some of the clauses and bonuses added to FM (and therefore FMT) in more recent years were adding extra complexity to Touch that doesn't fit with its ethos as a more streamlined, straight-to-the-action version of FM, and they were things that would make the game less accessible to newer players. Obviously if you've seen them in previous versions then it feels like we're just taking things away, but the aim is to keep the overall gameplay experience one that is as focused as possible. As Harrison said, if there are specific bonuses or clauses you feel you are really missing then we'd be keen to hear about them.
  21. Sorry to hear you're having that issue @Mettyboy, we're working on getting an update out to fix it as soon as we can. Some users have found potential workarounds in the meantime in the bug thread for the issue:
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