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  1. under review

    Yes, we checked other staff roles and it affected those too.
  2. under review

    @SephDarkheart the bug is specific to hiring players as non-playing staff - your assistant manager was still a player when you gave him a contract as assistant, correct? The contract offer displays it as a rolling 1 year contract but actually it's a fixed term contract. So quite an obscure one, good spot!
  3. info provided

    Has certainly never been available on the tablet version.
  4. info provided

    We did leave the LTE version on there because there was a hardware revision of the LTE model with slightly more powerful specs, but perhaps we should remove that one as well. We can't make it available on your model as we want to avoid our players have a below-par experience where possible.
  5. need more info

    Hi @Sam_C, can you try following the steps given by Adam above to completely clear the data and uninstall the app, then try to install again from the Play Store please? Let me know how you get on.
  6. Hi @SephDarkheart, sorry about the delay with this - we're having some problems with our payment method currently (you need to have correct card details even for test builds) so can't actually buy anything from the store! I'll look to get this sorted out on Monday and will let you know ASAP. Thanks again for the save, it's exactly what we needed.
  7. That's very strange, definitely says it's compatible on our end. The Google Play console for adjusting these things has recently changed, so maybe there are some teething problems with that. Can you send a screenshot of the game's page in the Play Store and a screenshot of the About tablet screen in your Settings please?
  8. need more info

    Sorry to hear this @Footyfan1771, this sounds like a very rare issue we've not been able to reproduce internally. You were in the process of buying an item when the game originally crashed, yes? Can you pinpoint exactly what point in the process of purchasing an item (and which item?) you were when it happened? Did you have to enter card details or update the details due to an expired card?
  9. That model is supported yes, are you having problems installing the game?
  10. Can you tell us what the model number of the device is please? It should be in Settings > About Tablet.
  11. need more info

    How much space do you have left on your device?
  12. need more info

    Sorry to hear that @Bianko77 - can you send us the save that's crashing on the same date please? Details on how to extract your save and send it to us here:
  13. need more info

    Hi @BrianMcgreevy, thanks for reporting these. I agree that the first thing you mention is a bit annoying so we'll look into that. The second bug is something that we're aware of and have under review. Do you have a save before one of the records you mention disappears? It may be that some older records need to be cleared for memory reasons on Tablet but I'd like to investigate that.
  14. under review

    Many thanks @SephDarkheart, I'll take a look when I'm back in the office on Wednesday. Have a great weekend.
  15. Yeah, board override should work for that as well so that sounds like a bug. Do you have a save where relay pitch is an available board request?