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  1. need more info

    If you're logged into the same Google account then this is almost certainly some sort of connection error on your end. Are you able to access the Store/IAP in other apps?
  2. Thanks for the extra info. Did you get match reports for friendlies before the most recent update?
  3. Sorry about the lack of response once again. This achievement has been removed from the game and therefore should've been removed from the FMT achievements list as well. We'll make sure this gets removed.
  4. Back of the Net achievement still not unlocking for touch version.

  5. Understandable, this isn't normal behaviour - on our internal devices it is more or less instant. Has this been happening over a long period of time? There could be temporary problems with the Steam Cloud service. I'd also suggest logging out of Steam and back in on your Tablet to see if that causes the save to appear. Failing that, try restarting the app and/or your device. If you wish to bypass the cloud altogether, you could plug your Android tablet into your computer and use a file explorer to move the save files manually - the save game location on Android is Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager Touch 2017/games. You could also use an app like Airdroid which allows you to transfer files between PC and Tablet using your WiFi.
  6. To clarify, do you close FMT on your PC each time you want to pick up the cloud save on your tablet? Steam Cloud only syncs when FMT is closed down.
  7. need more info

    Please let us know if it happens to you again @Markjohnson - if it does keep the save from before the crash so we can reproduce it in-house.
  8. Thanks for reporting @SephDarkheart, we're looking into this.
  9. need more info

    Hi @NN, can you send us your save from before the game crashes so we can investigate please? Here's how to extract your save and send it to us:
  10. info provided

    We've tested extensively on the iPad Pro an have never had a problem with the performance of the Match Engine on it. What FPS would you say you're getting?
  11. We don't store the histories of AI managers on Tablet due to memory constraints.
  12. info provided

    The adboards have very little impact, it's mostly the crowd animations which are more detailed in 17. If you change to a camera angle which doesn't show the crowd much it should be smoother than something like 'Behind Goal - Low' which shows the crowd on three sides. Unfortunately we can't add graphical customisation options like we have in PC on Tablet but we'll be looking to add optimisation and make is smoother in the future.
  13. Hi @Dancarr43, sorry to hear this, this is a rare issue that has popped up a few times that we haven't managed to reproduce in house (we are still trying!). I need some more info from you to help us get to the bottom of it if possible. Firstly some info on your device (you can find this in Settings > General > About): Device name (e.g. Alex's iPad) Model Number OS Version Could you also try starting up the game a few more times and making it crash again, then making a note of the current time when the crashes occur and let me know? Some crash reports get sent through to us so if we know the time and your device details we may be able to track your crash down. Lastly, your device should be creating crash log files each time the crash occurs - if you could send these to us that would be a great help. Info on how to extract crash logs from your iPad can be found here (obviously our crash logs should be labelled 'fmt17' rather than dropbox but the process is the same):
  14. Sounds like a bug @Wallaby. Can you post a screenshot of this please? In order to investigate the issue we'd ideally need a save from you so we can reproduce it. Details on how to send a save are here: If you manage to upload a save to the FTP, please reply in here with the filename and we'll look at it ASAP.
  15. info provided

    This is an unfortunate side-effect of being a very intensive game - running the game requires a lot of processing and the match engine is more graphically intensive than FMT16. I appreciate it's very inconvenient and may be a barrier to playing for some people though so we'll definitely be looking to reduce battery usage in future versions of the game. Playing in Airplane mode and having no other apps open should help a tiny bit but the main drain on the battery is going to be the screen and the processing on the CPU and GPU which you can't really get around.