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  1. need more info

    OK, can you give us a bit more detail please? Are you trying to access the cloud on PC or Tablet?
  2. need more info

    @Bannside of Killowen is the cloud issue you mentioned still a problem for you?
  3. need more info

    Sorry to hear this Tom. Can you talk me through the steps you're taking before the issue occurs? Just trying to work out at which point in the game you're running into the problem.
  4. Make sure you have a WiFi connection the next time you start the game @Ticker5. Once you've done that it should be fine to play without a connection for a while.
  5. need more info

    Hi @Henry02, were you logged into your Google account when you unlocked the unlockable? It is only unlocked in your Google account if you are logged in at the time you get the news item, as it requires you to have the corresponding Google Play achievement. If you make sure you are logged into your Google Play account and view the Achievements menu, do you have the corresponding achievement?
  6. need more info

    Hi @sebastianvh1. Have you unlocked or purchased the National Management unlockable?
  7. The Unsuspend Player consumable is for removing a suspension given for things like yellow and red cards in matches - it doesn't allow you to get around transfer or squad rules like the non-EU limitations in Italy.
  8. need more info

    Sorry to hear this @RafaDizzle. Have you got a save from before the stadium progress disappeared? We'd like to have a look at it if you do. What were the steps you took when you purchased the Board Override? If you purchase the item in the store, then apply it to the game from the wallet, the next time you make a Board Request in the Board Requests menu it should apply automatically.
  9. We don't have any plans for another FMT17 update at this point so it will be looked at for the next version. Thanks again for raising it.
  10. We almost never fix gameplay issues like this one in a hotfix, they are primarily for major stability issues like crashes. Unfortunately I don't make the decisions on when we do updates so I can only apologise again and assure you we will adjust our testing methods wherever we can to try to ensure issues such as these are picked up sooner in future.
  11. info provided

    Hi Gustavo. Your device is unsupported because after testing the game on it we deemed it to be running the game at a standard below what we consider acceptable.
  12. @zakbrown96 if you select the 'Load Game' option in the top right they should still be there. The game just forgets the last save game you had loaded after an update so the 'Load Last Game' option is unavailable.
  13. Hi guys, sorry this is still an issue, we're disappointed as a team that this wasn't spotted and fixed sooner. The update was just to fix some major stability issues, primarily an issue with saving games on iOS caused by the iOS 10.3 update and didn't contain any gameplay fixes. We don't have plans to do another update of FMT17 at this point but we will ensure it's not an issue in the next version. Thanks again for raising it with us.
  14. Hi, Alex. Any news on when SI will remove the broken achievements in FMT 2017? Thanks.



  15. Great to hear, thanks for letting us know Mike.