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  1. The issue was caused by Apple changing to iPadOS, it's not something that's been an issue since FMT19 launched.
  2. Thanks for the additional info guys, it's a big help with narrowing down the causes of the issue. @Gujord, would you be able to send us your save file from before the first match which always crashes please? That sounds like it could be a different, specific crash so we'd like to take a look and confirm for sure. Instructions here:
  3. We never make promises on timescales I'm afraid - all we can say at this stage is we are working on this as a priority and hope to resolve it as soon as possible. Thanks for your continued patience.
  4. Remember the ME in FMT is the same as FM so the best place for issues you have with the AI is in the Match AI & Tactics bugs forum: https://community.sigames.com/forum/739-match-engine-ai-and-tactics/
  5. Can you let us know the model number for your iPad please? Apart from yours this seems to mostly be reported on iPads with low memory, so just want to confirm the exact model.
  6. @mightyporter can you try to get the game in the Play Store again please? Should be fixed now.
  7. Sorry to hear that @tieio, we have contacted the Sega CS team and they have confirmed that Apple do not allow third parties access to refunds. Apologies for providing you with incorrect information. All we can suggest is trying to contact Apple Support again and explaining that the reason for the refund request is because a feature you were expecting to be in the game is missing.
  8. @Adamjohnberry please try the following steps with your career loaded and see if the boost bank balance is applied to game: Go to FM > Preferences. Select 'Reset to Default' and confirm - resetting should disable Cross-Purchase. Go to FM > Downloads, then when prompted to enable Cross-Purchase, select No. This should take you to the Store with Cross-Purchase disabled. You can check by going to the Wallet - if disabled it will not have the balance slider at the top. Exit the Store - if it worked the game should save and apply the Boost Bank Balance item.
  9. Hi @rubbishmonkey. This device shouldn't be supported (we don't support devices with Intel chipsets) so we're looking into why you could purchase the game on that device. We will not be able to fix this issue on a device which should be unsupported, so if you would like a refund, please email help@sega.co.uk to request one (please include proof of purchase).
  10. In fact the only issue in the changelist which requires a new save is this one: - Fix for numerous high quality newgen managers being generated near the start of the game. I'll update the announcement post accordingly so that's clearer. There may also be the odd few competition-related fixes which went into FM and carry over to FMT which would also require a new save but I don't know the full extent of issues fixed for FM in the 20.2 and 20.2.1 updates which would affect FMT as well.
  11. They were generated at the start of new games, so they'll only be "phased out" when they start to retire which will obviously be quite a long time into a save. What was happening was we were still extracting staff from the main FM database who had roles we don't include in FMT (e.g. Data Analyst, Head of Player Development). They were then getting re-classified to the most suitable available role in FMT which was usually Manager, and since many of them had high ability in the database they were coming out with really good attributes.
  12. There shouldn't be too many which need a new save, but the newgen managers issue is one which will do.
  13. Thanks for your patience in waiting for this update to arrive. As Miles stated in his tweets, getting updates out for FM Touch tends to be trickier than FM for a number of reasons. It is across more platforms so there is a higher chance of platform-specific issues, certain platforms have to go through a submission process which can take time and we need to keep all platforms in sync in order for Cross-Sync to work. I can promise you that the team here has been working extremely hard to get this update out as soon as possible and it is very much not a case of FM Touch being neglected or less important.
  14. Hi all, thanks again for your patience regarding this. We've just released update 20.2.1, but unfortunately it does not contain a fix for this issue. It has proved to be extremely difficult to resolve. We understand how frustrating it will be for you to receive an update which doesn't resolve this issue, but there are important fixes for other issues in the 20.2.1 update that we wanted to release. Rest assured that it is our top priority and the team is working flat out to get an update out with a fix as soon as possible. We hope you can understand, and apologies again for the issue.
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