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  1. So you should be able to view the analysis at the end of a match (and during), before you've actually left the match - correct me if I'm wrong but I believe it does work at that point. When you leave the match that information isn't kept due to memory limitations. It's actually a bug that you can go in to view a previous match - you shouldn't be able to on Switch, since as you can see, there's no information kept to be displayed. Did you access the match from the Schedule screen?
  2. Crash To Start Screen

    Thanks for getting back to us, let us know if it happens again.
  3. Is this at the end of the current match, or after you've fully left the match?
  4. Thanks for the feedback so far everyone. If you view a player's profile then bring up the Actions menu with the R button there is a 'Find Similar Players' option in the Misc section, does that cover what you're after? You can also get to that option by pressing the X button to bring up the context menu when you have a player highlighted in a table or when you have the cursor over the player's name. We're always wary of adding more player interaction into FMT as it's something that can end up requiring a lot of micromanagement in the full game and the focus in FMT is on tactics, transfers and playing matches. As the game currently is, your assistant will suggest a team meeting if results and morale are particularly bad so you can try to give the players a boost, or if they're particularly good just so you can give players the praise they deserve or try to guard against complacency, but the user is only required to pick one option from a few different ones (rather than the longer meetings you get in FM) to keep it nice and quick. The tables in the game work in the same way as on PC, so you can add new columns with the + icon at the end of the header row and you can change the current view to one containing the information you want to sort by using the view drop-down menu in the top left. Once you have the column you wish to sort by displayed, just select the column header to sort. There isn't a way to open the sidebar or go back using the touch screen currently, no. We were very much focused on getting the Joy-Con controls working as well as possible so that the game could be played docked and handheld. It's not possible to have the sidebar there permanently as screen space is at a premium on Switch but having a way to bring up the menu using the touch screen is definitely something we should look into. Believe me, getting the cursor speed right was a tricky balancing act! Some people think it's too fast and some too slow (I'm in this camp!) so it's very hard to please everyone. After a lot of testing we got as close as we could to a "Goldilocks zone" in terms of balancing precision and speed. I personally think it's worth revisiting the top speed though... On the Player Profile Overview screen you can use the little arrow icon in the top right of each sub-panel to change what the sub-panel displays. The closest to what you're after would be the Form sub-panel which then has a button on it allowing you to go to the more detailed Form panel.
  5. That's great, thanks for letting us know. It definitely sounds like that SD card has deteriorated somewhat and it being close to full could be a factor as well. The SD card we have the game installed to for testing is relatively new and has little else on it and we've seen very little difference between that and installing to internal in terms of performance and stability. That's unfortunate for testing purposes as it's tricky for us to replicate the conditions you mentioned, but we can at least say that if you install the game to the brand new SD card you have, it should work much better than it did on the older one.
  6. Crash To Start Screen

    @LiamG1878 is this still happening for you? If so, how often? Do you have the game installed on the internal storage or an SD card?
  7. Thanks. How often would you say you're getting this issue on average? If you're able to install the game to the internal storage and let us know if it still happens that would be a big help.
  8. Thanks for reporting @oulzac. We've tried following all your steps a number of times haven't been able to reproduce so far, so we're wondering if it could have something to do with you having the game installed to the SD card. If you are able to install the game to internal storage instead and let us know if that makes any difference to the stability of the game that would be greatly appreciated!
  9. @Ackter is your game installed to the internal storage or SD card?
  10. Being installed to the SD card could well be the issue, although when we installed to SD card during testing we didn't see such a drastic drop in load times vs. installing to internal storage - a few seconds here and there at most. If you're able to try installing to the internal storage instead I'd love to know if that solves the issues for you. Thanks for the constructive feedback. Regarding the tactics screen, you can press the Y button to reduce the tactics pitch so you can see the squad list. Press Y again to expand the pitch again. If you don't mind, could you report it in the bugs forum so we can investigate it please?
  11. Create a Club

    Moved to FMT general discussion. Yes, you can create your own players and edit almost everything about them before you start.
  12. Hi @Tibbles, really sorry to hear this. Can you give us some more detail on when and how these crashes are occurring so we can look into them please? Also let us know whether the game is installed to the internal storage or an SD card.
  13. Yep, there's a User Interface section in the manual here: Let me know if there's anything you don't think is covered in there or that you're still unsure of.
  14. In that case, yes that's supposed to happen. It's just something to look at and use to keep track of the game state while the match is waiting for the next highlight. If you'd rather watch longer highlights or the full match, you can go to Options (press the L button to bring up the sidebar menu) and change the highlight settings.
  15. There are some stats that show while the match time progresses between highlights (the one displaying the lineups of both sides along with player conditions etc.), is that the overlay you're referring to?