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  1. Thanks for reporting this @pmzy. You shouldn't be able to access these screens after the match since all that data is not retained after you've left the match on the iOS, Android and Switch versions of the game. We'll get it escalated to our coders.
  2. You can retrain positions. Go to Individual Training (either from Training in the left sidebar or through the Player's Profile), use the tickbox to take control of their original training, then under Position/Role, select a role for the position you want to retrain them to and it will retrain the position over time. If you remove any Additional Focus and New Player Trait training so they are 100% focused on the Position/Role then the retraining will be quicker. Likewise, playing the player in that position will make them comfortable in the position quicker. Training in this way allows you to get the Player to Accomplished in a position (as long as they are adaptable enough to be retrained), but in order to go from Accomplished to Natural in the position the player needs to be regularly playing in that position. On the player's individual training there is a comment from your assistant about their general performance in training - if a player is particularly capable of retraining to a particular position your assistant will also mention that in this section. If your assistant says that about a player (e.g. "the player could successfully be re-trained as a defensive midfielder") then the retraining usually won't take too long (about six months to a year generally). We can't comment on potential new game releases - keep an eye on official channels like forum announcements and the @FootballManager and @SI_games twitter accounts for announcements of new games. There's no way to set the DoF to deal with all contract renewals automatically in the Switch version but you can ask your DoF to negotiate contracts for you on an individual basis by selecting Contract > DoF Negotiate Contract Renewal from the Actions menu (R button) when viewing a Player or Staff Profile.
  3. Alex Pitt

    Any Update?

    We've posted an update in the below thread so I'll close this one - please keep an eye on that thread for any further updates.
  4. Alex Pitt

    Error and back to home screen

    @Cit we've just released an update (18.3.4) which should fix any crashes which occur when entering Swedish Cup matches, let us know if it's working for you now.
  5. We literally haven't changed anything to do with the match AI for the Switch version of the game compared to the desktop or tablet versions. There are so many different factors at play which determine how your team performs from match to match, so even small differences between how your team is set up, the players you have, the opponents you're facing etc. in your game on Switch and your game on desktop can cause performance to vary significantly. Bear in mind that the match engine generally does require you to adapt your tactics to the opposition unless you are a significantly better team. In Switch you can change the highlight mode to Full Match - if your team is really struggling I would set it to Full Match for a while and try to identify weaknesses in how your set up or areas your opponent is consistently exploiting, then tweak based on that. For more tactical help, the Tactics, Training and Strategies Discussion is a fantastic resource: https://community.sigames.com/forum/19-tactics-training-strategies-discussion/
  6. You can' t watch full matches on the iOS and Android versions of FMT, only on the PC and Switch versions.
  7. We can't give any assurances on if and when individual issues will be fixed but we've passed this issue on to our coders to look into. Thanks again for the info.
  8. Hi guys, thanks for the info so far. We've reproduced this by opening the Team Instructions panel from the Quick Tactics bar, making a change, undoing the change and then confirming it with Y (obviously the Y button shouldn't allow you to confirm changes if you've undone all your changes so that's where the bug is). Was that what caused it for you? Were there any other scenarios where you were able to confirm with the Y button and it caused this issue?
  9. The Match Engine in Switch is exactly the same as the iPad and PC versions aside from some minor performance-related changes. There is absolutely no difference in terms of the match AI or how the matches play out. There are still fewer injuries in the game than in real life (I believe the figure is about 30% fewer but I'm not 100% sure). The reason you might feel like there are more in this version is because we added very short-term injuries to FM18 and FMT18 which weren't in the game before, so you'll see more players out for say 1-3 days with e.g. a tight groin.
  10. Thanks for letting us know @SalterHD. This is a tricky one for us to nail down given that the occurrences are so few and far between. Can you think of anything else you might've done when this happened? Maybe the match was played after loading back into it using a recovery save (created if the game is closed during a match)?
  11. Thanks for the info, definitely sounds like a bug so we'll look into it. Does this work correctly on the PC version (either FM or FMT)?
  12. Alex Pitt

    Screen size on dock

    Have you tried going to System Settings > TV Output > Adjust Screen Size on the Switch?
  13. We can't give concrete assurances on when or whether individual issues will be fixed unfortunately.
  14. Thanks for reporting this @M2k1994, we'll look into it. It's just a display issue - the option does actually function but because of that display issue you'll need to go into a match and check whether the assistant is setting the opposition instructions to be able to tell which setting you've got it on. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  15. Alex Pitt

    Analysis Tactics screen tips

    Hi @frodouk, thanks for reporting this, we're aware that the cursor sometimes doesn't cause tooltips to display when using handheld mode. As a workaround you should be able to make them appear by double tapping on that part of the touch screen which may cause the cursor to start displaying them again.