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  1. Can’t open the app

    Hi guys, really sorry to hear this. This is a very rare issue where a purchase becomes corrupted - unfortunately we've still had no luck reproducing it in-house. Was there anything special or different about the process of making the purchase that caused the crashing to start happening? For example did the process get interrupted, did you background the app during the purchase, did you get redirected out of the app to enter a password or fill in card details? The more info you can give us the better. In terms of how to fix it now, the only way we're aware of is to factory reset the device and not restore from a backup after the reset. You can still back up your save files though - instructions on how to extract files and store them on your computer are here: If that's not something you're willing to do, you can email help@sega.co.uk and they can issue you a refund.
  2. Waiting for next highlight...

    Apologies for missing this when we released an update @JakeFerg314 - it should now be fixed in the latest version, 18.2.1. Have you seen it since updating to that?
  3. Samsung tab A 10.1

    Hi @boninfi, what is the problem you are having? Have you been able to install the game?
  4. No unlockable in wallet

    Any time before the news item pops up after continuing, the closer the better to that.
  5. Samsung tab A 10.1

    That is obviously something that is subjective. The minimum spec is reviewed every year (which is why we removed some Android devices from the list this year) and the Tab A was basically right on the borderline and just about good enough. You might feel that we should raise that min spec but I'm sure there are plenty of people who are glad they can play the game on their Tab A. It is going to be the case for virtually every app on the Play Store that has 3D graphics that you'll be able to buy the game on the Tab A but it won't perform as well as e.g. a Pixel C. That's one of the reasons why the Tab A is relatively cheap and the Pixel C costs a lot more.
  6. Constant saving

    This should be fixed in the 18.2.1 update we released yesterday - let us know if the game has stopped auto-saving too frequently after updating.
  7. Replaying highlights after match

    Thanks for raising this, these options were removed when the match UI was revamped this year but we'll look into whether we can put them back in.
  8. This should be fixed in the 18.2.1 update we released yesterday - let us know if the game has stopped auto-saving too frequently.
  9. This may have been fixed in the 18.2 update, let us know if it's still happening to you.
  10. No unlockable in wallet

    OK so that'll be the main problem. Were you on the internet and logged into Google Play Games when you unlocked it, and is it the same Google Play account? Also do you have a save from before the news item where you unlocked it?
  11. As far as I'm aware this wouldn't work with the iPad version of the game. You can buy FMT on PC though so you can use your mouse and keyboard to play the game. You would then be able to move your save file between PC and iPad using the Steam Cloud.
  12. Match Engine freezes

    Thanks for letting us know @J17WHUFC. Can you send us your save file from before the match where it happened please?
  13. I note you posted in the other thread so I'm going to close this one so we don't have two for the same issue.
  14. No unlockable in wallet

    So if you're linking me to that thread, is yet another new thread necessary? We are investigating the issue and trying to reproduce it, you don't need to keep reposting about it. One more screenshot I need is your achievements screen with the achievement for the unlockable showing as unlocked. You need to have the Google Play achievement unlocked for it to unlock in the Store.
  15. No unlockable in wallet

    Are you connected to the internet and signed into Google Play Games?