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  1. Gilmour and Young-Coombes should be in there now.
  2. Would definitely agree we'd ideally want high potential players with a growing reputation in the game even in FMT, but the reason I say we can't promise is because there are so many factors which go into choosing which players are extracted that one code change to ensure a specific player is extracted can have a big knock-on effect. Bear in mind a starting player for a lower league club might be prioritised over a youth player for a top team even though the youth player has higher potential because he's more important to that team, so it's not always cut and dry. We'll definitely look int
  3. This can happen in FMT when there are data changes as FMT has a more limited database and which players are extracted from the database is determined in code by things like player reputation and ability. We can't promise this is something we can fix but we can take a look at the players you've mentioned and investigate why they're not being extracted. Is your league and country setup just England and Scotland with all divisions or are there any other nations? Which database size are you using?
  4. @essaili if you check Adam's latest post above you can see that this is now resolved. The primary purpose of Cross-Sync is to allow users to share saves and files between the version of the game on Steam and on their tablet so they can play at home and on the move.
  5. Also contains lots of bug fixes, improvements and the latest Match Engine.
  6. You can turn off automatic updating in your Google Play Store settings. We are working on being able to do diffed updates on Android so you don't have to redownload all of the data when it's updated. The default skin is the successor to the Dark skin. In FM19 Touch we had Dark and Retro - we retired the Retro skin this year (RIP ) because it was rarely used and this way we can spend more time improving the default skin. We made some changes to how we inherit from the FM skin which will be why there are some elements which are now lighter in the default skin than they were in the Dark s
  7. So just to clarify, you are playing the player regularly but his Actual Playing Time stays as Surplus to Requirements? Sending saves is covered here, let us know if you have any issues:
  8. Thanks for the info, we've managed to reproduce this internally now.
  9. This is frustrating for us too and we really would have loved to be able to release the update on Switch but there's not much we can do; to release a game on Nintendo's platform we have to abide by their guidelines. With respect, we'd have just as many complaints - if not more - if we did this.
  10. Nintendo are stricter about how many updates you can do, so Switch won't receive 20.2.4; its next update will be 20.3.
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