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  1. Unlockables won't unlock

    Can you send screenshots of your achievements screen showing the achievements unlocked as well as a screenshot of the Store where the unlockables should be showing as unlocked please? Bear in mind, Attribute Masking and Remove Loan Restrictions are only visible in the Wallet when you access the in-game Store, not the Start Screen Store.
  2. Invalid License

    Yes. It would be much easier to crack. We understand how frustrating it is that it has to be done this way - if there's anything further we can do to make this more convenient for users who've actually bought the game, we will definitely try to do it.
  3. Invalid License

    The game requires you to start it up while connected to WiFi every few weeks. I appreciate it's inconvenient, especially in the holiday scenario you mention, but the prevalence of piracy on Android means it has to be this way. Can you find a WiFi point in your hotel or somewhere @mattb82? Once you start the game up while connected to WiFi you'll be fine for a few weeks.
  4. Can't assign scouts

    Under Scouting Responsibility in the top left, you need to tap the 'Manager' button to take control of assignments - currently your Chief Scout is set to take full control of scouting.
  5. Can't manage other leagues

    When you started the save in which you can't manage other leagues, did you use Quick Start or Advanced Setup? If you used Advanced Setup, which nations/leagues did you select? It seems likely you only selected England when you created that particular game, which means you can only manage teams in England.
  6. iPad 2017

    In the meantime @paul33 you can Instant Result or Simulate the first leg and then continue on as normal - we believe the issue only affects the first leg of the semi-final. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  7. FMT17 unable to install

    As long as you've saved games in the default location, no. They're kept in a separate location to the game data cleared when you uninstall.
  8. Very strange issue - we've never seen this internally. Can you try backing up your save games and reinstalling the game and let us know if that fixes it please?
  9. The 3D match engine is disgraceful.

    We have one of the older iPad Pros and it's generally nice and smooth barring the occasional FPS drop at certain times on certain camera angles. Strange that the new iPad Pro should be suffering from such issues given how powerful it is. We know that camera angles which show more of the crowd can lead to a lower frame rate - which camera angle are you using?
  10. Crash down when i play match

    Hi @Chritoh, sorry to hear you're having this problem. Can you send us your save file please? Instructions on how to extract it from your device and upload it to our FTP are in this thread: Once it's on the FTP, please reply to this thread to tell us the name of the save file.
  11. iPad 2017

    What's the name of your save file? We had a problem with filenames containing non-ASCII characters but that should've been fixed in the 17.3.1 update. As Adam said, if you could send us your save file that would be great - the sooner we get it the sooner we can look into the issue. The instructions on how to extract your save file and upload it to our FTP are here:
  12. iPad 2017

    Which version of iOS are you running?
  13. Sorry about the delay, managed to sort out our payment method and test this and you're right, the Board Override doesn't work for the Relay Pitch option. I'll pass this on to our coders. Thanks again for reporting.
  14. FM17 won't load on iPad

    Great thanks for the info, we'll try to reproduce this. It would be a massive help if you could send us any crash logs you have on your device from FMT. Here's how to extract crash logs from your iPad (assuming you have a Windows computer): Sync your iPhone or iPad through iTunes using these instructions from Apple. The crash log files will be synced to your computer. Open Windows Explorer. Copy and paste the following into the address bar and press the Enter key: %APPDATA%\Apple Computer\Logs\CrashReporter\MobileDevice\ Open the folder name of the device you’ve synced. Select any FMT crash logs. The name of each log file will include 'FMT', the date and time the file was created, and the device, such as: FMT_2017-04-23-042617_iPad.ips or FMT_2017-04-23-042617_iPad.crash Attach the files to a reply to this thread or send me a PM. Thanks!
  15. iPad 2017

    @paul33 have you updated your app to the latest version? It should be 17.3.1, which you can see in the top left corner when you're on the Start Screen.