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  1. Hi @eencae, if you have a save before the call-ups happen so we can investigate that'd be great. Please upload to https://oc.sigames.com/owncloud/index.php/s/Kzvhd0MdU3v4Nv4 and let us know the file name.
  2. The thinking was to not overly restrict an FMT user in terms of how they go about managing their club, and to not give a manager too many things they have to keep thinking about and checking back on which could distract from the core gameplay elements, but it's something we're very open to having feedback from our players on and discussing for the future so we appreciate it. Please post in the PRB bugs forum if you haven't already: https://community.sigames.com/forum/727-football-manager-2020-touch-issues/ There have been some nice improvements to intakes this year I hope you'll enjoy - there's now a minimum intake size of 4, you get a preview of the intake's strengths and weaknesses in advance, and they now come in as triallists and are shown in the Youth Candidates section of the Development Centre, so it saves you having to manually release the candidates you don't want (don't forget to sign the good ones though!).
  3. All I can say at this point is soon! This depends a little bit on the leagues you have loaded, the team you're managing and your DB size. There's now a minimum intake size (at least 4 per intake) which means you probably won't see too much difference for big nation/database setups, but you may see a difference in smaller nation/database setups which might have had smaller intakes previously. We would be interested in feedback on the size of intakes you're getting, and definitely let us know if you ever have fewer than 4 newgens in an intake as that'll be a bug!
  4. Can you elaborate on this please? Do you mean you can't add or remove new leagues once you've started a game? Thanks, this is something we're aware of and working on - keep an eye on the Technical Issues subforum for any updates. It wasn't something we could add to FMT this year (most of the advice it gives isn't generated in FMT) but it's one we're looking into for the future. We'll look into why this inbox item isn't getting sent currently. Good point, we'll look into whether we can add this (but can't make any promises). Both of these are by design, to keep the FMT experience more streamlined. Thanks, we'll look into why this isn't in the new Preferences.
  5. Thanks for the feedback - please direct any Match Engine issues or feedback to the relevant FM Match Engine forums as FMT and FM share the same ME. Thanks for the feedback, we'll look into whether this is happening too often.
  6. Saves started on the Pre-Release Beta are very unlikely to be Cross-Sync compatible. Thanks for letting us know - the new Preferences screen is pulling a lot of options from FM at the moment, including the customisable skin colourings. We'll look into making this fully available on the FMT skin as well but can't promise anything. We prevent this in FMT in case newer users are confused as to why they don't have any matches for a season, but it's something we can raise for reconsideration and discussion again. The easiest way to manage them currently would be to start unemployed in MLS, holiday to the second season and then retire your manager and create a new one and take over Inter Miami then. Or just wait until they have a vacancy and apply in the normal way. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  7. The Pre-Release Beta is only available on Steam. To get it on your iPad you will have to wait for the full release of the game on the App Store. Do not buy the game from the website if you only want it on your iPad - the only way to get the game on iPad is from the App Store once the game is released.
  8. Moving to Technical Issues forum as this isn't specific to FMT.
  9. So you had to set Manage Friendlies to Backroom Staff to fix it? If so that's still a bug we'll look into. Though I'm not seeing that internally at present - did you change or release any of your staff at any point?
  10. @Lashley do you have an Assistant Manager, Head of Youth and/or Director of Football? And if you go to the Staff > Responsibilities screen is the 'Manage Friendly Matches' option set to Manager?
  11. We're planning to add a Playing Time section to the Player Profile Information screen to make this easier but for now you can use the context menu (right-click the player's name) to do it. Be aware that the player is likely to become unhappy if you reduce their currently agreed playing time!
  12. FM Touch does not support chromebooks I'm afraid - the Pixel C is an Android tablet. We can't guarantee chromebooks are touchscreen so the we can't guarantee the game would be playable (given that it requires a touchscreen) and the game has not been tested on ChromeOS. It's possible we could support a very limited selection of chromebooks in the future but there are no plans to do so currently.
  13. No, the only fixes were for Mac and PC so no update was required for iOS or Android.
  14. Yes, same as FM. It was primarily to fix performance issues on Mac which is why there was no update on iOS or Android.
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