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  1. I remember Spurs getting relegated only 4 seasons in, this was probably FM 18. Thus begun the greatest season in my FM career - applying and getting that job, having £150m to spend in the Championship, having Dele Ali, Son and for the second half of the season Kane (loaned him out for first half cos he wanted to leave, but recalled him on January 1 and he never asked to leave again!) 42 wins 1 draw, 3 defeats. Good times...
  2. I get a lot of interview requests, without applying, when without a club. When with a club unapplied interview requests are a rarity, but most applied for gets me an interview. Although a nice touch I thought, after 3 seasons with Everton and consistent 5th/6th/5th finishes plus a few QF/SFs in all cups I thought good career progression is to go for a 'Big 4' job if available - Man City sack manager (they were 3rd/4th/7th) so I apply pretty confident I'd be in the running. Get the response after a couple of weeks that I won't be interviewed because despite meeting all criteria with regards to style of play and player development I had never won a trophy!
  3. I'm sure the topic of game users being Director of Football has been discussed before but my idea may be new I dunno. Say I've managed for 8-10 years at a top league club, been successful and decide to resign and take a break from management. Now also say in my first season I hired a young coach and he (or she, copyright James Acaster) and after 8-10 years under my learning true they are offered a managerial post and: NEW FEATURE As I am out of work (the key component to this feature) a coach I have a relationship with offers me the Director of Football position. Job specs can be set out like the club vision section of FM20 (he may want you to handle all transfers and contracts only, or do that plus run the development centre, and can choose if you are to give tactical advice or not). I am aware that setting yourself up as a DoF can be done in game already, but my idea is being officially contracted as a DoF, which the catches being an existing relationship with the club manager, being out of work (or being asked by your current club to move upstairs) and have a specific number of seasons played in game. So, now internet - tell me why with as little detail as possible how bad my idea is!
  4. I play this game so much that sometimes I just space bar through and space out at certain points, especially just before a match starts. Ask assistant to handle the team's pre match briefing and let's get to match-day. But upon closer inspection I noticed something queer - without fail, every day before a match I'll get 2 unread news items: 1) Pre-match team briefing 2) [players name here] injured in training It's uncanny how there is always and I mean ALWAYS an injury in training the day before a match. 95% of the time it's a minor 1-2 day job but there have been multi-month muscle, cruciate ligament dealios. So is this an anomaly or are other players having this happen? (I have tried a whole host of different training methods in the day before a game and this makes zero difference)
  5. So, post Brexit squad registration rules are a pain in the butt-ox. I'm in my 4th season, currently overachieving at Everton & have my eye on the Chelsea job at the end if the season (their manager is 72 and his contract is up, he HAS to go surely?!?) and perusing their squad, they've got Erling - now: Born in Leeds, England. Doesn't have English nationality. Can this be right?
  6. If you keep doing the same things, and getting the same results - then you change the things you are doing to get different results. i'm in my first full season with Everton, 3rd in game season. Joined from Brighton who I'd turned into a safe mid table team playing a slow possession based game with younger players. I came into Everton and used my same tactic and won my first game 6-1. Then for the remaining 10 games of the season it was feast or famine. And after my big summer recruitment, employing my same transfer tactics as at Brighton, the new season started the same: win games 3/4/5-0 or dominate and lose games 2/3/4-1. So, get this, I MODIFIED MY TACTICS ie CHANGED WHAT I WAS DOING and have just won 7 games in a row. if you don't learn from history you are doomed to repeat it.
  7. Offside can include players who even though they don't touch the ball, interfere with play ie standing in front of the GK and stopping him from attempting to make a save.
  8. £106m for Son Heung Min in second season with my champions Man Utd. He was terrible. Sold to Chelsea for £64m after 18 months.
  9. Spoke too soon. New signing, 21 y/old Brazilian striker, in da club and absent from training for 2 days! First day back, and a critique of his conduct, and he twists his ankle and is out for 5 weeks!! And now he's CONSIDERING RETIREMENT DUE TO INJURY!!!
  10. I've had variations on edge of the box inside, which has lead to a red card/yellow card for the defender depending on the outcome. But do hate scoring a last minute winner and then seeing the ref with his finger in his ear. ALTHOUGH what I would say is in real life, checks are always carried out for goals etc and apart from a delay, we don't see any difference from goal to kickoff - and when I get my post match news section it always says my first goal was given with the help of VAR but I've had no animation during the match.
  11. On season 8 of my save and have had nothing like this happen.
  12. I think the problems are related to game stats - if you have you GK set to distribute the ball long then his pass completion stats will be low and bring down his match rating. Same problem I've had for my striker - can have 10 passes/9 complete, 5 shots/4 on target but then headers attempted 12/3 completed and gets a 6.3 rating!
  13. I've seen new boards make offers for players as soon as they takeover other clubs - a new Spurs owner bid £98 million for Phil Foden!
  14. ....still playing their first save from buying FM20? My career so far: S1 - Man Utd; get rid of the dead wood, sign Bruno Fernandes, Rubén Neves, Lucas Digne & January signing Erling Haaland - playing an inverted 4231 (1 W, 2 AM) recover from a bad start to go 31 games unbeaten and catch, overtake and beat Man City to the League Title! S2 - a great start to the season stalls around Xmas, blow a 10 point lead and finish 4th, bring through youngsters Laird , Dalot & Greenwood into the 1sr team squad, panic buy Eriksen in January and he does the business. S3 - almost a copy of S1, another long unbeaten run to win the League Titke at a canter, a 13 point margin in the end. FA Cup win too, but defeat to Liverpool in CL semi- final (I only beat Liverpool 1 time in 3 seasons, yet on,y lost to Man City 1 time) S4 - sign Caqueret from a French Ligue title and CL winning double Lyon but after a sluggish start to the season, the zip and attacking flair seemingly gone from my team I decide to resign after the second group stage game of the CL, and remain out of the game for the rest of the season. Ancelotti takes over and retains the League Title My overall Man Utd 11 - De Gea; Wan Bissaka Maguire Lindeloff Digne; Neves Pogba; Fernandes Eriksen Rashford; Haaland S5 - Arsenal sack Emery and identify me as their number 1 target due to my fast tempo, high pressing game and bringing through youth BUT between interview and contract offer 3 weeks pass which sees Willock sold to Chelsea and the lynchpin who I plan to build my team around gone. A major re-build required sees Solet (BPD) Ferro (BPD), Smolet (BPD regen w/kid) Resende (ST) come in along with Eriksen from Man Utd but something just isn't clicking. January sees another big spend on Koita (ST) Naci Unuvar (IF) and a couple of Brazilian regen w/kid midfielders, and a failed attempt to bring in Caqueret who has not played since I left Man Utd but around March it's clear this is going to be a project, and set about signing up players for next season including Alphonso Davies and a Morocan regen winger from Everton who has 18-19 Pace, Dribbling, Crossing, Finishing and more eye watering attributes. ALAS after 37 games, sitting in 8th position and losing 3 semi finals I am sacked to universal bemusement!?! S6 - MONACO, my profile settings home team come calling and there's money to BURN! In come Onana, Konoplya, Solet, Caqueret, Majer plus Coman and Odergaard on loan THEN on the last day of the transfer window HAALAND IS TRANSFER LISTED BY MAN UTD! In he comes. First game of the season, new team and trailing 1-0 to FC Metz - Haaland brought on and scores FIVE GOALS ON HIS DEBUT! A walk in the park this league me thinks. So, I go 28 games unbeaten to end the season, make a January splurge on Koita, Unuvar and my Brazilian w/kid from Arsenal, finish with 93 points in the league and...FINISH THIRD!?! Lyon and PSG are ruthless where as I just can't put teams away. Haaland who scored 5 goals in 1 half finishes the season on 9 league goals. 4 goals in 25 league games (broke his leg and missed the last 3 months) S7 - CAMAVINGA, brought in from Lyon to reunite with Caqueret and - copy and paste from S6, too many draws and Kylian Mbappe means I get 90 points and finish 3rd again. Haaland is not the saviour we hoped for and Greenwood is secured on a Bosman to replace him. S8 - along with Greenwood comes Digne, Diaby (regen w/kid AM), Ost (regen w/kid SK) Benkovic, Achaf (RB) and Drieme (regen w/kid DLP) AND Devolder (regen w/kid RW) and it clicks! 433 with Drieme Camavinga & Caqueret in Midfield, Achaf and Digne overlapping, Greenwood fulfilling his potential, Devolder getting 26 goals from RW, finish the league season P38 W29 D7 L2, 94 points and....ELEVEN POINTS BEHIND PSG!?! Just about to begin S9, have signed Ajer and Laird to tighten the defence and stop giving away stupid goals costing us wins. Mbappe has left PSG for Madrid, Lyon finishing 3rd meant they sacked their manager. Lads - this is our year. S9 line up (who they are with originally if you want to look them up) Ost (SK, regen) Achaf (WB, Dortmund) Solet (BPD, Lyon) Ajer (BPD, Celtic) Laird (WB, Man Utd) Drieme (DLP, regen) Camavinga (MEZ, Rennes) Caqueret (AP, Lyon) Devolder (RW, regen) Thiago Almada (IF, Velez) Greenwood (AF, Man Utd)
  15. My only frustration I've had with FM20 - the unwillingness of boards to negotiate ANY points of my contract negotiations. They always stick to the first offer, no matter what wage changes, bonuses etc I suggest they default to their original offer. In other words - screw you Glazer, 2 league titles in 3 seasons means I'm worth 225k a week and NOT a reduction to 170k a week! Going to enjoy winning he league this season with Arsenal...
  16. You always get notified if one of your coaches has been offered a job elsewhere - if you don't at that point do your own due diligence and line up a replacement ready for when they leave, that's your own bad planning.
  17. Yeah, I may be getting the two mixed up but I'm almost positive like at the end/beginning of the season meeting about club vision I got a 'discuss club vision' tab during contract negotiations. But as I say I could be conflating the two.
  18. If you are consistently having goals scored against you from set pieces then you have to HAVE TO look at your defensive set up from corners and free kicks. If not, then it is just lazy to sit back and grumble "games broke".
  19. Did OP Ed Balls this topic? As an aside, into my 3rd season and the U23 Squad tab has appeared under the Dev Centre tab on my home screen as it used to.
  20. It may be that the board are unwilling to negotiate on their vision, if you've not met/exceeded what was expected. I was able to add and remove things when presented with that list.
  21. Yup, Man Utd, got Haaland, Greenwood and Rashford scoring regularly (well, they go on scoring runs - when one is not scoring the others do). Also have Pogba getting Lampardesque scoring stats. Have found that having 1 main striker is the key, as 2 up front just seem to get in the way of each other. Also asymmetrical wingers/attacking midfielder combos seems to create a lot of space for my players to take an extra touch and finish.
  22. GK (D) WBR (A) BPD (ST) BPD (D) WBL (S) DLP (S) AP (S) AMRC (S) AP (S). IFL (A) PF (A) Short passing, high tempo, Play from the back, more expressive, hit early crosses, high press, high defensive line. You'll need a world class keeper because you can get caught on the break, but the left winger is a great outball, and the WBR overlapping the tucked in AMRC is a potent attacking threat.
  23. Click Start Negotiations then you can add and remove from that list.
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