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  1. Also your reputation star rating as a manager can have an impact on bigger teams with bigger players. In my current save I went from Villa to Schalke half way through the second season. I had a 1 1/2 star reputation and the dressing room at S04 weren't convinced by me so results suffered and I won only 2 out of the first 14 league games. (free tip: I then sold all the team leaders, invested in younger players - LOVRO MAJER THE NEW MODRIC - and then won 2 BLs and 3 Pokals in 4 seasons. And it should've been 4 doubles but blew a 10 point lead in the first season and lost to Dortmund on a last day decider in the third) Anyhoo, by the time I'd been successful at S04 I'd gone from 1 1/2 star to 4 star, have been headhunted by Spurs, have signed my 3 team leaders from S04 - LOVRO MAJER THE NEW MODRIC - and have won 5 of my first 6 PL games (the 6th being an FM FU 4-1 loss to Burnley who had 4 shots on goal)
  2. Not a MASSIVE issue, but as managerial reputation is linked to which clubs will hire you, a boost with a league winners achievement could be the difference between being offered the Real Madrid or the Real Sociedad job.
  3. So, after 4 1/2 seasons at Schalke 04, I've been lured back to the EPL by Spurs. I felt comfortable leaving, we were top of the Bundesliga by 8 points heading into the winter break and knew the team I'd put together would see it through. Unfortunately for Schalke I signed my captain/playmaker Lovre Majer (stop reading here, load up your game and go sign him. Now.) and RB Robert Gumny. So, after taking Spurs from 14th to 5th in the second half of the season I checked in on Schalke and they won the league on the last day, then it hit me - shouldn't I, Majer and Gumny get a winners medal? I checked the achievements on all 3 of us and nope, no Bundesliga Winners 24/25. And then I got mad. Players (and I assume coaches) are awarded medals if playing a certain number of games IRL so is this an oversight in the game? Shouldn't my reputation be boosted by a 2nd Bundesliga in 3 seasons???
  4. I know the relegation release clause becomes active as soon as relegation is confirmed, so would assume other clauses get cancelled in the same way.
  5. I have signed Balotelli in almost every save for the last 2 FM series. Usually always on a Bosman, if not he's got a transfer request in. He'll score goals (this save, promoted with Aston Villa, signed on a free, 18 goals in 22 games, 3 hat-tricks). The trick I learned after the first time I signed him - NEVER criticise him, only praise. If he has a bad game ignore it, has a decent game praise him, scores 4 in a game tell him how magnificent he is and you want to have his spawn. Get him unhappy it will spread through the squad.
  6. Taking the Schalke 04 job 3/4 way through my second season (Aston Villa League Winners, 9th in PL) and in my second game Stuttgart score and I am adamant it's offside. Just as I prepare to launch into a tirade about a scripted ME I see the magic words "The referee is going to check the video". I BLOODY LOVE VAR! Since then have had 2 penalties awarded (1 soft, 1 clear that didn't need to be checked!) a penalty changed to a free kick on the edge of the box, a last minute equaliser for me ruled out for offside and a two footed tackle by my DM ruled fair. VAR has really added a good bit of suspense to my matches now.
  7. *UPDATE* 1st season finished 5th, won LC, FA Cup Semi Final. 2nd season, lost Delofueou, Gray and Docoure (ie 45 of my 84 goals) and couldn't get going in the league at all finishing 13th. 4th round of LC, QF of FA Cup but Final of EL. After losing that final was summoned to a Board Meeting and told I had not met the standards required that season. Taking the huff (seeing as I set the standards!) I opined that they couldn't find anyone better then me - and Mr Pozo replied he'd be "glad to see the back" of me! So from Untouchable to sacked within 12 months. But it's not like I'd get offered a job with a mid table Spanish side (Real Sociedad). Not like I'd take them into the top 2 of La Liga for almost the entire season. Not like on the last game of the season Real Madrid would be 1 point ahead (away to Sevilla) and I'd be home to Barca. Not like I'd go to 2-0 down to Barca after 20mins. Then see Madrid go 1-0 down and go balls to the wall. Not like I'd get back to 2-2 after 50mins. Then see Real down 3-1. Then have my captain Illaremendi score his first of the season. Then see Real lose 5-4. Then beat Barca 3-2. AND WIN LA LIGA WITH REAL SOCIEDAD AND GET 100% UNTOUCHABLE WITH ANOTHER TEAM!!!
  8. Instalments don't come out of your current budget ie £5m + £12m over 36 months would take £5m out (+ agent/signing fee) of your current budget then £4m out of you budget for the next 3 seasons.
  9. Long time player of the FM/CM series and today dear reader I announce I have done what I thought was nary possible: Board Confidence - 100% UNTOUCHABLE With which footballing power you ask? Watford, I say. How many gruelling seasons have I worked for this accolade you ask? 33 games into the first PL season, with a LC win and an FA Semi to come. So, in my last save (West Ham, Tycoon Takeover, DOMINATION!) I stumbled into the apparently, so I've subsequently read, "game breaking" 3-4-3 formation. I kept this into my new start but tweaked it a little and decided to go a bit Keegan and adopt a "we're gonna score 5 so I don't care if you score 4" mindset. And at the half way point of the PL season we were 6th, W12 D0 L7. My summer signings were...decent. Danny Ward in goal, Sergi Gomez at BPD, Petagna struggling to settle at TM. But then - January. Pererya wants to go to Chelsea, so I agree for £40m, they offer £30m up front with clauses to take it up to £47m and now - we can go spend! Sommer to play SK, Caleta-Car to slot into to BPD, Mina to dominate at DCB, Barkley on loan to create from AP beside Docourre at MZ - and we become (almost) unstoppable. A 2-0 LC Final victory after Extra Time (Petagna scoring a double after not scoring for 2 months, is now 9 goals in 7 games) beating Chelsea with 10 men in the FA Cup Q/F and blistering league form (P33, W20, D2, L11, GS74, GC,48) So my team, since you weren't wondering, as it stands to finish the season: SK Sommer, BPD Gomez, DCB Mina, BPD Caleta-Car, WBR Janmaat, WBL Cholebas, DLP Chalobah/AP Barkley, MZ Docourre, WR Delofueu, WL Richarilson, TM Petagna/AF Gray Attacking, Low Tempo, Fairly Wide, High Line, Prevent GK Distribution, Much More Closing Down, Play Out Of Defence, Shorter Passing, Retain Possesion, Be Expressive, Run At Defence, Look for Overlap, Work Ball into Box. Now to get scouting for the 3-4 players to break into the top 4 next season! (Plandhart, Deribay, Memphis & Dost?!?)
  10. I'd class myself as a veteran player and have pretty much dismissed the pies to a large extent. I always preferred my tactics to have symmetry - both FBs & CBs having the same setting, one CM set to defend the other to support etc. But in my most recent save with Everton, I had 9/11 players playing at full green pie, so for 1 match I changed Coleman from FB(A) to WB(D) and Barkley from AP(s) to AP(A) to give me full green pie and gosh darn if I didn't get my best performance from the team and especially Barkley. This led me to stick with going for full green within my 442 formation and led to my most successful save of FM18 so far. Individual and team performance was much improved, and it also changed my transfer dealings as instead of trying to sign 2 DCBs I felt I could mix and match a BPD(S) with a CD(D) and so on. So for me anyway, full green pie certainly had an immediate and lasting effect on my team/players form and success.
  11. Okay, so...I discovered that the contract screen was defaulting to 'existing contract' for everybody. Let us never speak of this again. Shut up.
  12. So in my Everton save after contract talks on my new deal stalled I had a look in the old job centre, and a Tycoon backed Blackburn were advertising. Some quick negotiations done and a deal was agreed for me to take over at the end of the season. Now, here's the quibble - upon me agreeing to leave the club the Everton Board informed me that I would no longer be allowed to be involved in any transfer dealings or staff hirings/firings. A neat touch I've never heard of before. Now, season ends, 'Welcome to Blackburn!'. I go to sign one of my Everton U23 prospects on a pre contract and the contract screen is greyed out, only the 'walk away' option is available. I look to bring in some back room staff, same again. Is there anybody who knows if this a temporary thing until the new season starts? Or has this bugged from having responsibilities taken away at a previous club?
  13. My target was 8 points minimum: Arsenal - 3-2 defeat (3-0 down at half time, down to 10 men after 50 mins, but 2 late goals) Spurs - 4-0 defeat (dominated possession, more shots, 3 late goals conceded on the break) Liverpool - 4-2 defeat (1-0 then 2-1 up going into 85th minute, 2 defensive errors) At this point a team meeting was called and some harsh words and home truths exchanged. Chelsea - 2-1 victory (equaliser in the 83 minute, winner in the 86th minute after deciding to just go route one) Man Utd - 2-1 victory (another come from behind win, ending Man Utd's 100% record, and scoring only the 2nd & 3rd goal against them this season) So overall 6 points from 15. Happy that after 3 heavy defeats that there was a bounce back. What also helped with moral was that there were a League Cup and 2 Europa League games interspersed between the first 4 of these, then an international break before Man Utd. Also since the Liverpool defeat have won 5 in a row, Man Utd have crumbled after my beating of them (sorry, my teams beating of them) and I sit 3rd, but still 10 points behind Liverpool in 1st.
  14. So, into my 2nd season with Everton. Gotten rid of the chaff and have MY squad assembled and firing (we don't talk about Keane going to Arsenal and Stoke cancelling the Berahino deal on deadline day, OK). 7 games in, 5W, 1D, 1L (93rd minute counter attack goal by Sterling for Man City. I'm not bitter.) Also 100% in my Europa League Group, and am fantasising about my title challenge, even though this start and 16pts/21pts is only good enough for 4th (Man Utd and Liverpool are 100% and Spurs are 5W2D0L). So then I pull up the fixtures to plan my squads for the next few weeks, who'll play when, who gets a week off, when can Fellaini wash his hair. Then my heart breaks. I pour myself a whisky. I begin to weep. Next 5 league games. Arsenal A Spurs A Liverpool H Chelsea A Man Utd H .....I hate this bloody game.
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