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  1. Woah lads - lost my password and am now only seeing this 😂 If still interested Hertha were a great team to manage, with time given especially in the first season. I resigned after a 3rd, 2nd, 3rd place league finish with a bad start in the 5th season. That the team have gone on to win the league in 4 of the next 6 seasons doesn’t bother me one bit….
  2. Yup, another goober looking for help and advice for a laptop capable of running FM21/22 at the highest possible graphic settings on the 3D match engine. My budget top end is £650. The 2 I have my eye on are: LENOVO Series 3 15.6" Gaming Laptop - Intel® Core™ i5, GTX 1650, 256 GB SSD and HP Pavilion 15-ec1001na 15.6 Inch Full HD Gaming Laptop - (Shadow Black) (AMD Ryzen 5 4600H, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 (4 GB Dedicated) Graphics, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD All help appreciated.
  3. My back up to Chilwell, just won U19 player of the year. Needs to up his pace for my system though 😁
  4. No, Maier took the huff mid way through season 2 so got rid.
  5. So, as the title says: Jean Phillipe Mateta (ST) - goal machine, was league top scorer for Mainz (?) so I had a gander in my rebuild transfer window & got him for £25m. 3 seasons in a row with 30+ league goals (2 seasons with me) Lirim Kastrati (RW) - 20 pace, I stumbled into playing him as a PF in a 2 with JPM and it’s a partnership. Top tip - set him to lurk outside your box when defending a corner and watch him fly when your CB heads it clear! Nic Stark (CB) - was already at Hertha, oh captain my captain. Pace, strength, aerial dominance in both boxes. Altay (GK) Turkish, can’t and won’t try to spell his last name. 6’4”, high reflexes, quick off his line, catches 99.9% of crosses, and has a ridiculous amount of assists from over the top of defence passes to Kastrati. Kerem Demirbay (AP) signed him in the Jan ‘22 window as Camavinga was at the World Cup and I thought he would need a rest, £15 from Leverkusen who weren’t playing him. Fekir picks up and ankle injury the day KD signs so I slip him into the hole and WOW. 15 league games = 18 assists. Yup. 4 Champions League games = 6 assists. Dead ball and through ball master.
  6. Man beat me to it - Pickford the perfect example. Arms get smaller as he goes for crosses.
  7. I’m Hertha Berlin, and the first season I had the objective of building a new stadium from the board - but again the “increase in attendance” argument was made, I’m averaging 50,000 in a 70,000 seater (and the average has increased over my 3 seasons). Needed a convince option about reducing capacity to fit demand methinks.
  8. I use it when losing/drawing with mid-lower end of the league teams, or when I’ve been outplayed and taking a 3/4/5-0 shilacking. I have also used it when 2-0 against the bottom of the league team, but having only 2 shots on goal and being outplayed - the players didn’t like it, but used their anger to win 6-1 overall with 2 goals (and 1 disallowed) in the first 5 minutes of the 2nd half.
  9. Well, I always shut up shop and stick 20 pace Lirim Kastrati up front with a pass into space tactic - so I’m usually the one scoring late.
  10. He’s just gone to Liverpool for £95m at the end of my 2nd season - which seemed a low price so....
  11. So, the title of the post is meant tongue in cheek - am up to second international break in Season 2 of my Hertha Berlin save, first 29 league games of S1 were ‘eclectic’ to say the least - it was truly a COVID season of football, 11th in the league but 4 points of the relegation zone. But going 3w 2d in the last 5 games, convincing the board not to sack me for finishing 12th and a massive rebuild brings me to where we lie. A big undefeated run to start the season, top of the league, then...Football Manager as I know it! A news e-mail about how I’m about to break a winning streak record (always spells disaster and defeat) and then a game against bottom of the league Werder....🤦🏻‍♂️
  12. Ozil for Hertha Berlin, on loan. *Got eem, and Vinicius Jr too. First game played, Ozil drops deep topic, up the ball from my Lib, spins and plays in VJ on the left wing, VJ whips it in for Piatek to drill home. It’s gonna be a gooooood year....
  13. I remember Spurs getting relegated only 4 seasons in, this was probably FM 18. Thus begun the greatest season in my FM career - applying and getting that job, having £150m to spend in the Championship, having Dele Ali, Son and for the second half of the season Kane (loaned him out for first half cos he wanted to leave, but recalled him on January 1 and he never asked to leave again!) 42 wins 1 draw, 3 defeats. Good times...
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