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  1. Unfortunately I do not earliest possible save I have is from 1st December and he was signed in the summer. Name is Vladimir Yakovlev (he is a regen) should i still upload my save?
  2. weird one but something that should probably be addressed; - Crystal Palace gets taken over. New board decide to spend 112m on a mediocre DM (my tactic doesn't even have a DM!). They're now pissed at me because of the financials of the deal and my performance is a D with no other areas of concern. Would also be nice if it didn't appear in my highest transfer fee because I didn't sign him
  3. if a player is likely to run down his contract (as imformed by ass. man), won't even negotiate a new one and I transfer list him, if he kicks up a fuss one of the interaction options should definitely mention him running down his contract. Pretty standard surely
  4. the whole long ball over the top thing is so tiring and repetitve 3/4 chances per games are just punts up the pitch. Doesn't matter where I put the defensive line. Doesn't matter if I tell my team to play extremly short passes. Been playing CM/FM for a long long time and this feels like one of the worst match engines imo
  5. any advice? my own tactic went stale and had a look at argus 3322 and decided to give that a go. Tweaking as necessary based on strength of opps (moving down to balanced or cautious, DL line down, etc) but im 19th in form table. Losing to teams I should be beating (this is my easiest run of games all teams bottom half and I'm Crystal Palace cemented myself as a EL team 3 season in). Most chances created but strikers couldn't hit a barn door to save their children (Haaland and Gabriel Jesus) I would try some of the others but i only have the players to play some varirant of 352 currently. None of the 352s have yielded any success and my own tactic while very slightly better is still stale and i'm in dire need to save my season! Been playing FM/CM for nearly 20 years and never ever been stumped this bad before
  6. Ozil as a Mezzala is an inspired suggestion; tried it myself and even without retraining he has been miles better than any other role I've tried him in
  7. how you finding this on the new patch? had a similar shape to the one in your beta picture but has fallen to pieces since
  8. couple seasons into a swansea game but bored of the EPL after doing that for the last couple versions think Sassuolo will prise me away
  9. "x manager confirms interest in y job" :? i rarely see this in real life and nowhere near as often as it comes up on my newsfeed a small thing but it does my head in for some reason please remove it; it detracts from the realism when it happens once a week
  10. Same concerns as Batigol game becomes too easy/unplayable later on; hopefully the scouting revamp and smarter A.I tactics might help address this Also maybe make the A.I play their youth more, nothing more frustrating than seeing a newgen with 4.5 star potential not getting a look in over a 35/36 year old
  11. the short corners/free kicks that get volleyed in with a swivel need to be addressed it just doesn't happen in real life like that also sometimes my corner taker will pass it short (i play more expressive) but than the guy he passes it to get a free run at the goal because the AI's defenders stand still! i can sometimes get a goal but sometimes this dynamic will run on for 2/3 corners, nice to keep to pressure up and score but once again it's not realistic some of the criticism levelled has been a bit OTT but the above issues are really grinding my gears
  12. much better than the beta finding it hard to defend against corners but wouldn't say it's "broken" as such
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