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  1. Isn’t there supposed to be some kind of technical support here?
  2. Hi. I have an iPad and an iPhone. Both recent models with the same software version (both for iOS/iPadOS and the game). Until recently I could iCloud save but now I can’t. The green check mark doesn’t select. It’s a bummer because I use both devices and can’t seamlessly play on both.
  3. For me, if I have two spots available on my main squad, the Romanian defender Oleg and the Moroccan AM "Chikasomething" get promoted.
  4. Alari, just got a reply from SEGA asking to upload my save file through FTP. I already sent the save file through WeTransfer. Do I really need to upload it again by FTP?
  5. Yes, to Marc but no feedback yet. If you want I can send a new save with the same bug. I found out that it's related to international call ups.
  6. Already posted this in the gameplay bugs section but it happens to me with the 9.0.4 version. Marc has my save file.
  7. Just wondering because I have my FMH15 (I have a Nexus 5 with 5.0) on hold until this gets sorted out.
  8. Alari, do you have any idea when you will have this issue fixed?
  9. Hello. Whenever I try to end a loan contract (player on loan at my club) I get the message "Do you want to recall player Whatsisname". The "bug" is on the recall part. Since he's not my player and I want him gone, I don't think it should be "recall". It could/should be "Do you want to end player Whatsisname loan contract?".
  10. Apparently the match engine issue concerns Android devices which have been upgraded to the new Android 5.0 Lollipop.
  11. Glad to see these issues are being looked at. Now all we ask is for you (staff members) to neglect all personal life, your families, your kids, etc and focus 100% on solving this issue
  12. Yes, I did upgrade do 5.0. To sum it up, from my Nexus 5 experience, using the 'very fast' option: - Very slow in the enhanced mode in the highlights; - Slow in the enhanced mode in commentary only; - Slow in the KO stage and between halves; - A little bit slower than before in the original engine. Any more feedback you need? Feel free to use me as a guinea pig
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