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  1. Never had much trouble before and the suddenly I've had 3 crash dumps the last one being FM2020 V20.2.4.1343694 2020.02.18 16.59.31dmp. The automatic save keeps me going. I'm not very computer savvy so this is the best info I can give you.
  2. Rather than advertise and select quickly when my assistant manager leaves for a better job, I'd like to temporarily promote one of the coaches to the post and then I can trawl the market at leisure and ultimately maybe give the promotee the job if he has performed well.
  3. Is he ok for a work permit in the UK ?
  4. Watching a Sunderland match the other day, I saw large numbers of fans walking out before the end. It seems to me that when my FM team is suffering a heavy defeat an added realism would be to see fans walking out of the stadium. I guess this could be a long way ahead, because the stadiums and fans background is pretty static and necessarily is secondary to a lot of other things. Still it would be nice to see and also to have some boos in the sound effects.
  5. I'm never convinced that beta is issued primarily for debugging purposes. More like marketing strategy methinks.
  6. If I want to access Windows 7 Task Manager during a game, I press Control/Alt/Delete and the Task Manager option appears. When I click on it the game display returns instead of the Task Manager Application List. Advice most welcome, please.
  7. I'd like to thank everyone who is guiding us towards the purchase of a suitable laptop/pc. I've found this thread particularly helpful in steering me towards what I need or don't need. Particular thanks must go to Welsh Ace who initially got me clearing out my mind ( and I do live in Caerphilly, after all; but Jordan, I'm a lifelong Blackpool supporter!) so I could focus a bit more clearly on what I needed. After a while, perhaps unimaginatively, I've chosen the Dell Inspiron R given as best buy in PC Advisor at £499. I got £55 off as a result of using a Quidco voucher and a further £22 through going via Quidco. So at £422 I'm more than happy; thanks everyone.
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