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  1. Its encouraging to see this type of goal, I've not managed too many myself except for against teams that open up against me. Can I ask how you managed to achieve so my space in the attacking third?
  2. I was after some opinions on how the ME is
  3. Any idea when 19.2 will be launched in the full game? Any of the testers able to summarise what the changes are and how they're affecting the gameplay? Thanks
  4. davidmn27

    Removal of 3.Liga?

    Excellent, thanks
  5. davidmn27

    Removal of 3.Liga?

    Ah ok thank you. So is there anything you can do to get your reserves teams active? Or will it have to be friendlies only?
  6. davidmn27

    Removal of 3.Liga?

    Does this mean if you manage a german top flight team your reserves wont play in a league??
  7. Yes I have two central midfielders and use the roles suggested - BBM and DLP S I'm working on 'control' and slowing the tempo down, retaining possession and it seems to be working. Now I just need Giroud and Lacazette to start scoring!! Thanks for the suggestions
  8. I'm going to struggle to teach that PPM to Monreal and Koscielny but I'll give it a try with Mustafi and Chambers. Good idea, thank you. As in terms of team shape and mentality what are your thoughts on how to best build up from the back? Anything else to think of i.e. midfielder roles?
  9. Hi, In my Arsenal save I'm trying to replicate how they currently play (ideally with more defensive stability!) but am finding it difficult. One of the things that stand out is how Monreal and Mustafi bring the ball into midfield and act almost as playmakers. With 3 central defenders this makes sense because the other two can cover for the one bringing it out. What sort of things would you recommend doing in FM? I assumed a control strategy, very fluid, ball playing defenders but this resulted in the centre back staying deep but spraying long passes. Feedback welcome... Thanks
  10. I'm interested in this too. I've been trying to replicate a team that 'builds up from the back' using 3 centre backs to move the ball about, with the outer centre back stepping into midfield to look for openings. So far its proving very difficult and centre backs are quick to move the ball.
  11. Hi all, This might be massively ambitious, but I know there are a lot of creative people out there.. Does anyone know if there's a save game file where the game starts during the summer of 2017 i.e. a year on from the official game start, which has been updated for all the transfers and manager movements to date? I know that it wouldn't accurate around league winners etc. Obviously this is essentially FM18 without the new features! but FM18 is still months away. Like I said, long shot.. but if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be grand! Cheers
  12. Hi, does anyone else have an issue with regens where many of them dont have faces? Of my latest youth intake roughly 50% of them just have the blacked out silhouette. Is there a reason for this, or a fix? Thanks
  13. davidmn27

    [FM17][SKIN] Wannachup Beta

    Thanks, will do
  14. davidmn27

    [FM17][SKIN] Wannachup Beta

    Hi, thank for this. I just wondered if there's a way to change the transparency of the panels? Because I'm using a backgrounds megapack sometimes its hard to read the text. Thank you