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  1. This is crazy.. Everyone in the team expect 2 defenders are running forward trying to score and create. There's no way this should win the league
  2. Thinking about this in a slightly different way.. Has anyone got a good run such as 10+ games without defeat and then been halted by some clever and/or aggressive AI. And then gone on a poor run?
  3. I'm that case don't you think it would make more sense to make the game a real challenge, difficult, absorbing or whatever you want to call it, out of the box? Then those people who want an easier version have downloable tools and tactics and guides etc to make it easier. Rather than a unchallenging game that you have to make up your own rules or avoid certain features to make it harder?? Im not sniping or trying to be rude. It's a genuine question
  4. So much arguing on this forum when it's clear.. You only have to look at the bugs forum for genuine examples of the game being too easy once you hit a certain level of expertise ie you know how to put a solid tactic together (not a so called 'exploit') "Too easy" is anything between getting promoted with a team tipped for relation, or winning leagues and cups with massive goal differences, without putting in much effort to do so. Im not talking about OP exploits, 6 attack duties, people finding loop holes. I'm talking about honest gamers trying to get a challenge from a game that's
  5. I guess the question is, are we seeing goals like this scored AGAINST us??
  6. Anybody else seeing a very high amount of corners both for and against? I'm averaging 12 per game
  7. In previous years has there been an update / patch for the Beta? Or just 2 weeks of the same Beta then full release version? Thanks
  8. What reputation and coaching badges are you starting off with?
  9. Agreed. Try playing an older game now, and you'll really struggle, despite loving it at the time. Once you're used to it it'll be fine
  10. Im mostly encouraged by the comments on here, especially regarding the ME. But can people please give their views on the difficulty of the game.. I'm concerned based on numerous comments that it's too easy?? I appreciate that there are ways to artificially make the game harder for yourself, but you shouldn't have to Thanks
  11. Can you add custom graphics i.e. Logos and facepacks to the Beta? Thanks
  12. I see. Well that really limits what you can do with the game! I dont want two strikers running forward all the time Have SI acknowledged it?
  13. The rest of my set up looks like this PF A F9 IF s Ws CM S BWM S CWB S CD CD FB S Shorter passing, WBIB, play ball out of defence
  14. Is anyone else having trouble getting their DLF or F9 to drop deep? I'm playing as Arsenal and trying to recreate Wenger's 442 with Dennis/Reyes and Henry up front, with Lacazette and Aubamayeng. I watch my games on 'comprehensive' and most attacks build up down the wings because Lacazette is always heading into the box rather than showing for a pass. Has anyone got any tips? Laca has 'run into channels' - could the affect it? I'm currently training him to come deep for the ball. Thanks
  15. Its encouraging to see this type of goal, I've not managed too many myself except for against teams that open up against me. Can I ask how you managed to achieve so my space in the attacking third?
  16. Any idea when 19.2 will be launched in the full game? Any of the testers able to summarise what the changes are and how they're affecting the gameplay? Thanks
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