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  1. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! I would love to see your take on this tactic again in FM19, with all the new options available. How would you circumvent the lack of the "Very Fluid" option in this version of the game? Also, I could only imagine that you have some new motivation to do this, considering the Ajax form recently
  2. Its a 4-1-2-3 DM Wide, and there is a link in the OP. "The Tac With No Name"
  3. Not of yours no, but I did take inspiration from many of your tactics. I prefer 4-1-2-3 DM Wide as its called, or a Wingerless tactic, with Complete Wing Backs or Wing Backs. I like to stay as close to reality (even tho its hard to mimic in a FM game) as possible, which is also the reason, that I never went with a strikerless tactic in FM17.
  4. I have tried the 4-51WideP54CP51.tac Also, the Mezzala role. It seems it would make more sense, to put put him on the side in central midfield, matching his best foot. So MCR if he prefer his right foot, and vice versa. What is your thoughs on the matter?
  5. Hi Knap First and foremost, thank you for all of your content. You are delivering some really solid tactics, so thank you for giving us your time I'm looking for a solid 4-1-4-1 or a 4-5-1/4-1-2-3 DM Wide. Is the above tactic the one you would recommend? I'm not too fond of those 3 striker tactics, even tho they perform very well, so if you have something for me to test of the above, please let me know. Thank you in advance
  6. I just did'nt understand the connection. Thank you for explaining
  7. Does "Structured" and then the selection of "Roam from Position" not contradict each other? I find it odd to do this, could you please explain your thoughts around this @Rashidi ? Btw. Love your videos, and watch 'em all as soon as they are out
  8. I think that David Silva as a Playmaker is past tense. I think due to his age he is used in a slightly different role than earlier in his career, and the signing of KDB freed him from to pursue a new role in the team. Much like Ronaldo, he dont have the same mileage over 90 minutes, which is why i see him filling other shoes after KDB arrived. I seem him now as a Mezzala or a CM-A (PI's included after taste). The Heatmap from their former match against Arsenal also shows this imo. KDB is all over the place (I know this can differ in some matches, but that's just the Guardiola effect), where DS is sticking more to his positioning, waiting to make a difference. Just my 2 cents. KDS: (Almost DLP style) DS:
  9. Could you please cover, which formation you would use vs 4-2-3-1, 4-4-2 etc. I'm thinking you would use the 3-3-1-3 against a 4-4-2, but your input would be very much appreciated. You have had the single most influence, on the way I perceive tactics today, so thank you, and i'm so looking forward to see what you have for us in FM18 Btw. When you are not doing these awesome posts. What kind of football are you your self keep going back to?
  10. My 1st attempt Formation This is my take on their formation, with "Casemiro" dropping a bit deeper than "Kroos" and "Modric". Performing defensive duties, alongside being a presence in the midfield. I have chosen AM-A for my Isco role, not seeing him as a playmaker, and more as a supplement for the attack. With the attack duty he will also be a presence in the box, wich I think is true seeing some of his goals. In this formation we have the Ronaldo role as a CF-A and Benzema roie as a CF-S. Theese two roles, are the ones I have my biggest doubt. If I was playing Ronaldo, I would properbly play him as a Trequartista, but i'm playing Lukaku in that role, wich makes me deciding on the CF-A. The CF-S for Benzema is close enough tho I think, but im still doubting about making their partnership work in front. Team Tactics Looking at their play, and statistcis from the matchers where they play the above formation, it looks like the prefer using the flanks for attack. Also, they prefer to play it from defense rather than clear it long. I have my doubt regarding tempo. I do think they play higher tempo, but for now I leave it on normal. The defensive line and pressing also leaves some trouble, seeing that they dont press that much, but on the time they run a high defensive line most of the time. If they dont conquer the ball quickly, they fall back, leaving me with the choice above. Dribble less for obvious reasons. Player Instructions GK: Fewer risky passes, Distribute to centerbacks (for more options playing from behind) CWB: None BPD: None CD: None MC-D: Fewer risky passes MC-S: None AM: Roam from position, move into channels (taking from heatmaps, and seeing Isco in matches) CF: None Im still looking for all the help I can get. Please share your thougts on the subject, i'm sure I can learn alot from you guys
  11. When you see the shot statistics from the games, they usually have 85%+ of their finishes within the box. Would this not suggest "Work ball into the box"? Even with Real Madrid, in FM, they will take a lot of long shots without it. Am I missing something? Also.....i'm finding them, attacking, and defending as a unit. So I see them as a 'Very Fluid' side, rather than a 'Highly Structured'. Is this option to compensate for FM ME, or is it as you see them play?
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