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  1. Shocking to have players of foreign descent in 2018 really I remember Ivan Rakitic choosing Croatia over Switzerland some years after Mladen Petric did. Back then I thought Petric was the bigger loss, that didn't turn out true did it. Clearly can't blame any of them for choosing to play for a much better team of course.
  2. also won all of their games in the group except one. Beat Portugal in the away game.
  3. Awful performance by Switzerland so far, don't deserve to go on like this
  4. We'll talk again after England goes out against one of them in quarter finals.
  5. Excited to see what Michael Lang can do on that level, only Super League player in the squad. Very dangerous in front of the goal for a right back, he scored lots in the league and CL this season. Could see him score the only goal of the day. Edit: Thanks Sommer!
  6. If Guedes did that on purpose it was a genius pass.
  7. 7 of the players starting today (Allison, Casemiro, Coutinho, Neymar - Rodriguez, Xhaka, Seferovic) faced each other in the U17s World Cup in 2009. Switzerland won 1:0 on their way to the title back then. Wouldn't mind them repeating this today.
  8. I like Seferovic as he's a hard working player, but he's never been a good finisher and the last season where he has hardly played will not have helped him improve.
  9. Honestly think this is the best Swiss team we ever had. Group stage out would be a shock. I think we can win a point today.
  10. Some stats from last season: Joakim Svärd has been an absolute beast this season. He joined us in the winter transfer window of the 18/19 season and took Duelund's place as a wide playmaker on the left wing this season. 6 goals, 14 assists and an average rating of 8.01 show how important he was for us this year. But others have contributed even more. Nikolas Gjorgjev is wonderful right winger with 13 goals and 17 assists. Michaël Frey proved he was worth the 7 millions I paid for him by scoring 19 goals and assisting 14. Florian Kamberi came back from his loan in Spain and scored 18 goals, and finally there was Mariano who joined us in winter and scored an incredible 20 goals in 23 games which earned him a place in the Spanish national team that went to the European Championship 2020 this summer. The transfers so far: I found this guy Adil Abdellaoui in a report from one of my scouts and had to buy him immediately. He's a 17 year old French centre back and from his stats he looks like he should be my best defender by far already. Auxerre was ready to let him join us for 5.5M CHF. A lot of money for a 17 year old. But not a lot for a player who will become one of the best defenders in the world if he develops like I hope he will. He will be in the starting eleven immediately. So I sold Kevin Mbabu to Everton for 8M to make space and to get back the money I spent on Abdellaoui. I also needed a backup on the right back position and I found Michael Ahlfänger, a Austrian player who joined us from Hoffenheim for only 100K. Now my squad for next season looks like this: Goalkeepers: Timothy Dieng is my first choice goalkeeper. He's not perfect but he's a solid Super League goalkeeper and started his career at the club. I'm always keeping an eye open for a better player though. Mirko Salvi is his backup. Defenders: In the right back position we have Slavko Gavric who was promoted to the first team from our U18s a year ago. He's very fast and a good player overall. With only 19 years he can hopefully become even better. Michael Ahlfänger will be his backup. On the left we have Loris Benito and Tobias Schättin, two very solid Swiss players. Both could play very well for any Super League team. Benito is my first choice. In the middle I hope Adil Abdellaoui can make a big contribution. Next to him, Henri Feustel who joined us from Young Boys when he was 16 will play most of the time. Huang Qingliang, Roy Gelmi and Alain Zwicker are the other options. Midfielders: On the right wing we have Nikola Gjorgjev. He has played for Grasshoppers his whole career and I hope he will stay for many more years. Jean-Paul Boëtius is the second choice. A good player as well. On the left, Joakim Svärd has been incredible last year. But I have missed the right time to renew his contract. Now it runs only one more year, and this summer there have been offers from Premier League teams and he wants to leave. If I refuse, I risk making him unhappy so he will leave for free in a year. If I accept, I doubt I will find an equivalent replacement. Mikkel Duelund could play the part as well, but he's not as good as Svärd. In central midfield my captain Harun Alpsoy is the first name on the team sheet. Next to him I'm rotating Zvonimir Anicic, Vincent Sierro and Petar Pusic. Forwards: Michaël Frey is waiting for a call up to the Swiss national team. Meanwhile he's scoring and assisting and just generally making life hard for the opposition defenders. The perfect defensive forward. Mariano plays next to him. He's incredibly fast and can score from any position. Sometimes he's playing a bit selfish and trying to score himself when a pass would be the better option. But he's learning. After scoring for Spain at the EURO 2020 he is now valued 16.5M. Florian Kamberi and Almir Svjetlanovic round off the team. Kamberi has been around since season one, but maybe this is his last season at the club. His contract is running out, and his wage demands are a bit over the top in my opinion. Svjetlanovic was promoted from the U18s a year ago. He's doing well as a defensive forward backup to Frey, but he's missing a lot of games through injuries. A pity. I'd like to have a look at the youth squads as well: U21: 4 goalkeepers might be a bit too many, but I keep getting offered talented free agents on this position. Thompson was on loan at Vaduz this season and did well. Bassolé joined us in winter. He's an Ivorian talent and the only one of these four that I really can see joining the first team in the future. There are not so many exciting talents in this team. It is now more of a transfer station for players who are not good enough to make the step from the U18s directly to the first team. Still, players like Strömberg and Bolme could make it to the first team with a bit of luck. The rest will hopefully become valuable players for other Super League teams once their contracts are over. THey are doing very well in the Challenge League. Finished second behind Lugano this year. U18: Mattia Inauen was the only real talent from our youth intake in the last two seasons. Manchester United already tried to buy him this summer, but I'm keeping him here. Benjamin Fenske joined us from 1860 München last winter. If we don't have the talents in our intake anymore we have to get them from somewhere else. I'm putting some hope in Serge Tapoko as well. He only has two stars potential, but he's already quite strong and I think he will become a good Super League striker in the future. It is time we increased our youth recruitment from "Well Established" to "Extensive". Does anyone have any idea if I can have an influence on that? Or is it unchangeable?
  11. Again, not a lot of transfer activity in the summer window. Our goalkeeper Daniel Bentley joined Lazio for 900K CHF and was replaced by former Grasshoppers youngster Timothy Dieng who came back for free from MSV Duisburg. Elias Kachunga, the striker who didn't allow me to remove the release clause in his contract, finally found a club that was willing to pay 6M for him. I didn't feel the need to buy a replacement. With Frey, Dabbur and Kamberi I still had three top class strikers in my squad and from the U18 I promoted Almir Svjetlanovic to the first team. With Devin Manco and Andi Zeqiri I sold two more players young players who wanted to leave and never really lived up to the expectations for a total of 7.2M. Benjamin Lüthi left us again and our first choice right back Kévin Mbabu was moved to central defence to make room for two young talented right defenders from the U21/U18 squad: Huang Qingliang and Slavko Gavric. We also got in Jean-Paul Boëtius from Basel for free as a backup for Gjorgjev on the right wing and with Nassim Ben Khalifa we brought back another ex GCZ youngster on loan from Hannover. He can play on every position in midfield and as a striker. A valuable backup player. We had a much better start to the season than last year. We drew some games in the league but only lost a single game against Young Boys. A bit unlucky in the CL qualifiers where we met Real Madrid (second time in three years), so we only qualified for the Europa League and missed out on the CL money this year. At least we did well in the Europa league and won our group with Twente, Sevilla and Austria Wien. In the Swiss Cup we beat Le Mont, our own U21 () and Basel. We still finished the first half of the season behind Basel, but close enough to have a chance to overtake them in the second half. Munas Dabbur's injury proneness started to become a real problem. He had missed most games and struggled to regain his form after every injury. So I decided it was time to replace him with someone more reliable. And I found the perfect player in Mariano, a wonderkid from Barcelona's legendary youth academy. The 12.75M CHF we paid for him is a new record and really a lot of money. But so far he has been worth every penny. He scored in almost every game and has been a real reinforcement. Dabbur was sold to Red Bull Salzburg for 4M (like in real life this summer). And with our new star striker we've been playing on another level: We won 16 of our remaining 18 league games, with only a draw against Luzern and a defeat against St. Gallen. We beat Basel twice more, we qualified for the final of the Swiss Cup for the first time, and we made it to the quarter final of the Europa League, where Lazio proved to be a bit too strong. We took the first place from Basel after 24 games and secured the title with two games to go. We set a new record for points won in the Super League and finally won our 29th league title. To round off a great season we also won the Swiss Cup with a 2-0 against Young Boys in the final. This second league title feels completely different than the first one in 2016. Back then we were just the best of a bunch of bad teams. We won that title with only 66 points, less than in any other season since then. It was an unexpected and even lucky title. Now, after three years of finishing second behind Basel, it was a success we worked very hard for. Basel was much more of a competition and we had to keep our concentration up until the end. We also had to change our philosophy in a way. We still have a lot of homegrown players in the team. With Dieng, Gavric, Gjorgjev, Alpsoy, Kamberi and some others we still have a few real Grasshoppers in the team. But to get on the next level we also had to invest money. We spent 20M on Frey and Mariano alone, and I had to reject eight figure bids for some of my homegrown talents to keep together a team that was able to beat Basel. Now we have to make the next step to really establish Grasshoppers as the number one in Switzerland and to start having some success in the Champions League as well. I will make a short report about the squad going into the 20/21 season in another post.
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