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  1. Shocking to have players of foreign descent in 2018 really I remember Ivan Rakitic choosing Croatia over Switzerland some years after Mladen Petric did. Back then I thought Petric was the bigger loss, that didn't turn out true did it. Clearly can't blame any of them for choosing to play for a much better team of course.
  2. also won all of their games in the group except one. Beat Portugal in the away game.
  3. Awful performance by Switzerland so far, don't deserve to go on like this
  4. We'll talk again after England goes out against one of them in quarter finals.
  5. Excited to see what Michael Lang can do on that level, only Super League player in the squad. Very dangerous in front of the goal for a right back, he scored lots in the league and CL this season. Could see him score the only goal of the day. Edit: Thanks Sommer!
  6. If Guedes did that on purpose it was a genius pass.
  7. 7 of the players starting today (Allison, Casemiro, Coutinho, Neymar - Rodriguez, Xhaka, Seferovic) faced each other in the U17s World Cup in 2009. Switzerland won 1:0 on their way to the title back then. Wouldn't mind them repeating this today.
  8. I like Seferovic as he's a hard working player, but he's never been a good finisher and the last season where he has hardly played will not have helped him improve.
  9. Honestly think this is the best Swiss team we ever had. Group stage out would be a shock. I think we can win a point today.
  10. Some stats from last season: Joakim Svärd has been an absolute beast this season. He joined us in the winter transfer window of the 18/19 season and took Duelund's place as a wide playmaker on the left wing this season. 6 goals, 14 assists and an average rating of 8.01 show how important he was for us this year. But others have contributed even more. Nikolas Gjorgjev is wonderful right winger with 13 goals and 17 assists. Michaël Frey proved he was worth the 7 millions I paid for him by scoring 19 goals and assisting 14. Florian Kamberi came back from his loan in Spain and scored 18 goals, and finally there was Mariano who joined us in winter and scored an incredible 20 goals in 23 games which earned him a place in the Spanish national team that went to the European Championship 2020 this summer. The transfers so far: I found this guy Adil Abdellaoui in a report from one of my scouts and had to buy him immediately. He's a 17 year old French centre back and from his stats he looks like he should be my best defender by far already. Auxerre was ready to let him join us for 5.5M CHF. A lot of money for a 17 year old. But not a lot for a player who will become one of the best defenders in the world if he develops like I hope he will. He will be in the starting eleven immediately. So I sold Kevin Mbabu to Everton for 8M to make space and to get back the money I spent on Abdellaoui. I also needed a backup on the right back position and I found Michael Ahlfänger, a Austrian player who joined us from Hoffenheim for only 100K. Now my squad for next season looks like this: Goalkeepers: Timothy Dieng is my first choice goalkeeper. He's not perfect but he's a solid Super League goalkeeper and started his career at the club. I'm always keeping an eye open for a better player though. Mirko Salvi is his backup. Defenders: In the right back position we have Slavko Gavric who was promoted to the first team from our U18s a year ago. He's very fast and a good player overall. With only 19 years he can hopefully become even better. Michael Ahlfänger will be his backup. On the left we have Loris Benito and Tobias Schättin, two very solid Swiss players. Both could play very well for any Super League team. Benito is my first choice. In the middle I hope Adil Abdellaoui can make a big contribution. Next to him, Henri Feustel who joined us from Young Boys when he was 16 will play most of the time. Huang Qingliang, Roy Gelmi and Alain Zwicker are the other options. Midfielders: On the right wing we have Nikola Gjorgjev. He has played for Grasshoppers his whole career and I hope he will stay for many more years. Jean-Paul Boëtius is the second choice. A good player as well. On the left, Joakim Svärd has been incredible last year. But I have missed the right time to renew his contract. Now it runs only one more year, and this summer there have been offers from Premier League teams and he wants to leave. If I refuse, I risk making him unhappy so he will leave for free in a year. If I accept, I doubt I will find an equivalent replacement. Mikkel Duelund could play the part as well, but he's not as good as Svärd. In central midfield my captain Harun Alpsoy is the first name on the team sheet. Next to him I'm rotating Zvonimir Anicic, Vincent Sierro and Petar Pusic. Forwards: Michaël Frey is waiting for a call up to the Swiss national team. Meanwhile he's scoring and assisting and just generally making life hard for the opposition defenders. The perfect defensive forward. Mariano plays next to him. He's incredibly fast and can score from any position. Sometimes he's playing a bit selfish and trying to score himself when a pass would be the better option. But he's learning. After scoring for Spain at the EURO 2020 he is now valued 16.5M. Florian Kamberi and Almir Svjetlanovic round off the team. Kamberi has been around since season one, but maybe this is his last season at the club. His contract is running out, and his wage demands are a bit over the top in my opinion. Svjetlanovic was promoted from the U18s a year ago. He's doing well as a defensive forward backup to Frey, but he's missing a lot of games through injuries. A pity. I'd like to have a look at the youth squads as well: U21: 4 goalkeepers might be a bit too many, but I keep getting offered talented free agents on this position. Thompson was on loan at Vaduz this season and did well. Bassolé joined us in winter. He's an Ivorian talent and the only one of these four that I really can see joining the first team in the future. There are not so many exciting talents in this team. It is now more of a transfer station for players who are not good enough to make the step from the U18s directly to the first team. Still, players like Strömberg and Bolme could make it to the first team with a bit of luck. The rest will hopefully become valuable players for other Super League teams once their contracts are over. THey are doing very well in the Challenge League. Finished second behind Lugano this year. U18: Mattia Inauen was the only real talent from our youth intake in the last two seasons. Manchester United already tried to buy him this summer, but I'm keeping him here. Benjamin Fenske joined us from 1860 München last winter. If we don't have the talents in our intake anymore we have to get them from somewhere else. I'm putting some hope in Serge Tapoko as well. He only has two stars potential, but he's already quite strong and I think he will become a good Super League striker in the future. It is time we increased our youth recruitment from "Well Established" to "Extensive". Does anyone have any idea if I can have an influence on that? Or is it unchangeable?
  11. Again, not a lot of transfer activity in the summer window. Our goalkeeper Daniel Bentley joined Lazio for 900K CHF and was replaced by former Grasshoppers youngster Timothy Dieng who came back for free from MSV Duisburg. Elias Kachunga, the striker who didn't allow me to remove the release clause in his contract, finally found a club that was willing to pay 6M for him. I didn't feel the need to buy a replacement. With Frey, Dabbur and Kamberi I still had three top class strikers in my squad and from the U18 I promoted Almir Svjetlanovic to the first team. With Devin Manco and Andi Zeqiri I sold two more players young players who wanted to leave and never really lived up to the expectations for a total of 7.2M. Benjamin Lüthi left us again and our first choice right back Kévin Mbabu was moved to central defence to make room for two young talented right defenders from the U21/U18 squad: Huang Qingliang and Slavko Gavric. We also got in Jean-Paul Boëtius from Basel for free as a backup for Gjorgjev on the right wing and with Nassim Ben Khalifa we brought back another ex GCZ youngster on loan from Hannover. He can play on every position in midfield and as a striker. A valuable backup player. We had a much better start to the season than last year. We drew some games in the league but only lost a single game against Young Boys. A bit unlucky in the CL qualifiers where we met Real Madrid (second time in three years), so we only qualified for the Europa League and missed out on the CL money this year. At least we did well in the Europa league and won our group with Twente, Sevilla and Austria Wien. In the Swiss Cup we beat Le Mont, our own U21 () and Basel. We still finished the first half of the season behind Basel, but close enough to have a chance to overtake them in the second half. Munas Dabbur's injury proneness started to become a real problem. He had missed most games and struggled to regain his form after every injury. So I decided it was time to replace him with someone more reliable. And I found the perfect player in Mariano, a wonderkid from Barcelona's legendary youth academy. The 12.75M CHF we paid for him is a new record and really a lot of money. But so far he has been worth every penny. He scored in almost every game and has been a real reinforcement. Dabbur was sold to Red Bull Salzburg for 4M (like in real life this summer). And with our new star striker we've been playing on another level: We won 16 of our remaining 18 league games, with only a draw against Luzern and a defeat against St. Gallen. We beat Basel twice more, we qualified for the final of the Swiss Cup for the first time, and we made it to the quarter final of the Europa League, where Lazio proved to be a bit too strong. We took the first place from Basel after 24 games and secured the title with two games to go. We set a new record for points won in the Super League and finally won our 29th league title. To round off a great season we also won the Swiss Cup with a 2-0 against Young Boys in the final. This second league title feels completely different than the first one in 2016. Back then we were just the best of a bunch of bad teams. We won that title with only 66 points, less than in any other season since then. It was an unexpected and even lucky title. Now, after three years of finishing second behind Basel, it was a success we worked very hard for. Basel was much more of a competition and we had to keep our concentration up until the end. We also had to change our philosophy in a way. We still have a lot of homegrown players in the team. With Dieng, Gavric, Gjorgjev, Alpsoy, Kamberi and some others we still have a few real Grasshoppers in the team. But to get on the next level we also had to invest money. We spent 20M on Frey and Mariano alone, and I had to reject eight figure bids for some of my homegrown talents to keep together a team that was able to beat Basel. Now we have to make the next step to really establish Grasshoppers as the number one in Switzerland and to start having some success in the Champions League as well. I will make a short report about the squad going into the 20/21 season in another post.
  12. Jogo Bonito I realized I never replied to your last post. Are you still playing? How did the season end? I'm really interested in your All Swiss approach. I'm always trying to have as many homegrown players in my team as possible, but I'm never as consistent with it as you seem to be. By the way I saw you listing Izet Hajrovic as a non Swiss player. Hajrovic was born and raised in Switzerland and learned to play football at GCZ, so I think you can count him as a Swiss player even though he has dual nationality In my save, Florian Kamberi now plays for Albania. I wouldn't count him as a foreign player though. In my own save, I'm now in summer 2020 and things are starting to become kind of big here in Zürich. I'll try to summarize the last two seasons as good as possible. The 2017/18 season ended in a nice way with our reaching the semi final of the Europa League and playing better in the league again. Because of our bad start to the season we were far from winning the title and finished 9 points behind Basel. But I was optimistic about our chances this year. Nikola Mijatovic was sold to Sion because he wasn't good enough to become a first team player. Caio was allowed to leave to spend the rest of his career in Brazil. He was replaced by Mikkel Duelund, a Danish left winger from FC Midtjylland. We also got rid of some deadwood from the youth squads. And we sold U18 player Cristiano Napoli to Arsenal for an insane 8M CHF. He was a big talent, but I'm not going to reject 8M for a player who hasn't played a single game for the first team. With Beruatto, Bolme and Isgren we got three new talented players to develop in our U21 and U18 squad. We had a bad start to the season again. Lost our first two games against Thun and Luzern, but we were able to turn it around in time to beat Galatasaray and Schalke in the Champions League Qualifiers and reach the financial eldorado of the Champions League group stage. We also beat Basel and started to win more games in the league. We finished the first half of the season only two points behind Basel. In the Champions League group stage however, we were not able to win any games. We got a draw and a defeat against each team and finished the group last with only three points. In the winter transfer window I decided it was time to invest some money if I finally wanted to win that title. With Michaël Frey I brought in a Swiss striker I had my eyes on since season one. 7.5M is the highest fee we ever spent so far. But if I want to beat Basel I have to start using some of the money we made with transfers and prize money in the last years. Joakim Svärd was another player I wanted to sign for a while now. He's ideal as a wide playmaker on the left wing, a 20 year old Regen from Malmö FF to strengthen our Scandinavian connection and rotate with Duelund. With the Frey transfer we now had too many strikers in the team and I decided to send Kamberi out on loan for the rest of the season. But our form in the second half of the season was a disappointment. We lost two home games against Zürich and Winterthur and drew too many games. We also crashed out of the Swiss Cup again with an extra time defeat to St. Gallen. Even our two 2-0 wins against Basel weren't enough to win the league. We finished second again. Three points behind Basel this time. Again we won more points than in the year before. 75 it was this time, 9 more than in our title winning season 15/16. During the seond half of the season there were already rumours of a takeover. After the season ended it actually happened. Alexandre Lacombe (President of Sochaux in real life) took over and invested about 30M if I remember correctly. But there were media reports about the presidents plans to sack me and install his own manager: Luckily he didn't. After a few weeks of worrying I finally got this message: I will continue my report of the 19/20 season in a new post tonight so this one doesn't get too messy.
  13. Nice to see you back. Looking forward to reading about your progress and hopefully we can bring back some life to this thread. I finally found the time to write an update about my third season: After our transfer profit of 28M and international prize money from last season, we are now on a nice financial basis. I was given a transfer and wage budget high enough to buy myself a team to tear apart the Swiss league. But that's not what I wanted to do. Yes, I am slowly increasing the wages of my players and I now have several players on wages much higher than that of our highest earner in season one. However, their wages still wouldn't even be in Basel's top half. (Actually I just checked and we are only ranked 6th in average wage in the league, so I guess I can spend some more without worrying). But even though I didn't start spending money like water, I invested in some reinforcements: 22 year old Swiss defender Kevin Mbabu joined us from Newcastle for a bargain price. He can play DC and DR and still has some potential to develop. Also he's "Touted as the next Philippe Senderos", so I just had to get him. German/Congolese striker Elias Kachunga joined us from the same club for CHF 1.8M, and he was by far our biggest and most important transfer this year. A great defensive forward who doesn't leave the opposition defenders a quiet moment and also scores and assists goals. He helped us a lot this season. Another transfer I was very happy about was the signing of Zvonimir Anicic, a 17 year old Croatian newgen CM with a lot of potential. He joined us from Hajduk Split. Napoli wanted him as well, but it seems like the rotation squad status I offered him convinced him. And don't forget about Rafik Zekhnini, a left winger from Atlético who was on loan at Basel last year, now he's on loan with us. We also got rid of Pnishi, Sadik (young DC, now first team player at Vaduz, good for him), Basic and Sherko. Sadly we also lost Noah Loosli to Newcastle for his Release Clause of 9.75M (That makes it three deals with Newcastle this summer). I was very sad to lose this great home grown player, but I immediately tried to bring in a replacement. And I found one in Roy Gelmi, a 22 year old Swiss defender from St. Gallen. He joined us for 3.7M, my highest transfer fee spent so far. Also, Vivaldy Mutombo from Thun joined our U18s squad. Looking back, it was a succesful season for us. Not so much nationally, where we a) had a really bad start in the league and thus never really challenged Basel for the title and b) dropped out of the Cup early once again, but we had a wonderful Europa League campaign and I've seen some real improvements to the way we played after that bad form early in the season. We really dragged our bad form from last season into the first games of the new one. By the time we finally won our first game, we had played 7 games, Basel had an 11 point lead and the league was pretty much decided already. But maybe whis was the wake up call I needed, and I finally made some fundamental adjustments to my tactics. The formation (4-4-2) and the roles stayed pretty much the same, but we now play attacking (instead of counter), we press much more and play faster. It worked very well and I've seen some wonderful football this season, especially in the Europa League. Surprisingly, we also defended well and had the best defensive record in the league with only 31 goals conceded. When I made those chances, we were already out of the Champions League playoffs (0-0 and 0-1 against Lazio). Instead we qualified for the Europa League group stage and we finished first in our group with Athletic, PAOK and St. Etienne. We also started to play better in the league and won most our games. We fought our way back to second place, but Basel had a 9 point lead and I knew we wouldn't be able to catch up with them. In the winter transfer window I lost another home grown key player in Levent Gülen. He was upset when I rejected an insulting offer from some club I forgot and he was trying to start a riot in the dressing room. Half the team came to talk to me and I decided I might be better off selling him, even though I didn't want to lose him. Nobody wanted to pay a lot of money for him, but in the end Benfica offered 4M and I sold him. Then of course that wasn't okay for some other players as well. Dabbur, Källström and Kachunga very angry I sold one of our best players. Then Moritz Bauer wanted to leave as well. He was a very useful backup player for me, a fullback that can play on both sides and did well whenever I played him. But he had wanted to leave since I took over Grasshoppers, so I decided it was time to let him go. I sold him to Dinamo for 1.5M and brought back Benjamin Lüthi from Lugano. We started the knockout stage of the EL with a 0-3 away defeat against Dynamo Kyiv and needed a miracle to get back into the tournament. A miracle was exactly what happened. We beat them 3-0 at home, taking them to penalties where all my players scored. We went on to the second knockout round. We met Q.P.R. and now it was us who won the first leg 3-0. We lost the second leg 2-3 but it didn't matter, we qualified for the Quarter Final! Napoli was the opponent. In the home game we were down 0-1 after 15 minutes but equalised immediately. But Napoli scored twice more and we were down 1-3 at half time. But somehow we got back into the game and two goals from Elias Kachunga helped us to a 3-3 draw. 3 away goals for Napoli was a problem, but we never struggled to score goals in the EL this season, so I knew we just had to attack and hope for the best. In the away game, it was 2-2 at half time and suddenly scoring more than three goals didn't look so unlikely anymore. Caio scored after 68 minutes to bring us the 3-2 lead, but shortly before the end, Napoli equalised and it looked like it would be extra time again. But here comes our star joker Florian Kamberi and scores the 4-3 winner with a wonderful header after 92 minutes! On to the semi final against Real Madrid! To meet a club like Real Madrid in the Europa League is some serious bad luck. I feel like we could have beaten Monaco and Dnipro (the other teams in the semi final) with a bit of luck, but Real proved to be too strong. We embarassed ourselves with a 1-8 away defeat, but kind of redeemed ourselves with a 1-1 draw at home. We were out, but to reach the semi final was a huge success and much more than I could have hoped for. In the league we did okay but never came close to challenge Basel anymore. We finished the league in 2nd with 71 points (most points we've won in a season so far), 9 points behind Basel. But I feel like we could be able to win the title again next year if we can just avoid that typical run of bad form we've had at the beginning of every season so far. Let's have a look at the squad: Dabbur didn't have the best season. He was out injured for two long periods this season and struggled to get back on form both times. But overall he did ok. Kachunga took his place as the most important forward though. With 21 goals and 13 assists he contributed a lot and did very well. Big problem: 2.6M release clause. I was shocked when I realized that. Not sure anymore if I didn't see it when offering him his contract or if it just wasn't negotiable. Working on giving him a new contract now but the best thing I can get so far is a release clause of 6M, he doesn't allow me to remove it completely. So it looks like we will lose him this summer after only one season. I'm sure there will be bids for him. Im very happy about Florian Kamberi's development this year. I complained about his lack of goals in my first season report in this thread. Now he finally started to score, and how! 14 goals and 5 assists in 34 games (only 18 from the start). He was very effective as a sub, scoring most games in the second half of the season. If I manage to keep Kachunga around I might think about selling Dabbur and making Kamberi my first choice CF next to Kachunga. If Dabbur stays, Kamberi can do very well as a rotation player. Other players who did very well this year are Alpsoy (rejected a 15M bid from Leicester, being rich is nice. He wasn't even angry about it, hope he will stay here for years to come), Gjorgjev (12 goals and 11 assists, very dangerous on the right wing) and Caio (wants to leave and play in Brazil the last few years of his career. Really don't want to lose him, he's crucial for our game as a Wide Playmaker, but will have to start looking for replacements this summer). Mijatovic and Manco (central defenders) made their first steps towards becoming first team players. Manco will make it in a year or two, not sure about Mijatovic yet. The U21 squad: They did very well in the Challenge League, finishing 2nd behind Winterthur. I'm really glad they didn't win it, I have no idea what would have happened if they got promoted to the Super League I guess I will have to download the in game editor at some point in the future. Until then I will just make sure I don't have too many good players playing for the U21. Look out for Huang Qingliang, Arthur Njo Léa, Petar Pusic and Andi Zeqiri. All four will get promoted to the first team next season. The U18 squad: Seven players will get promoted to the U21s squad, with Can Salman the most exciting prospect of them. He has a lot of potiential, but his stats are still terrible. He has a long way to go before he can hope to make the step to the first team. Henri Feustel will get promoted straight to the first team. A very exciting centre back. Senderos will have to play very well if he wants to keep his place in the team with Feustel and Manco waiting. Gavric, Napoli and Svjetlanovic from last years intake still look very well. Looking forward to seeing them develop in the U18s for another year. This years youth intake was a bit disappointing. Strömberg is the best of them, a promising CM, and Frei could become a decent goalkeeper with some luck. I now added the five big leagues to the game, hopefully the added players in the database will stop the big European teams to bid for my youth players every other day. It's getting ridiculous. In summer and winter I have to reject two or three bids every day, and I've already sold so many players, who would probably never have made it here, to foreign clubs for ridiculous fees. Hopefully adding France, Italy and Germany will help balance this a bit better.
  14. There have been quite a few transfers following my title winning first season: With Daniel Bentley I got in a much better goalkeeper so I sold Mall to Lorient for CHF 1M. Bamert wanted to leave as well, so I sold him to Valencia for CHF 3.5M. And I also sold some older players I wanted to replace by talented youngsters, so I sold Barthe, Lüthi and Pavlovic as well. We made a nice profit of CHF 7M only by selling backup players. Tobias Schättin (DL, Young Boys), Daniel Lässer (MR, St. Gallen) and Vincent Sierro (MC, Sion) are three young Swiss players who joined us as backup players with expectation to become first team players in a few years time. Calman, Dzafic and Feustel joined our U18s. I also got Ismael Azzaoui (MR) and Zackarias Faour (ST) on loan to fill up the squad. Nemanja Antonov had a great start to the season, assisting five goals in the first eight games of the season. I expected him to be a key player for us this season. But then Benfica came in with a bid, I negotiated it and demanded CHF 20M, and to my surprise they accepted. So of course I sold him. It was annoying to lose him three days before the end of the transfer window, but I couldn't turn down 20M. We don't have to worry about money anymore now. I wasn't able to find a replacement though, and panicking I brought in Nwakali from Manchester City on loan. A very good player, but a right back, I realized when I wanted to play him in Antonov's place the next game We didn't play very well in the first half of the season. We did okay in the league, battling Basel about the first place the whole time. But disappointingly we were out of the Swiss Cup in Round 1 against United Zürich, a 1. Liga Promotion team (I guess I should have played my U21 instead...) and we didn't stand a chance in the Champions League group stage, where we met Juventus, Monaco and Leverkusen (last place with only two points). Still, we made about CHF 14M in prize money and another 4M in TV Revenue, so at least financially we did well. We were second behind Basel on goal difference after 18 games: In the winter break we were finally able to get a replacement for Nemanja Antonov. We bought Loris Benito from Young Boys, a very good 25 year old left back who for some reason only played 8 games for Young Boys in one and a half years. He scored in his first game and got his first assist in the second. After that he didn't contribute to the attack so much anymore, but he played very well and was a great addition to the team. Meanwhile we sold two more youngsters who never made a game in the first team: Imeri and Quintoles left for Inter for an added CHF 3.8M (both came back to the Super League on loan in the 2017/18 season, playing for Lugano and FC Zürich) Our games in the second half of the season: We started well after the winter break. We won against Luzern and then beat Basel 1-0 away which saw us take back the first place in the league. Then we started to struggle a bit, losing against St. Gallen, drawing against St. Gallen and Sion and finally we lost two games in a row. 0-1 against Luzern and then 0-1 against Basel, and we were down to second place. Basel was far from perfect though, and we would have had the chance to take back the lead in the last few games of the season, but we didn't manage to win any of the last three games against Sion, Winterthur and Lugano. So we finished the league in second place, three points behind Basel: We won four points more than last season, but it wasn't enough to defend the league title. I'm not too worried. Our title last year was a surprise, and I knew it would be hard to beat Basel again. I'm here to bring long term success to Zürich, and the money we made this season will be a nice foundation for that. Let's have a look at the squad: Dabbur and Caio were key players again. Dabbur with 23 goals and Caio with an average rating of 7.67 and seven assists. Loosli, Alpsoy and Gjorgjev have definitely established themselves as first team players and will be very important for us in the future. Other youngsters to look out for neyt season are Nikola Mijatovic and Florian Kamberi. The U21s squad doesn't look so bad either: Like I mentioned in my first update, I donloaded an expansion pack that allows me to play the Swiss league down to the fourth tier, the 1. Liga Classic. That means my U21s actually play league games, which helps me develop my youngsters without having to loan them out to teams with worse facilities and coaches. My U21 got promoted to the third tier last year, and now they've won the league again. That means they got promoted to the second tier, the Challenge League. This shouldn't be possible, but the person who made the expansion pack seems to have made an error. As long as no U21 team gets promoted to the Super League I won't mind. I'm looking forward to see how they will do against the teams in the Challenge next season. Njo Léa and Petar Pusic are the brightest talents in the squad, but I think I will let them stay in the U21 for another year. The U18 squad: Some big talents there. Devin Manco and Andi Zeqiri will get promoted to the first team for next season, but will probably play for the U21s most of the time. The three best players from the 2017 youth intake are Slavko Gavric, Cristiano Napoli and Almir Svjetlanovic, some real promise there. Huang Qingliang is a Chinese youngster that was offered to us by his agents this winter. We were able to get him for free, and he seems to be very good. Dzafic, Feustel and Salman joined us from other Swiss teams last summer. At least Feustel will become a star player for us for sure. The 2017/18 update will come soon
  15. Looking good Jogo Bonito, you have definitely established yourself as the number two in Switzerland. Now it's time to take another step and prevent Basel from winning their tenth consecutive league title. Interesting to see the youth players that have made it to your first team squad. I've had to sell Bamert and Sukacev in my first season if I remember correctly, now they are back in Switzerland on loan. I doubt they will ever make it at their new teams (Valencia and PSG), maybe I'll buy them back some time in the future. How are they doing for you? I've also noticed Meriton Kastrati and Nedim Bajrami have made some games for you. In my save, they are both still in the U21 and have a long long way to go if they ever want to play Super League football. On the other hand, Gjorgev seems to be developing quite slowly in your save. He's a key player for me now. I am still playing my Grasshoppers save and have actually finished my 3rd season as well. I realize I never wrote an update on my second season, so I will do that this weekend.
  16. You need to find the image URL of the club logo. You can look for the team on wikipedia, then right-click on the logo. It should say something like "Open Image in New Tab", you do that and copy the link on top of the new tab. Then you add it in your update like this: [center] [img=https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/3f/Dungannon_Swifts.png] [/center] It will look something like this: Nice to see this thread so active again with so many new challengers. Good luck to everyone!
  17. I finally finished the Ultimate Football Manager Challenge a while ago and just had to buy FM16 and start a Grasshoppers save. Am I the first one to start with the 16.3 database? Meet Ricardo Cabanas, Grasshoppers legend, former Swiss national team player and GCZ youth trainer who is now Grasshoppers manager: Of course Yoric Ravet has left for Young Boys, which is a big loss, and Shani Tarashaj was only here on loan for the first season, then joined Everton. It seems like the loan move of Georgi Milanov was left out of the transfer update, which left me a bit understaffed on the wings. But at least Philippe Senderos was there to strenghten our defense and with Haris Tabakovic we got a reasonably talented young striker from Young Boys. (both screnshots taken at the end of the season, sorry) I disabled the summer window transfer budget because I wanted to start in peace, without having to reject bids for my players every other day. But we were very short on wingers, so I got Matheus Pereira from Sporting on loan, a young Brasilian who had a great season with 11 goals and 9 assists in 29 games. This is the formation I went with: counter, flexible, higher tempo, fairly narrow, closing down more and pass into space. Pretty basic, but we did quite well. We had a tough start. Beat Luzern 4-0, then drew 1-1 against Young Boys before we went into a run of 4 defeats. After those six games I had my tactics together and we started doing much better. We finished the first half of the season in a surprising 1st place before Luzern and Sion on goal difference. Basel was underperforming, two points behind us in 4th. In the winter transfer window the bids for my young players started to come in. I got offers from big clubs like PSG, Arsenal, Manchester City, etc. for a lot of my U18 and U21 players as well as for Harun Alpsoy, Noah Loosli and Nikola Gjorgjev who all started to get more and more games in the Super League. I was really struggling to keep together most of my team. Nikola Sukacev (CHF 4M to PSG) and Jan Bamert (CHF 3.5M to Valencia, stayed until summer) I had to let go but at least made a huge profit for two players who didn't play a single game in the Super League. I was able to keep Munas Dabbur, Loosli and Alpsoy with promises for international football and I refused to let Gjorgjev leave as well (he wasn't happy about that). I also got in 2 talented players for my youth squads, 16 year old Andi Zeqiri from Lausanne who will hopefully become a great striker one day, and Arthur Njo Léa from Le Mont LS, a right winger for my U21. I also got Ivica Olic for free as his contract was running out in summer, and HSV let him join us at once for CHF 20K. He looked like the perfect defensive forward for my squad, and also a great tutor for my many young strikers, but he did not play well so far. 0 goals and 0 assists in 9 games this season. Going into the 2016/17 season I made him a U18s coach/Player which allowed me to lower his wages from CHF 500K p.a. to 125K p.a. He's a very good coach and will retire in summer 2017. Until then I'll use him to tutor Kamberi and maybe Tabakovic. I knew Basel would be much stronger in the second half of the season and I was happy enough we were able to keep up with them and give them a bit more of a fight than GCZ did in real life this year. We stayed close, but it looked like Basel would win the league easily for a long time. We lost our first three games against them and they threw us out of the Swiss Cup in the Semi Finals on penalties. But against the other teams we did better than they did, so we stayed in close second until the end. Six games before the end of the season we played them in St. Jakob-Park and were down 0-1 after 90 minutes and it looked like the title race was finally decided. But then Gjorgjev brought in a last cross and Dabbur scored with a wonderful header to equalise after 93 minutes, leaving us a small chance to overtake Basel. In the remaining games we beat Zürich and Thun, but only managed to draw against St. Gallen and lost 0-1 away to Lugano, but Basel didn't do any better. So going into the last game of the season we were still only one point behind. And while we beat Sion 3-1 away from home, Basel didn't manage to beat Lugano. They played 1-1 and we were Champions of Switzerland with 66 points from 36 games. Lugano had a wonderful season, finishing 3rd. Young Boys and Zürich were terrible, but Vaduz played even worse and was relegated. The future looks bright. Even though we lost Sukacev and Bamert there are a lot of very talented players still in our U18 and U21 squad. Devin Manco, Petar Pusic and Nikola Mijatovic might be the best of those who were already there when I took over. The youth intake was a big disappointment, but we made up for that by getting in some regens from other clubs: Azer Dzafic from Servette, Henri Feustel from Young Boys and Can Salman from Xamax as well as Andi Zeqiri from Lausanne (no regen). I downloaded a league expansion pack from www.meistertrainerforum.de that goes down to "Erste Liga", the 4th tier in Swiss football, so my U21 could play games as well. They managed to get promoted the the 3rd tier, the "Erste Liga Promotion". I like to have a playable second team so I don't have to loan out players who are too old for the U18. There seems to be a small problem with the expansion pack though, because Sion U21 got promoted from Erste Liga Promotion to the Challenge League, which should not be possible. This is a bit annoying, but as long as no U21 team gets promoted to the Super League I don't mind. The three biggest talents in my squad are Harun Alspoy, Noah Loosli and Nikola Gjorgjev. With tutoring from Philippe Senderos and Kim Källström they developed very well and are all important first team players already (okay, Gjorgjev might still need some time until he can be considered "important"). I moved Gülen out to the right back position to make space for Loosli. That's what they look like at the beginning of the second season: My transfers in the summer 2016 window: I sold my first choice goalkeeper Joel Mall and got in Daniel Bentley from Southend for free. He's a big step up. I also got rid of Benjamin Lüthi, Alexandre Barthe and Daniel Pavlovic (was away on loan in the first season) to make room for the talented defenders in my squad. I got in three young players from other Swiss clubs as backup players to fill up my squad: Daniel Lässer (RM from St. Gallen), Tobias Schättin (DL from Young Boys) and Vincent Sierro (CM from Sion). Sierro will hopefully develop into a strong CM and an alternative to Alpsoy, Basic and Källström. I'm already six games into the second season and we're doing alright, but with loan players Tarashaj and Pereira gone we're now really dependent and Munas Dabbur's goals. We only got 8 goals in those 6 games, 7 (seven!) from Dabbur and one from Olic. I'm really struggling to get my other players to score, especially Florian Kamberi is driving me crazy. He's a talented striker and he scored 5 goals in 6 games for the U21 last season, but after 23 (twenty-three!) games in the first team (OK, most of them he's come on as a substitute, but he's started at least 6-7 as well) he still hasn't scored a single goal. Has anyone had any luck with him so far? This is his profile: I'm putting a lot of hope in this guy to become Dabbur's successor one day, but so far it doesn't look like he'll ever become much of a goalgetter... As long as I'm depending on Dabbur's goals so much I'm declining all the offers for him which is a bit crazy considering that Newcastle has offered 13 millions for him this summer.
  18. threelions Congratulations on the title in Northern Ireland and well done on your first season in China! Winning the Chinese Super League could well help you getting a job in Korea, it did for me. But if you stay with Shanggang, good luck. Will be interesting to see what you can do in the ACL with a Chinese team. TheEarl Why did you decide to leave Fenerbahce? I think your chances to win the league in your second season would have been good after a 3rd place finish. Anyway, good luck with Milan! Hopefully you can bring them back to old glory. Also interesting how you can get the France job while it seems to be tough for you to get big club jobs. Hopefully managing France will give a boost to your reputation. Kaiser Welcome back to the challenge. Can't remember anyone managing in Scandinavia, this is going to be interesting. Good luck! blackdevil Congratulations on moving on to Newcastle. I think you're the third or fourth challenger to manage Newcastle. Hopefully you'll be as succesful as those before you.
  19. Ah, I didn't know this existed, thanks for the clarification
  20. vikeologist, there's a little mistake in the hall of fame: I did the challenge in fm classic, not full. And I think it's the same for sankalan (correct me if i'm wrong).
  21. Walter White retires with World Cup Title The legendary France manager announced his plan to retire from football at a press conference following the World Cup final. The 65 year old started his manager career in 2014 in China when he was upgraded from youth player to manager of the 1st team at Guizhou Renhe, aged 21. In his first season he avoided relegation, then he went on to win the Chinese FA Cup in 2015 and 2016 and finally the Chinese Super League 2016. White then left China and took over Chunnam Dragons in the South Korean K-League Classic. He didn't manage to win the league with Chunnam, but he won his first continental title in 2017, when his team won the Asian Champions League. After one season, White left Chunnam for Jeonbuk and in his first season he won the triple: K-League, Korean Cup and Asian Champions League again. In 2018, Walter White took his first international job when he became manager of the South Korean national team. He was sacked after 6 months and left Asia for Africa. In 2019 he took over Kaizer Chiefs and Cameroon and had three very succesful years on the continent. With Kaizer Chiefs he became South African champions twice, won the African Champions League twice and collected four other titles. With Cameroon he won the African Cup of Nations in 2021 and reached the 3rd place at the 2022 World Cup. In March 2022, White got his first job at a European top team. He took over Dortmund 10 games before the end of the season in 9th and managed to finish the season in 3rd to qualify for the Champions League. In his second season, he won the Bundesliga and the Europa League. Then he took over Real Madrid and he won La Liga and the Spanish Cup in his year with Madrid. During that time he also started his first spell with the French national team, a team he would go on to manage three times over his career. After a year with Ajax where he won the Eredivisie and the Dutch Cup, White left Europe and moved to South America. Walter White took over Boca Juniors in 2025 and stayed for two years. In these two years he won 10 titles, including the Argentine Premier Division, the Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana and the Club World Championship. He also managed Uruguay for a year and took them to the final of the Copa América. In 2027, Walter came back to Europe when he was appointed Arsenal manager. He won the Premier League and two cup competitions before he left for Juventus. He stayed in Italy for two years and won the Serie A and the Italian Cup. Then he moved to America again, this time he took over New York City FC and the Mexican national team. With NYCFC he won the MLS and the North American Champions League. With Mexico he won the Gold Cup 2033 and almost sensationally won the Copa América with the Mexican U23, but was stopped by Brazil in penalties in the final. In spring 2033 he went back to Europe to take over Man City as caretaker manager for two months. He used this job to get back into European football. In summer 2033 he took over Paris St-Germain and finally won his biggest club title, the European Champions League. With PSG he also won the Ligue 1, the French League Cup and the Club World Championship. After that, he only managed national teams, except for a short spell at Grasshopper Club Zürich, where he was in charge for two months in 2036 and won the Swiss Cup. In 2040, Walter White won the European Championship with England, three years later he added an Asian Nations Cup with South Korea. In 2044 he took over the French national team for a second time and won the Confederations Cup 2045. Then he was unemployed for two years before he was reappointed Brazil manager. With Brazil he won the Copa América in 2050. In 2054, Walter White took over France a third time. And in his four years with the team, he won the European Championship 2056, the Confederations Cup 2057 and the World Cup 2058 before he decided to end his career. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We did it! After 44 years, in my sixth attempt at the World Cup it finally happened. The longer the tournament went on the more confident I became that this was our time. We started off with three wins in the group stage (7-1 against Czech Republic, 5-0 against Honduras and 2-0 against Uruguay), then we beat Spain 2-0 in the 2nd Round, and all around us our biggest rivals went out of the tournament before meeting us. Argentina, Brazil, Italy and Holland were out in the 2nd Round. In the Quarter Final we met Germany. I've rarely seen a more one sided game in a WC QF, we were so much better. But even though we had more than 10 shots on target, 60% possesion, 10 corners and hit the crossbar twice, we were down 0-1 by half time. But I was sure we would make it. And indeed, the equaliser came in minute 52. But we didn't manage to score a second time and had to go to extra time. German keeper Sokolov had an incredible game. Still, in extra time we finally managed to score, and in the end we won 4-1. 59-4 shots, 22-4 on target, 59% possession, 23-2 corners: It was a deserved win. Meanwhile Portugal, England and Mexico crashed out, and it was us, Switzerland, Nigeria and Croatia in the semi finals. We beat Croatia 5-1 and met Nigeria in the final, the first African team in history to ever reach a World Cup final. They had beaten Belgium, Brazil, England and Switzerland on their way to the final, but they were no match for us. The game was decided after 20 minutes. In the end, we won 6-0 to grab our fifth World Cup and my 32nd and final title for this challenge! It has been a crazy journey. Having to wait all these years for the final titles after I had already finished the club side of the competition in 2034 (faster than anyone else so far ) was annoying. But it showed me how difficult it is to have success in this game if you rely only on your tactics and can't give yourself an advantage with good scouting and squad building. It also showed how far I am from actually being good in this game, and how much I hate cup competitions Thanks to everyone for making this challenge so fun, for your encouragement and for following my progress. Good luck to everyone still doing this challenge. I will stick around and try to keep posting and commenting in this thread, even though I will not do the challenge again in FM16. Some final screen shots: Games 2058 | World Cup | Profile | Stats | Hall of Fame [b]CLUB CAREER Season Club Pos DC1 DC2 Cont Notes & Achievements[/b] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014 CHN Renhe 11th QF n/a n/a Took over after 13 games in 16th 2015 CHN Renhe 2nd QF n/a n/a Chinese Manager of the Year 2016 CHN Renhe 1st Won n/a R2 Won Chinese Super League & FA Cup 2017 KOR Chunnam 2nd R4 n/a Won Won Asian Champions League 2018 KOR Jeonbuk 1st Won n/a Won Won Asian Champions League, K-League Classic & FA Cup 19/20 RSA Kaizer Chiefs 2nd Won QF n/a Won SA Cup 20/21 RSA Kaizer Chiefs 1st Won R1 open Won SA Cup, Be The Coach and Premier Soccer League 21/22 RSA Kaizer Chiefs 1st R1 QF won Won African Champions League, left after 13 games in 1st 21/22 GER Borussia Dortmund 3rd F n/a n/a Took over after 26 games in 9th 22/23 GER Borussia Dortmund 1st F n/a EL won Won Bundesliga and Europa League 23/24 ESP Real Madrid 1st Won n/a R2 Won La Liga and Spanish Cup 24/25 HOL Ajax 1st Won n/a R2 Won Eredivisie and Dutch Cup 2025 ARG Boca Juniors 1st n/a n/a Won Took over after 15 games in 2nd. Won League & Copa Libertadores 2026 ARG Boca Juniors 1st Won n/a Won Won Copa Argentina, Club World Cup and everything else 27/28 ENG Arsenal 1st Won Won EL R2 Won Premier League, FA Cup and Capital One Cup 28/29 ENG Arsenal 2nd R4 Won QF Left 2nd after 33 games, they went on the win League, won C.O.C. 29/30 ITA Juve 2nd Won n/a R2 Won Italian Cup 30/31 ITA Juve 1st Won n/a SF Won League & Cup double 2032 USA New York City FC 1st SF n/a Won Won MLS and NACL 32/33 ENG Manchester City 9th n/a n/a SF Took over after 30 games in 12th 33/34 FRA PSG 1st Won Won Won Won League, League Cup, Champions League, Finished Club Part! 34/35 35/36 SUI Grasshoppers 5th Won n/a n/a Won Cup title in a tenth nation. Really finished club part. [b]INTERNATIONAL CAREER Year Nation NL WC Cont. Conf. Notes & Achievements[/b] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018 South Korea Joined 22.7.18 2019 South Korea QF Sacked after losing in the AC QF 2020 Cameroon Joined 17.2.19 2021 Cameroon Won Won African Cup of Nations 2022 Cameroon 3rd Resigned after finishing 3rd in the WC 2023 France SF Joined 17.7.22 2024 France QF Sacked after losing in the EURO QF 2025 2026 2027 Uruguay Final Joined 10.1.17, resigned after losing in the CA Final 2028 Brazil Joined 12.9.17 2029 Brazil Won Won Confederations Cup 2030 Brazil QF Sacked after losing in the WC QF 2031 Mexico Final Lost both Gold Cup & Copa America final 2032 Mexico 2033 Mexico Won Resigned after winning the Gld Cup 2034 England Took over after the World Cup 2035 England 2036 England QF Resigned after losing in the EURO QF 2037 2038 England Took over after World Cup 2039 England 2040 England Won Won European Championship 2041 England Final Final Lost NL & CC Final 2042 England QF Resigned after losing in WC QF 2043 South Korea Won Won Asian Nations Cup 2044 France GS Joined after European Championship 2045 France Won Won Confederations Cup 2046 France Final Lost in Final of the World Cup 2047 France SF 2048 France QF Sacked after losing in the EURO QF 2049 2050 Brazil Took over after World Cup 2051 Brazil Won Won Copa América 2052 Brazil 2053 Brazil SF Went out in SF of Conf. Cup 2054 Brazil QF Sacked after losing in the WC QF 2055 France SF Took over after World Cup 2056 France Won Won European Championship 2057 France Won Won Confederations Cup 2058 France Won Won World Cup and finished the Challenge Challenge Progress 11/10 top domestic leagues [China (Renhe 2016), South Korea (Jeonbuk 2018), South Africa (Kaizer Chiefs 20/21), Germany (Dortmund 22/23), Spain (Real Madrid 23/24), Holland (Ajax 24/25), Argentina (Boca 2025), England (Arsenal 27/28), Italy (Juve 30/31), USA (NYCFC 2032), France (PSG 33/34)] COMPLETED! 11/10 domestic cups [China (Renhe 2016) , South Korea (Jeonbuk 2018), South Africa (Kaizer Chiefs 19/20), Spain (Real Madrid 23/24), Holland (Ajax 24/25), Argentina (Boca 2026), England FAC (Arsenal 27/28), England C1C (Arsenal 27/28), Italy (Juve 29/30), France (PSG 33/34), Switzerland (GCZ 35/36)] COMPLETED! 5/5 club continental championships [Asia (Chunnam 2017 and Jeonbuk 2018), Africa (Kaizer Chiefs 21/22), South America (Boca 2025 and 2026), North America (NYCFC 2032), Europe (PSG 33/34)] COMPLETED! 1/1 club world championship (Boca 2026 and PSG 2033) COMPLETED! 5/5 continental tournaments [African Cup of Nations (Cameroon 2021), Gold Cup (Mexico 2033), EURO (England 2040, France 2056), Asian Nations Cup (South Korea 2043), Copa América (Brazil 2051)] COMPLETED! 2/2 world tournaments [Confederations Cup (Brazil 2029, France 2045, France 2057), World Cup (France 2058)] COMPLETED!
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