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  1. Well, it will not help you but i also suck at this FM. I have played 3 seasons with Leamington and have barely avoided relegation all three seasons. 6 points to safe ground this year, with 8 matches left. I think i am going to get sacked. The 1st year i managed to avoid releagation with only 1 goal in difference. Magic in a negative way :-) Really, really struggle. I think its the scouting. Maybe i sucked tactic wize at previous versions but was "good" at finding good players and therefore succeeded...but this version scouting is more realistic and i don't find any gems either...
  2. wow, dave byrd. Impressive. I guess you never will find a player like him again. Must be hard to keep playing after his retirement.
  3. Just popping in to say i am lurking in here often to see how the progress goes. Steklo is the only skin i use, its been great in previous versions. You do a great job, Tom.
  4. ...maps!... I know it has been suggested before, and myself has asked about it for years. The answer is that is too hard to code in, i really cant understand that it is so difficult either. Now you get a mobilephone who can position the club by the researcher. The cords are easy to find. The big job is to visually display the clubs position on a map on the club screen. Today you get that on every personal trainer app. How great would it to see where in England Leamington resides? And you meet a unknown team, where are they from in England. When you press the map, you also see your neighbouring clubs on the same map. So i suggest maps this year too :-)
  5. i love the change! Have gotten to december and only 1 press conference. they have been repetetive and boring in previous versions.
  6. That one was quite disturbing in many ways. As long as it happens one in a million i can live with that, but the ME should not have many of those...
  7. download seperately. the skin only tells where the pictures go.
  8. yay! very good, looking forward to it.
  9. Being able to import a save in the new version of FM so us career players can continue our save-game. (Do it like you do now with added leagues. Import players, stats, history and emulate/generate where you miss any data. It will be never 100%, but it won't with added leagues this year either. But a good "almost".)
  10. Read a lot of your posts and learned a lot. Condolences to your family, and rest in peace.
  11. :-) fun reading, and the whole family had fun with the face-generator yesterday. Is it possible to predict what ID's newgens get ingame, and thereby make a config-file which give them preset faces?
  12. Is Si really reading this? 37 pages... I throw in my suggestions with no hope of seeing them: 1. Maps! A graphic display of where in the world and the country the team is located. 2. Make fewer "continue"-clicks for the user. The time spent on the game is what keeps me away from it. I have to play FM between real-life duties. So i press "continue" and walk away. Comes back later, only to find the computer is waiting for another response from me; and it's only some results it will show. I miss a feature for us who has limited-FM play to let the computer "save" up news and go as far as it can without me having to press continue. Some news is impossible, but a lot of them can wait. Waiting on FM is for me 80%, 20% is actually playing. 3. When i am in pre-match, i think i am using few resources. Just checking the players etc. Irritating that when i start the match, i have to wait 20 seconds before anything happens. Could the game prepare that when i am looking at my squad etc? (i can't anyting about coding so sorry if that is an obvious "no"). 4. Isn't Si sitting on a brilliant exposure of lower-league teams that is not being used? I am loving Farsley and know nothing about them. How about SI get in touch with the teams and try to make them actively give information about players themself? Is it only me who is that weirdow that i would love to order a real Farsley shirt, with the number of my favorite striker? The club should give out info about them self, where you can order stuff, prices, location etc. In return Si games gets updated info, pictures (if not demanded license) etc...Could just be a "flick" in the clubs info screen. for bigger teams, SI could take a little provision of sales (t-shirts, small club-effects...). Me sitting in a Farsley shirt and taking them to championship...jeezzes... :-)
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