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  1. Well, it will not help you but i also suck at this FM. I have played 3 seasons with Leamington and have barely avoided relegation all three seasons. 6 points to safe ground this year, with 8 matches left. I think i am going to get sacked. The 1st year i managed to avoid releagation with only 1 goal in difference. Magic in a negative way :-) Really, really struggle. I think its the scouting. Maybe i sucked tactic wize at previous versions but was "good" at finding good players and therefore succeeded...but this version scouting is more realistic and i don't find any gems either...
  2. wow, dave byrd. Impressive. I guess you never will find a player like him again. Must be hard to keep playing after his retirement.
  3. Just popping in to say i am lurking in here often to see how the progress goes. Steklo is the only skin i use, its been great in previous versions. You do a great job, Tom.
  4. ...maps!... I know it has been suggested before, and myself has asked about it for years. The answer is that is too hard to code in, i really cant understand that it is so difficult either. Now you get a mobilephone who can position the club by the researcher. The cords are easy to find. The big job is to visually display the clubs position on a map on the club screen. Today you get that on every personal trainer app. How great would it to see where in England Leamington resides? And you meet a unknown team, where are they from in England. When you press the map, you also see your neighbouring clubs on the same map. So i suggest maps this year too :-)
  5. i love the change! Have gotten to december and only 1 press conference. they have been repetetive and boring in previous versions.
  6. That one was quite disturbing in many ways. As long as it happens one in a million i can live with that, but the ME should not have many of those...
  7. I know this may be impossible to answer, but i'll try anyway. Its not really a question either... First; i'm no good at training or tactics. I make myself one tactic, and use that with adjustments. This year i have a 4-1-2-2-1, playing with Corby. Nothing special, just have tried to set the sliders logical. First season; promotion. Played often with "STANDARD" or "CONTROL" mentality at home, and counter-attack or standard at away games. Second season, same..but with mixed result. Struggled, but had a lot of injuries. Third season i was sure i had good enough team to at least get a play-off or middle, but struggled at bottom the whole season. With 10 matches to go and pretty sure that i would be relegated, i decided to play Defensive-mentality all ten matches. The effect was remarkable; took more points those 10 matches than the rest of the season. Beat Kidderminster 7-2 home (they were on 5. place). 7 goals! The most i have scored ever....and we were defensive. got to safe ground in the last minute! Why? Why was the mentality adjustment that much more effective than counter-attack, or standard at home? The formation is just the same, but i guess the mentality on the players are a bit different. Any thoughts? Any other have success with laying very defensive, also at home-ground? My thoughts are that next season i shall play defensively
  8. :-) funny addition. But seriously i think SI should consider optional level of game. Some want it hard and realistic, and some wants a game.
  9. Tones are not a promising start, but a good continuation of the before hopeless teamtalk. Not sure what to vote; i don't like teamtalk but i love how the tones has changed teamtalk from being stupid and repetitive to something a bit less stupid and repetitive... So no vote from me :-)
  10. always full. Don't know why; it just feels more right.
  11. i'm not entitled to vote if i'm not using every aspect of the game? I play by LLM rules, maybe that exclude me too? default formation? default training? He's just saying using opposition instructions makes the games easier, and i give him my observation. Maybe he is right. maybe not. edit: i see mine original post missed the quote. I understand that can have been confusing.
  12. Just voted "about right", but i never use opposition instruction. Might be the reason why i find the difficulty "just right".
  13. i'm also satisfied with getting players (corby). But as always a hell with economy...But got some league 2 potential in BSN. Getting players for loan is more difficult methinks... But only 1 season in, starting my second now.
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