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  1. Well, it will not help you but i also suck at this FM. I have played 3 seasons with Leamington and have barely avoided relegation all three seasons. 6 points to safe ground this year, with 8 matches left. I think i am going to get sacked. The 1st year i managed to avoid releagation with only 1 goal in difference. Magic in a negative way :-) Really, really struggle. I think its the scouting. Maybe i sucked tactic wize at previous versions but was "good" at finding good players and therefore succeeded...but this version scouting is more realistic and i don't find any gems either...
  2. wow, dave byrd. Impressive. I guess you never will find a player like him again. Must be hard to keep playing after his retirement.
  3. Just popping in to say i am lurking in here often to see how the progress goes. Steklo is the only skin i use, its been great in previous versions. You do a great job, Tom.
  4. i love the change! Have gotten to december and only 1 press conference. they have been repetetive and boring in previous versions.
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