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  1. https://community.sigames.com/topic/506718-how-did-your-last-match-on-fm-go/ Even a moderator answered it (heck, the first reply was from a moderator). I saw no flaming, trolling, insulting or offtopic whatsoever, so it left me curious...
  2. I'm trying to customize my squad view so that I can quickly check how many minutes each player played on the last 5 games, or so. This would help me manage squad rotation, to keep everyone happy and fresh at the same time. However, I can't find any suitable column on the view customisation screen. "Minutes", "minutes per appearance", "appearances" and "games missed in a row" don't even count friendly matches. Am I missing something?
  3. It's refreshing to see people here who don't buy ever year's FM version as well. Which FM do you play?
  4. I've been watching the full matches on a brand new safe. I can play about 1-2 matches per day. Haven't even left pre-season yet lmao! But I'm getting a much better insight into my team, my tactics, etc. So far it's being enjoyable, let's see.
  5. Does a PKM save the tactical changes made by the player? (inlcuding shouts)
  6. Team cohesion did exist before FM2018. But yes, team cohesion suffers more hits on LLM, teams in lower leagues usually have more player turnover - particularly in the case of promotions / relegations. One way to minimize this is to look for players with the same personality of the bulk of the squad. You can check the scout reports to predict if the player will blend well with the team, (there's usually a topic on the strengths / weaknesses addressing that) with the same nationality (or at the very least speaking the most spoken language on your squad) with age not too different from the bulk of the squad without bad adaptability (scout reports might warn you about that) You should always ask your team captain to introduce new players to the team when they arrive. Personally I usually oppose loans - they should be used sparingly, usually as a makeshift / stopgap solution (unless you snatch up a very good loan for your team, that is). Loans are temporary by definition and detract to your team cohesion.
  7. I feel you always need to watch at least a couple of matches in "full match" to get a good idea of what's going on during matches. Stats complement that observation, theey can't replace it. I wish you could save matches and, with the match replay, you'd get "time markings" of the tactical changes + shouts + etc. That would be plain gold. It shouldn't be too hard for SI to implement it either.There still isn't such a feature, right? I'm still playing FM 2018, so I'm assuming they haven't implemented it yet.
  8. I usually watch the full match as well, whenever I can. I use a trick, thouh. I assign the keys "1", "2" and "3" to slow, normal and fast match speed, respectively. As I'm watching the match I alternate between speeds. For example, when a keeper baloons the ball forward, I press 3 then 2 again (to speed up the golf-like trajectory of the ball). Spares me a bit of time. I have a hard time making sense of the stats and heat maps, to be honest. Only by watching the match can I tell, for example, if players are losing the ball because they have no one to pass to or if they lose the ball because they suck at passing (hence giving away the ball to the opposition). This kind of details is what I never figure out how to read between the lines in stats. Or they take a lot more guessing and imagination for me whenever I'm watching a number sheet. Frankly, I feel I've alway sucked at reading number walls. Thank God Football Manager is becoming less and less a number wall...
  9. I was wondering if you ever viewed the full matches from start to finish of a season. Did you notice you had better results because of it (making better informed decisions, etc)?
  10. While I do understand where the OP is coming from, I think he's patting SI in the back a little bit too much. There are dozens of features that should (some even NEED to) be fixed in the game. I'm sure many players in here who are paying at least a little bit of attention to the game can agree with me. If you can't think of any examples, ask me and I'll give you plenty. In the meantime, every year we get 2-3 new features that may be considered secondary when compared to the ones that need tweaking / improvement / debugging. And BAM. Full price again - shell out 55 euros again. The most flagrant example I can give you is this - every year, FM revamps its freaking UI. Every. Single. Year. New colours, the buttons switch places a little bit, some new icons here and there, some icons are taken away, whatever. But the features are the same. Let me ask you. Who the heck cares??? A freaking UI? You can change that with skins, for God's sake... THAT's one of SI's priorities?? Let's review the new features of Football Manager by year (these are the ones I could find out). Foootball Manager 2006 Xbox 360 version Half Time and Full Time Team Talks Unhappy Player Interaction Easier Training (not sure what that meant) Referee Profiles (see how well the referee for your next match has performed recently) Manager Contracts - Negotiate with the board to get the contract you want (really useful, since money you get is pointless in this game) Virtual player contracts - You can now sign virtual greyed out players for your team (yay, I guess...?) Snapshot Page - All of the information you need to know on one page (you mean a UI tweak?) New Match Commentary Lines Quick tactic mode (so a UI tweak) Revamped Physio Reports (physios come to you) Dream Team - You can now manage Dream Team's fictional team Harchester United, by editing a text file (very sophisticated) Football Manager 2007 Feeder & parent clubs (very poorly implemented even in Football 2018 at least. AI parent clubs never lend you any players, even though you have to beg the boardroom to find a parent club for your team if you still don't have one) Youth Revamp (full youth squads for each team that has a youth set-up) Scouting Revamp (more information about players and teams available to managers; scouts grow and improve their knowledge-base of the world’s football players) Player Interaction - You can now talk to any player in the world via the media Team Talks got improved Football Manager 2008 Match Flow (new screens before matches such as match previews, team talks, oppoostion player instructions, team talks at the start, halftime and fulltime. So a UI tweak) International Management got revamped Confidence (see what the board and fans think about everything you do - games, signings, competition performances) Transfer Centre (Manage all of your transfers from one screen. So... a UI reorganisation?) Fan days (never really felt these do anything meaningful, but hey...) Regens (new generated faces) Football Manager 2009 3D Pitch Mode (Yes!!) Female Manager (scratches head) - no female AI managers regenerated into the game though (scratches head again) Press Conferences - you can choose what to write for an answer, however, this has no real effect on the press conference itself Preferred Moves (Yes again!!) Trial Days Match postponements - ( eg the pitch is waterlogged, your pitch is so bad it's unplayable...) Relaying of pitches Retired Squad Numbers Inactive Team Improved - If you do not select a league any player in that league will now play the full season and the number of games will be correct in their history instead of playing 10-15 games (so a fix, not a new feature) Player Nationality Laws Improved (you mean "fixed", right?) Assistant Loan Search (ask your assistant manager to search for potential new loan signings) Pundits comment on the referee's performance after reach game Pre Game injury history - Players injury history from real life is in the game where possible, ie major injuries New Sound Effects (wow) Ability to reject all loan offers - You can now reject all loans offers from different clubs for one player instead of rejecting them individually (so... a UI... improvement...?) Distance tracker - shows how much your player's have run and how hard are they working. (In kilometers or miles) Improved team reports - Your assistant manager will prepare detailed team reports and will highlight the weakness in the squad and suggest player's you may buy to strengthen (THIS. THIS is the kind of stuff Football Manager needs!!!!) Changes in overall history of team Awards More options while going on holidays regarding job applications ( Top half, bottom half clubs etc...) Player Ratings - players playing for less than 10 minutes on coming on as substitutes DO NOT get rated so that their average ratings do not go down. Feeder Clubs (ask the board for a specific feeder/parent club) (again, it is still very poorly implemented even in Football 2018 at least. But SI is more concerned about your ability to choose which useless parent club you're going to get) Ability to Loan players will be improved - Specific details can be sent to clubs asking them to loan players (which AI clubs ALWAYS refuse. Useful feature is useful.) Stadium Expansion Football Manager 2010 New Tactics Creator Touchline shouts (so these have been useless since 2009? Wow...) Player roles Match Analysis tool A brand new User Interface (I literally copy-pasted this from here, not even joking) 3D match engine improvements with + >100 animations, stadiums and pitch degradation, blabla I fell asleep... New data editor allows the addition of new divisions to existing leagues and of entirely new leagues as well as making it easier than ever to keep the game up to date, and do so for free News Centre Football Manager 2011 Realtime contract negotiations with players (good addition) New “match preparation” area of training More basic training schedules for players; 14 different individual skill areas that you can focus your players on 3D match engine improvements with + >100 animations, stadiums oh God here we go again... Dynamic league reputation, "the most requested feature that the Sports Interactive community have asked for in the last few years", according to SI Football Manager 2012 Add / remove playable nations in your saved game (good addition) Ability to lock areas of the contract negotiation when you aren't prepared to budge 3D match engine improvements, who would have though? Intelligent Interface - A new adaptive layout system (is that about the UI?) Voice tone (so tone has been useless / broken since 2011, huh?) Brand New Tutorial (7 years after the first FM they come up with a new tutorial) Football Manager 2013 The 3D match engine got imppppprrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeed Director of Football New specialist coaching roles Classic Mode Challenge Modes New Network Play (Football Manager needs more multiplayer capabilites!) Football Manager 2014 3D mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Linux (big judos for this one) ‘Cloud-save’ technology Enhanced user interface (ermahgerd) Tactical overhaul - "here has been a complete redesign of how tactics are created, selected and implemented with player roles and team strategies becoming even more prominent, definable roles for players for multiple positions, new player roles and instructions and improvements to rival managers' AI so that they’ll adapt their tactics more readily over time" Managers and boards can now make demands and lay down their respective visions for the club; managers can also attempt to renegotiate transfer and wage budgets as a reward for staying loyal if they’ve been offered a job by another club Football Manager 2015 I'm gonna omit one groundbreaking improvement. Make an educated guess. New user interface (ok, I should have ommited this one too...) Scouting Centre (nice addition) Honestly the rest is just "improved this", "improved that...". See for yourself Football Manager 2016 Create a manager sim character Create a club Fantasy draft Partnership witrh Prozone for stat analysis (hmmm... Honest question: what was the difference?) The rest is just "improvements" Football Manager 2017 Facegen technology (even better sims...? This is what's important?) New staff roles - Data analysts and sports scientists "Improvements". Vague improvements. Football Manager 2018 Dynamics (great addition, I believe) New Medical Centre (kind of looked like a mere UI reorganisation to me...) The rest is rewording for improvements. Correct me if I'm wrong. I think it might be obivous by now that SI is running out of ideas by now... But if you're still unsure, compare the "features" section of Football Manager 2006 (the second installment) and Football Manager 2018. FM 2019 and 2020 don't even show up on the site. That would be OK... if SI actually addressed the broken stuff. Which they don't. Unhappy player interaction and praising / criticizing players: still feels like babysitting. Honestly, players sulking because you complimented them and they don't agree that they deserve the compliment? What are you thinking, SI? Who acts like that??? The money you get from your wage: calculating usefulness... 0%. We can negotiate our own contracts since 2005 for what... for the lulz? Feeder clubs: they never lend the player club any players, and refusing all loan requests. Implemented in 2006, broken for 13 years now, that bug can almost drink beer by now. Touchline shouts: implemented in 2009. You can press them all at once for all the match engine cares... Voice tone: implemented in 2011, it remains a mistery to the universe whether it does very close to nothing or actually nothing. I'm not even going to address the bucket load of unclear features, which SI has had more than a decade to become clearer. And sorry but I'm going to have to touch the wound here. SI has had the 3D match engine for 11 years, why does it still look like a 1998 game? I'm not asking for FIFA / PES 2020 level graphics, but come on, get real... It could be ridiculously better than it is....
  11. I've always felt there should be way more tools in Football Manager to analyze teams - especially our own. The data is all there, and the sky is the limit. Sports Interactive would make a major breakthrough in the series if they ever made Football Manager mod-friendly, exposing some kind of API to process the game data. It would help tremendously to play the game, and open limitless possibilites. The commnity contributions to the game (via tools, scripts, you name it) would simply explode, making the game exponentially more fun to play. For example, I'd really love to be able to view my players' attributes in a way that provided cues as to how good the attributes are in league standards. Lower league management is very different from top league management - having such a possibility would help gain perspective when managing different teams. With this in mind... ...I created a Libreoffice Calc document ("Excel") into which you can paste the attributes of the players from your Football Manager squad. The main purpose of this spreadsheet is to color the attribute cells of the players according to how good / bad the attribute is for the league of your team. For example, if a player has 14 acceleration and the max average acceleration on the league is 12, I want the cell to turn green. On the other hand, if the min average acceleration were to be 16 I would want the cell to turn red. Just a reminder of how to export the squad data from Football Manager: So anyway, the spreadsheet I'm making is meant to help you interpret your squad's attributes by comparing it with the league's average attributes. This is where the various tabs come in. There are tabs to insert the average attributes on the league. More specifically, there is one tab to insert the average league attributes for each general position: Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Strikers For each attribute, there is a max average value and a min average value, that you can find out ingame via Team report -> comparison. The tab where you insert the min and max average attributes for each position looks like this (goalkeeper tab displayed as an example): -- The essential Libreoffice Calc feature that will allow me to color the player attributes the right way is "Conditional formatting". This is what will allow me to make Calc color the cells for me, depending on how good or bad the attributes are in league standards. The hardest part will be to have each cell compare its value with the right "minimum" and "maximum" values (the ones from the league, that is). The threshold values depend on the attribute we're talking about, but also on the player's position. For example, if the cell is a defender's acceleration, we might want to compare this value with the league's defenders acceleration. So, we need to figure out a way to embed on the Calc sheet an option to pick each player's position. Only then will we be able to tell Calc whose attributes will we compare the player with. This is where the first column comes in: In this column, we can choose which position Calc should assume for each player. -- Ok, so, so far we have our squad attributes on a sheet. We have a way to pick the assumed position for each squad player. And we have the min and max league attributes for each position. Cool! So all we have to do now is compare the attributes from each player with the attributes of the league players in the same position. Right? .... Well... What if, instead of comparing our defender's speed with the league defenders speed, we could compare our defender's speed with the league's strikers speed? That would make more sense, right? We could then predict if our defender would likely be outrun by most strikers. Honestly, only rarely do defenders from opposing teams challenge for a ball.. This is where the problem gets hairy. Very hairy. We need tofigure out a way to store, on the Calc sheet, what we will compare each position's attribute with. Best explained with examples: A defender's acceleration shall be compared with the league strikers' acceleration A striker's height shall becompared with the league defenders' height etc This is where the last tab comes in: "Configurations". This tab holds the position profiles - where we program what each attribute from each position will be compared to. The possible options for position profiles are inserted on the first column. In this case, we have: A profile for goalkeepers A profile for defenders A profile for midfielders A profile for strikers Then, for each profile (which corresponds to one row on the sheet), we specify where to get the comparing value for each attribute (which corresponds to one column on the sheet). Now, back to the Team data, the sheet that holds our squad's information anda ttributes. There, the conditional formatting will be set up to find the comparing value from the right cell (determinedin the "Configurations" tab), depending on the cell's attribute (first cell from that column) and the assumed position for that player (first cell from that row). The formula I wrote to make all that processing, unfortunately, is ridiculously long, unreadable and... well, a mess. IT was the only way I figured out to solve the problem I had, though. Anyway, I'm going to attach the spreadsheet file as it is now, so you can explore it, fiddle with it, and whatnot. It's the .ods file. Libreoffice is better to open it, there might be some incompatibilities with Microsoft Office. At this moment, the sheet is working - player attributes higher than the league max average attribute are lighted green; lower than the league min average attribures are lighted red. players with only one prefered foot are lighted red; players with proficiency on both feet are lighted green. There is one caveat though - if a league's minmax attribute column is left blank, the value is assumed to be "0" by Calc. So any possible attribute value (1-20) will be higher than the league's max, and the cell will be lighted green. Argh... I will need to figure out a workaround. If you have any suggestions, they will greatly appreciated. There are more details, caveats and whatnot, but for now I'll keep the post like this, without digging even more into the nitty gritty. The post is very long already. I hope you find this somewhat useful and inspiring. Cheers, everyone FM data processor final 2.ods
  12. Hello! I've created with Libreoffice Calc a spreadsheet that takes data from a Football Manager team into one sheet. Then, it compares the players stats to the league minimum and maximum stats (per team average), present in other sheets in the document. The objective is for each attribute to be highlighed from red (near the bottom of the league avereage), to green (near the top of the league average). There's a final sheet to configure what each of those values is compared against, depending on the player's picked position (example: compare the strikers speed with the defenders speed, etc). Anyway, I took hours preparing the formulas. They all give the correct and expected results (I tested them thoroughly, step by step). Finally, I inserted the formulae on the conditional formatting dialog. But the cell colouring is not behaving as intended! I can't figure out what's going on. Can somebody help me? Thanks in advance FM data processor final.ods
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