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  1. UPDATE: Added a map with the desirable attributes for each player instruction, according to Guide to FM.
  2. https://www.guidetofm.com/updates There has been an update since, though
  3. UPDATE: included the focus level value for each role & duty on the immutable instructions map. If you use a more structured tactic, you should pick roles and duties with higher Focus level values, and vice versa.
  4. Yeah, that's because I haven't given you guys the FM20 penetration, solidity and support values of the roles (yet) The ones on the files are for FM 2018 only, IIRC I've been reading the whooooole "Guide to Football" site and taking notes, trying to wrap my head around the whole thing. That's why I've been more silent lately. But I'm not far from coming up with a breakthrough, hopefully
  5. Penetration, solidity and support are three terms used by Guide to FM to describe three aspects of the attacking phase yo ushould take care to keep balanced. In FM 2018, they should be at least 2.5, 4 and 4, respectively. In FM 2020, they sould be at least 10, 16 and 12, respectively.
  6. Each player of yours can be very good at certain tasks (eg. defending, or attacking, or passing...), and very bad at other tasks. For example, a centre forward with 18 finishing, 17 dribbling, 18 composure, 2 tackling, 3 positioning would better focus only on the tasks he's very good at (scoring goals, creating chances), and avoid doing the tasks he's terrible at (helping defence). He has a mixture of very low and very high attributes. So maybe a structured system is better for this player in particular - let him do what he does best only, and let other players focus on doing the rest. Now imagine the same player has 12 finishing, 13 dribbling, 12 composure, 8 tackling, 9 positioning. He is, in a way, a jack of all trades. He wouldn't be terrible attacking nor defending. All his attributes are average. If the rest of the squad also has average attributes across the board, the whole team may be better playing in a fluid system - everybody helps doing every task, working more as a team.
  7. You're right!... Huh... Looks like Guide to Football Manager never thought about that...
  8. As @Bot Makel has mentioned, the roles map points out on its rules of thumb some principles you should "respect" - having at least one player take care of each of the main tasks of each area of the field. Don't take the Excel file blindly. It's void without the rest. It't sjust a specific tool to help you balance the penetration, solidity and support during the attacking phase of play. It takes zero consideration about everything else.
  9. The purpose of this post isn't to analyze your squad per se. It's trying to focus on helping you have a birdseye view on roles, duties and how they relate to the rest of the elements of tactics. You will still need to analyze your squad before using the stuff from this post. You can check this post for help on analyzing your squad and players. After analyzing your squad, you can draw conclusions about your squad and use these conclusions to make tactical decisions. The guide I included helps you on that, for example here... So yes, in this particular thread I'm assuming you've analyzed your squad already. The maps and spreadsheets on this thread are to help you build on the core style, defensive style and attacking style and pick correct roles and duties for those styles (the maps) help you "proof read" the roles & duties you're about to pick (the spreadsheets, via calculation of penetration, solidity and support scores) "What target scores should I be aiming for? Do the target scores change if you change style?" The minimum scores are written at the top right corner of each map. :P The change of style does not change the minimum score (except for FM 2020, where direct plays need at least 11 support points and short plays need 13). To feel less lost, I suggest this: 1) Read the Guide I included, top to bottom. Make sure you understand the logic 2) Analyze your squad, based on your own methods and/or this method 3) Choose which styles and formation you're going to use 4) Check the maps organisation and make sure you understand the logic of those 5) Use the maps to pick the right roles & duties for the styles you decided upon 6) "Proofread" those roles & duties on the excel spreadsheet, to check you have enough penetration, solidity and support on the attacking phase
  10. Then I'll need to upload an OpenOffice version for you :P Give me some time, I can't at the moment
  11. Would you prefer it another way? I can try a different approach on the Excel file... Not sure how yet, but if you got suggestions I'm open to new ideas
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