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  1. Fortunately that's not the case. I'm not overloaded with Key and First team status players. Nevertheless I got a backup player with 20 appearances under his belt complaining for lack of football, so... It still feels like I'm supervising a class in kindergarden sometimes haha.
  2. I used to struggle with player unhappiness due to lack of game time, so I started paying more attention to my squad rotating. But to me, rotating the squad is easier said than done. I have my favorite eleven in my squad, like everyone else, I guess. And then there's "the rest". Some are almost as capable as the starter player(s) on that position, and some are quite worse. I've tried setting up a squad view that helps me pick the players for each match. Amongst the columns I picked, there's "games missed in a row" (I try not to let that number go larger than two in any player). Another column I've added is "last 5 games", but that column only shows the ratings of the matches the player actually played. It would be ideal if there was a column that showed the last 5 games of the club, not of the player... (I could swear there was one, but I haven't found it lately) I've added the column "appearances" too. And started by guiding my team selection by the number of appearances of the player. Until a backup player complained of lack of football... even though he had 20 appearances! I checked his "form" tab, and he was kind of right, he hadn't been picked in the latest five games in a row. Then there's another dilemma for me: imagine you have your two favorite D Cs named "Alpha" and "Beta". And you have other two D Cs, "Mr Rotation" (squad status = rotation) and "Mr Backup" (squad status = backup). On the first match, you play Alpha and Beta. On the second match, you want to rotate the players... So, Mr Rotation and Mr Backup it is...? Or maybe replace Alpha by Mr Rotation, and leave Beta on the pitch - this way, yo don't sacrifice the playing team quality too much. On the third match, replace Mr Rotation by Mr Backup... But wait, Beta is playing way more matches than everyone else then! Ok, let's replace Beta by Mr Backup... But then Mr Backup and Mr Rotation are getting the same amount of matches even though Mr Backup is just that - a backup... And to keep tags on all those decisions... well, I'd better get a piece of paper and a pen, or else I'll get lost once the first match ends... It's all very puzzling to me. How do you manage all this?
  3. On the report tab of a player one can find the staff's opinion on the player's quality, etc. And then there's "role suitability". I'm unsure what it means - I've been assuming it's an AI evaluation of the player's attributes for each role. However, I've been finding wingers than can play both sides (AM L / R), which have good role suitability on one side of the pitch but awful role suitability for the other side of the pitch. The important attributes are the same, so why all that difference? The AI is probably factoring in the player's preferred foot, but still... It's a very big difference... So what I'm asking is this: is it really just a weighing of the player's attributes, or is it a reflection of what the player is used to play as? For example, if I placed the above player as a deep lying forward for some matches and trained him as a deep lying forward, would that role suitability increase (as he got more used to playing in that role)?
  4. I've revamped my tactic in the meantime, I honestly can't remember for sure the roles and duties of my players. But looking through the match analysis where the related events took place I fetched the tactic . Is there a way to retrieve what duties, roles and team instructions my team had, through a match review?
  5. Sharingtihs just for the lols. At 15h48... At 15:54 (6 mins later)...
  6. Another striking example of my players ignoring my instructions: I told the goalkeeper to distribute short passes, and make ball throws. What did he do? He kept playing golf with the soccer ball. Standard mentality, flexible philosophy. And no, the keeper wasn't nervous either. So this is it? Sports Interactive, how the hell am I supposed to play this game if my players won't even comply to SIMPLE instructions? I just press "continue" and get the blame for the randomness of their actions? Seriously??
  7. Anyone? It's been kind of gamebreaking , I feel cheated by the game...
  8. I'm playing a lower league portuguese club named S Martinho, on Portuguese Championship (tier 4 league). I watch the full matches and give instructions according to what I see happening on the pitch. I get the general sense that my players don't do what I tell them... The latest evidence was when I was trying to get them to make better passes. They kept pumping the ball to nowhere, even when they had short passes available - those ball pumps would always end on the opposition's feet (heck, there wasn't even a player of ours on the general direction of the passes half the times)... I told them to make shorter passes - same thing. I told them to slow down tempo, so they could consider better their options - same thing. Until I just gave up and went full overload, whatever - .... same thing. They didn't increase nor decrease their random long balls. Things you'll consider: 1) They don't respect me. Well, actually they do, the manage support isn't too bad (a bit above the middle line). 2) They're not familiarized with the current tactic. They are. They are at least profficient with all the tactic nuances. 3) I didn't wait enough time to see the changes. I did wait about 10 minutes in between changes. 4) They were nervous. Nope. They weren't. All of them were "seems composed" (body language). 5) They were playing against a better team. Nope. We were actually favorites (if you can believe a tier 4 portuguese club can ever be favorite...). 6) They suck. Well.. yeah, I'll give you that. But shouldn't they at least change their behaviour on the pitch after I give them two strikingly opposing instructions (short passing + slower tempo, followed by Overload)? I'm actually lost here. I've considered everything that comes to (my) mind. Just makes me feel like going "instant result" all thetime, if they won't listen to anything I say, honestly. Any tips or insights?
  9. I made a new signing. I asked the captain to welcome him to the new club. Two options popped up. What are the differences?
  10. Thanks! I really liked YACS. But I'm not sure if the DF11 facepack is ideal for it, is it? Is there a better alternative? How about club & league logos? Sorry for the questions, I'm kinda new to skins and packs...
  11. I'm trying to find a skin that allows me to have as much useful info as possible in each screen. Being able to switch what info each skin panel shows would be an extra bonus. Is there any skin that stands out, considering my needs?
  12. Yes. I am sitting there hitting spacebar.
  13. Ok, so we're back to the "you have to have a detailed plan" argument. Well let me quote you on this one: "A couple of years ago a user did put together a well thought out case for what you could do as Chairman/Owner but even then he could only come up with a couple of hours worth of game play and thats not enough." You're going to reject whatever Game Design Document I come up with, like you've done with the user you mentioned. Personally I would have a blast picking up one club, managing it for ingame decades in the sense of controlling the club. As a chairman I would be doing this: - Sign scouts (FM already allows that. MAGIC. No development needed) - Sign physios (FM already allows that. MAGIC. No development needed) - Sign coaches (FM already allows that. MAGIC. No development needed) - Sign assistant manager (FM already allows that. MAGIC. No development needed) - Sign the manager - Sign director of football (FM already allows that. MAGIC. No development needed) - NOT pick up tactics and players every week - NOT get blamed for the team poor performance - NOT get sacked because of a poor sequence of results Those three NOTs are the only thing missing to allow for an embrionary Chairman Mode. It would satisfy the hell out of me, for more than "a couple of hours". The roles I'm suggesting, on the other hand, are multiplayer roles that could be roleplayed by the human players. Just stick various human players in the same club, let them access the screens independently as if they were all the manager of that team, and the human players would take care of the rest (The roleplaying). Maybe in an embrionary stage it could be designed as if several human players were the same manager, and so would be hired and sacked as one manager only. Human players would communicate through Discord, or Steam, or whatever, to make decisions together.
  14. No, it doesn't. It's not my freaking fault if you don't even want to hear what I'm suggesting and ASSUME what I'm suggesting. Maybe what you THINK I'm suggesting takes time. Yeah, leave the discussion because I want something you don't. Real mature. You guys are always like this. New player roles (as if there aren't enough already)? NICE! New animations? NICE! Gay regen players? NICE! But oohhhh! A different way to play multiplayer? Pointless. A way to customise your gaming experience? Pointless. Managing everything you ALREADY manage EXCEPT matches (which pretty much sums up the Chairman mode I'm suggesting)? "Boo-hoo takes too much development time" - pointless. Sigh... Honestly I'm fed up of your stupid shunning. F***king hear me out before saying no. If I'm going to pay 65 euros for Football Manager 2019, a game that's BULLETPROOF to mods, then the game might as well have some features I've been waiting for DECADES and aren't rocket science. Most of the stupid stuff you drool over is pointless to me, but I don't come shun it on the forum, so there you go...
  15. Implementing other roles takes next to no development time. The gameworld and features are all there, it's just a matter of passing some control to the human player. So it doesn't make sense to measure pros and cons. There are no cons! Also, my suggestion of multiplayer roles included several managers managing the team at the same time. That doesn't involve new roles; it involves making decisions as a team. Several players decide to delegate functions amongst them (one scouts the opposition, other studies the team's last matches, other checks the levels of training of the squad players, etc), and then make decisions together. It's not pointless... It's a different and fun way to play this.
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