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  1. 21.7 This tactics is based on sir Alex Ferguson's 4-4-2 formation with Class of '92. however the right midfielder did not perform as expected. Is there any way to fix? Cheers @knap Spennymoor 4-4-2.fmf
  2. Keep going! Great works! BTW the automatic duty most likely base on the team's overall mentality.
  3. After few saves, this tactics has the best results. I thinks it's similar with one of Knap's. feel free to try it out. Cheers! NEO's 4-4-2 Tika-Taka.fmf
  4. BTW this is what I'v been using all the time 4-4-2. And you can see it got a lot problem, I could got a lot of goals and losing lots goals as well.
  5. @knap Hi, after hours testing, this is the only 5-star potential tactic (without MENTALITY and POSSESSION set up) I'v got. Any suggestion on MENTALITY and POSSESSION set up? Thanks.
  6. How to retire players without a count in "number of players released" in manager history?
  7. 3-Backs Does it better with "BPD-St BPD-Co BPD-St" ?
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