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  1. /thread, tbh. I have had CB's that had 2* ratings put up phenomenal results week-in-week-out because despite being a limited player, they had the perfect role and the right skills for the job. Meanwhile i've had 5* players struggle to be average because I inherited him from the previous manager, and his ample skills simply didn't work well within the system I was trying to play. Of course, better skills = better player. But ultimately a one-dimensional player that knows exactly what he needs to do and does it to a great degree can get you the same or better results as a well rou
  2. Time for a mindscrew. Jordy Rondeel (GK) - De Graafschap This player IRL is a Goalkeeper, Youth Coordinator (Youth Coach-ish), and GK Coach. Additionally he is loaned out for playing duties to Top Oss for the entirety of the 20/21 season whilst de Graafschap retains him for his backroom duties. I assume he's only set as GK/Scout because I doubt the database was ever built to house someone that is not just player/staff but also loaned out at the same time. But I am dropping this here all the same.
  3. I had thought it was a very small team working in their spare time, but if it's only Riz then it's extremely impressive.
  4. A few (pretty simple?) suggestions. There will probably be a few duplicate suggestions in here. Search Functions: - Ability to select multiple players - More stats in the search screens, why isn't GAA and Sv% an option when searching for goalies based on stats? - The ability to filter based on multiple stats, e.g. Filtering GP descending AND filter Wins descending, and so on. - The ability to have multiple shortlist running at the same time without having to export/import. This would be extremely useful so I can have lists for all positions as I scout for the draft. - A search filter fo
  5. My game has finally gone past the stage of taking normal words and going into Thesaurus mode when praising my players. And also, lol Rimmer.
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