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  1. When starting a new game under the advanced set up option, is there a way to save your preferences so you don't have to choose which leagues etc you want every time? Previous versions have just automatically remembered
  2. FM16 - The Sky Bet Football League thread

    Blimey, I feel like I should go as Yeovil and roll back to the good times haha! I've just started now mate, had plans all that time ago but my laptop has been a mess, seem to have it fxed so can get started now.. got a team in mind...might reveal all in my next post
  3. FM16 - The Sky Bet Football League thread

    The laptop is fixed! we are back in business!
  4. Evening, Wonder if someone can help. FM15, no problems, FM16....hardly seems to want to run on my laptop. Its slow and sluggish and really seems to be taking forveer to load, move between days on the game and the matches are horific to watch. My spec is processor Intel ® Celeron ® CPU n2830 @ 2.16 GHz RAM 4GB 64 bit operating system Windows 8.1 Any ideas?
  5. FM16 - The Sky Bet Football League thread

    Great update there Jogo and good to see you back. Not ideal results perhaps but I am sure you will turn it round once the team get used to your tactics and methods
  6. FM16 - The Sky Bet Football League thread

    Cheers mate Ive had a look through all of l2 and none of them are inspiring me so think it will have to be L1. Lower end, proabably whoever is in the relegation zone when it loads up.
  7. FM16 - The Sky Bet Football League thread

    I've actually got no clue who to pick so I'm going to load the game up to start in December and decide from there. Whoever is not having a good season I'll take a punt at I think
  8. FM16 - The Sky Bet Football League thread

    Probably be Oxford then mate, don't want it too easy and they are 7m in debt! SO your staying as them, or switching to another team now?
  9. FM16 - The Sky Bet Football League thread

    Did you just have a conversation with yourself haha! York is a no go I looked at them before. I think its a battle of the Universities, Oxford or Cambridge, just can't decide which
  10. FM16 - The Sky Bet Football League thread

    I don't have a clue I usually go for someone expected to be to bottom end, not much of a budget, something I can grow into a 3 or 4 year save.
  11. FM16 - The Sky Bet Football League thread

    I'm just using your speil at the top to make my decision for who to go as. Edging towards L2, thinking Accrington but then Cambrige keep jumping out at me... Thoughts anyone?
  12. FM16 - The Sky Bet Football League thread

    I'll be back soon mate. Got the game yesterday just figuring out who to be!
  13. FM16 - The Sky Bet Football League thread

    Jogo, take a bow son
  14. FM15 - The Sky Bet Football League thread

    Some good updates there guys, NF hope you get back into it. Never the mind of offer for Assistant Manager though, I need a head scout, I pay well and hopefully you will actually be contactable, as my scout seems to have gone AWOL...I'm not kidding! Just starting September so thought I would fire a brief update. In the league we are doing well, sitting top with 11 points after 5 games, it's pleasing but draws against Rochdale and Crawley were dissapointing and really we should have won. In the league cup, a 4-1 home win against Wigan has got us through to the third round were we will face Blackburn. Could be another good chance to knock out a team that's top of the league. Transfer wise, I have taken the decision to pay the 120k (agreed fee) to Swansea and sign Rory Donnelly. He has been brilliant in every game and I didn't want to risk a bigger team coming in for him in January or at the end of the season and me missing out. His low wages and lack of an agent made it a quite cheap deal over all. Also incomng is Paulo Gazziniga, released by Southampton so a free transfer, he has joined on a 1 year deal and will give us some competition for places in goal. The reason why I mentioned about my scout is because since I sold my previous back up keeper Stuckman to Oldham (who apparently was home sick and wanted to go to Germany!), I asked my scout to find me a replacement goalkeeper. Nearly 2 months later and he has found no one at all, not even some useless reserve player or dodgy Italian like the scouts normally find, not a single person. Anyway, going well, gonna crack on and maybe post again later.