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  1. Exactly this. I find myself going as the lowest team I can find or relate to and then 2 seasons in thinking I can go and rebuild Barcelona, or one of the Milans. Guarantee I'd play as them for a season or two, be bored rigid of not having to manage a budget and spending 200m on players and then be off playing in the Dutch 3rd division with a 20 year plan to conquer AJax, which I'd quit after a year haha.
  2. I had him in the championship, league one and two with oldham and he scored at all 3 levels. Not huge amounts in the Championship but got 20+ in league one and two.
  3. Not even that sure myself and the place is only 40 minutes from my house haha. Fancy another crack at promotion if I can keep Broughton, Francis and Elliott firing. Got Max Robson (spurs youth player) signing on a free too who I think will be brilliant at conference level.
  4. Well that is season one done. Promotion by a country mile, a win the FA trophy and a impressive FA cup than took us to the 4th round after beating Charlton and Derby in the 2nd and 3rd round. To be honest, I had a tactic that won the first few games and stuck with it, barely made a tactical switch all season, just relied on Danny Elliott (who scored 43 goals overall, 35 in the league) which generally got us the wins we needed. Due to our good cup runs, we have a million in the bank and 300k to spend in the conference, so fingers crossed we can get some absolute quality in and have a
  5. Some really good work here. @goonergez you've done well there, keep it up. I am currently playing as Chester so not posting regular updates since I'm not in the football league (yet). I might post as end of season one or something but I will see. One thing I wanted to check, is it me or are there huge amounts of penalties given on the game since the update? I never noticed it on my Oldham save, and maybe its playing at a lower level and the players being a bit more clumsy, but it seems to be a penalty every other game at the minute.
  6. See I have a real love of being the minnow and up against it, and a lack of finances don't bother me, I prefer that to mindlessly spending 100m on players at the big prem clubs. Just going to have a good look now, Chester (local team) might be the one I think. I did consider Chorley too given their recent cup heroics.
  7. Salford? Never been this high up the football league, got money with rich backers, decent squad, go and compete with the other big clubs in the area
  8. I have played my first 4 games of the season as Oldham and for whatever reason, it feels a bit flat. Not too sure why, I have built a good squad but I am struggling to keep it going and maintain the enjoyment so it might get parked for a while. As that was my first save game, I am tempted to go again and start as either Tranmere or potentially go one lower and go into the non-leagues for a bit of a change. I am aware my Tranmere save might just become a copy of my Oldham save as I'd be tempted to sign the exact same players knowing that they work well (Bobby Duncan etc). Anyone
  9. Going well there mate, no shame in being second in the league at the nearly half way point. Interesting Adebayo doing well, he is someone I keep looking at for Oldham and then changing my mind as I am not sure how far up the ladder he can go. What role have you been playing him in? Good luck finding a centre back too, I had the same sort of issue and ended out playing Wheater and Rhys Williams practically every game, no wonder Wheater had enough and retired, he was 35!!!
  10. Ideally I want this to be a long term save, gradually working my way up. Not 100% convinced I can do that with Oldham but at the same time I have a mid season wobble in most saves, I find myself really struggling to find players and then i'll get 6 in a week. Doesn't help with 4 of my key staff have retired, 2 players have retired and 4 where out of contract and there was no point giving them another, but its meant the likes of Wheater (retired) & Piergiani have gone. I effectively need to rebuild my dressing room and backroom staff....and pray someone lets me keep Duncan o
  11. Having a bit of a problem at the minute surrounding a few things. Firstly, the board is yet again (for about the 3rd time) In the process of a board takeover, which no doubt won't happen. Whilst it hasn't yet stopped me signing players, I've no doubt it will soon. I am also being linked with Stoke (finished lower half of championship) Aberdeen (finished 6th in Scotland) and Southampton, who stayed in the prem by a point. Do I stay at Oldham and muddle through with my quite unsatisfactory squad and lack of money or jump to a "bigger" club. Heart says stay, head says go t
  12. Is there an official download for tier 8 etc? Ive thought of doing this loads before but saw someone say once the games are prone to bugs due to the downloads being un-official? If they do work and are reliable then I know where I'm going after Oldham!
  13. I won't post a full update of all the details as that would bore you all to death, but with 3 games to go, we've done it. Champions of league one after a remarkable season, our form carrying on from last season. Despite us winning only 1 game in 7 from the end of Jan through February, Wycombe, Hull and Doncaster all decided to have equally bad spells around the same time, meaning the gap only ever get down to me being 6 points clear before accelerating away. Wins against Hull and Doncaster pushed them back and Donny have gone on a complete wobble, from being 2nd to 4th and bang
  14. Wow, some performance that. I do find with this game (both this year and historically) if you win a promotion the form generally carries through to the next year and you have a good chance of staying up or doing back to back promotions from league 2 and league 1. I am going to post my own update in a minute and a similar thing has happened. How much have you got to spend in the prem and who are you targeting? Re build the spine of the team maybe?
  15. I got a bit carried away with my save and I've flown through half a season. This is how it stands at the minute... Who wouldn't be happy with it. Some excellent performances but more important some excellent wins against the teams around us. We've won away to Wycombe, Hull and Coventry so far which has been huge. For anyone going into league one, Bobby Duncan, 14 goals in 23 games has been our star player by a mile. I've had a look and the teams in 2nd and 3rd went up last year with 79 points, so the aim is 80 hoping that gets me automatic promotion. Tha
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