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  1. One more thing. To promote using older,established players, scouts would make less mistakes judging older players (but still making more mistakes than today).
  2. I support further changes in scouting. Right now i am using mainly his overall grade or star grade of potential, and buy only such players and it is almost impossible not to succeed. Sooner or later buying player of 5 star potential would bring good results. I would love to see more mistakes in scouting. Like my scouts give a player 5 star potential whille his real one is like 2 stars, or they give him 15 in finishing will his real ability is 9. Text description of attributes that do not show exact ability but only the range with scouts making mistakes would also be apprieciated. Generally I think that more transfer busts should be made by players. Plus maybe when you dig into the analytical report then by analysing statistics and tactics, you as a player could than verify what your scout say.
  3. In FM19 I personally play something simillar to Directors Challange as I believe that in real life transfers are made by DOF, but I am quite an experienced player. For beginners this would be something discouraging from playing, because the most fun part of playing managerial game is to make things differently than your team is doing in reality especially with transfers. So i guess new players to FM would like to make transfers by their own. However if there would be an option to play with DOF working as in real life I would be very happy.
  4. 100% support. have the same in my save + winger in the final third goes into the box (for me he should stay wider, but maybe i dont ubnderstand how wingers play irl)
  5. Few of my thoughts to discuss: - I think that this was somewhere discussed but amatour/semi-professional or even professional players offered low wages are not so keen to go to a club in different city that they live in, not too mention different country. I don't know the living expences in other countries but in Poland it would be very hard to keep up for less than 100 euro/week after tax day if you are not renting a flat and you are single otherwise the cost would rise up to maybe 200-250 euro per week after tax . I guess lower league players would not be so keen to move. In FM what I see, especially with fan made databases adding lower leagues is that such low profile players often change a club from one city to the city few hundred kilometers away. IRL such low profile players change clubs within small distance to each other. On the other hand, I don't see how an amatour club would know the player not from its region? - in FM19 match engine I can't see what is the difference in behaviour of Winger and Inside Forward. Both of them in final third of the pitch are inside the box. Maybe I don't understand the role of a winger but for me Winger should rather be between the box and side line ready to cross or dribble to the box? It is a little irritating for me when in D R/L position I use roles that hold the Full Back in defence or make him cut inside and the Winger instead of staying wide to cross wait inside the box for the pass. In effect I do not have any wing play that I was supposing? And to prevent comments - Player Traits are not a case here. But as I said, maybe I do not understand how wingers play. - Is there any link between rate of player training and how he perform on the pitch. Maybe there is but I didn't see that since a player can receive like 5,8 or 6,1 rate in training and still win MVP of the match. Shouldn't it be like when the player perform bad at training than his performance should be bad or at least medicore if he is really talented? IDK how to achieve it. Maybe decrease in match condition, maybe decrease only in physicall atributes?
  6. I think it could be nice to have staff dynamics in addtion to players dynamics. This could show how well each of the players bond with each staff and how staff bond to each other.
  7. Suggestion of useful option for players who like to play Directors Challange. Please add option of "suggest loan targets" for Director of Football. Right now there is only option of transfer target.
  8. Hi, I have this idea for coaches and especially for us when we create our profiles as managers to differentiate attributes points for training, mental and other. I mean, adaptability, determination are attributes of a person and usually do not change in time. I would like to be able to choose those attributes separately to my license and players experience. I mean i could choose to start the game without aby badge and as an amateur footballer but still would like to choose high adaptability cause that is how i feel i am. The same works for AI staff. Maybe level of discipline and motivation could be in the same category as personal character. On the other hand if i choose to start as amateur footballer than it is understandable that i could have low level of players knowledge and low level of judging players ability. Those can increase in time. And trainings should be directly connected to coaching badges.
  9. Basically, as far as I know, according to UEFA Convention country licensing will no longer be available - only UEFA path for all football coaching staff. Plus for first team manager there are minimal licensing requirements. I attach graphic file regarding licensing of managers in different leagues in Poland. I hope this time it will be clear. What meant I by my post was for you to check if I am right talking about UEFA Convention and if in other European countries requirements for first team managers changed similarly.
  10. Its in polish: https://www.laczynaspilka.pl/uprawnienia-trenerskie.html and the resolution of polish football assotiation https://media.laczynaspilka.pl/files/pzphp/ZDg7MDA_/dfadf14af3605bd5cbeb0ab77c5539bf.pdf
  11. I don't know if it was already discussed but I believe that UEFA does not allow coaches to have local badges anymore. UEFA Pro, A, B,C and Grassroots C and D are to be obtained by managers. I don't know how is it in other federations but it would be nice to have this in FM.
  12. I know it is somehow reflected already in the game since club owners have different expectations such as develop young players, etc. But recent transfer of CR7 to Juve and the story behind it made me think that the different club strategies should be more reflected in the game. For those who don't know, the press speculates that the main reason for which Juve bought CR7 is due to their aspiration to become a global brand and eventually to increase the revenue and profit of the club and increase the share price on the Italian Stock Exchange. As CR7 is one of the most popular and recognized players worldwide Juve believe that him joining will increase global awarness of Juve plus global sell of t-shirts, towels, pencils, etc with Juve logo. Maybe there is a way that such non-football strategy of clubs can be implemented.
  13. YKW - as I said earlier, excellent job, but in addtion to your ideas i would suggest to you to consider also the topic of fanbase of players and managers. It would be nice to see how many fans do we have as managers and from which countries.
  14. Very good work. I think especially after FM2018 SI needs to focus on improving and debugging what it is already in the game.
  15. I support the idea of changing the S/W/E/N way of making regional leagues in lower divisions into having the groups depending on region/voiewodship. The same in making regional cups of a country (example: Poland has 16 regional cups for each voiewodship for clubs from 3rd division and lower, winner of each regional cup can participate next year in national cup). To make it in editor is very difficult.
  16. I think there could be something like long term and short term reputation. Short term directly baded on the league level and european competitions you play in. Long term built in the longer run, possibly taking into account some dramatic matches, football legends that played for the club in the past, etc. Long term reputation only gained. Players with high ambition and low loyalty would always choose possiilty to play in higher leagues while combination of other attributes and other factors like age may end up in player choosing to sign with a club with long term reputation even at lower league
  17. Why would u want to move him to English affiliate if he still could not play there because he is foreign youngster?
  18. I support this. It was already postulated before, however it it good if this suggestions keeps comming back.
  19. I have suggestion to add new type of camera angle in next FM - Bench Camera - for unique experience of being a manager. With this camera you could observe the match from the perspective of eyes of manager standing aside the substitution bench.
  20. Definitely a must have. I think that someone had also described the problem that if u sign a player from a club that is located in different country or continent even 1 hour before next match starts u can play this player immediately. There is one time for travel from Brazil to England, after signing, etc.
  21. Just a quick suggestion. Since Polish Leagues is officially licenced in FM i think it is high time to introduce polish dialectic signs into the game.
  22. i think that the case with late bloomers is due to: a) talented players who were not professional enough to work hard to develop themselves, especially if they were transfered to big club or other country at young age. Sometimes at their mid twenties such players change their personality and start to work hard. b) avereage telented player is placed in the right tactical system that allow to play him to his best attributtes. Sometimes it requires changing of position played. I think that point b) is well represented in the game. Something can be improved with point a). I know that there is a possibilty to tutor player to change his personality but u can tutor up to some age. Maybe in the code there should be something like spontanious change of personality, or maybe as someone has proposed in another thread implementation of psychologist to the game could help it as well. Maybe the impact of transfer to big club or abroad for players under 21 should decrease determination and professional attributes.
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    Changes in FM 19

    But the exam idea is really cool
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