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  1. Instead of new feature suggestion i would like to discuss the most annoying things to be repaired (hopefully some of the would be repaired in FM20) - when AI make the transfer with half the price you were offering - when player sign for much less money in other club than he was demanding from you - when a defender head the ball to the opposition or empty space when nobody is around instead of trying to control the call with his foot - 90% of crosses are blocked - when a player closer to the ball do not chase it leading to the interception by opposition - when instead of playing short pass to the feet (having set those instructions) players constantly make long passes
  2. I have an idea to create an official skin that will hide attributes and star and numerical ratings of the players. We would only be able to read pros and cons of a player in his report. Such a skin would make the game more difficult and interesting for some ultimate fans. Some of them demand introducing difficulty levels because they feel that the game is not challaning for them. Such a skin should satisfy them.
  3. As in the topic - what date will be the database lock for FM2020?
  4. I want to appreciate that researchers are doing great job. Thank you to all of them. I am aware that to keep database up to date is verty difficult. I just wanted to know, what will happen if I remove those blank people by myself and maybe encourage SI a little to maybe organize once in 5 years or so some kind of database revision, when researchers would have special help from maybe interns at SI to check the data from some of the minor nations
  5. Some maybe with clubs but some are free agents. Even if they are with clubs, can I trust it if it is in a non-playable and rather minor nation? Maybe this entry was mabe by researcher few years ago and since then nobody checked if it is still true? I remember that once in FM2017 database I found two Ben Starosta - one - free agent in England what was true and second as a player of a club in Asia for which he played back in 2014, but in according to FM2017 he would still be there. Of course creating save in Europe would not include the one from Asia and maybe even the right one, but the fact that such things happen in database is disturbing me. I know that me paying attention to this may look like being obsessive-compulsive but I would prefer that at some point someone makes proper cleaing of the database.
  6. Ok, that is what i thought, but I would like to know how my save would be affected if I delete such data? I can see that people without birth dates are mainly players from nations that have non-playable leagues, a little bit of staff, lots of owners and directors of clubs. I play in Europe. How the balance of the game would be affected?
  7. Forgive me, if this question was already raised, but I am curious why in the database of FM there is so many entries concerning people (especially players) without birth date and what will happen to my save if I delete all this entries? This lack of birth dates kind of annoy me. Second thing that annoys me is that there are players over 40 years old in the database (especially for Asia). Could SI organise "big cleaning" of the database?
  8. Hello, Te request is: - the ammount of money for obtaining league positions in each league should be dynamic according to its reputation, total number of people on stadiums, etc. IRL leagues sell TV rights and other rights of money dependent on the popularity of the league (number of viewers, european successesm, etc). In FM when u manage in not a top country and manage to establish yourself in Europe so that the reputation of your league goes up, the awards from the league will not increase. Of course it should happen over a period of time, not just one season results cause TV rights are sold for few seasons in advance IRL. - the generosity of your sponsors should also be dependend to your club reputation, league reputation, number of viewes of your matches, etc. I think that this aspect in FM is also static. - ticket prices - i think that this aspect is static as well, but i don't know for sure Thank you for consideration
  9. One more thing. To promote using older,established players, scouts would make less mistakes judging older players (but still making more mistakes than today).
  10. I support further changes in scouting. Right now i am using mainly his overall grade or star grade of potential, and buy only such players and it is almost impossible not to succeed. Sooner or later buying player of 5 star potential would bring good results. I would love to see more mistakes in scouting. Like my scouts give a player 5 star potential whille his real one is like 2 stars, or they give him 15 in finishing will his real ability is 9. Text description of attributes that do not show exact ability but only the range with scouts making mistakes would also be apprieciated. Generally I think that more transfer busts should be made by players. Plus maybe when you dig into the analytical report then by analysing statistics and tactics, you as a player could than verify what your scout say.
  11. In FM19 I personally play something simillar to Directors Challange as I believe that in real life transfers are made by DOF, but I am quite an experienced player. For beginners this would be something discouraging from playing, because the most fun part of playing managerial game is to make things differently than your team is doing in reality especially with transfers. So i guess new players to FM would like to make transfers by their own. However if there would be an option to play with DOF working as in real life I would be very happy.
  12. 100% support. have the same in my save + winger in the final third goes into the box (for me he should stay wider, but maybe i dont ubnderstand how wingers play irl)
  13. Few of my thoughts to discuss: - I think that this was somewhere discussed but amatour/semi-professional or even professional players offered low wages are not so keen to go to a club in different city that they live in, not too mention different country. I don't know the living expences in other countries but in Poland it would be very hard to keep up for less than 100 euro/week after tax day if you are not renting a flat and you are single otherwise the cost would rise up to maybe 200-250 euro per week after tax . I guess lower league players would not be so keen to move. In FM what I see, especially with fan made databases adding lower leagues is that such low profile players often change a club from one city to the city few hundred kilometers away. IRL such low profile players change clubs within small distance to each other. On the other hand, I don't see how an amatour club would know the player not from its region? - in FM19 match engine I can't see what is the difference in behaviour of Winger and Inside Forward. Both of them in final third of the pitch are inside the box. Maybe I don't understand the role of a winger but for me Winger should rather be between the box and side line ready to cross or dribble to the box? It is a little irritating for me when in D R/L position I use roles that hold the Full Back in defence or make him cut inside and the Winger instead of staying wide to cross wait inside the box for the pass. In effect I do not have any wing play that I was supposing? And to prevent comments - Player Traits are not a case here. But as I said, maybe I do not understand how wingers play. - Is there any link between rate of player training and how he perform on the pitch. Maybe there is but I didn't see that since a player can receive like 5,8 or 6,1 rate in training and still win MVP of the match. Shouldn't it be like when the player perform bad at training than his performance should be bad or at least medicore if he is really talented? IDK how to achieve it. Maybe decrease in match condition, maybe decrease only in physicall atributes?
  14. I think it could be nice to have staff dynamics in addtion to players dynamics. This could show how well each of the players bond with each staff and how staff bond to each other.
  15. Suggestion of useful option for players who like to play Directors Challange. Please add option of "suggest loan targets" for Director of Football. Right now there is only option of transfer target.
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