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  1. I have suggestion to add new type of camera angle in next FM - Bench Camera - for unique experience of being a manager. With this camera you could observe the match from the perspective of eyes of manager standing aside the substitution bench.
  2. Definitely a must have. I think that someone had also described the problem that if u sign a player from a club that is located in different country or continent even 1 hour before next match starts u can play this player immediately. There is one time for travel from Brazil to England, after signing, etc.
  3. Just a quick suggestion. Since Polish Leagues is officially licenced in FM i think it is high time to introduce polish dialectic signs into the game.
  4. More random hikes in CA

    i think that the case with late bloomers is due to: a) talented players who were not professional enough to work hard to develop themselves, especially if they were transfered to big club or other country at young age. Sometimes at their mid twenties such players change their personality and start to work hard. b) avereage telented player is placed in the right tactical system that allow to play him to his best attributtes. Sometimes it requires changing of position played. I think that point b) is well represented in the game. Something can be improved with point a). I know that there is a possibilty to tutor player to change his personality but u can tutor up to some age. Maybe in the code there should be something like spontanious change of personality, or maybe as someone has proposed in another thread implementation of psychologist to the game could help it as well. Maybe the impact of transfer to big club or abroad for players under 21 should decrease determination and professional attributes.
  5. Changes in FM 19

    But the exam idea is really cool
  6. Good suggestion but u should edit the topic (only [Discussion] in it is confussing)
  7. U talk about in game use of salary. Impove skills could be nice, but if u manage medium or big club this is not an issue since the costs of obtaining license are way below what u earn. This could be an issue for lower league managment when club dont have money to send u for a course and u can spend the money u gathered. I talk about using the salary for some quasi e-sport possibilities.
  8. 1 - Starting CA. The main factor, if a player from 50 or 100 of CA to 17, completely changes. I think what he meant was If a player starts with 50CA then when we consider a time a limit of growth, he has worse chance to be a superstar than a player who starts with 100 CA at the same age given the same other parameters like professionalism, natural talent, etc. After deeper thinking into the topic i think it is worth considering. Let the time be a limit of growth and other attirbutes control the tempo. I would also add that there could be different types of Natural Talents, since some players develop physically but are not so good technically. Some players could develop faster their technical attributes but struggle to improve their strenght or pace, Some players could be gifted physically and technially but are just dumb and struggle to understand movement on pitch so they will not develop their vision, positioning or off the ball as fast and other are inteligent so they learn tactics fast but could be not so physically or technically gifted, etc. Different sets of attributes could have their own "Natural Talents" which will multiply the scenarios of growth. So we would have "Natural Talent" for technical attributes, "Intelligence" for mental and "Natural Fitness" for physical. All 3 could be hiden.
  9. I have no opinion on wheter to keep PA or use the Natural Talent, but i believe that the idea Dynamic Nation Youth Rating is very popular in the FM scene in my country, However this disscussion is not on NYR I would like to use this thread to make a comment on NYR. Whenever I read discussion about what to improve in FM in my country i usually find the request to make NYR dynamic. I think that people who support this idea have lot of good arguments. If the country national team is doing good on international tournaments we can suppose that more young people will go to youth academies. If a country produces high profile player like Lewandowski, i believe that more young people start to play football wanting to be as their idol. If a club does well in Champions League i guess their youth academy will be full of candidates. If there are more people going to academies the probabilty of producing world class player is bigger. This is especially true for non top countries like Poland, because i think that in England, Italy, Germany, France, Brazil there will always be more or less the same young pepole going to football academies thus due to probabilty of world class talent will be the same. However after some time the hype due to succes of national team/player/club team will decrease so then NYR should start to slowly come back to its starting position. To resume, I think there could be some kind of dynamism in NYR but this should be limited to 5% maybe 10% changes from today NYR.
  10. Revamp Training System

    I beleive that Wojciech Szczesny said that in Arsenal they were focusing on physical training while in Italy they are focusing on tactical training. In FM, you can do that as well plus add some indovidual focus. So I still have an opinion that there isnt much to change in training for FM. But training in international management could be improved and maybe match preparation by adding more opions what to focus.
  11. That would be cool in the game, adds some more dynamism to the game
  12. I know that many of players dont care about negotiating their salary in game. I have an idea how to change that and encourage players to negotiatie. I think that since Steam is collecting data about our achievements i could collect data about our salary and make some kind of a ranking. This ranking should take into account differences in how players like to play. Some of us like to start in lower leagues, generally we usually play in our national leagues and so bare salary cannot be compared. But maybe % of increase of our first salary during career or comparison of how much of clubs wages our salary takes can be compared all around the world. Then SI could reward the players leading in such ranking with free copy of next FM. I think that this is affordable by SI, can be fun for us players to compete with each other and manager salary will finally have some use so we will at least try to negotiate it. In real life managers do negotiate so it will also be motivative for players to add some realism in this aspect.
  13. Managers Have Agents

    Yeah role of agents in game is way below their role in real life. This could and should be improved. In another post i started, I shared another ideas how to improve agents.
  14. Club takeover

    I have another idea how to utilize the money you earn as a virtual manager in FM. I would make some kind of a online ranking of who earned the most throughout their career. Such ranking should take into account which club had been managed in order not to discriminated lower league managers and managers from around the world. So maybe an avarage % of wage budget through career or something like that. Data could be collected and processed online. And the best part could be that the winner of the ranking receive free copy of next Football Manager from SI. I believe that this reward will encourage player to really negotiate their contracts in the game. I dont know if this idea was already invented, maybe i would start a new topic on this.