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  1. The match engine has always had issues when it came to wide players tucking in or central players going wide in possession. It's like it has 3 vertical borders (left side, center, right side) and players in each of those can only leave their "zone" if they are on the ball. Last version of FM I complained about central defenders having the "hug touchline" option (which i wanted to use to spread out my 3 man backline), but they said it was working as intended although the option did nothing whatsoever. Now they seem to have hardcoded 3 man defences to spread out.. maybe they will get inverted wingbacks fixed the same way, so they actually do as IWBs are intended to do.
  2. Long story short. I have played every FM (and championship) game until FM14, which I never really got into. So for once I didn't rush out and buy the latest version. I'm however starting to feel the urge to play again. What matters most to me is the tactics part and finding young gems.. usually playing from conference league and sticking with my team until premier league. My main problem with the latest couple of versions, was how the tactics part didn't follow the trends of the real world and it was hard to make it work well with the latest popular tactics - No Bielsa style, problems with 3 defenders behavior and some annoying "bugs" in some instructions (I noticed inverted wingbacks is in fm15, which is nice). Also the fact that it was extremely hard to get any sort of talent to lower leagues annoyed me (even if it might be realistic, it killed some of the fun, not being able to get any decent young players). How does FM15 handle the above compared to FM13/14?
  3. I have tried to come up with a bielsa style setup for a long time. Haven't played much fm14 yet, but defensively I would set it up like you. 3 central defenders against 2 strikers, or 2 central defenders against 1 striker, with remaining central defender pushed up to halfback. Attacking Wingbacks (providing width) - so not true Bielsa with WBs cutting inside as I don't think that will work. You can however use 2 BtB midfielders (as you mentioned) man marking wingers to emulate Bielsas "cut inside" wing backs. Not sure how it works in fm14 though and since wingbacks work really well providing width, I think thats the best choice. Midfield I would use a DLF-s and maybe a box-to-box. I noticed the 2 midfielders took turns tracking back to help play out of defence (DLF-s), but ballwinning might work too? The attacker setup is the tricky part imo. I'm not sure inside forwards are mobile/roaming enough to make it work in FM. I would consider an AM with 2 central strikers roaming and running into channels. I think they would move around better that way. You could experiment with any number of AMs/strikers actually and see what plays the best. Maybe 3 AMs would work with 1 or 2 working as shadow strikers? Keep us updated how it works out I would be interested in knowing what style you should use. Are you sure chile is considered fluid? I really have no clue, if balanced, fluid or very fluid.
  4. Your reasoning makes sense. I tried with more width and it seems to make wingbacks hug the line, which is fine during attack, but I can see that having them that wide could leave them exposed and alone during defending phase. I'm gonna ditch exploit the middle and keep experimenting with width.. the attacking wingbacks are definately my favorite players in fm14.. damn they can score.
  5. Well if you look at history. 4-4-2 was countered by 3-5-2 which was countered by 4-3-3 which evolved into the popular 4-2-3-1 (atleast that is how I imagine it in my head ).I also like to use tactics that counter the number of strikers (one extra defender) and stay superior in midfield. I would say either a 4-1-2-2-1 (the DM handles the 2nd attacker and gives an extra man in midfield - wingers stretch back 3) or 5-4-1 (with attacking wingbacks for width and 4 central mids). One attacker because that means they "waste" a defender in a 3 man setup.. We get midfield superiority and create goals from there. That's how I do when I play..
  6. Why play narrow? Isn't narrow primarily how your team plays on the ball? In that case I would think playing wide(/exploit middle) would be better, since you can stretch the opposition defence with wingbacks hugging the sidelines and opening up the center for the 3 offensive players.
  7. 3-5-2 (or 5-3-2 with attacking wingbacks) is the perfect counter formation wise. You have a spare defender, you have the numbers in central midfield and 2 central striker against their 2 central defenders.
  8. Some good points in this thread. I think you should remove or lower the influence of "either footed" on the CA. Would be interesting to see more tests regarding what is actually the better (20/1 vs 20/20) considering the 20/1 will have better overall stats.
  9. The tactical system in FM14 will be what makes or breaks the game for me. I ditched FM13, because there was no new system. Hoping FM14 will provide more control and allow you to play the (not so common tactics - actually getting quite common again) with libero, defensive midfielders dropping deep into defense for build up, central defenders going wide in 3 man defence setup etc. Sliders are gone, which is fine by me, aslong as there are other ways to make up for it. I'm surprised there are no news on these things. Guess patience is the name of the game.
  10. #3 I don't care if managers don't do detailed tactics in RL (I know some do - Bielsa?), but since the players in FM don't have a brain, I like to be able to micromanage them.
  11. Yes you can edit.. so change how each individual player plays in a certain position. Very nice! However i'm also hoping they fix tactics so you can play proper 3 man defence, have DMs drop deep to help playing up from the back etc. The old system was too strict and limited to let you do that properly. I would be very disappointed if a central defender is still restricted to the center of the field, and is not allowed to go wide when building up play. In essence same problem existed for anyone playing/positioned in the center. You had a "play wide" option for all central players, but it didn't work. With 3 central defenders/midfielders, the outer players, need to be allowed to move wide when you have the ball. That's what i'm hoping for anyway
  12. Make or break for me: Tactical overhaul There has been a complete redesign of how tactics are created, selected and implemented with player roles and team strategies becoming even more prominent, definable roles for players for multiple positions, new player roles and instructions and improvements to rival managers' AI so that they’ll adapt their tactics more readily over time. If this is as good as I hope, I'm back in!
  13. Hope it comes sooner.. and preferably first news will be about revamped tactical UI/options, which would make me exstatic
  14. Make or break for me are more possibilities regarding tactics. On/off ball instructions or similar would help a lot in emulating real life tactics. Examples of stuff that don't work with current tactics: 1. When initiating play, defensive midfielder drops to defence, while central defenders go wide, pushing left and right backs to winger positions. 2. when initiating play with 3 man defence, the 2 outer central defenders go wide and act as right/left backs. (funny thing is, there is already an option for this, but it doesn't work for central players) Since more advanced tactics possibilities didn't make it in 2013, i'm expecting them in 2014.. don't break my heart SI!
  15. I have been a fan from the beginning (CMs), but I also didn't get fm2013. I just want one thing, and that's the tactical overhaul. I had hoped it would make it in 2013 version, but as long as it's in the 2014, no problem.