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  1. Part time contracts. Can also be seen in the screenshots that they were on contracts and as I mentioned they had been on those contracts for ~6 months
  2. Yeah this just happened to me aswell. If only that was the only **** i'm going through in this version of FM, but my first half season in game already wants to make me quit playing. All my talented players I bought 6 months ago are being picked up for "nothing" because the chairman seems to think 1000-1500£ is too good to turn down. Jesus.
  3. I use 4-4-2 diamond aswell. I always make my strikers mark the RB and LB. So in essence defending like a 4-1-2-3-0. If still in trouble you could also do a 4-2 (DM)-2-2. I found that 2 DMs crowded out the center and helped defend against AM and IFs
  4. This is a suggestion for more tactical control, where you can tell a group of players to share responsibilities, rather than having specific instructions for specific players. This would be "with the ball" instructions. I'll try to explain by using a couple examples. Current tactics: Let's take a central midfield consisting of 2 players. You will pick one as a "holding" midfielder and the other to do forward runs. New (sharing responsibilities): You would group your central midfielders and inform that if one is doing a forward run, the other has to hold position. On the tactics screen you could simply have a box around the 2 midfielders (instructions: 1 hold position, 1 forward runs). Result: A more dynamic and realistic partnership, where your players share responsibilities. If you have 2 similar players in those positions, it would make more sense to have them share the burden (forward runs) Current tactics: If you play with 2 wing backs and would like them both to be able to attack, you have to play with 2 attacking wingbacks. That is not always a good solution, as it will leave both flanks wide open, so you often end up making one attacking and the other more catious (support/defend). New (sharing responsibilities): If you could group them and give them the group instruction "one stays back", both could be attacking in shifts, but one will always stay back if the other is high upfield. Result: Both your wingbacks can attack, but while one is high upfield the other will stay back because of the group instruction. I don't know, if it makes sense, but I'm interested in hearing, what you guys think about it.
  5. I've been using regular forwards with man-marking on left and right backs. I feel you get the best out of them that way in terms of defence, but also if/when you win the ball back, they will be in wide positions ready to move into channels. My 4-4-2 diamond is basicly a 4-1-2-3-0 in defence. Otherwise raumdeuters is probably your best option.
  6. Agree. I have 1 of similar type (although not as insane as yours yet), and he rocks the wingback. Best ratings, most assists
  7. Help against 3-4-3

    Your formation should be fine against a 3-4-3. You have a spare defender and a defensive mid for protection against runners. You also have a spare man in center of pitch. Build up through middle or exploit spaces behind their wide mids/WBs on the counter?
  8. I'm using a 3-4-2-1 now and then. I'm playing 2 AMCs. You can have them roam and move into channels and maybe give them ppms depending on where you want them to go. I guess if you play them as inside forwards and want them narrow, you could play a narrow formation and if you play them as AMC, play wide to stretch them. Those are the options as far as I know.
  9. nice! Thanks for link. Don't know how I have lived without that pdf
  10. How do you usually pair up 2 strikers? Or what would you consider good roles for 2 strikers? I imagine coming deep, roaming, move into channels split between the two would be good options?
  11. Three striker system?

    Have the left striker man mark opposition right back and right striker man mark opposition left defender. It works very well to cover flanks and they will be in good positions (wide), when you get the ball. Win-win.
  12. Critique my 3-4-3

    Dropping deep and preventing GK distribution seems counterintuitive to me.
  13. The match engine has always had issues when it came to wide players tucking in or central players going wide in possession. It's like it has 3 vertical borders (left side, center, right side) and players in each of those can only leave their "zone" if they are on the ball. Last version of FM I complained about central defenders having the "hug touchline" option (which i wanted to use to spread out my 3 man backline), but they said it was working as intended although the option did nothing whatsoever. Now they seem to have hardcoded 3 man defences to spread out.. maybe they will get inverted wingbacks fixed the same way, so they actually do as IWBs are intended to do.
  14. Long story short. I have played every FM (and championship) game until FM14, which I never really got into. So for once I didn't rush out and buy the latest version. I'm however starting to feel the urge to play again. What matters most to me is the tactics part and finding young gems.. usually playing from conference league and sticking with my team until premier league. My main problem with the latest couple of versions, was how the tactics part didn't follow the trends of the real world and it was hard to make it work well with the latest popular tactics - No Bielsa style, problems with 3 defenders behavior and some annoying "bugs" in some instructions (I noticed inverted wingbacks is in fm15, which is nice). Also the fact that it was extremely hard to get any sort of talent to lower leagues annoyed me (even if it might be realistic, it killed some of the fun, not being able to get any decent young players). How does FM15 handle the above compared to FM13/14?