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  1. Hi, season 22-23 after the qatar world cup. First euro cup game with direct elimination. End of the game 1-1 vs prague. Penalty serie => non details displayed with as usual the 5 players + green (penalty scored) or red (penalty missed) logos. So we don’t know where we are winthin the serie if we don’t look at the screen 5 seconds.
  2. Hi, playing in FR L1 with Strasbourg. My striker ludovic ajorque (27 years) has a transfer value around 7-8 m€ at the beginning. After 2 seasons above 30 goals per season, his value stay the same. His contract has been reviewed and increased but he sticks to those 7-8 m€ evaluation. In the same time, I signed some free agents (same age, same salary) and as soon as they arrive in my club for free, their value is above the 20m€. Why my key players that stay in my club with pretty good performances don’t see their value increasing? Same issue with my other striker Diallo who is also above the 25
  3. Hi, any news about this bug ? Will it be fixed with the next patch ? It has been declared since the release of the game and was also present in FMT20 version.
  4. I’m afraid not. I have only a pro laptop and when I open itunes I cannot access to the save file. There are only folders (save, tactics...) and impossible to go further. And I’m not authorized to install additional software able to extract the save file.
  5. Sometimes a window appears on the bottom left hidding the action on the left goal. So we don’t know what is happening and see a goal is scored only thanks to the text. ipad pro 2017. Last patch 21.3
  6. Hi, FYI bug still present after the last patch. Really not confortable to look a game with a so small pitch size.
  7. Hi Harrison, yes I tried. By default the zoom level is setup at 50%. For home games, if I want to see the same pitch size as away games, I should push the level at 100%. But doing that, the next away game I play look like that. It’s not a normal behavior and I would avoid to « play » with the zoom button every time I launch a new game.
  8. Hi, Same issue in FR Ligue 1 with 2d view. Games at home show a very small pitch vs away games. Playing with RCS Strasbourg on ipad pro 2017.
  9. Ipad pro 2017 for me, not 2018. Sorry
  10. Yestarday I played 2 hours and my battery moved from 100% to 16%. Thing that never happened with fmt20 or with other application. Am I alone in this case? Playing on ipad pro 2018.
  11. Hi, thanks for the work. I would like to test it but I’m playing on ipad. Not laptop to download the tactic file and see all details (individual ...). Would it be possible to have some screenshots ? Thanks.
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