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  1. Hi Harrison, yes I tried. By default the zoom level is setup at 50%. For home games, if I want to see the same pitch size as away games, I should push the level at 100%. But doing that, the next away game I play look like that. It’s not a normal behavior and I would avoid to « play » with the zoom button every time I launch a new game.
  2. Hi, Same issue in FR Ligue 1 with 2d view. Games at home show a very small pitch vs away games. Playing with RCS Strasbourg on ipad pro 2017.
  3. Ipad pro 2017 for me, not 2018. Sorry
  4. Yestarday I played 2 hours and my battery moved from 100% to 16%. Thing that never happened with fmt20 or with other application. Am I alone in this case? Playing on ipad pro 2018.
  5. Hi, thanks for the work. I would like to test it but I’m playing on ipad. Not laptop to download the tactic file and see all details (individual ...). Would it be possible to have some screenshots ? Thanks.
  6. Hi, I used to buy FMT version for my ipad and last year, I was disappointed about the removal of the old 2d view that displayed the pitch on the full screen of the ipad. Instead of that, we had a new 2d view that displayed the stadium on half size of the tablet screen. Before to know if I will purchase the 2020 version, could you please tell me of it’s the same with the new version. Or have we a 2d version more confortable for our eyes? Thanks.
  7. Hi, I play on ipad pro and have an issue with 2D display. Depending on if I am at home or away, the size of the stadium can take the full size of the screen, or be very small (half screen). That is not comfortable and I have to play with the zoom cursor each time. Would it be possible to have a 2D view with an homogenous size of the stadium. I mean, whatever the size of the stadium is (10 000 or 80 000 places), the size of the field is more or less the same. So the 2D view should not change from 50% of the screen to 90%.
  8. I understand Lucas, thank you for taking the time to answer me.
  9. I'm not an expert, so I won't discuss about that. However, since I'm looking for a new machine, I read some tests. iPad pro 2017 has equivalent or better results in some cases as Core i5 / i7 from Mac Book Pro. Equivalent storage capacities. So if a developper wants to invest on this plateform, I think that it could. However, I can understand that you prefer to invest on other plateforms, and regarding tablets, touch a maximum of users.
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