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  1. I have experienced this same issue upon logging in today.. When starting game had to accept EULA and then when hand loaded all saves and user managers etc had gone as though it was a fresh install... It is like for some reason it is not recognising the sports interactive folder in my documents anymore. Do you know how you fixed it?
  2. Hi there, hopefully you can help me, I am looking for a new desktop PC, currently only have a laptop so would need monitor and keyboard/mouse and operating system in the price too. I have a budget of up to 600 or so maximum. At the moment I have a laptop and I am happy how that runs FM but I know on a desktop you get more bang for your buck so to speak and want something that will last me a good number of years. Was thinking 8-16GB of RAM and a quad core processor if possible. I have been playing about on dabs, pcspecialist etc. however my issue is in terms of motherboard, graphics etc it is all jargon to me so any pointing in the right direction would be great..I have tailored a couple of the questions from a few pages ago to my own post below. Amount of a leagues/clubs - Generally England down to conference north/south, serie a, liga bbva, bundesliga and ligue 1 Are 3d graphics important? - only use 3d for replays at the moment, prefer the 2D What other tasks do you do when playing FM? - youtube, facebook, general browsing, Is game speed essential? I want the game to run fast as possible with processing, current laptop runs fast and it is a couple of years old Fast load and save times? preferably Thanks for any help
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