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  1. I do follow the league and I understand its the biggest fixture, but its not a huge issue in regards to the game, thats what I meant
  2. The Euro 2020 Play offs have the right paths but wrong Semi Final matches Northern Ireland played Bosnia in the semi final, while Ireland played Slovakia. Not a huge issue but one I thought would be worth raising
  3. I don't think its an extremely poor decision. It would be nice to have, but definitely not something that is massively needed
  4. Unfortunately I carried on and overwrote the save and the backups. If I come across it again, I'll keep a separate file
  5. I have just been sacked as Everton manager after failing to qualify for the Europa League proper. However on review of the Premier League rules. I still could've qualified based off the winner of the FA Cup (Brighton vs Liverpool final). However, I was sacked after 36 games, after guaranteeing 6th place. It would make sense to me if I was sacked at the end of the season if Brighton had won the FA Cup, as I would've not qualified for the Europa League
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