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  1. Sannois SG 2042-2043 An epic collapse down the stretch dropped us from 3rd to 7th with eight games to go. I was certain we would be in the Champions League but injuries near the end of the year took its toll. We lost in the Tenth Round of the French Cup for the fourth year in a row. Muhammet Yilmaz 33c top scored with just 18 with Eric Lefebvre 36b providing eight assists. Louis Dumortier 35b was once again one of our best performers and Yacoub Vasquez-Garcia 39a is easily our best player. Club captain and midfield enforcer Matteo L
  2. Youth Preview 2042-2043 Youth Intake 2042-2043 I like Traore but the unambitious personality may hold him back
  3. Sannois SG 2041-2042 A season full of ups and downs. Strange results, too many draws, not enough goals scored. We never seem to make any headway in the French Cup. We are knocked out in the Tenth Round, losing 2-1 away to Paris SG An fantastic first season in Europe for our boys. We were so close to the Euro Cup Final but it wasn't to be. Lucas Perez 35e stepped up this year with 20 overall but we struggled for consistency from our strikers. Eric Lefebvre 36b topped the assist chart with 15. Louis Dumortier was consistent between the sticks and our best
  4. Youth Preview 2041-2042 Youth Intake 2041-2042 Not the best intake but think these two could work out
  5. We're a very attacking team. Live by the sword, die by the sword. RC Lens are tycoon owned and competed with PSG for years and even won a couple of Champions League titles. But they dropped off this year by a long way.
  6. Sannois 2040-2041 Fantastic year for us. Things were a little shaky around the new year but our form in the closing weeks was outstanding. Europe here we come! A comfortable win in the French Cup Ninth Round was followed up by a thumping from Paris SG 5-1. Filippo Gavalas 30a is gradually getting phased out but still top scored with 12. Ibrahima Diallo 32h was excellent in the midfield. Slawomir Michor 35d, Alain Meunier 32d, and Mael Renaud 31b are our best players. Things are looking good. I think we are ready for Europe. Slo
  7. Youth Preview 2040-2041 Youth Intake 2040-2041 Not the greatest on first inspection. Pleased with the personalities though
  8. Montpellier won the cup. They finished mid table. The message came up in my inbox that we qualified but I'm not so sure. Think we just miss out
  9. Sannois SG 2039-2040 We were very much in the European mix for most of the season but had some patchy form towards the end and missed out. I have since had notification that we qualified for the Euro Cup II next year but I'm not sure if that's true or not? An easy away victory in the French Cup Ninth Round was followed up by a defeat on penalties away to AS Saint-Etienne in the Tenth Round. Filippo Gavalas 30a led the once again with the goals with Eric Lefebvre 36b the main provider. Polish International Slawomir Michor 35d along with Mael Renaud 31b are ou
  10. Youth Preview 2039-2040 Youth Intake 2039-2040 Fantastic group. Especially the Centre-Backs.
  11. Sannois SG 2038-2039 A comfortable 9th placed finish. Much like the season before, we threatened the European spots a little but finished with our highest points tally and goals scored in Ligue 1 so far We were hammered by European Champions RC Lens 9-2 away from home in the French Cup Ninth Round Filippo Gavalas 30a is becoming a real folk hero. Limited game time due to the Asian Cup, he still banged in 23 goals. Clement Durand-Guzel 32c contributed the most assists and Abdelkarim Hassouni 34b, Mael Renaud 31b and captain Matteo Lux 26a our most talented group.
  12. Youth Preview 2038-2039 Youth Intake 2038-2039 Not the deepest or the most exciting intake but we have a few guys that could make it down the line
  13. Sannois SG 2037-2038 Two steps forward, one step back. We found this season more difficult than I expected but we were never really in any danger of the drop. Disappointingly, we lost to Strasbourg at home in the Ninth Round of the French Cup Filippos Gavalas 30a was instrumental in getting the goals again with new star Abdelkarim Hassouni 34b impressive with assists and goals. Mael Renaud 31b, Lenny Compper-Miath 29a and Matteo Lux 26a are amongst the notable mentions again. After four or five seasons of speculation, the club
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