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  1. if anyone has any in other leagues than the usual ones, maybe in eastern europe (russia, poland, ukraine?) or any other interesting nations/continents, not seen a belgian one yet. i dunno if tycoons take over many smaller clubs in smaller nations or not. i know they don't tend to happen in germany, might be the same for some other nations. i have got a couple of english, scottish, spain, france, dutch games going already from the ones posted on here. if any other takeovers happen while i'm playing them i'll let you know.
  2. dunno why but on mine, all the u18s of sanfrecce have japanese names but nationality is english.
  3. if you download the graphics configurator you can try creating a new config file for your facepack, it's really easy https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/848/fm-graphics-configurator-for-pc
  4. the scouting this year is rather stupid, apparently gomez isn't a worthwhile signing just cos he isn't interested in joining at the moment! surely that should be 'some doubts' etc if he did join he'd be one of the best strikers at the club!
  5. they're in there now FM 2015 v15.2.1.585343 (2015.02.10 11.00.03) FM 2015 v15.2.1.585343 (2015.02.10 11.31.01) FM 2015 v15.2.1.585343 (2015.02.12 00.40.05) FM 2015 v15.2.1.585343 (2015.02.12 00.52.42) FM 2015 v15.2.1.585343 (2015.02.09 23.14.35) FM 2015 v15.2.1.585343 (2015.02.10 10.57.32)
  6. also, i thought it might be a skin issue but the same thing happened in default skin mode for me so i dont think it's that, i have some other games on the go and they all work fine...i can send over some crash dumps too if they help
  7. i put a screenshot in the folder called 'leics todd chrash' if you right click him in the squad screen and offer to clubs (he's worth around 5m so offer him for that) it processes some results then i get that screen shot. if you continue without offering him out, it might not crash but check the inbox, and all the scout reports say 'N/A' (no star ratings) yet if you right click any player on the shortlist it says 'remove scout reports' even though they don't show in the boxes.
  8. the save is just called 'leics' it's saved right before the crash, if you offer out todd kane it crashes, if you just continue without offering out anyone all the scout reports in the inbox just say 'N/A' instead of giving you the star ratings. also if i click a player in my shortlist or who has been scouted none of the reports show up, but when you right click says 'remove scout reports'
  9. hello, i had a crash dump issue when i tried to offer todd kane out to clubs, i reloaded and just continued without offering him out and it seems to have gone past the crash dump, but now i cant see all the scouts stats in certain boxes (it says 'player needs to be scouted' in scout report box) when they have already been scouted. would you like me to upload some stuff or is this something that has already been reported? p.s. i've downloaded that FTP thingy just let me know what you want me to upload
  10. I had a Fram Reykjavik one going on fm2013, was quite enjoyable despite having nothing to spend until i got into europe.
  11. nice one! i should avoid the ukrainian/russian ones though as some of them have been banned for not getting permission from the ukrainian association and FIFA for swapping from ukraine to russia. not sure if this will be brought into the new update....
  12. i've had him for 3 seasons too and i want to sell him, i can't even find anyone interested! lucky bloke!
  13. i don't know if him being from a deeply christian family background has any effect in the game.
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