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  1. anyone has a problem in player profile, on the right top side, I can't click on "Action.." edit: not just player profile page, I can't click "Action.." on all pages
  2. yes i'm playing on Galaxy S10+ and having no problem run fast and 3D match is smooth
  3. patch, update, bugfix, .... What's different? there are bugs, and they are fixing it. What else should we call? Feature?
  4. If you already downloaded and installed the game on your tablet, just open and play. Stream is irrelevant for tablet.
  5. if your save on macbook is from FM Touch (not the full ver), usually you could but seems like on iOS 13 lost the option to cross save, SI confirmed it.
  6. I can not click on players during match? I'm managing low league team, not all players stats I could remember, in order to subtitle players, I need to know their stats, what their playable position, if they suitable to come on.
  7. I have the same exact question but probably they dont know (or reveal) until 2020....
  8. so what is the point of developing young players when players have no determination and dont want to develop?
  9. I plan to buy FMT on Switch. I know FMT 20 for Switch has not been released or announced yet, but in FMT I'll get the same ME as the PC version right? and when ME updated/patched I'll also get the same update and same time as PC?
  10. if basically the ME in the full release is the same as beta update, so he was lying? why said it's "WAY better" when it's the same?
  11. he didnt say it's simple to fix. he said he paid the games 50 bucks and expects SI to do better.
  12. wow I did not expect that I could play FMT on mobile phone, Im using Samsung S10+ too and maybe thinking getting FMT2020 for my phone. but I also having a Nintendo Switch too, anyone knows what's the difference between 2 version Switch and on Android? will I get the same performance on Samsung S10+ and Switch? ------- Edit: nvm I may getting the Switch version. not sure about playing on phone because of small screen
  13. Yes, both are correct. Should I delete custom graphics? I use from 2017 logos only, no custom facepack. Since beta this is the first time I experience this.
  14. When playing in match, click Tactics, then crash dump shows up. FM 2018 v18.1.1.1040315 (2017.11.11 23.49.03).dmp
  15. no, i already updated to 18.0.3 on the day update released
  16. Is there any way to stop the recommended players from scout just keep sending me? all these players are not really good, I want to turn it off but can't find where. Its not my assignment tho. I think its from when I first play the game when talking/discuss to staff how I would want to receive potential players or something, but now I want to stop it.
  17. I still play with 2D but i think the FM18 looks better. I usually switch 2D and 3D between games.
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