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  1. Yes, both are correct. Should I delete custom graphics? I use from 2017 logos only, no custom facepack. Since beta this is the first time I experience this.
  2. When playing in match, click Tactics, then crash dump shows up. FM 2018 v18.1.1.1040315 (2017.11.11 23.49.03).dmp
  3. no, i already updated to 18.0.3 on the day update released
  4. Is there any way to stop the recommended players from scout just keep sending me? all these players are not really good, I want to turn it off but can't find where. Its not my assignment tho. I think its from when I first play the game when talking/discuss to staff how I would want to receive potential players or something, but now I want to stop it.
  5. I still play with 2D but i think the FM18 looks better. I usually switch 2D and 3D between games.
  6. After "playing" a lot of Youtube videos about FM18, I finally can't resist it. Got it from someone who got a square key for a good deal good price. The next 7 days I will have no internet(due to moving to new place), but at least got something to entertain myself.
  7. anyone notices from the new video, 0:55 to 1:00, the passing in the middle is super weird? When the midfielder pass the ball, why many players choose to header it? it's pretty weird, not just 1, but 2-3 players at the same time.
  8. So... I followed your advice... And here is the answer: I asked here you say I should I there, I asked there they say I should ask here :|. So... when can I know the answer? Because in around 6-7th Oct I will come to Japan and stays there for about a year.
  9. speculation? Is it time to pre-order, isn't it? And I think in the main page facebook Football Manager answering fans that Brazil or Japan or some countries can't sell there because of legal reasons or something? I already bought the game, please dont tell me that I can't play in Japan :-s.
  10. I ask the question here, and the mod says you can active the game anywhere, just can't purchase directly.
  11. I dont think any body use only commentary for the game. Most of players (including myself) still really like to play with only 2D (3D only for goal replay). But if they can improve 3D graphics many will change to it for sure.
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