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  1. Thanks... hahaha I will very likely be able to start this as soon as its handed over
  2. hahaha Croatia, I had 6 season save there already this FM. I enjoyed it.... depending how your season goes if you get the job then I might take us off to another league
  3. Bit of a rough start here! but you'll be fine. Just need to find some consistency and ideally sneak into that top group when the league splits. FYI - I am deciding between starting in this same league as you and another league for my next save. So I will be watching this to see how it looks and feels.
  4. I am basically at the end of my career save with Metalist so I will be twiddling my thumbs and awaiting my turn on this unless something interesting comes to mind for me to start with.
  5. Progress Tracker - 2029 Update Metalist 1925 - Honors So now the question, where do I go from here? What should I do. The options I see are the following; I can continue the save, this time I will replace every single foreigner and use only Ukrainian players. I am not 100% convinced, simply because maybe I should end this save on a high? leave the legacy intact. I could move into a Director of Football style save, I will just holiday all the games and only control the Transfers in and Out. My Assistant Manager would be the actual "Manager" this would then allow me to continue as the Ukraine Manager and head to a World Cup, also the World Club Challenge is still to be played and won. It might not be that much fun for me, I could take over another side either in the Country or another League? I could retire and work on setting up my next save idea. Any thoughts or suggestions on anything you want to see are welcome.
  6. 2028 - Nations League Semi Final A crazy and entertaining game against Germany We have progressed into the Final of the Nations League, with new Ukraine Captain Budkivskyi scoring 3 goals to get us there. We will play the Italians in the Final as they avenged their defeat to Spain at Euro 28 to make the final as well 2028 Nations League Final We do it! We beat Italy and win our First major International trophy. Also I thought Nations League Final should be played in neutral venues? We had to beat them in Palermo. We didn’t do it the easy way either, we had to use a free kick from Metalist reserve player Kosovan to get us there.
  7. Final Review, Thoughts and Plans What a season! We didn’t lose a single game domestically or in Europe, we bring home 5 trophies and defended our Champions League Crown. Everything we touch turned to gold (or goals) These awards sometimes just annoy me! I use this formation about 10 times, the AMC should be centre. Stan played 3 games? and Volkov had a higher rating and better season than Diaz at LB. Season 2028 - Final Squad Stats
  8. 2028/29 Champions League Final Back to back Champions of Europe! Was an ugly game actually, both teams were really struggling and I decided to do what I sometimes do when teams are running through us. I used the “get stuck in option” and tried to slow them down. It worked but it also limits our free flowing attack. However our Captain and Hero steps up and scored the only goal and we beat Real Madrid in their house! Season 2028/29 - May Fixtures We also easily win the Kubok and dispatch Shakhtar yet again.
  9. Season 2028/29 - April Fixtures After destroying Arsenal we had to negotiate the Kubok Ukrainy Semi Final, it was of course a fairly straight forward affair. We cruised into yet another final. April also had the first leg of the Semi Final against Manchester United, we were a shadow of the team who destroyed Arsenal. We didn't even manage to get our away goal and this had me very very very nervous. I would have to win the game against them back in the Ukraine. 2028/29 Champions League - Semi Final No problems back home, we dispatch Manchester United with the single goal. I was really chasing a 2nd goal heavily, I know how FM works and was expecting them to score in the 89th minute and knock me out. We progress to back to back finals! 2028/29 Champions League Final Real Madrid are our opponents, we will also play the final in their house! We of course already beat them earlier this season to win the European Super Cup, mildly confident going into this. The only worry was the home ground advantage they would take into the battle.
  10. I am basically still using this, I have been using it for 3 seasons now but I rotate between 3 versions of this. I am at work so I cant get you a screenshot but I have modified the below into the following; Trequartista - is now AF and sometimes I will use a CF Regista - is now moved into the AMC slot and mostly using SS or T in there, not decided yet what I prefer. Inverted Winger - Is now just a normal winger on attack Mezzala - Is now a DLP I have also moved to shorter passing I have moved into Attacking mentality I like to mess with the AI and change it at HT in some games, just to confuse them and I am finding the key to all of this is the DLP and BBM in the middle, you need to have very high work rate players in there.
  11. 2028/29 Champions League - Quarter Final Wow! what an absolute hammering Arsenal took in the Champions League Quarter Final They scored VERY early, I was a little worried but as it turns out that was all for nothing as we send barrage after barrage of shots on their goal. They had no answers for us and we complete one of the most amazing games in our clubs very small history. In the return leg, we complete a routine 2-0 win and progress through to the Semi Final with an 8-1 aggregate scoreline. 2028/29 Champions League - Semi Final Easier than City, I feel pretty confident going into this that we can progress to the final. We have played them a few times and never really had too many problems.
  12. 2028/29 Champions League - Quarter Final Back to London we go! this time the red side of town. They have a former Metalist player in Gimenez in their ranks, we are eager to ensure that he does not get anything over us. The draw for the semi final is out now, all roads to the final will go through the UK! We have to beat Arsenal first then we could potential meat last years final opponent or our other friends Manchester United!
  13. Season 2028/29 - February Fixtures Its now 6 games and no wins over Chelsea.... however we have managed an away goal. This will hopefully be the key moment. Season 2028/29 - March Fixtures March was a superb month, it took a 50th min penalty to finally get rid of Chelsea but we have fallen over the line and into the next round. Nothing convincing about it at all but its not how you win every game as long as you do win! Season 2028/29 - Final League Table We did it! Scored 101 goals in 30 games, we also had our best ever defensive season with only conceding the 5 goals. This concludes title number 7 in a row, we also are now 3 years unbeaten in the league
  14. Thanks Mate! has been such an enjoyable save. Last part of season 10 will be done today.
  15. 2028/29 Champions League - First Knockout Stage The FM gods have ensured we are going to defend this the hard why, they draw us against our bogey side Chelsea and in 5 games we are yet to beat them.
  16. Season 2028/29 - November Fixtures Arghhhhh….. stupid Olimpik Donetsk! My quest for 30/30 is over again….. Aside from that, another great month as we continue to crush all who face us. The back to back 4-0 thrashing of Bayern was amazing, we also put a Karpaty to the sword as well. Season 2028/29 - December Fixtures Heading into the Winter Break now, PSV again proved to be quite tough but we managed to win again. Zorya fared much better than the 9-0 drubbing they took in September! Season 2028/29 - December Table Heading into the Winter break now and its all systems go and as expected. We have 6 games to go and we will lock down title 7 in a row, we also need 16 goals in 6 games to hit the 100 mark. That means I need just above 2.5 a game to make it happen, so ideally we blow 1 team away in a game with a large score and we will be ok. This is also the first time in 2 seasons we have not wrapped the title up before the break, Shakhtar can still mathematically win the title….hahahah Season 2028/29 - Winter Squad Stats Pretty much used a full squad this season, I am trying to balance the games around fairly at the moment. There is really only 5 players who play 95% of the games (Lunin, Lucho, Mario, Senoussi and Budkivskyi) The battle is fierce for the AMC position, we have Silva just in front at the moment and Kosvan and Bojovic are rotating around him. I also use them in the DLP or BBM positions when I need to rest Mario and Senoussi. 2028/29 Champions League Group The perfect 6 from 6 in the Champions League, was surprised to see PSV being so bad as they gave us the harder matches and Bayern who we thrashed 4-0 in both games did finish 2nd….
  17. Season 2028/29 - September Fixtures Dominating month in September, we crush Zorya 9-0 and I was sad to not make it 10. We also smashed Bayern Munich at home and PSV proved a tricky opponent but away but we were still too good in the end. Season 2028/29 - September Table Totally dominating at the moment, we are well on course for my magical 100 goals in 30 games number in the league. The October fixtures will bring us an interesting match against unbeaten Shakhtar Season 2028/29 - October Fixtures Zero issues again in October, we get through the match with Shakhtar as comfortable 3-1 winners and then smashed everybody we played in the month. The only interesting game was the Kubok Ukrainy match with Chornomorets who proved to be annoying and took us into extra time somehow… Season 2028/29 - October Table A quite stupid goal difference at the moment.... Season 2028/29 - Champions League Group 4 games and 4 wins, this does mean we have qualified already. Our easiest run the Champions League so far. It would be very nice to finish in first place and hopefully get an easier draw.
  18. Season 2028/29 - July Fixtures Shakhtar pushing us into penalties for the Super Kubok is a little alarming, it was an even game to be fair. Hopefully we just need to warm up a little bit and next time it will be easier. European Super Cup 2028 Pretty comfortable win over Real Madrid in the European Super Cup, we could have won 3-0 but we missed a penalty (which at the time I thought it was going to haunt us) but we get the job done and we have supreme confidence heading into this season. Season 2028/29 - August Fixtures Straight forward opening to the season, we dont look to have taken too much of a step back on the domestic front. We also finally won at Karpaty as they have ruined our 100% win season for 2 years straight with back to back 0-0 draws but this season we finally managed to win at their home. Season 2028/29 - Champions League Draw I don’t foresee too many issues with this group, it’s one of the easier ones we have had. Season 2028/29 - August Table 6 from 6 to start with! and also the same fro Shakhtar.... and Dynamo come on guys get it together.
  19. We have to win the A-League eventually, hopefully it will be on my turn in 2 rounds
  20. Season 2028/29 - Full Squad Here is the chosen 25 to lead us to glory this season, I think we should be ok domestically but in Europe is where I want to see if there is any slip in performance. A lot will be asked of certain players to carry the load, I will also likely adjust my formation to suit the strengths of the new squad and allow more of the better players into the playing 11 and this is likely going to be as simple as moving the Regista position into the AMC position(not sure on the role yet as I've not deceived who will get the job) and no other changes will be made and also for the first time in many years, we have more Ukrainians than other Nationalities. Finances Thankfully we have a large balance, the monthly wage bill is now quite ridiculous and we don’t generate any funds domestically to be able to keep this under check. I will need to win lots of games in the Champions League to help balance this out. European Super Cup 2028
  21. Transfers In - Continued Vasyl Mostovyi I am not sure why he was released by his club, he’s not a bad player at all and a player who did play for us previously in 2022 but Shakhtar snapped him and then loaned him out for 5 seasons. He is 100% good enough to play for us and will serve as back up. Dmitry Volkov Shakhtar stole a youth prospect left back from me, I was not watching and missed them offering him a contract. So we have gone in and made a bid on their current left back, its not too bad actually and will be a good servant for the club Djordje Pejic Hes not a new signing, we signed him a year or so ago and was out on loan. I saw enough in him to give him a spot in my 25 man squad. I will try and get him games from the bench. Ilija Bojovic Also not a new signing but another who has some potential and a player I want to bring in and see what he can do. He will rotate with Silva in my middle 3 pairing, we have a vacancy there now with the departures.
  22. Season 10 - 2028/29 Welcome to Season 10! As I mentioned earlier, I would continue the save for now and make some changes and challenges. I sold a huge amount of the players from last season, we lost quite a substantial amount of talent this window but it’s going to be ok and more fun for me (hopefully you as well) as I set out to sign players from the Ukraine only. There was a few players who were signed from a while back and just turned 18 so they will also be joining us, despite not being Ukrainian. Transfers In Alexander Anismov Our first signing and most likely the best, he will be our new partner for Lucho at the back, he’s quite strong and tall so he should add a point of difference to Lucho who is more a silky ball playing defender. He is also the best defender our Country has to offer so I want to help him fill his potential. Ivan Papush A quite talented Right Back who will split time at the position with Guivisdalsky. Hopefully I can help him progress as he is a key player for the National side. Mikhail Kuznetsov Kuznetsov is the other side of my National team centre back pairing, he will be 3rd option and rotation player for us. Hes not as good as Felber and Canario who left us during the window but is better than most players in the league for his position. Maxym Kochmola I’ll be honest, I don’t expect him to play many games if any. I just needed a decent back up for Lunin and he was cheap and available. He has managed a few caps for his country and is currently the 3rd ranked option. Olexandr Bakum Listed as a striker but I will be using him as an Inside Forward on the right, he will back up Sokol for this season.
  23. Ukraine National Team Update I will keep the updates brief on my exploits to manage Ukraine Euro 2028 Qualifying Our qualifying campaign went ok, this was going to be the last tournament for the "old guard" of Ukraine before I bring in the new wave of younger talents and they got the job done. Euro 2028 Slovakia bring a familiar opponent and we are confident of making it out of this group. Euro 2028 Games We did ok during the group games, we led Turkey 2-0 before they fought back and made it 2-2 In the 2nd round we had to play a quite powerful Portugal side, they were too much for us and they knocked us out easily. Spain would go on and win Euro 2028 Nations League 2028 The game against Russia should be fun and stir up some international rival flavours... Here is where I will be bringing a all the young kids and blooding a new revolution of National Team players for the Ukraine. This will mean that of course the side will be heavily based on my Metalist side but thats a bonus for both Club and Country Nations League A - Group Games The new wave of players took International football like ducks to water and we actually cruised through the group games. The home loss to France was a surprise but we are confidently through to the Semi Finals for the first time! Nations League A - Semi Final Draw We draw the Germans, a team we have played before but with a different set of players. The winner will play either Italy or Spain, thats the Euro 2028 final replay I will have my update on Metalist out in the next day or so!
  24. Good Luck with this! Serbia was on my shortlist for next save location as well. I still have a few seasons in the Ukraine before I'll move (I think!) Serbia will be super fun to manage in with all the regens
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