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  1. Great season mate! Finally up into the Bundeslegia! - Do you need to make many changes to survive or do you think the current squad is good enough to stay up?
  2. First Half of Season 20/21 October Great month in October, undeafted out side the League Cup game where I sent out the kids and reserves. I decided early on to just ignore this competition for this year but we almost beat the defending champions HSV and probably should have to be honest. November November was a more brutal month, we got well beaten away to Arsenal but then out and took down the previously undeafted Bayern who at this point had played 11 and won 11, however we had other ideas and we dispatched them. We followed that with an ugly loss at home to Wolfsburg, I have no idea where that came from, it just went all wrong and we got an embarrassing home loss. The entertaining 2-2 draw with Athletico was not enough to get us out of the Champions League group so we would battle with Shakhtar in the final game of the group for 3rd place but we only needed a draw to make it into the Euro Cup. December A much more improved month, saw us win 6 games in a row. This included beating Shakhtar and taking out 3rd spot in our group. We will move in the Euro Cup and I have good feeling we can cause some problems and have a deep run (hopefully not famous last words) The 5-2 beat down of Leverkusen to head into the winter break was very satisfying. Winter Break 20/21 League Table Again the Bundeslegia is playing out to be very even, its a little frustrating that 3 other teams are also having great seasons so its top 4 shootout at the moment. Beating Bayern really helped, they slowed down a little from there onwards but Dortmund and Hoffenheim are also flying hard. I've not really had any answers for Dortmund in the games we have played so I need to learn how to beat them soon if I am going to push for a title but at least we can enjoy our Xmas dinner from the top of the table! Squad Update Some players have really come along as the season as gotten better, Casteels is now playing much better and is yet to make a mistake since those first 2 errors that lead to goals earlier this season. Captain Arp is banging in the goals, hes played every game so far and is on track for back to back European Golden Boy titles but hes getting tired and needs a rest. I am too afraid to rest him as hes just so important to us and the best option to sub in is actually Rollheiser but hes now taken over the Inside Forward Right position so for now, Arp has to fly solo but I will likely make a signing in January and I have an Idea who its going to be already. Sebastián Palacios has been training well and is now accomplished as Inside Forward Left so I can finally rotate Marin out for a rest and to be fair Palacios has been brilliant when hes has played so its perfect. The biggest issue I have is getting Morilla more involved and contributing more, hes played as AM and SS but not set the world on fire, I am not exactly sure what I can do to get more out of him but ill keep trying. I will need to deal with some of the unhappy players soon, I have been a little biased towards some players so I need to rotate more. I also have quite a few players who are wanted and so I expect January to be a little brutal. Tactic Evolution Currently playing this system but you will probably know by now that I am constantly changing and updating roles and positions. I have been running with this and a variation of this formation and different roles since the 0-3 loss to Wolfburg. I have 2 more other systems that I use in parts of a match and I always change the mentality during the games, I always usually start with Attacking and if we snag an early goal I'll sit on Balanced for a little bit to try and stop the AI rage. The tactic very much asks for Arp to be in form, if hes on his game, we will usually win as it creates at least 3-4 chances for him each match but if hes having a bad run then we have to get help from others to score and bail us out. Thankfully hes on more than off....
  3. Going off my save, most of the teams who are AI managed and come up are just plain terrible and bounce down pretty much straight away but your squad has far better quality than those. I think you will easily survive. You just need a good first season to get some good cash rolling in.
  4. Start of the season First game of the season away to Dortmund was a tough start and we were spanked easily. It just shows we have a little bit of work to do in catching up to them and putting down a real challenge for the title. Next up was a very weak home draw to Leverkusen, we were probably the better team but we had to settle for the draw. Thankfully September bought us more improvement as we started to get a handle on the new tactics and way of playing, I have been adjusting since the start of the season and I think we are starting to get better. Athletico Madrid totally destroyed us in the opening Champions League game. Less said about that the better. In the league we put home 4 straight. The game against Hertha was crazy, we went 1-0 up after 33 seconds and then Danso got sent off after 3 mins. They drew level at 1-1 and then we managed to push out to a 3-1 lead. With 20 mins to go we had an injury and had to play with 9 men as we used all the subs but thankfully they could only get a single goal back. The 2nd Game in the Champions League we went away to Karim Benzema lead Shakhtar, huge game really as I assume ill be fighting them for 3rd and we dominated for the win. League Table The best start we have made to a league season, we usually have started badly in the first 2 seasons and so I am happy with this. Squad Update Our new Captain Arp has been on fire this month, with 3 hatricks in 4 games!! On another player update, our new GK Casteels has been very average so far. Last season Muller made 5 mistakes leading to goals all season and in 9 games so far this season, Casteels has already made 2!! He needs to resolve that or I will again be looking for a new GK in the summer and Casteels could be a 1 season wonder at the Opel Arena! Ive also decided to train Benjamín Rollheiser to play inside forward on the right (he can already play there quite well) but we are giving him specialist training and games. Nedelev has started slowly this season so I wanted another option for him and I've also go my eye on another forward to come in during January (More on that later if he joins)
  5. Summer Transfers The aim this summer was to improve the overall quality of the team. I didn't want to make huge changes but just add 3-5 players who were better than what we had. I actually really took my time over the break to scout and break down the players I wanted. I had a fair idea of a certain player or 2 that I was going for straight away. I also will be changing up the tactical approach this season, so I had to move out and bring in some players to suit this new approach. I will explain more about the new tactic and my thinking as I introduce the new players. Transfers Koen Casteels My new number 1, I wanted a older more experienced keeper to come in. I narrowed it down to a few choices but in the end Casteels comes in and I am happy. I am not giving up on Muller, so he will get some games as well this season as he continues his development Sebastián Palacios I really wanted a backup and quality player to help Marin down the left, I was not happy with any of the available left inside forwards that I found so I decided to make my own. He has all the stats, just needs to learn the new position. He was on fire in preseason and was banging in goals I think its going to be ok Lovro Majer Will play backup to Morilla in my new tactical approach. Fairly low risk fee and I think hes talented enough to contribute to the season Alessandro Murgia Was not exactly a planned purchase, I was looking at him all last season and was in the process of scouting and looking again and then Kundle went and got injured for 7 months in the final game of the pre-season so I had to make some arrangements but for the price its a no brainer and I think he will probably actually start a few games. He also fits the dynamic and DNA of the players we want to sign. Benjamín Rollheiser I decided very late in the window to bring in another forward, I wanted to have a quality backup for Arp who is our main man upfront and we count on his goals quite a fair bit. If he gets injured then I wanted to have a good option to slot in. He can also cover in the wide positions so hes handy to have around. I probably paid a little too much for him but we have the cash so no problem. Tactic Approach I wanted to play both Morilla and Arp in the same team and I wanted to move away from the DM position. I was using the DM as I felt we needed it when the squad was less talented so now we move our 2 superstars into the same 11 and I am hoping it works. I need to work on a couple things. The Inside Forwards (Attack or Support) the postion for Morilla (Starting with SS but will try AM) and the middle left midfielder (BBM for now but might have to use something different). I also changed the RPM into a DLP as I just wanted that tiny bit more protection from this role Preseason Solid preseason. Nothing to complain about really. Undefeated and zero goals conceded. Champions League Group Well. What an absolute nightmare of a group.
  6. I am not sure, I still think I need another season of Champions League football (and money) to bring the overall squad to a level close enough. We still lost 9 games last season and this was only 1 better than the season before.
  7. April and May April was not the best month, we lost the game to Dortmund that would have almost helped us push them for 2nd and then we lost in the cup semi final to Hertha on penalties, we were 2-0 down in that game thanks to Harry Wilson ripping me to shreds down the left but we fought back to 2-2 but some poor finishing cost us and we exit. Thankfully we managed to win against Freiburg and Hannover in April to help us maintain our push for Champions League football again next season! The final month of the season and we started it in 3rd place, too far behind on Dortmund we had already qualified for the Euro Cup and the last 3 games of the season would determine our final position. We had been in a bit of form dip, so it was not going to be easy. We started by dispatching Koln very easily and then traveled to 6th placed Werder on 52 points at the time and us in 3rd on 59 pts. This league is just crazy close this season and last, at this point I can still finish 5th as Frankfurt are in 4th on 58 points and RBL are 5th on 56 points. We went into this game knowing we really needed to win or RBL and Frankfurt would pounce on our position and we decided to play terrible and only draw 1-1 in our final home game of the season. Thankfully Frankfurt lost their game so they remained on 58 points but RBL won their game. Final game of the season was away to Hertha, time for some revenge after the cup defeat? Its till tight at the top and we can still finish in 5th as there is only 2 points separating 3rd, 4th and 5th. We just had to win this to take away any worry we might have on Frankfurt and RBL's final games (Frankfurt was playing 2nd place Dortmund and RBL is against 15th placed Gladbach) Not everything was ideal on the final day, Frankfurt beat Dortmund, RBL then drew in their game so with our labored draw against Hertha we snatch 3rd place on goal difference. However 3rd place is 3rd place and we improve on last seasons 4th and make some progress. Final League Table Bayern stormed to the league title, totally dominating this season after this poor performance last year. I have never seen a team just win a single game for an entire season before but thats what Stuttgart have done here, just woeful really for them. The surprise promotion team Regensburg also will be going straight back down (The only team Stuttgart beat) and Koln will battle out in the relegation playoff. Interesting but 3 of the goalkeepers I have an eye on are within teams in bottom 4! Sommer, Zieler and Horn ..... Final Squad Detail Arp really came on this season and he hit the 30 + goals mark I was hoping he would. I am probably not the most happy with the Goalkeeper situation, I am likely going to find a solution to this over the summer. Both of my current guys are just too inconsistent and most annoyingly, they are very prone to make stupid mistakes and this is especially true of the younger Muller. I believe that I will actually look for a more experienced head between the sticks for next season as its my weakest position and where I feel the biggest upgrade to the squad can come. The squad has mostly now been together for 2 full seasons, they will all start to kick on now and start hitting their real potential soon and due to all being in a very similar age bracket, this is good news for us. Under 19s My Under 19s also won the league in a huge canter in the end, there is some seriously talented players down there ready to push on in a season or 2. At the moment I am happy for them to continue for another season and make a decision once they are too old for them to play in the Under 19s. They also won the youth championship cup as well, so they are really looking good for the future. Finances Healthy bank balance and a decent initial transfer budget for the next season, I really only expect to make minimum signings anyway as it will be a quality over quantity summer.
  8. February Solid month in February, we started the month badly however with a weak away performance to Schalke but picked up from there and didn't lose again in the league for the month. We did finally lose our first Champions League game away to Real Madrid so thats not the worst result. The game with Bayern was quite even and we shared the points via 2 penalties, we probably had more chances as well. We finished the month with a cup quarter final win against Leverkusen. End of February table At the end of Feb we are in a respectable 4th position but its very close all the way down to 8th. This is one the best things about the Bundeslegia as its a very even and usually tight league. March We tried in vain to turn around the 0-2 defeat against Real Madrid, we didn't turn the tie but we did take an impressive win and in truth we actually smashed them off the park. We should have scored 4 or so goals but we didn't have our finishing boots on and we exit at the first hurdle. Still when you think we played 8 games in the Champions League and only lost the 1 game, this is very decent for our team at this stage. The rest of March was a routine win over Wolfsburg, a bad draw to Hamburg where we just couldn't work out a way to score a goal despite totally dominating them. We closed March at home to Stuttgart who are really struggling in the league and look certain for relegation and we didn't help them by taking all 3 points in the final game of the month. End of March table Now sitting in 3rd but its so very tight, we need to keep getting points or we risk dropping down and out of not only the Champions League spots but all the European spaces if we are not careful. With 6 games to go in the league we have everything to play for, we are still within a chance of snatching 2nd and the first game of April will be away to Dortmund so if we can win that then anything could happen!
  9. January Back to the league with the 2nd half of the season, we start at home in the derby vs Frankfurt and we smashed them off the park. Tonali put in what is probably the best game ive seen from a central midfield player in a few versions of FM with a hat-trick of the highest quality all from open play. Amazing performance from him, I am hoping to see more of that. Next up away to Leverkusen and it was not a repeat performance we got the job done and we start the 2nd half of the season well. Next up was a home game against struggling 15th placed Hoffenheim, not sure how they are doing so badly in the league, there is a good team there but they couldn't turn their form around against us and we had a perfect month in the league. I was very happy with 3 clean sheets in a row for the month, 5 if you count the last 2 games of December as well. I think my changes to the tactic and the way I am now managing games better during the matches is helping.
  10. December We bounced back in the first game of December, dispatching 5th place Hannover in a great display. This is how we can play and I want to reach this level on a more consistent basis. The next game was home to Koln, we went down to 10 men after 5 mins! and it was an uphill battle from there. Just what I needed after turning the form ship around last match...now onto the last game in the Champions League group phase, away to PSV where we are already qualified for the next round but can wrap up 1st place with the right result and we did the right thing and got the 1-0 win and we topped the group unbeaten. Somehow. Next up was a tough game to 4th place Werder, we have been good away from home this season and we forgot all about this in this game and we lost a crucial game. Thankfully we then smashed Hertha at home 5-0, big game as they were right behind me on the table. The last game of the season saw us take on champions RBL and we won a game that they dominated but we took our chances. Winter Table I think ill need a massive 2nd half to the season to make it back into the Champions League. In truth even tho we pulled of a miracle and were lucky to finish 4th last season anyway, I was still pretty confident we would be close again this season. I have to at a minimum finish in the top 7. It will be a massive failure if we don't. If we can improve our home form then we should be in a much better position at the end of the season because as you can see below, we are very good away. Home Form Away Form Group stage Champions League final table We drew Real Madrid in the next round, they somehow didn't win their group so we have to perform a miracle to make it through Winter Transfers More prospect hunting and looking to future proof a few positions, really pleased with these signings. I wanted Hasic to come in now so he can spend 2 years getting ready and then look to take over from Nedelev. The signing of Morilla is an interesting one as I am not even sure where hes going to play but hes to good of a talent to not bring in and work around. He could play Inside Forward or even just as a forward, hes a huge talent and i'll work it out. The rest are all young prospects to move into the under 19's and see how they turn out. We also sent out a couple players, one on loan and one was sold to make way for First Team player. We now will have 5 'wonderkids' in the first team sqad: Arp, Marin, Morilla, Tonali and Maresic Players from and including Morilla down are signed in the January window. Full Transfers Morilla I've decided to train him to play as a forward. Cunha Hasic Will send him out on loan for the rest of this season and then work out what to do with him. Nedelev is one of my top 3 first picked players so its hard for him and I want to play Xadas. Comte Palacios Márcio Maresic
  11. October and November We take a 2-2 draw with Bayern, they pushed really hard after we went up 2-1 but we couldn't hold on and they got a late goal. After that we had a home match with Napoli and we outplayed the Italians without getting the 3 points but after 3 games in the Champions League we are undefeated so I will take it! We followed that up with a soft draw to Wolfsburg and a routine win in the German cup over Bungeslegia.2 team Nurnburg. Into November we went and into the last 2 games in the Champions league group and we turned in a performance for the ages against Napoli and smashed them 5-1 away from home and Arp was the main man here, he banged in 4 goals in what I am hoping is his coming of age game. We are screaming for a 30+ goals a season forward that is clinical and he has so many chances a game (in the previous game against his former side Hamburg he scored 2 and had 3 ruled out for offside) so maybe its his time?! The rest of November was a simple 2-0 win over Stuttgart, a bad/unlucky home defeat to Dortmund after the international break that broke our 13 game unbeaten run. Home again in the Champions League against an Arsenal side containing 7 ex Bundeslegia players in thier first 11, we managed to bank a really good draw in a match we dominated but Torreira smashed home a long rage bomb in the 80th minute to draw it. Still undefeated after 5 in the Champions League and the last game of the month saw us play Freiburg and we decided to play like rubbish, they actuality blew us off the park and we were down to 10 men and 3-0 after 30 mins. A game to forget. Squad Update I am trying my best as possible to rotate, I am settled on a few positions in terms of first choice player but the rest are still up for grabs. I am a little worried about my young goalkeeper Muller, hes made some big errors, is not convincing in the air on crosses and loves to let a 30 yard long shot beat him. I am trying to keep faith in the young guns so I dont want to splash money on a veteran but ill keep an eye out. Table We are fighting away, its really tight from 3rd to 9th. Bayern seemed to have worked it out after last season and I bet RBL would like to get a refund on the new manager! The surprise is M'gladbach being rooted to the bottom of the table. The surprise random promoted team Jahn Regensburg are also predictably struggling.
  12. Start of season 19/20 We didn't make any more transfers and went into the season with what we had. It was an utterly terrible start, after closing out the last season with 6 straight wins we then decided to start the new season in terrible form and not win in the opening 3 games of the season. We looked terrible, we were suffering badly but the 3-3 draw with Arsenal turned it a little for us and we started to get going. I said at the end of the last season I would make changes to the way we play, I wanted more goals but that seems to obviously cost us in conceding more, so I am in search of the balance between both systems. We had Schalke at 2-0 up and we decided to let them come back and draw 2-2 and this is a reoccurring theme. Champions League Group Tough group, we need to beat PSV twice so we can hopefully finish at least 3rd and continue the adventure in Europe. We managed to win the first game at home against them and I am really banking on that 1 point away to Arsenal in actually being very good for us in this quest Tactic Update I wanted more goals but that seems to obviously cost us in conceding more, so I am in search of the balance between both systems. I started using this at HT of the Arsenal game. I was 3-0 down at the time and managed to fight back for 3-3 and so I decided to leave it a little longer.
  13. Its been a rough ride to be fair, the young lads are either brilliant or just cold, we struggle in games where a clear mature leader would be good to take over and boss a team to see out a win
  14. We are not a Champions League quality side, we are certainly not the 4th best team in Germany but sometimes luck just falls your way. I would expect we will struggle to reach those heights again. Nedelev, hes a solid performer. I really only signed him to see if he could bring his form from my CSKA Sofia save to Germany. Also signing him for 350k it was pretty much a no brainer. Hes a weapon on Corners and bangs in the odd free kick. I also play him as Inside Forward on the right, he wont let you down but hes likely not going to take you to World Class status. I am going to use him again this season as my starter while I work on getting some other players upto speed, I feel quite safe with him there, hes never had a bad game. I also like Ajdin Hasic and I will be looking to bring him in next summer, he was superb for me on my CSKA Sofia save. There is actually lots of decent left footed inside forwards for once!
  15. Summer Transfers Fairly subdued window so far to this point, I know I have highly talented squad with huge potential so I was not really in the need to make huge changes like last summer. So I just went about looking to add a couple of solid professionals who add value to the squad and make us better without taking too much risk on a massive transfer fee. Lets welcome to Mainz the very talented Donny van de Beek, he fits the bill for the profile of players we are bringing to Mainz and hes joined by Gianluca Mancini who will join us to strengthen the back four even further. We also added a few high potential youth prospects to put into the under 19s, we didn't have to outlay too much in terms of funds so even if they dont payoff its a low risk. The only other players signed outside the permanent transfer after his loan season in Aaron Martin, was the free transfer of Johannes Eggestein and goalkeeper Marius Müller from RBL who joins us for peanuts and is happy to not be Number 1. I am looking at a few other options at the moment but I am not expecting anything drastic to happen over the the last few days of the window. Current Transfers First team transfers Donny van de Beek Gianluca Mancini Johannes Eggestein Marius Müller Youth Team Transfers Móia Banjai Tobias Bässler César Vásquez João Maia
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