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  1. Season 2020/21 - April Fixtures Another decent month, we also win the first leg of the Semi Final of the cup! Season 2020/21 - April Table There is just 3 games to go and we are holding on tight at the top. Really close and intense league table at the moment. Season 2020/21 - May Fixtures Too many draws! and that means we are going to fail and be forced into the playoff game Final Table Pipped by a single point, to the team I beat once and drew the other. We have the best attack and best defence but we couldn't put it together for all 30 games
  2. January Transfers I made an incoming transfer in January, a young CB from Georgia and hes already the best we have at the club and he was signed for free. \ Season 2020/21 - February and March Fixtures Back from the surprisingly long winter break, we start off very well and find some goal scoring form again to start the 2nd half of the season. The good news is that our defence is quite strong, we are hard to break down and this is keeping us in games. Season 2020/21 - March Table Still super tight at the top, the 3 horse race for the top 2 is still on. We hav
  3. Thanks for the read! It was a fun save I just dont get too excited about bringing in youth players from the academy because the enjoyment for me comes from scouting and buying hot prospects and watching them grow and we never had a decent intake. I tried to improve it each year but the main goal of the save was Champions of Europe and I wanted to do it as quick as possible. Also being the Ukrainian manager gave me a great overview of the talents coming through all the youth academy in the country and there was not a massive pool of talent. I have thought about going back to this sav
  4. I wish Australia had a player like this! We might actually score goals for once! I actually saw him in my turn, he moved for a huge sum of money but I thought it was PSG
  5. I am doing the same, I did however plug my gaming laptop into the monitor and not the work one.... thats how its meant to be right?
  6. Nice! I love Columbia, its a great place to visit. Medellin is also a cool city
  7. Season 2020/21 - October Games We take out Olimpija who are 2nd in the 1st Division, we now progress to the Semi Final and our opponents are unkown. The rest of the month was ok?! We did drop a game to relegated Tabor Sezana, that was disappointing but won the other 3 games in the league. Season 2020/21 - November and December Games We lost our form in this month, the last games before the long winter break as well. We did win a crucial game against Fuzinar who at the time were 2nd, and we drew with Mura in another top of the table clash. We need to find our goal
  8. Season 2020/21 - July, August and September Fixtures Well its time to get going and start this adventure and we have started off very well indeed. I have deployed my usual fast tempo, short passing, relentless pressing and a high line in the Slovakian 2nd Division and so far its working, its a brand of football nobody in these lands has seen before and we are playing well above our expectations as a newly promoted side. Things have progressed well in the cup as well, we beat none league side Adria, promoted First Division side Gorcia (They won the 2nd Division last season) and
  9. 2020/21 - Transfers As we started with only 9 players, we had to get to work in adding some bodies to the squad. I will not go over each of these players, there is far too many and they are all rubbish quality. Basically nobody outside of Slovenia would join us, so we signed 100% Slovenians. Dejan Banovic Instead of showing all the players that were bought in, I thought instead for now that I will just show you the best player at the club. Its handy that he is also our Captain. As you can see, hes not special and we have lots of improvement to go in terms of adding qu
  10. Thanks mate, yes the main reason I wanted to play as Bled was due to how beautiful the town is, it looks stunning. It makes for a lovely place to play virtual manager It was interesting about Maribor, they didn't win the first season! I have no idea what happend there hahahah
  11. NK Bled - The Club Really not much information or history, they are just small little club from the small town of Bled. They have been in the 2nd League before, they won the 3rd division in 2018, were promptly relegated and won it again the year after before being relegated once again. NK Bled Sports Centre This is our home, not sure if thats the real name but the internet says that it is and the internet is always right. We are also apparently able to accommodate 500 of the most loyal NK Bled supporters in our stadium and I am hopeful we can show them some good times in t
  12. I am back with a new save, I am going to be starting with NK Bled NK Bled are now newly promoted and playing in the Slovenian 2nd League and this actually took me 54 resets of going on holiday to get them promoted. I really wanted to play as this team so I was persistent in getting it done. So I sat here and loaded, went on holiday, reset and repeated this 54 times to get it done. I then took them over on the 1st of July 2020 after they were promoted from the Slovenian Third League. Finally. The Town of Bled Bled, a Slovenian resort town in the foothills of the Julian Alps,
  13. I have been ready your adventure in Wales, I think a good reason this joint save has been great has been to see other peoples work and get interested again I kinda did the small thing with Metalist, took a 2nd div team to back to back wins in the Champions League. I am looking at clubs right now, Slovenia seems nice and they are a very tiny country, I also prefer the vanilla game and not imported DBs as I get paranoid they will break.. I really enjoy the Eastern Side of Europe, the West does not interest me. I have so much time on my hands right due to be home full time basically wit
  14. I really want to start a new save and story, this got me interested again. I thought about going with my other save but its basically completed now. I need an idea.....
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