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  1. Just had a read, interesting. Also pretty cool that SI have asked to see the save and have a look. I will need to see what Shakhtar and Dynamo have done but i feel like they are doing well, Shakhtar just sign 10 Brazilians each window Nice set up as well, any issues with the 2 x playmakers?
  2. Tough loss to Lyon, beating PSV is great. They are pretty strong. I am surprised you dethroned RBS so quickly! Fantastic result there. What tactics are you using?
  3. 2026/27 - Full squad Pretty happy with this lot going into season 8, we have made some obvious improvement. Many questions will be asked of the new guys, Lucho has to hold the back line together and I need Mario to hit the ground running at BBM. With Lozano now moving into Mezzala has to replicate the success Gimenez had here last season. For me as the manager, it will be very interesting to see how I am going to juggle the rules in the league, I have only 6 Ukrainians this season, its very low. Still however I am convinced this is my strongest squad in 8 seasons, I have high hopes and as per usual the quest is the Domestic Treble and Knockout Rounds of the Champions League. Thats it for today.... I'll be back in the Winter break with the next update.
  4. 2026/27 - Transfers Ricardo Canario I am going to start Canario next to Lucho, his heading ability is terrible but he’s a monster in the air physically. I need another Lucho to come along at some stage so I can have a really good locked down CB pairing. I am looking forward to using him on some attacking set prices, despite his heading being terrible he should at least be almost everybody to the ball. Vladysalv Kozynets Taking a punt on him, he looks ok and will give me a bench option to take Budkivskyi off the field in games we are dominating. Makes it a little easier for me and I am not going to need him to be “the man” Kyle Kewell I saw Kewell transfer listed for 59k and thought It was fairly low for a player of his ability and while I can probably not fit him in at the moment, we will try and get a loan for him. He might turn into something and we can make a profit on him. Ivan Mrzljak Similar story to Kewell, he was available for free and figured he was worth it to get in. He has some decent potential, I think we have a player here and want to work on him. Its just a shame not Ukrainian. Adrian Stan Quite expensive for a player I am taking a guess on, he’s been sent out to Illichivets a team in our league. I will keep an eye on him this season to see how he goes. I do need a right footed wide player so it could work out well
  5. 2026/27 - Transfers Lucho This is the player I have wanted for ages, he will be the linchpin to our defence. We had to pay through the roof on wages to get him but he’s here now and I can see him being an absolute star and a rock for us. Once I signed him I was not as upset about losing Urtuazun, Lucho is a better player and no doubt he improves the team Jose Mario Another fantastic player for us, he will move into the BBM role and Lozano will move over into the Mezzala role that has been vacated by the departure of Gimenez. Surprising that he’s able to play CM-AM and ST but he will likely never get a chance to play any of those roles for us. I could also retrain him to play Regista but we have Senoussi also learning and playing there and I would ideally like to play them both at the same time. Edenilson Here is our Vega replacement, he cost me more than we made on that sale but its cool. He joins his former Palmerias team mate Mario in Ukraine. Hopefully they are good friend off the pitch as well. The plan will be the same as last season and Lunin will get the majority of the league games and Edenilson will play the Champions League and Cup matches. Pablo Bombicino I am pretty excited about this guy, not sure what his best position is going to be but he has rapid pace can play all 4 attacking positions well. For now he will drop to the bench and get most games in the Champions League. Roberto Firmino Bobby Firmino is my favourite player in real life, I just had to get him when I saw him with no club. He will be nothing more than an impact sub but I love having him here with us.
  6. Season 8 - 2026/27 Season 2025/26 I am not giving up on Champions League glory, that is one thing you can count but did I think about giving up on my dumb ass owner? I would be lying if the thought of jumping ship to a rival (Olimpik Dontesk were in need of a manager) to annoy my board was not on my mind. However, I am super invested in this save and this team right now and I WILL get it done. Eventually. This summer window was without a doubt one the hardest for me as the manger in memory, I felt like we were making some serious gains last season and the players were starting to really turn it on. Unfortunately the board here at Metalist is not on the same path as myself (and you by proxy) and they have zero issues with cashing in on players to line their pockets. Part of me can reason and understand that we are small club from Ukraine and big money is big money but we are so close and on the verge of putting football in this country back on the map. Speaking about putting Ukraine football on the map, the Ukrainian FA sacked Andriy Shevchenko who had surprisingly been in charge this entire time despite some truly awful results. So they have approached me to take over, I actually didn’t hesitate, I accepted the job and I become the first ever “foreigner” manager of Ukraine football and I get to try and emulate Valeriy Lobanovskyi by making Ukraine relevant again in the football World. I will do a solid update on the state of the Nation later, probably at the winter break. I enjoy the fact the media is choosing to make fun of my loss to Kolos Kovalivka in 2025, the same year we won the Europa League. Whatever! 2026/27 - Transfers Where should I begin? We lost our best player Gimenez to Arsenal for 69 million, then the board accepted a quite frankly outrageously low 20 million for our GK Vega and to cap it off they also let Urtazun leave for West Ham for 24 million. I thought they were done but they accepted a bid for Senoussi of 21 million from Milan, however he decided to reject them and sign a new contract with us instead. Take that Mr Board Members!!! I really needed that win as hes our new best player and vital as our Regista, there is nobody I can replace him with. I also got to sell some players of my own choice as well!!! We let Infantino leave, 29 million was a great fee for him. Also allowed to leave was some fringe Ukrainian players who were getting no games and as the new National manager we have duty to get players actually playing. We took a hit on the 13 million paid for Tarasov only 12 months earlier. This did leave us stupidly rich (We had well over 220 million at one stage) and the board was silly enough to let me spend a huge chunk of it so I was going to ensure we did and I went to town on thier bank balance.
  7. Progress Tracker - 2026 Update I was getting confused and a little crazy about where I was and what has been completed so far. I decided to do stand alone progress tracking updates in a post of their own. I will update this at the end of each season in its own post. This is more for my own sanity and convenience. I have again requested the board to upgrade the Youth facilities and Youth Recruitment
  8. Tactical Review and Update I realised that I have not added much on the tactic side of the save, so lets have a look at this now. Tactic 1 - "False 9 False Dawn" In the first 6 seasons, I used the tactic and formation below all the way from the very first season and never made any major changes. It carried us from winning the Persha Liha in 2019/20 all the way to winning the Europa League in 2024/25. I really loved this formation, so did the players and especially the forwards. Majority of our goals were scored from the front pair, it was just terribly unstable at the back, we conceded thousands of through balls and lofted balls over the defenders but I was always mostly ok with this because we always usually scored more than they did. However at the end of the 6th season I had to make some decisions, we were never going to progress in Europe playing this brand of football so the decision was made to move on. Also it became obvious the change to the match engine had really put a dent in our play, when you set the team up to score from through balls and those are nullified then we had little to no choice. Things that worked; • Both forwards scored plenty of goals • The double DLP was fairly good at controlling the middle of the field, they dropped just deep enough to cover • Much Higher Line of Engagement – This was good at squeezing the opponent in their half • Extremely High Tempo – Domestically, it was too much for teams and we blasted them • The Wing back-A on the right he was my leading assists most seasons and if not him the WB- Support on the left was. • The F9 was unstoppable, nobody was picking him up and he created huge amounts of space for the Inverted Winger and AF Things that didn’t work; • Much Higher Line of Engagement – Yes it also was an issue, while it squeezed them in, this was the cause of the long/through balls and most of the goals we conceded. • Extremely High Tempo – Same as above but this time it was because the players where not talented enough. • The Winger Right – He was barely in the game, this was my mistake from having a Winger and a Wing Back on the same side. I also was lacking in quality right footed players. • Counter Press, more on this later but the issue was it was pushing our shape out of sync, it left us in a mess and open to rapid counter attack • The Double DLP, they were too basic and too one dimensional Tactic 2 - "Regista This" Last season saw the implementation of this, it meant we had to abandon our 2 forward formation and we really struggled to score goals, we saw Budkivskyi go from 48 goals then 33 goals the previous 2 season all the way down to 11, he finished behind the CM-A in the goals who had 19. The plan was to have the entire team contribute more to the play, instead of “get the ball to Budkivskyi” we tried to get the wide players involved and challenging the score board, I wanted the CM-A to also be a threat. It worked in a way but was not ideal and while the defence was much improved and more stable, we were congesting the box too much and could not unlock or create chances. Things that worked; • The Regista was great, he worked exactly how I wanted. He was tasked to dictate the play from deep. I had started with a Halfback in this spot but he was dropping far too deep for my liking, he barely got forward. I also tried a DM-S here as well, he was pretty good actually his pass first mentality was great but his passing was not penetrating enough for my liking. So we ended up with the Regista and he’s been perfect, he remains mostly vertical, has better range and penetration on his long balls and he holds the ball and dribbles forward with it. Hes perfect. • The BBM was also exactly what I wanted, I was after a player in the middle who would shuffle up and back and cover both defence and get close to the box. I did try the Carrillo but was too boring, I am not sure he did anything really. • Dropping both the Line of Engagement and Defensive line back to standard. This was a game changer, the amount of through balls and over the top long balls conceded basically vanished. • Distribution to Full-Backs and not the Centre-Backs, this allowed the middle 3 players to reset and didn’t force the Centre Backs and Regista to play the ball in the danger zone in front of he box. Having he Full-Backs get the ball meant they could grab it and zoom up the outside or play a direct ball to their wide partner further up. • Run at defence, I actually picked this up watching the AI and how they were beating me. They would dribble and dribble and dribble. So we went with …Run, Run, Run. It sends the defence into meltdown, they start back peddling and causes general mayhem. Things that didn’t work; • The Advanced Forward alone, this was stupid really. He has no support, nobody to help him. He needed the F9 or possibly a DLF/PF near him to get him open and into the space required to score. • Inside Forward – Left. Not sure why I did this because both Jeka and Sokol are left footed and this is not the best position for them and since they are required to start 90% of the games. This was not going to work. • Inverted Winger – Right. Basically the same as above. • Full team counter pressing. More on that in the next version. • Centre Midfield – Attack. This guy did score 19 goals, but he was just making more issues for me than I liked and he did score some penalties and free kicks. He also didn’t help in defence and would run like a mad man to the penalty spot and block my own players • The Complete Wing Back – Right. Just a little too adventurous for my liking, he had to be pulled back a little and told to calm down. Tactic 3 - "Revenge of the Regista" Here we are with updated season 8 system, I have a mirror image version of this tactic and I use that to play some of the bench/reserve players, they have right sided feet and the opposite side would be easier for them. Also I must say a handy feature for FM21 would be a mirror tactic button that can flip everything to the other side with a single click. With this I have taken the best bits from last season and modified the bad parts. However its not far off being the same system but with new roles and heavily modified individual instructions for most players. I didn’t want to abandon my 'team ball' system and try to revert back to a “get the ball to Budkivskyi” so we pressed on with some tweaks. Things that worked; • The trequartista, he has unlocked the movement that I was looking for from a lone forward. Being allowed to just move around and into the space that he decides and chooses is best, has been amazing for me. I did try an F9 here but he was going too far wide or deep and I think he needs a more advanced partner. The trequartista likes to sit just in the half spaces that annoy the AI and give them trouble. He wanders wide, then back in again. Hes basically a poacher with extreme movement. • The Mezzala, he has been such a better option than the Centre Midfield- Attack. He finds a good space and area of influence in the space the Inverted Winger leaves vacant after he cuts inside. He also does at least 10% more work without the ball than the CM-A, while not as much as the Support duty or CM-S would would do, its enough for me. • Adjusting the full team Counter Press, I have modified the back 4 and the Regista to not press (press less urgently) and honestly I was surprised how well that worked. This means they stay in their shape, they don’t run out to meet an attacker and form a sold back 4 and DM. The AI is having trouble breaking it down at the moment. What ends up happening is because they are solid and in shape they contain the attack and the other 4 players (IW, IF, BBM and MEZ) all press from behind them. It also stops them charging out and leaving space behind for a diagonal ball to slice up the middle. • Putting the Inside Forward and Inverted Winger on the correct side for the best players Things that didn't work – so far; • Set pieces defence is driving me insane • Stopping the marauding fullbacks from beating and going around/through 5 players to score
  9. I dont think I spent more than 1 million pounds combined in the first 3.5 seasons, I just signed up free agents and sold them on for profits. Its almost impossible to sell Ukrianian players, due to them being none-EU and the other leagues having rules.
  10. This guy is a stain on Football here in Australia. Why on earth hes at CCM...
  11. Give him some sand paper to file back the goal posts and he might.
  12. Thanks mate, I've just completed the summer and transfers In and Out. Your assumption is correct, infact they decided to sell 2 players. Then almost a 3rd but I offered him a new contract and he accepted it and has stayed. I've protested, the board didn't listen. I threatened to quit as well, they didn't care... I would have thought 4 straight league titles and I assume a 5th is coming this season and a Europa League win, I would at least give me some sway on this talks but NOPE...the board is money hungry. Interesting but there is now a new talk of a take over, not sure why? we are loaded and everything is good but if that happens maybe we will get a nicer board and owner? I'll have the update tomorrow after my tactics review.
  13. Wow great form in Europe! I think you can pinch the league, just beat RBS ... easy
  14. Season 2025/26 - In Review We started out with 5 trophies to win, we bring home 3 of those. We also saw our average attendance go up 7% this season, I would love to get that even higher again next season. Season 2025/26- End of Season Awards Season 2025/26 - Finances Obviously the sale of Mendez has done wonders to this, we are sitting at well over 100 million in the bank. The 4 wins in the Champions League and making it through to the first Knockout Round also boosted us more again. We also have a huge wage budget to play with, so it makes retaining players very easy for me at the moment Season 2025/26 - Final Review and Thoughts 7 seasons have flown here in the Ukraine, we have just completed probably our best season so far. We finally won the domestic treble, we won 4 games in the Champions League group and made it out for the first time. It was season of change in a way, we have implemented a new system (I will be doing a post on this before the start of the next season) and its been an improvement. We are scoring less goals, our forwards are scoring far far less but we are seemingly more solid but we will talk about this in my next post. I am actually typing this as I go through the next summer transfer window and what can I say? Without giving too much away but its left me quite down. If you scroll up, you will see our bank balance is over 100 million? Well right now, its over 200 million. The board has been doing their thing again. I won’t give too much away but safe to say I am a bit disappointed. I’ve never had a board like this in all my years playing FM, they are greedy little ***** … 1 Step forward and at least 2-3 steps back. No more updates today, I will do the tactics and system posts tomorrow. I am off to finish the summer window.
  15. Season 2025/26 - March and April Fixtures Season 2025/26 - Final League Table Sadly our run has come to an end, we didn’t have the required ability to get through RBL, we went down with a hard fought 2-1 loss away in Leipzig. Still proud of the team, we have taken yet another step forward this season. First time making out of the group, we won 4 games and actually looked and felt like a team that belongs in the competition. On the domestic front, we manage to win the crucial game against Dynamo Kiev, they actually had a poor month as they lost to us, draw another game and lost the final match of the season. It saw us take the title win a 9 point lead. Shakhtar fell into 4th place, a very bad season for them. They will no doubt make changes to their squad and manager. March and April also saw us retain the Kubok in mostly comfortable fashion, Olimpik Donetsk pushed us hard in the Quarter Final and we scored in injury time to progress. For Metalist, it was a strange season, I thought we were doing much worse than previous seasons but in the end we finished on our 2nd highest points total with 80 points and 26 wins is our 2nd highest as well. We scored 70 goals again this season and concede 14, slightly worse than last season. Also somehow this was the first time we have won the domestic treble of League, Super Kuboky and Kuboky Cup.
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