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  1. October (3 Wins, 3 Draws and 1 Loss) Not the worst month, we managed another 2 draws in the Europa League, making it a little harder to progress but we are not losing either. We get knocked out of the cup by Dinamo, the same result as last season but we did make some progress against them and we took a draw at thier home in the league. We did almost lose another game to Osijek this season, heading into HT at 1-0 down but we powered home to win 3-2 November (3 wins, 1 Loss) Burnley did a Burnley on us, we played really well in that game but it was not meant to be but we did however play well and managed against Gent so we are not out of this race yet. It will come down to the last game of the season at home to Gladbach. League Table Basically just us and Dinamo baring anything crazy happening after the winter break... Europa League So it will be a winner takes all game against Gladbach in the final group game, we played well enough in Germany against them so no reason we cant do that again at home.
  2. Squad - 2020-21 Here is the full squad that we started the new season with, I have played some games but yet to do the update for them so you can see the playing stats for the first few games, at the moment Markovic, Casap and Caktas are leading the way performance wise. We have some good depth in all positions as well. July (2 Wins and 2 Losses) Was a messy preseason to be honest, I was trying to implement a new system so the results were a little ugly but we played well in patches. In the Champions League we to get passed Rapid to progress to the next round, we totally dominated them at home much to my surprise and I wanted a 2 goal lead and we ended up with 3! Lucky for us because we played terrible in Vienna and to my amazement it took a 92 min OG from our former player Vucur to get us through on goal difference..rigged or not? Our reward for this was a trip to Kiev to play Dynamo Kiev who are surely a little stronger. In the league we started with a nice win and then a limp loss at home to Osijek (our first loss at home under my mangement I think) so its not the best start but the players are still working on our new tactic and formation. August (6 Wins, 2 Draws and 1 Loss) In August we started to click a little more, we had 5 wins in the league including another epic at home to Dinamo, we just love these home games to Dinamo but winning is winning!! In the Champions League we had a 1-1 draw at home to Kiev and I thought we were done here to be honest but another miracle performance we came back from 1-0 down to win 2-1 with Casapas adding the late winner to seal it. Next up was not easier either and we would play the powerful PSV. We started at home yet again and just like Kiev we didnt do anything with that advantage, back in Holland well our luck ran out and this time it was PSV getting a lucky winner we conceded a stupid dumb penalty in the 2nd half to win 1-0 and skip through to the main draw. Very frustrating as we actually played very well against them... so off to the Europa group stages for us Europa Group Draw Fairly strong group, same as last season and we will aim to win at home and sneak out of the group. September (4 Wins and 1 Draw) Some good form in the league but the 2-2 draw at home to Gent was less than ideal but Markovic as been in great form, Zahovic was injured so he had to step in and has been great for us with 7 goals in 8 games! League Table Were cruising on top at the moment, 9 wins from 10 games. We have a game against Dinamo coming up next month away from home and if we can win that we will have a strong advantage. Around the league - "BIG 3" Dinamo, they were knocked out in the Champions League qualifying rounds by Hungarian champions Ferencvárosi, a little disappointing from them to be honest and so they will join us in the Europa League group stages. They had huge summer in the transfer market as well and sold 37.5m worth of players and spent just close to 16m on some new talent. They still have the best squad in the league and thats not changing soon. Osijek, they wont play in Europe this season after being comprehensively beaten by Real Sociedad in the Europa qualifiers. I do feel sorry for them a little as they are really just a feeder club and they lose many good talents and that does include a few players to us. I am also looking at couple more of their young youth. Sorry.... Rijeka, they are in the Europa League again this season after they snuck through some tough rounds in the qualifiers. They actually have an easier group than both Dinamo and us so will be interesting to see how they perform. Nothing of note for them transfer wise either, they have been very quite on that front.
  3. Transfers Out - 5.75m A huge amount of players have left us, not many that brought in considerable cash for the bank but we needed to trim the players down we had at the club. The most notable players out were Edouk, Jairo and my backup keeper Duka. There was a few other fringe players from the first team but mostly it was all players from the 2nds or youth squads. I was quite happy with the sale of loan player Guyrcso for 1.1m as this was basically free money and a good amount for our club Transfers In - 6.25m Despite sending 16 players out, we have had only had 7 come in. Florinel Coman The first of the 3 Romanian players signed, he will likely start straight away and will improve from here. He becomes our joint highest ever transfer along with Bockaj. Hes another player who is quite versatile so thats also really good for us. Carlo Casap I had some experience with him in a test save I was doing before my main save, so I knew he was decent and when he became available to sign for free, it was a no brainer. I have switched my tactic around a bit for this season and we needed an extra option to play Mezzala as we are going to try using 2. As you can see hes already bagged 7 goals in 9 games so at the moment its a validated and great move. Jovan Markovic The scouts found this guy and thought he was good, I was not sure but decided to bring him in anyway and create a little friendship group of Romanians. It was a low fee and low risk, he will had depth and slightly more height upfront as our current forwards are very short. Ijiel Protti Backup froward option, he may even actually be our starting option but for now hes going to play off the bench and learn the system and language. Hes got great determination and I liked that about him, hopefully he can do a job for us and score a few goals. I will also train him to play out wide as well to give us cover. Veljko Nikolic I was not aware and maybe its my fault for being stupid but Serbia is not in the EU yet so hes going to count as 1 of our foreign players this season (I signed 2 Serbians actually) but hes a good option and rotation player for Mezzala. The scouts rated him highly so I was going to take a chance and for the fee, I am sure he will be able to be sold on for profit at some stage. I am putting many eggs into my new formation as most of the middle players now are more attacking and less all round types who can play B2B but lets see how it goes. Filip Stevanovic My 2nd Serbian is a 2 footed wide forward, hes super young but seems to have some talent. He will get some games of the bench and rotate to give Coman a rest. We sold most of our former wide forwards so I had to bring in some bodies but I am a bit worried we have over paid on him as 1.4 is not a small fee for us at the moment. Davor Lovren I actually wanted to sign him but the finances were out of our reach, so we settled for a loan. He will back up Bockaj for the moment and we are happy with such a quality player to join us on loan who can add some extra pace, flair and dribbling out wide. He adds to the former Dinamo academy players to join our ranks and help us topple their former club. Finances At the close of the window we are still looking good here, I have some cash in the bank that I can try and use in Jan should a player come to mind or we need to add some extra players for a push on the title. Will also increase this with some European action as well
  4. I have around 27 leagues and countries loaded, I like a good big save with lots of players There is so many good players at Osijek -Bockaj, Pilj, Satalo and Kuzminski are great players to build a base around. Mirko Maric is a very good forward as well for this level and a player I have tried to bring in but hes the only player they dont seem interesterd to sell. He was 2nd in the league for goals last season.
  5. Nice job! you are doing impressive in Europe. Dragan Ivanovic is doing well at slotting straight in as well, I was just looking at him in my save so its good to see him performing and he was steal at that price.
  6. How is the output from the double Mezzala going?
  7. Season Review Team Vision Update Looking good so far, they still dont expect me to win the league so I have some pressure lifted from that. Making the 3rd qualifying round will be the hardest challenge for the immediate future. I really need Dinamo to do well in Europe as I want to get an automatic Champions League spot for the league. Croatian Prva Liga team of the season Probably no real surprises there, Dinamo were very dominate but I really only expected Caktas to make it. David Colina was a surprise but he was actually pretty solid so not an unrealistic choice. I have sent some scouts to have a look at Mirko Maric from NK Osijek as well Mijo Caktas An outstanding season from Caktas, he takes home his 2nd successive league top goal scorer award. Hes been an absolute monsters from the Mezzala position and hes an expert dead ball player as well so hes almost invaluable to our side. Hes now wanted by a few big clubs so I really want to keep hold of him, we would move backwards a fair bit if we did end up losing him. Petar Bockaj A solid debut season for our current record signing Bockaj, he played as the Inside Forward right and was very crucial to our success. He does have a but of a temper on him, he demanded to be the free kick taker, then he was upset at some of my team talks and hes currently unhappy with me in general. I l really love how versatile he is as well and with 12 goals and 7 assists in his first season then I think we can justify the record spend on him, we will push him to be even better next season and take us and himself to another level. Josip Juranovic Our Captain fantastic, he reminds me of Andy Robertson actually as he just never has a bad game, hes just so consistent and him chimes in with quite a few assists as well. Hes never going to a world beater at his position but his level of consistency and performance is exactly what we need and expect from our Captain. Full Squad Review I will go over the transfers in another post but as you can see, there is 3 players already marked as transfer arranged. There is however likely 5-7 players from the above squad moving out. Zahovic had a decent if unspectacular debut season in Croatia, hes still learning the language and its a step up in class for him. Is he the man to move us forward and win the league? probably not. Is he the best forward that actually wants to join or we can afford? very likely. I will be putting some focus into this potion during the summer but from my early scouting, its going to be hard to get a better starter as the 2-3 that I did want also didn't even want to enter negotiations with us... Josip Posavec won the goalkeeper of the season award with 19 clean sheets, not bad for him when you consider the Croatian number 1 and 2 both play at Dinamo for the moment and hes yet to win a single cap of his own. Tonio Teklic, I really like this kid and he played well in the games he backed up Caktas at Mezzala, hes not ready to take over full time in the position but its good to have him there and learning from the master. I am looking at an idea of changing the system and this could mean that they both can start. Mainly because Marin Pilj didn't really impress at B2B when he was backing up our now departed loan Star in Filip Bradaric I am hoping to use the summer to solidify some of the positions, the main areas will be upfront, inside forward and a classy centre back. At the moment from my early scouting its going to be quite hard, I want to bring in Croatians but the ones better than ours all play at Dinamo or in other leagues better so they dont want to come or we dont have the funds. I am looking at an idea of possibly raiding the local clubs to strengthen my home grown players at depth as my first 11 is pretty set and we just need some quality backups, then once i have a solid foundation we can explore outside the league and other nations. I really want to try and target players who are Eastern European and a small contingent of South Americans. The plan sounds ok in my head from now but we will see how it goes, I am going to start with cleaning up the club a little first anyway as we are overstocked in all 3 teams from 1st, 2nd and youth. Other Club News Attendance Hooray! At least the fans love coming to the games. Our stadium holds more than double this amount so hopefully we can keep getting more bums on seats! Finances Pretty healthy going here, hoping to supplement this more with some player sales and a decent run in one of the European competitions Champions League Draw Hmmm... they are much better than us for sure. They finished 2nd in the Austrian Bundesliga last season behind RB Salzburg. The plan here is simple really, I have to get a decent home win the first leg, we very likely wont get a win in Vienna so a decent 2 goal minimum advantage is going to be needed
  8. March (3 Wins and 2 Losses) Despite getting a win over Dinamo, March is going to be where we lost the title race. We had 2 very weak and inexplicable defeats that were rather annoying and weak. The only slight joy I can take is that we split the season games with Dinamo in the league 2-2 and both teams winning their respective home games. Slaven Belupo have given us alot of trouble this season, they took their 2nd win over us and NK Osijek were just better than us on the day. April (5 Wins and 1 Loss) We bounced back into form here and won all the games in the league, we did have a terribly bad day against Dinamo in the cup and they knock us out in the Semi. We are still scoring quite freely but if Caktas, Bockaj and Zahovic dont score or play well then we usually really struggle to make an impact on games. May (1 Win, 1 Draw and 1 Loss Final month of the season and after we beat bottom placed Nk Varazdin I rotated the squad out and played some players I wanted to have a better look at so I am not too unhappy with the results. We were far away from Dinamo and well above 3rd place in the league so I felt it was safe enough. To be honest, I actually expected to beat Inter Zapresic but it was not meant to be. Final League Table Manager Thoughts I would be lying if I said that I was totally happy with the final table, we did equal our best ever points total for as season with 78 (This was the same as 2004-05 when Hajduk won the league) so this itself does represent progress. We didn't drop a home league game all season either and this is also very positive so I should be mostly happy with the progress as we finished 2nd and our best performance for 7 seasons. Dinamo is crazy strong for this league, they have an almost unbeatable domestic team, they are the only domestic club with players in the full Croatian national squad at the moment and if you look down the International youth squads, they have a ridiculous amount of players in all the age groups and dominate 60-70% of those squads so they have insane depth and can easily swap and replace players at will. Hajduk will now contest the Champions League qualifying rounds and try to make the group stages. I just really need to find a way to pull some miracle wins, I know from my CSKA Sofia save that if you can make the group stages every early then it sets you up for success, even if you get smashed and lose all the games in the first few seasons but you need that lovely Champions League cash and reputation to push the club forward. Dinamo have lots of talent and seemingly lots of cash as I have just seen them spend over 12m already before the season ended on some reinforcements for next season and the window is not even open (Looks like they will lose Dani Olmo as well but this will give them a huge transfer budget and he was not that great for them either last season so it wont matter too much) With our transfers, I am not 100% sure the direction I will take as the early transfer budget is actually not too bad at almost 9m but we have limited wages to wiggle with and the few early bids on players was a failure because those who could improve us also didn't want to join.
  9. January (4 Wins and 1 Draw) Nothing really to report here, all friendly games but we did snatch a cheeky win over Bayern. There was also no transfer activity in January either, we have no money to spend and I didn't send anybody out. The only news was that Ivan Bulos was out of contract at the end of the season and he decided hes was one and done with Croatia wanted to head home to Peru so hes going to leave on a free. I was likely going to sell him anyway so its slightly annoying to not be able to get some cash in the bank. Seems to be bit of a journey man as it will be his 10th club and hes only 27... February (4 Wins, 2 Draws and 2 Losses) Back to the real action, we failed in the first game of the 2nd part of the season and Dinamo took us down. This really hurts as they will now have full control of the league title. In the Europa League we had a decent home draw with Napoli, I thought we actually played well in that game but I knew we were undeafted at home and unfortunately they had more class and knocked us out back in Naples. I guess I can take away that they didn't blow us away and it was mostly competitive. League Table We are probably really out of the race for the title now, we have 1 more game against Dinamo to go but they also need to lose another game at the very least. Dinamo did sell one of their better players in January in Bruno Petkovic for 10m but that will either slow them down or help them more if they invest it wisely.
  10. I am looking at doing Serbia next time and taking down Red Star. It looks like a fun FM career.
  11. I did try to find a loan option forward in January but nobody wanted to come. I'll try to work it out in the summer, more so now that Ivan Bulos has decided hes not happy here and want to go home to Peru
  12. December and Winter Break (3 Wins and 1 Draw) A great month, no defeats and we secured a nice win in the Europa League. Much better with our defence as well, I made some changes to the tactic to try and be more solid at the back and it seems to have worked but it hurt our attack. Europa League We ended our Europa League group campaign with the home win against Spartak, this then pushed us into 2nd place and the passage out of the group into the next rounds. Was quite the messy and interesting group in the end, Frankfurt came dead last and didn't win a game, we finished 2nd with only 2 wins and Sporting didn't lose a game. Will be interesting to see if we can make it through the next phase, the money and reputation boost is also nice. Have drawn against Napoli in the next round so I will be surprised to get through this Squad Update Mijo Caktas has been the best player of the season so far, Josip Juranovic has also been solid in the Right Wing Back slot, hes also our captain so seeing him perform well can only be good for the team. I am a little unhappy with the output from the forwards, they are not scoring enough. Most of the goals are coming from the Inside Forwards and the middle central midfielders Finances Still nice and healthy, we have no funds to spend in January but it should be ok for now. Club Vision We are on course and the board is pleased with the progress so far, they only wanted me to make the 4th round of qualifying of the Europa League and we have achieved more by progressing from the group. Ourselves and Rijeka are the only sides from Croatia still playing in Europe, Dinamo didn't make it through the champions league playoffs and Osijek came 3rd in their Europa League Group. Rijeka have an easier draw against Viktoria Plzen in the next round so I am hoping they can make it through to help the reputation of the league.
  13. October (3 Wins, 1 Draw and 2 losses) October was less than ideal, we got spanked by Spartak in the Europa League and then Sporting also were a class above and we were no match for them. We managed a couple of nice routine wins in the league and the cup. Were struggling in defence quite a bit at the moment, while we have kept some clean sheets that has more been luck and some good form from our GK. November (1 Win, 2 Draws and 1 Loss) Our form really took a nose dive this month, we were again spanked by Sporting in the Europa League but bounced back slightly to give Frankfurt another tough game and we pinched a point. We need to find a way to turn the form around. I might need to revisit the tactic a little and make some changes. League Table We are still in 2nd place in the league and now also starting to pull away from the pack with Dinamo to make it a 2 horse race for the moment.
  14. Wow nice work on 19 seasons already! Making Hong Kong a powerhouse is going to be one almighty challenge! Best of luck
  15. The 3.Bundesliga is a good place to start this year. So many good and interesting stories with 1.FCK, 1860 Munich (always a great save) and I FC Ingolstadt who have gone from Bundesliga 2 years ago and straight down twice!
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