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  1. I wish Australia had a player like this! We might actually score goals for once! I actually saw him in my turn, he moved for a huge sum of money but I thought it was PSG
  2. I am doing the same, I did however plug my gaming laptop into the monitor and not the work one.... thats how its meant to be right?
  3. Nice! I love Columbia, its a great place to visit. Medellin is also a cool city
  4. I have been ready your adventure in Wales, I think a good reason this joint save has been great has been to see other peoples work and get interested again I kinda did the small thing with Metalist, took a 2nd div team to back to back wins in the Champions League. I am looking at clubs right now, Slovenia seems nice and they are a very tiny country, I also prefer the vanilla game and not imported DBs as I get paranoid they will break.. I really enjoy the Eastern Side of Europe, the West does not interest me. I have so much time on my hands right due to be home full time basically wit
  5. I really want to start a new save and story, this got me interested again. I thought about going with my other save but its basically completed now. I need an idea.....
  6. Crazy hahah ... did you play strikerless? Nice job doing what I failed! Well done. Very happy seeing some of the pieces I added doing so well in Gacic, Bahi, Matkovic, Sloboda and Garcia!
  7. What happened to Brnic? from 51 goals to nothing?
  8. Final Update and Handover Well we came up short in the Champions League final, was a magical run to be fair. We really are not that good but got lucky. We completed the invincible league title, retained the Cup as well. Finances Surely @Makoto Nakamura can win it with these funds available? and the file will be in his inbox ASAP Final Squad Stats and Notes The final 23 man squad as we finished the season, we have big hopes for the future. Zezelj, Dobric and Bahi are future stars, they will only become better again next season. I actually think that Bahi is go
  9. Champions League Final I am very sorry guys! we lost the final This were going very well early on but they had a little too much class and they finished us off in the 78th minute, we will have to wait to add the European Champions League to our Asian title. Anyway it means @Makoto Nakamura can swoop in and win it next season. May Fixtures I will do a final hand over post and get the file sent over to @Makoto Nakamura at some stage in the next few hours or so.... I will not hit continue from this date. May 28th. 2028
  10. Basically yes, I was going to play Petrovic out there as hes left footed and can play that side but Busnja just started banging in goals and creating havoc, it was really hard to swap him out. I didn't have the heart to do it... I also did the same thing in my Metalist save, we played with a right footed player at IF-right and it just worked? What I think happens is because he is right footed, if he cant cut inside as hes meant to...then at least hes got his best foot ready to cross? thats all I can think to make sense. He scores when cutting in and gets assits when the lanes are blo
  11. We will have to play Barcelona and play them in their house..... they dont have Messi and are 2nd in the table to Real Sociedad...yes not Madrid but Sociedad... Cant be that hard?
  12. Not really and hes playing inside forward with a right foot on the right hand side..... hes got laser crossing and teamwork. He gets into the positions.
  13. Assists you ask? Also both Wing backs have 15 and 14 each
  14. Champions League final anybody?
  15. The kids a monster.... was nice find you made.
  16. April Fixtures Well after that crazy excitement we had to get back to the other matches this month, we had the Semi Final of the Hrvatski Nogonetni Kup against Dinamo to play and win and we will go on and play Zadar in the final. We also had the away leg against Liverpool to deal with and after the first 15 mins I thought it was going to be another one of those games but it slowed down and we get the 2-1 away win. Amazing result. In the other Semi Final we saw Barcelona at home to Spurs and would play out a 1-1 draw. The rest of April, no change from the normal. I
  17. What on earth did I just watch?!?!? 2 goals...after 90 mins to get through? I have no idea what just happened but that was a wild wild ride.....
  18. April Fixtures Sorry.... Was tough game, fairly even so maybe back at home?\
  19. March Fixtures Smash and grab anybody? 90+1 minute.... Javairo Dilrosun for Inter is a monster player, he ran us around. I had to man mark him for most of the game and deploy and DM to stop them running up the middle. Champions League Next up another Italian side Napoli, they are 4th in Serie A and just 1 place above Inter. They have Moise Kean and Lozano who will be a worry for us with their speed on the break. Champions League Semi Final Draw Lyon getting passed Liverpool would be ideal, should we beat Napoli... Here is how the Champion
  20. Im working on it, all will depend on the Inter game. If we get knocked out, we likely can as we can rest players. Will know in about an hour...
  21. January and February Fixtures So Inter were good, better than I thought and Haaland scored 2 goals. We made it 2-2 but its 2 away goals, I have time to fix this as the return game is middle of March January Table Back to back? Looking pretty good. There is still 11 games to go, I would like to hit 100 goals.
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