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  1. Really appreciated that insight, it did actually make me realise that I dont have a creator or some flair from the middle to actually play the balls forward. So I made some changes, the result of the first game was a resounding 6 demolition using the below set up. In this game we had 32 shots of which 16 were on target and the other team had 0. As you can see I have added a CM-A to the middle of the park to move the ball forward and give the defenders something to think about. Then I narrowed the attacking width and played through the middle. I moved a CB into the HB role to help cover the space left by the on rushing CM-A (Possibly a DLP-S would be better as he will step into the middle) and then I made the left side WB into an IWB to also come inside to help cover this space. The goals came from CM- A x 2 and both IF had 2 goals each. The forward, he failed to score but did seem to get more touches and then had a better overall game. He was used as a poacher as I still want him to occupy the middle of the defence to allow my IF guys to run havoc. In the 2nd game since the change, we again totally dominated. We beat the 2nd best team in the league easily 2-0 (a team who somehow have beaten me in the last 2 domestic cup finals WTF!) but we managed an easy 2-0 with them also not having a single shot on goal but most pleasing was that my CM-A he actually hit a long through ball over the top to my forward for a simple 1 on 1 and he scored! (I would have been ok if he missed I was just excited for the chance to happen) I can see that I am probably overloading the left a little, I want to balance it out more.
  2. Need a little advice on my tactic below, I am not able to any way get my lone forward to score goals. Some background; I’m playing as CSKA Sofia I’m in the 4th season, I have won 3 straight league titles and made it to the first knock out round of the CL and in this current 4th season we are top of our group with 1 loss We are currently 75 games unbeaten in the league My inside forwards both score well over 20 goals a season and 15 + assists. I almost always dominate possession 60/40 is about the average I almost without fail have 10-15 + “shots” on goal and about 7-10 on target Majority of the goals scored are from the inside forwards running on the wing, either cutting in and beating a man and slotting the goal or they cross/shoot and the other inside forward gets the goal The B2B midfielders also score, usually if the above fails and the there is a rebound in the box or more often it will come from just outside the box and a long drive My forwards are not terrible. I have a 22 year old that cost me 6m and before joining us he had 11 goals in 18 games in the EPL and my other forward is a 21 year old South American regen who all the top 10 biggest clubs in Europe are chasing for 15m +. One forward is a really short poacher style and the other is a moderately tall and efficient header but has pretty good feet as well. They both have decent pace. This was an old save that I just started playing again with the latest update I know I am being selfish as we are obviously performing but it’s just frustrating. If we go a man down, I always take the forward off and play with nobody up front and we have never lost or had an issue playing with 10 men. Things I have tried; I have dropped the engagement line down along with the defensive line both into standard and lower to see if that helped. My theory was that the final 3rd was very congested. This made zero difference in 5 games apart from we started to lose the possession battle. I have tried the Inside forwards on support I have tried the inside forwards on support and the wingbacks on attack I have used every version of the forward on attack duty Tried to remove the “work ball in to the box” I have tried positive mentality I removed the run at defense (I assumed this would stop the inside forwards running to the edge of the 18 yard box and doing their usual beat a man or shot/pass to the other inside forward How I wanted to play is almost perfect, however I would have thought that if the inside forwards are bombing forward up the field and have the chance to cross/through ball/lob or pass into space or the forward has a chance to make a run in behind that he would do so. But all he seems to do is that he runs around in circles and does almost nothing. They both have a single goal from open play, from memory both were rebounds from corners. Ideally, I want the forward to be hanging around the box, waiting for a killer ball or be open for a pass at the edge/top of the box. Next steps; I’m going to try the CMs on support. I don’t care if they score 0 goals, their main role in my mind is to press and counter press, recycle the ball and just block the middle. I do enjoy the goals they score, its handy as sometimes the inside forwards can have an off day. However I just want them to be James Milner. I wanted to play with 3 at the back just for something different, we are very solid at the back, almost nobody in the league can penetrate us. My next thought is that if I play with AMC then it might create space for the forward as they will have to drop a defender deeper to cover him but in my league almost all the teams will play a DM and sometimes even 2 x DMs I am tempted but it will be tricky to use wingers and not inside forwards but none of the 4 quality inside forwards I have at my disposal have the best stats to play wing as their crossing is lower than it could or should be. I am wondering if I play a deeper forward if that will then cause him to get more space and time on the ball by dropping deep to collect it and then hopefully he can get some touches at least? I might try removing the distribute to fullbacks and then select play through the middle Strangle but I am a Liverpool fan and we are actually playing very much like them, I have the Salah and Mane of the Bulgarian league. If I moved the 3rd CB to the DM and played a DLP on defend we would probably have the perfect Klopp recreation in terms of shape and style but I just want my forward to be more of a contributor, even Firmino manages to get a few goals and I would take 10 or so but 1 at the halfway point is terrible. Here is the reset default version and all feedback is welcome.
  3. Great season mate! Finally up into the Bundeslegia! - Do you need to make many changes to survive or do you think the current squad is good enough to stay up?
  4. Going off my save, most of the teams who are AI managed and come up are just plain terrible and bounce down pretty much straight away but your squad has far better quality than those. I think you will easily survive. You just need a good first season to get some good cash rolling in.
  5. So close! but next season surely you are easily in the promotion talk. The teams coming down dont look to scary either.
  6. You can also right click and auto size all columns. They will then all fit into a single page.
  7. Dunav are quite annoying in my save as well. Some games they just turn up and play.
  8. Good luck! I'll be keeping an eye on this due to my CSKA save
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