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  1. There were also standalone versions for CM2 that had Euro leagues I'm sure - Italy, Spain, Germany... and there might have been a Scandanavian version (the only CM other than original CM1 I didn't own). Not sure where this fits in with the wiki but I'm sure it was CM2. CM1 only had Italia.
  2. Think you might be right. IIRC 97/98 might have had a whole 9 leagues to choose from (ofc only 1 selected per game)... England / Scotland / Italy / Spain/ Germany / France / Belgium / Portugal / Holland... I love testing my memory with CM! Few things I can't remember which may rattle a few brains: Which edition had the cheat to become International Manager at start by typing in the current International manager as your name (e.g. Glenn Hoddle)? Which edition allowed you get players for free by bidding £50m to get it accepted straight away (rather than considered), before lowering it down to
  3. Still early days, but does 10% workload on idividual training have the same effect as 10% workload on normal training? What I'm getting at is: should we be sending all our youth players onto individual "quickness" training now, and would this be enough of a markup on the standard schedules for younger players to feel the physical benefit.
  4. The only real change seems to be GK split and crossing. Interesting the visual representation is still insistant that natural fitness belongs to strength and flair belongs to ball control: still confident these can't be trained?
  5. Focus can be to however many decimal places you want. It's just a name to help understand the rate of training for each attribute group, so is easier to understand in whole numbers when discussing via forum.
  6. I would say this is unlikely based on the presumed low CA weighting for all set piece attributes (other than crossing), I'm basing this on assumption rather than knowledge so correct me if I'm wrong. However, if workload is added into this correlation it might be worth considering. I'd take it easy SFraser though, no doubt we'll need your help with FM11 more than putting the finishing touches on this!
  7. Would love this as addition tbh, yes I want my strikers to swap positions but not instructions! This is the one reason I never swap positions (especially in classic, as two players instructions are rarely identical). Please add this to the suggestions for FM11.
  8. Depends if your tactic is good or whether it is made to look good by the match engine. i.e. if it's well balanced tactic creating a variety of chances then yes, the match engine never changes drastically. If for example it's built to exploit the the chances through the middle problem (which is being tweaked) it will probably look poor.
  9. That means you're wasting attributes for the rest of your AMCs, much better to stick him on his own individual schedule which adds focus to set pieces. My current schedules are one for each position (DRL, DC etc.), plus one for each player who likely to be a set piece taker.
  10. My personal opinion is that training is too heavy for young players: by having such a high workload and requiring such high relative aerobic training to ensure attributes are distributed physically, the risk of injuries is too great for me.
  11. *edit have rephrased my entire post from earlier iteration to make more sense, although probably not by much!* Why does reflexes get counted in aerobic for outfield players when it is a pure GK attribute? All other GK specific attributes do not get counted if we go by your attribute per category volumes (and the UI discounting composure/concentration) so was wondering if you'd checked reflexes is definately a factor for outfield aerobic training Furthermore, can goalkeepers not train attacking given passing/creativity are key for sweeper keepers (again the ui doesn't display it...)
  12. Yeah, thank goodness otherwise Bowen would be out of control!
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