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  1. That was the season where he did step overs all the time, followed by a stumble of course In all seriousness, Vassell wasn't anywhere near as good as the players you quote - but really did do quite well for England as an impact sub and was worthy of the caps he earned.
  2. Darius of course, none of those mentioned above could even dream of replicating this: [video=youtube;pylvClSFO0g]
  3. Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    Maybe Evra can change his complaint to sexual harassment then if Suarez alledgedly said it 10 times in the match.
  4. Forum bug?

    Same here..
  5. phil jones on patch 11.3

  6. Wilshere/Walcott... Arsenal defending setpieces Hart should have got it, but wall has to be blamed, boooo penalty
  7. Gooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllll!
  8. Horrific decision that Richards isn't back in the full squad yet
  9. I like 3, can tie in nicely with past experience as well (starting xp)
  10. I think City's budget at game start is too high tbh given the players we've brought in (and difficulty in offloaing new signings such as Balotelli given he's just arrived), but that's more for the data issues forum.
  11. Financial Fair Play Rules

    I can't see the feature working until the financial system has been overhauled to reflect real life. e.g. in real life if a player is bought for 30m on a 5 year contract, on the accounts this is booked as 6m every year for 5 years (which is why purchases such as Torres and Dzeko will still have an effect FFP in real life)
  12. Fed up

    Seriously, it's your tactics. You need to start playing someone in goal.