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  1. That was the season where he did step overs all the time, followed by a stumble of course In all seriousness, Vassell wasn't anywhere near as good as the players you quote - but really did do quite well for England as an impact sub and was worthy of the caps he earned.
  2. Darius of course, none of those mentioned above could even dream of replicating this: [video=youtube;pylvClSFO0g]
  3. Maybe Evra can change his complaint to sexual harassment then if Suarez alledgedly said it 10 times in the match.
  4. Wilshere/Walcott... Arsenal defending setpieces Hart should have got it, but wall has to be blamed, boooo penalty
  5. Horrific decision that Richards isn't back in the full squad yet
  6. I would guess so, the previous edition of FM had the interaction released to the media rather than "private chat" so the commentary problably hasn't been changed since, it is purely cosmetic this bit though so wouldn't worry.
  7. There were also standalone versions for CM2 that had Euro leagues I'm sure - Italy, Spain, Germany... and there might have been a Scandanavian version (the only CM other than original CM1 I didn't own). Not sure where this fits in with the wiki but I'm sure it was CM2. CM1 only had Italia.
  8. It is to do with hidden personality stats - I'm not sure which though (professionalism perhaps?). It doesn't matter though - it's learning how each player reacts. A players reaction to a comment is half the story, but the key thing is what happens to the players morale - which will either increase or decrease for praise/criticism. What I do is make a note of a players reaction (morale) and ajust accordingly next time round (if a player reacts badly to "decent" with 7 average, I'll criticise him next time round with that average) - for the longer term praise/criticism (i.e. over 5 games, see player 5 game form) this works fine, but may be a bit touchier with single game praise (it may be relative to team average rating for the match rather, I haven't tested last game praise really). Finally: Always praise a few days before a game, you want the morale boost to still be in effect on match day Never praise or citicise players with superb morale - you have nothing to gain but morale to lose.
  9. Think you might be right. IIRC 97/98 might have had a whole 9 leagues to choose from (ofc only 1 selected per game)... England / Scotland / Italy / Spain/ Germany / France / Belgium / Portugal / Holland... I love testing my memory with CM! Few things I can't remember which may rattle a few brains: Which edition had the cheat to become International Manager at start by typing in the current International manager as your name (e.g. Glenn Hoddle)? Which edition allowed you get players for free by bidding £50m to get it accepted straight away (rather than considered), before lowering it down to £0 the same day?
  10. That's my concern as well. I haven't played much as I'm essentially waiting for patch 2, but I'm currently visualising 3 formations at the moment for my career game (433 central 3 strata, 442 narrow diamond, and possibly one utilising wide players). I have no problem sacrificing formation knowledge for versatility in formations, but when I have to sacrifice learning a strategy on my main formation as a result of this I'm not too pleased.
  11. Excellent post, we need more of these from your good self again. Match prep still seems a bit confusing though. If I have a 442 do I need to utilise all 3 versions to maximise learning of strategies (e.g. attacking, defensive, control). If I opted for just focusing on 1 for the match ahead but changed this frequently (e.g. attacking one week, control the next) does knowledge of the original strategy completely unlearn or if would it be still in the background slowly unlearning?
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