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  1. I'm very tempted to start a Parma save
  2. From what I've seen he's definitely got more about him than Carroll and Mason. It's only early days though.
  3. I've just had a player get injured and get a hernia falling from a ladder whilst moving some boxes in the loft
  4. I don't know why people get so annoyed about beta issues. Surely during the next two weeks we're all glorified testers spotting bugs and making notes of staff and players to buy and then starting again on the proper release day?
  5. 31 and been playing since CM2. I've actually been playing CM01/02 a lot recently after the Everton story on The Set Pieces.
  6. I have Kane, Lucas Lima, N'Jie and Lamela all injured. I can't buy a win and am having an absolute Weston.
  7. I have players on my shortlist but I not get notified when other clubs bid for them.
  8. Annoyingly I can't sell Fazio to Man Utd for £20m like I did in the beta!
  9. I find Udinese have got good scouts, a few didn't want to leave and come to England though.
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