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  1. Haha that's amazing! I once bought Libor Kozak on the basis his height and heading were excellent, without realising he was a striker and not a defender...! I decided to put him on intensive positional retraining and dumped him in the reserves. Took many seasons of unhappiness and missed training before he even became remotely competent at it, so how you managed Reina is incredible
  2. I'm the same as the OP in that I look into things like geographical location as well as club history, colours, crest, etc. Favourite careers (across all FM games): 1) Melilla (FM 15) Melilla is one of two Spanish enclaves on the northern coast of Morocco. They play in the Segunda Division B4, and are essentially penniless. Through selling off nearly the entire squad and replacing them with loanees, before reassembling a squad once finances had stabilised, I took them to La Liga and somehow won the Copa Del Ray in 2020/2021, knocking out Real Madrid after being utterly battered across both legs. 2) Wigan (FM 10) A newspaper article once jokingly pointed out how Roberto Martinez was trying to turn Wigan into a great team with the sole use of Latin American and Scottish players. I've tried on a number of games to take this to its extreme, literally only using Scottish or Latin American players as well as coaches. The first season is always the hardest, flogging all the players who are the wrong nationality regardless of their ability before getting by with a skeleton squad whilst your new scouting system takes shape. The work permit system makes things even harder, but it's surprising fun once you get going. 3) Man Utd (CM 00/01) Way back in the day, before I'd started managing lower ranked teams, I had a ridiculous save as Man Utd, winning pretty much everything, the highlight of which was a (real) striker called Tote, on loan from Real Madrid, scoring 40+ goals, including goals against them in the Champions League Final. I think I had a number of players on 30+ goals in the end. Absurd, but great fun at the time.
  3. Played last year's Football Manager a lot, really really enjoyed it. Wasn't going to get this year's but had a bit of an urge to play the game again and saw it available for cheap, so ended up getting it. I have to echo the numerous complaints about crosses in this game. It's ruined the game. I seem to remember one of the FMs a few years ago had a similar issue (FM 2013 maybe) which was never really corrected, and this game seems to be back to the same. It's a shame, since the last game never felt unbalanced in the way this does. Started a game with a low league Italian team. Conceded shedloads from crosses, and could only score crosses myself. My target man scored 80% of my goals in an identical fashion. 80% of goals against seemed to be from crosses. I put this down to having wing backs, which seemed a shame since I like to play them in my teams. I also thought maybe inexperience was a factor. I scrapped the first game halfway through the season and took over a top division Italian side, with world-class wing backs. The same thing happened again. My "normal" forwards never scored - either my wing back running in at the back post would score or my big man would score a header. All from crosses. Same again at the back. Wingers from any team would thunder in amazing balls across the six yard box from wherever they were. Goals each time. I decided I wanted to manage low league anyway, and started again at a low league Greek team. This time I ditched wing backs completely. Same old story. Goals from crosses. Haven't played the game since. Now I realise that there are those who will say I should adjust my tactics accordingly. But when my entire tactic needs to be based around stopping crosses and defending crosses, something has gone wrong. The accuracy and consistency of crossing seems far too good. Furthermore, I don't play FM to win every game. I take middling clubs and hope to get promoted after building a team over a few years. But FM 2016 just felt redundant within half a season at every attempt. Goal after goal from crosses, both for me and against me. And when you notice the pattern, every goal from a cross becomes infuriating. And there are many. It's stopping me from bothering playing it again. I do have an urge to continue on with a team, but I honestly can't be bothered with this crossing simulator right now. Hopefully it's back to its strengths again next year. I won't give up on this series at all. This year (to me) was a write off, but I've had thousands of hours out of previous years and fully expect to have the same again in the future.
  4. Already posted this in its own thread but it didn't gain much traction unfortunately, but: Fix the loan system. Especially the 2 year loan deals. Whole system is a joke compared to the transfer system. Loan deals are so easy to exploit in this FM (get a young star on a 2 year loan, then keep extending the loan and hoping his parent club let his contract run down, leading to a free transfer. And if things don't work out, send the player back to his club!)
  5. Good point - obvious when you put it like that. I was kind of wanting my side to sit back but not let the opposition have all the possession in my own half, and then win it back quickly before breaking into more space than would be there if I played a higher defensive line. Guess the reality would be to sit deep and retain shape first and foremost, before going direct on the break.
  6. My base formation does have those problems, but the results have been good despite it. My AP (playing in CM) gets forward as well as the opposite winger and striker which does help get men forward when needed. My forwards are my best players, which may have something to do with how well it works despite the apparent lack of support from the formation. My 5-3-2 (WB) formation was the one I'd tried out and had the terrible results with. I watch full matches and when using it I barely kept hold of the ball and my two strikers never became involved at all. I had it as a counterattacking formation, with high pressing and a deep defensive line. Yet even with shoot on sight chosen I'd get only a handful of shots each time I tried it. Thanks for that, I'm trying high tempo for now and have my defence hassling the opposition (without the hard tackling for now, since I'm getting a lot of bookings as it is). I'm trying Look for Overlap rather than Early Crosses at the moment. Direct Passing I'm really unsure about. I'm thinking it would clash with my desire to have my wingers and wing backs running at the opposition, and Clear Ball to Flanks should do a similar job for what I want?
  7. Thanks for all the responses - which actually hit on something I hadn't directly mentioned but have been a bit confused about in the new box system since the sliders - the difference between Long Ball and Direct Passing, which I've never been sure about really. As for the initial request, I've tried a new tactic with the same 4-3-3 formation but with the following instructions: Pass into Space (the poor passing may be a problem here, but I'm hoping it speeds up play and uses my team's pace) Clear ball to Flanks & Exploit the Flanks (again, I want to exploit my team's pacey WBs and Wingers) Run at Defence (good dribbling skills and pace) Look for Overlap (obvious) Whipped Crosses (my strikers aren't tall, so this should be better than lofted balls in) Higher Tempo (not sure whether this is necessary. Is higher tempo solely passing-related, or does it affect how players defend and move off the ball, and dribble with it?) Be More Expressive (again, not sure about this, may ditch it if I'm conceding possession massively) I've also kept my team on Close Down More and Tighter Marking with Prevent Short GK Distribution. High workrates needed and stamina, but my squad's physical stats are more than enough to hassle the opposition for 90 mins. So far I earned a good draw away at the second best team in the league, followed by a poor cup defeat to my bogey team. Will see how things pan out. I'm also considering changing the wingers to inside forwards, but this would require personnel changes since my players are set up for wingers.
  8. I'm in my 5th season now and have established a mid-to-low table foothold in the country's top division with a small budget. I'm doing okay with my current tactic: ------AF------- W------------W ---BWM--AP--- ------DM------- WB-LD-CD-WB ------GK------- I play low tempo, retain possession football. With closing down often and tight marking as the only other team instructions. And it gets me good results (except against the top top teams, who destroy me) The "problem" is, is that after reading up on tactics I have no idea how this formation and team instructions works for me. My players have: Poor mental skills (with the exception of the DM) Poor passing (one of the worst in the league) Poor first touch Poor decisions (worst in the league) Poor leadership (worst in the league) So how does retain possession and low tempo work for me at all? Surely I should give the ball away constantly? Essentially my purchasing has created a team with awesome physical attributes (my WBs, Wingers and striker have incredible pace, stamina, strength etc, whilst my centre backs are all tall, strong, with great jumping reach and heading). This is to the detriment of it's mental attributes. Technical stuff is okay but passing and first touch are awful across the board. I've tried to build a formation to suit my strengths (a counterattacking 5-3-2 (WB)) with direct passing and running at the defence but it's worked terribly. I want to start building a formation to suit my team better, especially using its pace well, but I'm a bit stuck. Any suggestions?
  9. You can kind of achieve this through offering them out with the fees/wages chosen, but I agree that choosing those whilst listing him would make far more sense and stop the stupid loan offers the AI love to throw at you from time to time. I realised another point from you - when trying to loan out players the AI seem unwilling to negotiate at all (same as when trying to loan from them). If they offer you 80% of a player's wages, and you try to get 90%, they'll often withdraw from the deal completely! No renegotiation, no "non-negotiable" attempt at their first offer. They just abandon the deal... Nothing like the transfer process at all. I think this is due to being outside a transfer window. Which I meant to mention in my opening post but forgot (!) - you can offer to buy players for transfer at any point, but for some reason offering to loan those same players is restricted to transfer windows. Why can't players make loan bids to go through at the transfer window start? It means that I can't even find out if a player a) is available for loan, and b) wants to join me until the transfer window has actually opened.
  10. Something that I've noticed consistently in FM is that the loan system seems a little underdeveloped compared to the transfer system. Since I managed a lower division club this game (and used loanees extensively), I've noticed a number of problems with it, some minor, some that could be considered exploits really. Would love to see SI tackle these issues in future games. 1) Clubs are open to essentially zero negotiation regarding loan deals. If I wanted a player on a transfer, clubs let you negotiate. There's a decent percentage leeway on demands and what you can eventually get them to accept (plus all the extras in the deal etc). With loan deals, this does not happen. If a club wants £1000 p/m, they will outright refuse any offer lower than that (apart from maybe £950) As an example, Man City wanted rid of Jovetic in my game, and loan/transfer listed him. With no-one else in for him other than me, surely they'd see 50% wage contribution as better than keeping him in their reserves? But nope, they wanted 100% of his wages or nothing, and ended up keeping him in their reserves all year. 2) Loan requirements are predictable. Offer a player backup or less and he won't join. I therefore offer every single loanee rotation status, as this will make them join and give me the option to not play them regularly. Also, I can ALWAYS take off the recall option (does the AI ever use it anyway?), and keep on "can play in cups and against parent club". I've never had an AI club request any of those options be used/not be used. Surely they'd like the option of recalling a player sometimes? 3) The 2 year loan system is completely broken. In FM 2015, I've consistently been able to loan players for 2 years (with no option of recall). This has led me to be able to keep players on my books 2 years in advance, and updating the loan at the start of the next year. Their parent clubs seem completely fine with this, seeming to not take into account whether they'll want the player at all in a year's time. With this method, I've been able to keep players on loan for 3-4 years while their contract runs down at their main club (again, the parent club doesn't seem too bothered by this), allowing me a potential free signing once they hit 6 months remaining on their contract. Which brings us to point 4. 4) Clubs don't seem to care about loanees' contracts. I loaned a Granada player from them for 2 years, then extended that loan after the first year for another year (so he always has 2 years remaining). Then once more. Then his contract was running out, so I signed him on a free. During that time I paid 0% of his wages and £0 in fees. The first season's loan made complete sense for me and Granada (a young player needing experience), but 3 years down the line Granada should've demanded wages or something. Some players, once they approach the end of their contract, have a new one offered by their parent club whilst they're on loan at me. If they accept it, I immediately offer to extend their loan with 0% wages, and their parent accepts again! They want to keep the player, but they don't care if they spend that time on loan whittling down the contract again, only to let them go for free at the end of it! Another player I recently loaned had a future fee agreed with his parent club of £4m (they refused any negotiation lower than that at all). He just hit 6 months remaining during his 1 year loan, and I've had him agree to sign for me on a free transfer. 5) Clubs don't take the future into account at all Clubs seem to want a certain wage percentage dependent on which league you're in. In the lowest league they wanted 0% of wages (for youngsters), then after promotion they wanted a bit more, then in the top division they want 100% (with no negotiation, as in point 1). This is okay, bar the lack of manoeuvrability. However, they don't seem to realise that I may be promoted soon/ At one point I was top of the league just after the final round of games had been played.I made a few loan extension offers, and the club made demands based on my current (just completed season). This was most obvious in the case of a loanee I had from the top division side. I offered to extend his loan, but couldn't afford the wage demands (my parent club had loaned him me for 0% but then forgot I was a feeder club and demanded 100% for an extension, strangely), so I had to let his loan expire. Upon promotion, the club refused to loan to a team in the same division. At no point did the parent club care about this during previous proceedings, despite my impending promotion! 6) Clubs seem to forget how good their loanees are. I loaned a hot prospect from a club and had him win player of the year for me on 0% wages. Since I'd been promoted in that time the club wanted his whole wages paying for an extension, which I couldn't afford at the time. However, the second he returned to his club they were unwilling to loan him out again due to his first team commitments! In the space of a day they'd gone from a loan extension (and had that been accepted, a constant 2 year loan extension) to first team player. 7) Too many loanees doesn't seem to have any negative consequences Granted, I'm not sure whether this is a problem at all and how it would play out in reality. But I assembled a squad of 23 loanees and 2 contracted players whilst in the lower divisions. This allowed me a wage expenditure of £500 a week whilst gaining promotion. Yet the fans didn't care, the board didn't care, and the players all played as well as they'd have done for a parent. How a team full of loanees would actually work I have no idea, but it'd be good to have some criticism from fans for a lack of contracted players or something. 8) Can't offer to loan outside transfer windows Edited this in after someone reminded me of this - you can offer to buy players for transfer at any point, but for some reason offering to loan those same players is restricted to transfer windows. Why can't players make loan bids to go through at the transfer window start? It means that I can't even find out if a player a) is available for loan, and b) wants to join me until the transfer window has actually opened. This also affects how the shortlist works, as filtering by realistic loan signings finds nobody outside of a transfer window, allowing zero preparation beforehand. There's probably other issues I've forgotten. The jist of it is that I can currently keep players on loan for years without their parent club caring at all. If I loan someone who looks decent, I can instantly keep extending their loan and try to get their contract to run out. Clubs don't seem to care about a lack of a recall option and let you own their player for practically nothing, having your cake and eating it. It's been this way for a few years too, but the 2 year loans have really shown how broken the system is. I can have a played for cheap wages, no bonuses, no agent fees, with a possible future fee agreed if he plays really well and his parent club don't let me extend, and if his contract doesn't run out in the meantime!
  11. Played this a bit more now, and have a few concerns regarding the ME: - Far too many goals (as has been stated elsewhere, so many games finishing 4-1, 1-4, 5-3, 4-2, 5-1, 3-2) - Far too many goals - Goalkeeper parries - this isn't an issue in itself, but the defence are far too slow in reacting and it causes a huge portion of parries to result in a tap-in for the opposition - Poor goalkeeping in general - they seem to struggle with lateral movement especially - Crossing: - - Too many near-post corners and crosses being scored on the volley - - I rarely see crosses being headed out (which is the most likely outcome in reality) - - Far too many crosses end up aimed towards the near post or as close to the goal as possible. This results in crosses hitting the crossbar (still!), fluke "he didn't mean it" chances or goals, and wayyy too many crosses going straight out for a goal kick. - Defenders seem to slow down massively when running towards their own goal. They'll start at a good pace, then all of a sudden run into treacle once they get nearer the ball. This can sometimes lead to attackers sprinting past them - Too many long shots going in, not sure if this is an accuracy issue or a goalkeeper issue though It's definitely a good starting point, but right now it's a bit of a mess. And the results seem utterly random sometimes, exacerbated due to the high volume of goals. Get battered, win 5-3. Get battered in a similar manner, lose 3-0. Outplay opposition completely, 2-2. Play okay, 5-1.
  12. Obviously this is early days, but so far I've enjoyed FM15 a lot. It's not quite perfect, but from my experience it's been far better than FM13 and FM14 were at launch. Very impressed so far, and definitely a great thing to build on. Positives: + New match engine looks brilliant + Sidebar, once you get used to it, works very very well for the most part + New tactics screen, likewise, is an improvement for the most part + Minor things, like players with colds automatically being sent home + The new fog-of-war for attributes is brilliant! At least from the experience of managing a small club with poor scouting, it means I have to really start scouting players before I can tell how good they actually are + Combining the scouting with player search much more Negatives: - I'm unconvinced by the main title bar being used as a search engine - too often I misclick on a team or competition in the bar and have the search function appear. Would rather the bar be solely used for team hyperlinks etc - Tactics screen, whist mostly good, has some issues that I'm not sure whether are intentional: > - No easily visible player roles on the pitch anymore > - Changing player roles takes up too much room and covers up player attributes, which are very useful when determining what role they should play - In game team talks, it's impossible to tell if they've had any effect at all (unless I'm doing something wrong?) - Match engine bizarre defending and passing, and too-awesome free kicks
  13. SI should just program Harry Redknapp to snap up all the overpaid average players in the world, caving in to their wage demands every time. Just like real life!
  14. I poured hundreds of hours into FM14, and preferred it massively to FM13. That said, it wasn't perfect: 1) Far too many games would end with me having 30+ shots to the opposition's 1-3 shots, and end in a draw or a defeat. Sure, this happens occasionally in real life, but it was getting to an absurd stage where 90% of my opponent's first shots would inevitably go in. The most clinical opposition ever, for teams down in 19th in the league. My biggest issue here is that it was impossible to tell whether my tactics were working or not. Dominate possession, dominate shots, CCCs, shots on target, tackles. Everything. Yet continually drop points. Even big teams would turn up, not attack, and get results. 2) Absurd bids for players - £150m for Rafael, rejected. £190m for Mata, rejected. £100m for Lamela, rejected (until an AI team bids £37m a week later, which is accepted, then my bid of £37m is also accepted...) On the same issue - AI teams bidding for a player, which I reject. Then a day or two later bidding the SAME AMOUNT. Which I reject. This happens all transfer window with the same 2-3 players having the same bids from the same teams rejected all window. 3) Corners and free kicks being a little overpowered. Crosses from deep being overpowered. 4) Strikers being dreadful at one-on-ones, shooting straight at the keeper instead of taking the ball around the goalkeeper or placing it in the bottom corner. Players never try to pick out a man when on the byline either, always shooting from impossible angels. 5) Player ratings. Unless you score, you get 6.3-6.7. If you make a mistake, it's lower. If you score or assist, it rises. Makes it impossible to tell who is actually playing well, and also really underrates DM players. No matter how important your anchor man is (i.e. play someone else there and lose every time), he won't get a good rating, and won't make it into team of the year. The first one of those points is my biggest gripe with the game, and made it near-impossible to figure out what was actually going wrong. I'd never ever ever get outplayed, yet still throw away points constantly. All that said, I played FM14 a lot, and hopefully FM15 will be a step in the right direction. Big thanks to SI for continuing to make what is an absurdly good game at the end of it all!
  15. Kind of surprised at the low numbers available for Afghanistan. I managed to take control of the Cook Islands as an experiment, but then again I did load a stupid amount of players into the game and it ran absurdly slowly...
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