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  1. that interface bug only for russian language
  2. I reproduced it. When my friend pressed Pause and make substitution, i press Pause too. But my pause doesn't work at this moment and after substitution game stuck.
  3. This bug is crucial...18.2.1...still there live result quitting match
  4. We uploaded scrrenshots and save-game to ftp. 1) transfer_center.png, ussr_network.fm 2) allowed_wage.jpg, test_cap.fm 3) post-match_analysis.png, no_match.png, ussr_network.fm 4) share_video.png
  5. it still exists in 18.1.1, not draft, in full version of game uploaded save-game (wrongscore.fm) and pkm (wrongscore.pkm) to ftp. AGF - OB, final score - 1:1, after the game - 0:0. Besides, subtitutes doesn't work in second half
  6. uploaded save-game (tem-draft.fm) and pkm (tem-draft-4-2.pkm) to ftp.
  7. Online fantasy draft. Bug with final score's. I'm sure that bug extend to all online modes. First of all, match 'Сибирь' - 'tem'. Final score 2-2, but we couldn't quit a match. I close FM, another player can to quit a match, as a result 3-0. 2nd. 'tem'-'Кевин Спейси клаб', final score 4-2. But after the game - 1-1. Besides, we couldn't see the second half this match. All goals scored in commentary view. pkm https://www.dropbox.com/s/sb6k6bdmoj285js/tem-Ksclub.pkm?dl=0 save file https://www.dropbox.com/s/9v6cva36d9qsudq/draft_tem.fm?dl=0
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