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  1. This bug is crucial...18.2.1...still there live result quitting match
  2. We uploaded scrrenshots and save-game to ftp. 1) transfer_center.png, ussr_network.fm 2) allowed_wage.jpg, test_cap.fm 3) post-match_analysis.png, no_match.png, ussr_network.fm 4) share_video.png
  3. it still exists in 18.1.1, not draft, in full version of game uploaded save-game (wrongscore.fm) and pkm (wrongscore.pkm) to ftp. AGF - OB, final score - 1:1, after the game - 0:0. Besides, subtitutes doesn't work in second half
  4. uploaded save-game (tem-draft.fm) and pkm (tem-draft-4-2.pkm) to ftp.
  5. Online fantasy draft. Bug with final score's. I'm sure that bug extend to all online modes. First of all, match 'Сибирь' - 'tem'. Final score 2-2, but we couldn't quit a match. I close FM, another player can to quit a match, as a result 3-0. 2nd. 'tem'-'Кевин Спейси клаб', final score 4-2. But after the game - 1-1. Besides, we couldn't see the second half this match. All goals scored in commentary view. pkm https://www.dropbox.com/s/sb6k6bdmoj285js/tem-Ksclub.pkm?dl=0 save file https://www.dropbox.com/s/9v6cva36d9qsudq/draft_tem.fm?dl=0
  6. Manager Face

    my cat looking good too
  7. Manager Face

    photo shall be square
  8. Hi. How i can find old topics from Football Managers Bugs Forum 2015 - Network Game Issues ? I need it because in football manager 2017 returned old bug with contracts. I could create a new topic, but would be to give the link to old topic. Thanks.
  9. Come to the library and opposite the Football Manager 2014 click Install.