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  1. endtime

    Poland - Senegal, 4pm BST

    That would be funny if I weren't Polish
  2. endtime

    Poland - Senegal, 4pm BST

    Poland's defence is awful without Glik, seeing as Nawałka's only game plan is "score early, shut up shop and try to counter" I can't see this ending well.
  3. endtime

    Poland - Senegal, 4pm BST

    Poland has been pretty poor in recent friendlies, we'll see how it goes. Why did they play two verses of the national anthem, wth
  4. endtime

    screenshot story of my little city

    works for me, I used the "insert other media" and "insert image from url" buttons in the bottom right
  5. If FCI Levadia had 7 foreigners on the pitch, then I guess the draconian squad rules in the league file that MarcxD is using are not true to life?
  6. endtime

    Parkrun (and general running) thread

    Thanks guys It was my first 5k, but before that I did a bunch of shorter runs (~3.5 km) with split times around the 5 minute mark, so was hoping to get closer to 25:00. I definitely have the problem of trying to get too fast too early, so I'll try and temper my expectations.
  7. endtime

    Parkrun (and general running) thread

    Did my first 5k today, finished at 27:38, I have no idea how you some of you manage it under 20 minutes
  8. This is my favourite approach, but you have to remember that match statistics in leagues on full detail are different than match statistic in leagues that are not fully simulated
  9. "Butt Testimonial" *childish giggle*
  10. Can't you play FM in windowed mode? Anyway, it looks like you can set resolution manually: https://community.sigames.com/topic/418103-change-resolution/?tab=comments#comment-11059095
  11. There needs to be a minimum number of players from a given nation in the game for the job to be available. You can go on the "job security" tab and see if the Venezuela job is listed there, if not, then you can't get the job and need to select a different database when starting the game.
  12. endtime

    [Poland] (Official) Data Issues

    Christian Gytkjær's (27000596) surname is misspelled as "Gytkjar"
  13. Jones-King scores a lot for a centre midfielder, do you play him as a mezzala?
  14. It's because your club is semi-pro, switching to pro is what makes foreign players interested.