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  1. So, I finally had a bit of time to look at the save. I used the IGE to check how the club and league reputation changes and maybe find out why the Sanmarinese league jumps up and down 100+ places every season. I'm going to spoiler what I found in case people don't want to see the reps.
  2. Hey Jupjamie, would you consider uploading your save file somewhere? I'd like to use the IGE to check how the league's reputation fluctuates.
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Hindmarch I think this guy used to post here a few years ago.
  4. Nice loyalty discount, but FM retails in my country for less than 30 euros, so no use to me.
  5. If you're playing in the Welsh league, it's some kind of error in the research files, the researcher wrote about it in the data issues forum.
  6. Plus an extremely cool celebration from the Icelandic team and fans after the game: https://streamable.com/16a6
  7. https://streamable.com/ru29 Icelandic commentary for the second goal
  8. Where's that guy who berated Iceland for scoring that last minute goal against Austria?
  9. Ragnar Sigurdsson, what a performance.
  10. Michał Pazdan, never rated him but shut out the Germans superbly.
  11. That looked like a foul on Tatarusanu.
  12. And to top it all off, Niksic is only the second largest city in Montenegro
  13. They seem to be okay now, maybe it was some temporary problem or something on my end. Nice victory against Celtic, shame about the aggregate score. Could you post a recent pic of Mularoni?
  14. The pics in your last ten posts are broken for me.
  15. [video=youtube;oVQsEzgB0w8] I think this is the worst one yet.