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  1. There's an option in preferences to reduce breaks in processing.
  2. How does that team from Vadso get to away games? Even with regionalised leagues it's 800 km to Tromso, and I don't think a tiny club from the 4th tier can afford to charter planes on a regular basis.
  3. We've been rehashing the same issues over and over again for 40+ pages, even though SI have acknowledged them and are working on fixing them, I'd hardly call that constructive
  4. You not knowing how to take screenshots? Yeah, pretty funny
  5. Crazy how you won the league with Hibs and your board rating is C
  6. It's on the main records page, on the top of the right-hand side column https://pasteboard.co/IHL9e82.jpg
  7. I actually hope youth generation is nerfed in this version, it was rather unrealistic that maxed out junior coaching and recruitment pretty much allowed clubs to be self sufficient and completely forego signing players.
  8. It's probably not the attribute per se, it's more that the WBs cover unrealistic amounts of ground in the match engine.
  9. I played a 3 at the back tactic with WBs in the beta and the WBs stayed in line with the CBs while the CMs ran to press the AI's wide players, much like in FM19. Having said that, I played with a very low line of engagement, so it might have played into that.
  10. It definitely should, yeah, but it probably depends on your Brexit version as well, e.g. a hard Brexit where Scotland stays in the UK should, in theory, make it easier to sell players to England as teams look to fill their HG quotas, but harder to sell to other countries with foreign player limits.
  11. In my experience loading a single league with a large db really restricts the demand for your players, you're better off loading a small or medium one, or adding some leagues, at least on view only. But it might also be worth raising a bug report if you believe that transfer activity is too low
  12. Yeah, but what database did you select? Did you load any additional players?
  13. That's fine, what isn't fine is that you can implement a heavy pressing system at every level of football in FM and it'll be equally effective. You can tell part-timers or amateurs to press heavily all game and they'll maybe drop into 60% condition after 90 minutes.
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