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  1. Or just retrain him as a central midfielder, he's already pretty comfortable there
  2. Not to detract from your achievements (you've done a superb job), but I can't help feeling a bit disappointed that the game makes it possible to compete in the Premier League with the standard of players you have. Based on attributes alone, you should get hammered week in week out.
  3. Meh, I convert the majority of my clear cut chances and very rarely score long range goals (maybe except for direct free kicks, I think these are a little too overpowered still). There are obviously some issues, like players being too eager to shoot when it's clear they have no space or shooting from tight angles when they could square the ball across goal to an unmarked teammate for an easy tap-in, but I still feel like people are overblowing the problems with finishing to suit their narrative (some have been doing it for what feels like ten years, even after threatening to quit FM forever )
  4. You can try playing with claassen's custom league file, he reverted the the structure back to regular u19 teams
  5. A graveyard is an interesting choice for a background
  6. Shouldn't all your regens have French-Basque names instead of Spanish-Basque?
  7. Ah, I was more surprised that he ended at Spartak Moscow of all places, particularly after that season at Schalke.
  8. Yeah, I'm getting persistent crashes around that date as well.
  9. Some things to consider, if you haven't done them already: - change 'game importance' for the Faroe Islands to at least 'important' (it's at 'completely useless' in the original db, which is far from the truth) - improve the reputation of the Faroese Cup and the 1.deild (the gap between Effodeildin and 1.deild is too big and the cup reputation is the same as the reputation of 1.deild in the original db, which is obviously wrong) - maybe consider improving the clubs' youth recruitment, otherwise player quality drops off significantly when newgens start replacing the original players I'm basing these on the previous version of your Faroese file, so feel free to disregard these if you've already changed these parameters.
  10. I dunno if you should include the 3.deild, I don't think the game is equipped to handle 1st team + B team + whatever teams play in the 3.deild + U19 team. For example, E/B Streymur have 3 teams in the 3 deild, so that's a total of 6 teams, no way the squad building AI can deal with that.
  11. This was discussed back when youth rating was introduced. The short answer is that the population of Jordan is 9.7 million, the population of Uruguay is 3.5 million. The larger the population of a country, the higher rating was assigned in the db, that's why the US and China had such high ratings (and people complained about that, too).
  12. In the pre-game editor, I'm unable to edit existing transfer preferences (nation, continent and region). Changing the values in the 'rating', 'scouting knowledge' etc. columns has no effect, edited values in the 'minimum age' and 'maximum age' columns revert to the original numbers immediately after clicking out of the field. I'm also unable to remove individual transfer preferences, the only button that works is 'clear', which removes all of them altogether. Newly created transfer preferences can be edited and removed freely, same as duplicates of pre-existing preferences. As a side note, duplicating an existing entry creates both a duplicate and a new, empty entry.
  13. The special characters are there in my game:
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