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  1. endtime

    [Sweden] Data Issues

    The special characters are there in my game:
  2. endtime

    [Denmark] Data Issues

    Victor Boje Henriksen, Hvidovre, ID 27142310 - add Faroese 2nd nationality, he was called up for the recent Faroese U19 international games, source: http://www.fsf.fo/Default.aspx?ID=208&Action=1&NewsId=2573&currentPage=4&PID=487
  3. Not saying anything about the 3.Liga being taken out (despite people asking about it outright) is pretty scummy
  4. By that reasoning, you shouldn't complain about anything ever. And trust me, if enough people complain, it will make a difference. Denuvo has a detrimental effect on your computer's performance. It's like you rented a house, got the keys from the landlord, but everytime you unlock the door you get punched in the face.
  5. It was in FM18 as well, no? Anyway, it's unlikely SI (or SEGA) will change their minds about it, you're left with just not buying FM if you feel that strongly about it. It really isn't.
  6. Someone in my apartment block just let out a loud YEEEEEEEHAAAAAAWWW, is it out already?
  7. I wouldn't call coming 5th with Werder Bremen and winning the league with Borussia exactly gamebreaking
  8. endtime

    Teams to Manage - FM19

    Not anymore, she sold the club last month and is no longer involved
  9. endtime

    Poland - Senegal, 4pm BST

    That would be funny if I weren't Polish
  10. endtime

    Poland - Senegal, 4pm BST

    Poland's defence is awful without Glik, seeing as Nawałka's only game plan is "score early, shut up shop and try to counter" I can't see this ending well.
  11. endtime

    Poland - Senegal, 4pm BST

    Poland has been pretty poor in recent friendlies, we'll see how it goes. Why did they play two verses of the national anthem, wth