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  1. This is a rather tricky area to balance, because players in FM are rated differently to real life. In FM you have attributes that clearly indicate just how good a player is, while judging a player's ability in real life is nowhere as clear cut. Now, I don't know how good Jack Redshaw is, but he's probably not a world beater in terms of ability or attributes. The fact that he performed so well means that his reputation is probably quite high, so he'd ask for a big wage and you as the manager would probably ask for quite a large transfer fee on top of that. Meanwhile, I'm 99% certain that there are other players on your save with a similar ability to Redshaw, but available on the cheap or for free and with much, much lower wage demands. This means that were the AI to prioritise signing players purely on recent form, it would be at a further disadvantage in comparison to human players - it would shell out huge amounts in transfer fees and wages when it's quite likely that a player of comparable ability will be available for much cheaper and players would be able to game the system too easily. This is a problem inherently connected with the way players are portrayed on FM and I see no easy way to fix this, short of completely hiding player attributes and devising some new way of assessing players; in real life, you are as good as you play, but in FM you are as good as your attributes, which means that human managers are instantly able to spot which player is the best value for money. Ask yourself: would you sign Jack Redshaw for a Prem or even Championship team if he played for an AI club, had the attributes of a good L1-L2 player and no room to grow due to being 29-30? You probably wouldn't, because there are players who are better/have potential to grow and are available for less.
  2. Why is Nouri playing
  3. [FM18] Musical interlude anyone?

    FC Nantes in France.
  4. [FM18] Musical interlude anyone?

    It's Kolbeinn Sigthorsson edit: or not, that'll teach me to read before I post
  5. Incredible times at Blackburn

    3 striker formations still overpowered, then.
  6. [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    Michał Przybylski (Skála Ítróttarfelag in the Faroese League) is listed as having a dual Faroese-Polish nationality in the game, but in fact has only a Polish passport. The only proof I can provide is in Polish, I'll quote the relevant part if you want to run it through Google Translate or something: http://firsteleven.com/wywiady/4686,potracisz-owce-masz-przerabane-i-musisz-zaplacic-wysoki-mandat
  7. They are teams mostly made up of expats and immigrants living in Iceland, there are a lot of such teams in countries with high immigration like Sweden, Germany or the UK.
  8. BI/Bolungarvik aren't really extinct, they just changed their name to Vestri.
  9. [FM18] A Hive of Activity. Busy little Bees.

    *shakes fist* But I lost to Gauthiod in my game as well
  10. [FM18] A Hive of Activity. Busy little Bees.

    Anes Mravac, here's a blast from the past (he was really good on FM07)
  11. [FM18] A Hive of Activity. Busy little Bees.

    I'm managing in the Swedish bottom tier as well - chairmen are elected every year like in Iceland. He'll probably just not stand for the next elections. Oh, and I also got bit by the 9 club homegrown players rules - I only noticed it after I had released all my crappy youths and had to resign a bunch of them just so I could fill the bench. The AI struggles with this limit as well - they often have only a few players on the bench and have keepers playing in the outfield. I just noticed I'm in the same division, as Skoftebyns IF
  12. [FM18] A Hive of Activity. Busy little Bees.

    Your manager is presumably English, so you will have some knowledge of players in the UK (and maybe Ireland) - that's probably why the players from TNS showed up in your search. As for the guy from DPRK, no idea - it might be due to some of your staff's knowledge.
  13. Still no proper beards available during manager creation