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  1. 5 pounds
  2. Do you have any scouts? It's a long shot, but maybe you need them to expand the youth recruitment network - after all, somebody needs to watch all those players from other youth setups.
  3. Nice win against Dundee, now good luck keeping your best players when their contracts expire (unless you can turn full time by then).
  4. Lukas Giessing, FC Midtjylland (ID 27129134) - is Faroese or has dual Faroese/Danish nationality, was called up for the recent Faroese U17 national team (http://www.fsf.fo/Default.aspx?ID=208&Action=1&NewsId=2039&currentPage=4&PID=487) David Müller, AC Horsens (ID 27120824) - is Faroese or has dual Faroese/Danish nationality, was called up for the recent Faroese U19 national team (http://www.fsf.fo/Default.aspx?ID=208&Action=1&NewsId=2059&currentPage=2&PID=487)
  5. I don't know why it's specifically Serbians, because from the data I found on the Internet there are actually very few Serbians living in Iceland; Poles (no surprise there) form the biggest diaspora in Iceland, but from what I've seen clubs aren't producing any Polish-Icelandic newgens. I did a quick check in my FM17 game and there have also been some Icelandic-American newgens, I guess they're supposed to be kids of soldiers who served in the US military base in Keflavik.
  6. Newgen 2nd nationalities are hardcoded in the game, Icelandic clubs will produce a bunch of players with Serbian nationalities each year.
  7. Haven't seen anyone try to round the keeper, as for lobs I once saw the match commentary claim that a striker tried to chip the keeper, but in 3d it looked more like a weak shot that went wide at knee height. I'm pretty disappointed with the finishing to be honest, players still tend to shoot for the near corner of the goal when shooting for the far corner is clearly the better decision, when running clear on goal they still shoot from the edge of the box, and there are far too many instances where strikers miss clear chances by hitting a weak shot straight at the keeper.
  8. So, I finally had a bit of time to look at the save. I used the IGE to check how the club and league reputation changes and maybe find out why the Sanmarinese league jumps up and down 100+ places every season. I'm going to spoiler what I found in case people don't want to see the reps.
  9. Hey Jupjamie, would you consider uploading your save file somewhere? I'd like to use the IGE to check how the league's reputation fluctuates.
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Hindmarch I think this guy used to post here a few years ago.
  11. Nice loyalty discount, but FM retails in my country for less than 30 euros, so no use to me.
  12. If you're playing in the Welsh league, it's some kind of error in the research files, the researcher wrote about it in the data issues forum.
  13. Plus an extremely cool celebration from the Icelandic team and fans after the game: https://streamable.com/16a6
  14. https://streamable.com/ru29 Icelandic commentary for the second goal