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  1. Anyone who had a decent season/run of games will be upgraded, anyone who had a poor season/run of games will be downgraded, FM research is purely reactive.
  2. I assume you're talking about the "bring youth players into the club and inform you of their development" option in staff responsibility options, but that only refers to the intake itself. For the players to be signed to contracts, I believe you need to set a staff member to be responsible for the "decide which youth team players' contracts to extend and handles negotiations" option.
  3. In FM19 Iceland has youth teams that are shared between teams, and from reading the bugs forum they don't work quite as they should. Check under your affiliated clubs.
  4. "Isaac Success looking in great shape", I see the assistant manager is as competent as ever
  5. From the thumbnail it looks like Miles is thinking "what's this guy on about? "
  6. I was thinking more about the differences in processing times between FM 13, which the OP referenced, and the more recent editions. My definitely not top of the range desktop computer is rated at 5 stars for performance by FM19 and while I haven't done any exact measurements, FM19 definitely does not take more than twice as long to process as FM17 did, maybe it's just some quirk of your hardware configuration.
  7. I really don't think newer FMs are as big a time sink as you make them out to be, processing times are actually shorter and there isn't that much additional stuff to do, unless you insist on micromanaging every little thing.
  8. Aren't there local retailers who sell the game at a reduced price? E.g. FM 19 costs 54 euro on Steam, but only 38 euro from one of my local retailers.
  9. will they have the German NT tho? It was in the original FM 19 release, only to be patched out again later
  10. Will the game itself be delayed as well, or just the news?
  11. The article is referring to data on real players in the database, as set by researchers, not to those country-specific guidelines used in newgen creation.
  12. https://qz.com/1636057/football-manager-2019-has-a-racism-problem/ Thoughts?
  13. It's a good tactic, I tried it with a lower league team (Inter Bratislava in the 2nd Slovakian div) and won the division despite being predicted to finish around the bottom and making no transfers of note. I made one change switching the AF to a poacher and he finished as my top scorer, which was especially pleasing as lone forwards really struggle in this match engine. Having said that, I thought the tactic relied a bit too much on the "WM crosses to the far post for the other WM" routine. Definitely a great effort, though.
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