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  1. I have a question. I look into all French newgens if they have a Basque nationality on the French intake day from world/europe/transfers/youth intake (you can find a French-Basque one in every 4 or 5 years). Does that screen show all the newgens for the nation or should I scan all French clubs for it?
  2. Mind that Uruguayan players that had Basque nationalities are not Basque anymore in the latest update.
  3. I use the star system by the way a youngster whose CA reaches 2 stars moves up to the B team, B team players whose CA reaches 2.5 stars moves up to the A team but plays with the B team if there is no squad place. I accept loan offers if the offering team is on an upper level. Now in the 5th season and C team has full of 1.5 stars players (incl Nico Williams) but they just cant win a promotion.
  4. Has anyone witnessed a C team promotion? I am into my 5th season now my B team finishes in the top 3 of second division and the C team has some decent players for that level but never seen it happen.
  5. My advice for the budget is do not give in to contract demands if it is not absolutely necessary. If you accept contract demands even to raise minimum purchase prices, other players immediately start to demand new wages and before you knew it you cannot buy anyone. Keep in mind that you are not in Europe in the first season and you don't need that many players. So get rid of some (Herrerin, Rico, Lekue and Kodro imho). That would put some cash to your budget and free up some wage space. Finally when old players like Raul Garcia are in their last year of contracts offer them much lower wages and wait patiently till the end. I was lucky enough that he wasnt interested in the approaching clubs and signed for a much lower wage.
  6. Hello everyone. Buying Football Manager every year just to play with Athletic so when I saw this thread I felt I could contribute. Playing with 4-2-3-1 wide tactic and in mid-season of my 3rd seaseon now. The first 2 seasons we finished 4th and 3rd respectively. In the first season I got rid of Lekue (since there are 2 RBs etter than him in the squad) and just signed youngsters from other Basque clubs (Yes, I refuse to buyNon-Basque Spanish 16 year olds). I was going ot sell Herrerin too as there are 2 younger equally capable young keepers with much more potential but he was injured and demand was low) In the second season I sold everyone who is surplus to requirements to make room for the transfer budget (Ganea, Kodro, Rico) and signed Merino for his release clause. I also purchased some decent regens from Basques. In the winter transfer window Sociedad LW Barrenetxea transfer listed for just 3,1 million euros and I bought him immidiately as he is already better than Cordoba and he is 17 which helped me to move Muniain to AMC because Raul Garcias ability declined so much. Current season we are second and I signed a 17 year old striker from Sociedad for the release fee again (around 20 million) as my strikers Villalibre Cordoba and Guruzeta are not 1st team players but I saw he only scored 4 goals in the first half of the season so maybe he is more for the future.
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