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  1. Nuneaton Borough Season Review 2040/2041 Competitions EFL Championship - 9th position - (League table) FA Cup - lost in 5th round Carabao Cup - lost in 4th round Our fourth season in the Championship went well and we continued to progress. The results were mixed for most of the season, with us losing just slightly more than we won. This pattern continued right through until around March, and with us only drawing a handful of games, we sat comfortably mid-table. We hit our worst form at this point and had lost four games in a row, the fourth being our exit in the 5th round of the FA Cup (our best performance to date). But, just as I prepared for a stressful run in, our form improved and we went on a run of 8 games unbeaten. Managing to win 6 of them. This catapulted us up the league, to a really pleasing 9th place. It was interesting watching how Leicester and Crystal Palace dominated the league, making like work of returning to the Premier league. Palace's striker got 47 league goals! Playing Squad This season felt like the point where the quality in the squad is established and we can be competitive. Some really impressive development in our young centre backs and goalkeeper have made us much more solid at the back, the two centre backs being the only players achieving an average rating above 7 for the season. With the way Premier league teams swoop in for our best players, I expect these three lads are destined for bigger things, but they had a huge part to play in our performance. Michael O' Hara (38b) is our standout performer, this season he played in a more advanced position and performed really well, scoring 18 goals in all competitions. Youth Intake This appears to be a brilliant intake, with talented players in positions we lack depth. Danny Doran (41c) is the stand out, he is still 15 years old but could get our bench already. He's an imposing striker and he could play a huge part in us reaching the Premier League. Patrick Weller (41a) Justice Howe (41b) Danny Doran (41c) Finances, Facilities and Transfers We move into our new stadium in June 2041, so will start next year with hopefully 10,000 more fans at home games. Loads of interest in a few of our players, if I can navigate this and keep most of the best in the first team, I could see us finishing in the top half again, I can't imagine us getting into the playoffs though, I think that is beyond us.
  2. Nuneaton Borough Season Review 2039/2040 Competitions EFL Championship - 15th position - (messed up and only showing away record, oops) FA Cup - lost in 4th round Carabao Cup - lost in 4th round This season was a lot more comfortable then the previous two in the Championship. We had really solid home form throughout the year, and judged only on that, we'd be nearer the playoffs. Our away form was equally consistent, but terrible, so that balanced out and we sat in the lower mid-table all season. It was a good opportunity to give a few youngsters a run in the first team and that has paid off, with a several options that will feature next season. We were disappointing in the cups, but with a small squad, they were sacrificed. Playing Squad One surprise from this season was just how well Matthew Conlon has developed, he became first choice at the end of last season and I just stuck with him. Premier League teams are now interested in him, which is a nightmare. My best young talent is in danger of being pinched by Premier League teams and I continue to try and hold on for as long as possible before selling. I am still yet to have a striker with great finishing and make do with a couple of options that have 8 and 10 for this respectively. Having a reliable goal scorer is going to be key in us moving up the league. Youth Intake This intake is frustrating for the poor personalities alone, but Leigh Carpenter could be interesting, with how much many positions he's a natural at, he's versatile at least. Nigel Lever (40a) Leigh Carpenter (40b) Finances, Facilities and Transfers The stadium arrives next season and in the meantime, our youth level is now at '2' and we have a training facilities upgrade to move us beyond 'average'.
  3. Nuneaton Borough Season Review 2038/2039 Competitions Well, that was a long hiatus from this game, 7 months or so. This season was a slog, hence the long break, I fell out of love with the team and the bleak situation. Upon resuming the save, I was able to guide Nuneaton to a 21st placed finish, our safety confirmed with two games to spare. I am moving quickly into next season, in the hope that I can make some progress. EFL Championship - 21st position - League table FA Cup - lost in 4th round Carabao Cup - lost in 1st round Playing Squad Youth Intake Tom Oliver (39) Chris O' Laughlin (39) Finances, Facilities and Transfers Some great news at the end of the season was the announcement of a new stadium, with a new capacity projected at 15,696. On a negative note we lost two key players Gavin Sawyer (35b) and Scott Cartwright (35d) for a combined 16 million. This leaves us significantly weaker.
  4. Nuneaton Borough Season Review 2037/2038 Competitions EFL Championship - 19th position - League table FA Cup - lost in 3rd round Carabao Cup - lost in 1st round Well, we survived out first season in the Championship, so I have to be pleased with that. It was a struggle, but we were rarely totally outclassed. Our defensive record was respectable, but we struggled to match other teams goal scoring ability. We started the season with a great 1-0 win over Bournemouth who had just been relegated from the Premiership. That was a confidence boost, but after 10 games I had seen enough to know we'd be looking down all year. By this point the worst teams appeared to be settled at the bottom. We never really lost our form completely, we just grabbed wins where we could. Our finishing position might not show it, but with a 13 point cushion to the relegation zone, it wasn't too dramatic. I expect several years of slow progress in this division if we are lucky. Playing Squad We have a well rounded team, but no real superstars at the moment. Our best two players, are Scott Cartwright and Gavin Sawyer, both are wanted by teams from the Premier League. We managed to keep hold of all out talent again this year, which means we at least stand a chance to build on surviving the first season in the Championship. One thing that has been consistent throughout the 17 years is not having a striker with good finishing. Now, more than ever we are desperate for someone clinical. Sawyer, an inside forward, is our current best with 10. I am hoping next season I am able to get a U23 side to be able to keep the older rotation players match fitness better. Having 10-15 players out on loan each season is a little chaotic, and I lose the control I would like. Youth Intake In terms of talent, I think the top 4-5 players would have a chance to make it, but the personalities are not ideal. The one stand out is Michael O'Hara (38b), this Jamaican midfielder already has 3 star CA and can go straight into the first team. We've got 4-5 very good midfielders to chose from now, so I can give this lad plenty of time to find his way. Nick Lager (38a) - Great name alert! Michael O'Hara (38b) Jake Mason (38c) Finances, Facilities and Transfers With no new stadium, the 6,384 we get at each home game isn't enough to sustain us. As mentioned, there were no big transfer out either, so our finances keep sliding downwards. I won't worry too much about this, our facilities have been upgraded a couple of times recently and the mythical new stadium will hopefully happen in the near future.
  5. Nuneaton Borough Season Review 2036/2037 Competitions EFL League One - 2nd position - League table FA Cup - lost in 3rd round (0 - 3 vs. Manchester City) Papa John's Trophy - lost in group stage Carabao Cup - lost in 1st round We had really consistent form all year, the foundation was the lack of goals we conceded. Our keeper recorded 20 clean sheets for the year, which always helps. We started the season with an emphatic 6-1 win against AFC Wimbledon and carried on from there. We held our own in the top 6 for the whole season, it wasn't until there was only 10 games to go the picture became clearer. QPR were setting the pace and there is no doubt the deserved to go up as champions. Then there was us, Blackpool and Portsmouth fighting for the 2nd spot. Our run in, included home games against both and we managed to take advantage. Once we had got some breathing space to 3rd we maintained that, and with us having 3 games left to play, we were confirmed as promoted. I can't say we didn't deserve it, but it is still a surprise. We managed to reach the 3rd round of the FA Cup for the 1st time and got lucky, drawing Man City away. They rolled over us 3-0 and it was humbling, but the money was great. Playing Squad No, big transfer sagas this year. The team that started the year is still whole. Our Goalkeeper deserves a lot of credit Pat Kilcawley (untagged), with 20 clean sheets he gave us a great platform to build from. Our performance analysis put us in the 'Busy, Impenetrable' quad, so we faced plenty of shots, he was just very good. Our two main talents going forward are Scott Cartwright and Gavin Sawyer (35b), both have the potential to be Championship talents. I feel like we are just about big enough to keep hold of these two, as hopefully, Premier League teams won't be interested. Sawyer was our top league scorer this year with 16 goals from AMR (inside forward). Steveroy and Tash and still going strong, 2037 has seen Antigua in the final qualifying stage for the 2038 World Cup, nothing is decided yet. Youth Intake Please forgive the screenshot, I forgot again. A great intake with one talent who looks destined for bigger things. Trevor Housley (37b) has gone straight into the 1st team and will feature in rotation next year. Of the four I have tagged three play in very similar positions, so I need to figure out what I want from them. Matt Hall is the one I am least sure about in terms of position. Nathan Lovett (37a) Trever Houseley (37b) Matt Hall (37c) Matthew Conlon (37d) Finances, Facilities and Transfers The 9 million we had in the bank has shrunk, but has been invested wisely. Our youth and training facilities were updated, and once the promotion was secured, another set of upgrades was approved. This has been complimented, with a youth level and youth recruitment upgrade. We've also had the mysterious new stadium announcement, with absolutely no details.
  6. Had to share this after finishing the 2036/37 season. We've made it into the Championship
  7. @ravenation Good for Toni and great for Gainsborough. Enjoy spending that mate!
  8. Nuneaton Borough Season Review 2035/2036 Competitions EFL League One - 6th position - League table FA Cup - lost in 2nd round Papa John's Trophy - lost in group stage Carabao Cup - lost in 1st round I sound like a broken record in saying this, but this season was way above any expectations I had. In the off season, we of course lost our two star players (based on CA) Shields and Godden. I was hoping for consolidation and nothing more. We opened the season with a 2-0 and 4-0 victory and that instantly eased my fears. We performed like a team that has finished in the top half of League One for years. Winning the majority of our home games and being difficult to beat away from home. We stayed in the top 10 all season, often floating around 5-7th. Our form was consistent, and actually improved heading into the final 10 games of the season. We managed a run of 5 wins in a row to take up 6th place, and then we held onto it for dear life to reach the playoffs. Rochdale will feel unlucky as they were on a great run at the end of the season. We were drawn against Coventry and despite both legs being close, their class shone. they deserved to go through. Ultimately, it was Sunderland who won the final though. Absolutely Ok with staying in League One for now. The best moment of the season was when our young Welsh centre mid Ollie fon Williams, had to step up and start game due to injuries. He scored, to equalise away at Plymouth, making it 2-2, then in the 93 minute, smashed a free kick in. Those moments are what it's all about. Playing Squad We really have a huge amount of talent lurking on the fringes of the 1st team, that is the best thing about the squad. There wasn't a superstar this year, so when injuries and suspensions inevitably happen, I have a replacement ready. I wanted to highlight the amazing record set by our centre back this season 25 yellow cards. The top scorer for the year only managed 12, which seems worrying, but we were 5th top scorers in the league, so there are goals, but very spread out. This is probably the last year Spencer Molyneux (23C) will feature, he's made 516 league appearances now and owes me nothing. I'll mention more of this in the transfer section, but we had our first 'Premier League' potential rated player in Dan Al-Amin (34b), he has never become a key player for us, due to his short stay and injuries, but I am hopeful Southampton can turn him into something special. Youth Intake Another great year, even after a fairly underwhelming preview. My favourite player from the intake is the untagged Brendan Walsh. Troy Houston (36a) Ger Fitzsimons (36b) Patrick Twonsend (36c) Keenan Davies (36d) Finances, Facilities and Transfers (Transfers 2) So, when the screenshots were taken, our finances were very modest. However, on June 9th the big transfers were completed. Dan Al-Amin was the big story with Southampton grabbing him for a cool 6 million. The deal was negotiated a lot, and completed at the end of the season. A player I have barely mentioned Sam Ekuban-Akoto was sold to Bristol City for 4 million. He was on loan while we won League Two and when I got reports he could be a Championship quality player, I planned to use him this year. 6 months later, he was sold. Both big losses, but neither had made a massive difference, so I hope to be OK without them. This new money trigger upgrades to our training facilities, youth level and youth recruitment.
  9. Nuneaton Borough Season Review 2034/2035 Competitions Sky Bet League Two - 1st position - League table FA Cup - Lost in 3rd round Papa John's Trophy - Lost in Semi-Final Carabao Cup - Lost in 2n round So it turns out, that the way we finished last season wasn't just a lucky run, we are quite good. We started this season winning 10 out of the first 11 games and had a goal difference of +26 already at that point. After our first loss (September 9th) we went on a run of 25 games unbeaten, finally losing to Stockport on Jan 1st. By the time that was over, we had established a healthy points gap to 2nd place, and an even more comfortable distance to 4th place. It was our title to lose at this point and automatic promotion seemed almost a certainty. January and February were horribly congested months and we had every key player fatigued and needing rests. But, we always managed to recover our form, the worst run was 4 games without a win. Right on the verge of automatic promotion, we lost 3 in a row, to make we a little nervous, but thankfully we sealed the promotion and then title with 4 back to back wins. In is nice to have a season in control like this, we scored the most goals and conceded the 3rd fewest, only losing 6 games all season. On to League One! Our run in the Papa John's Trophy was unintentional, we just couldn't lose, I rested as many key players as I could each time, but we kept squeezing through, with a small first team, having those extra fixtures is just an inconvenience. I should mention, that our U18s won their league as well, which was the icing on the cake. Playing squad In a season of success, it was the defence that led the way for us this season. No single player manager over 20 goals this year. When I look at the main players in the first team, I realise how good the 2031 youth intake was, and Luke Jupp (31b) had been overshadowed by the fast developing Mensah Shields and Adam Godden. However, Jupp stole the show this season, scoring 10 goals as a centre back and winning League Two player of the season. Our young Irish keeper Pat Kilcawley has firmly established himself as the number one, and made a big difference. I wanted to just acknowledge our club legend Richie Ransome (24c), he was the main man for many years, but as other talents have developed around him, he has lost his standing in the 1st team a little. However, when we need him, he pops up with goals. This is his league record over the years. Youth intake This looks to be a solid intake, with a few stars for the future, I'm really pleased to see the number of positive personalities at the top end. I am really excited about the top three here, all attackers all showing good development already. (Please forgive the screenshot, I just realised now I never got it at the time, so this is just the signed players from the 2035 intake). Curvin Mansfield (35a) Gareth Sawyer (35b) Christian Irakoze (35c) Scott Cartwright (35d) Finances, Facilities and Transfers The finances are up and down a lot, but we ended the season, breaking even. The big drama for us this year, were transfers. We have now lost our two brightest talents, Mensah Shields (31a) and Adam Godden (31c). Shields has gone to Hull in a 1 million pound deal, it was agreed earlier in the season and he left in the summer. Godden, refused to sign a contract for the last 3 seasons and was my only part-time player still. He has gone to Peterborough for £300k, which I felt was good business, as the transfer completed at the end of the season, only 3 weeks before his contract ran out anyway, they both have 50% of next sale clauses on. These fees have funded our first Youth Facilities improvement.
  10. Just finishing up the season, we are heading to League One!
  11. Nuneaton Borough Season Review 2033/2034 Competitions Vanarama National League - 6th position - League table FA Cup - lost in 1st round Papa John's Trophy - lost in 2nd round Carabao Cup - lost in 1st round Our first season in League Two started exactly as I expected, poorly. We managed 1 win in the first 9 games and look overwhelmed. We switched to a more aggressive set-up and got some mixed results in a run of games with crazy score lines. Then as we hit November, in the bottom two, I switched formation again, to a 4-5-1, that really suited us. 4 wins from 4 in November, saw us shoot up the table. The rest of the season wasn't as spectacular, but we were very consistent. We are competitive at home against most teams, and struggled away against the top half. In finishing 6th we went into the playoffs, which gave us a chance at an unlikely back to back promotion. An incredibly professional performance against Chester, win 1-0 at home and 2-0 away, saw us face Scunthorpe in the final. The frustrating thing was 3 of our back four were suspended for the final and we just weren't good enough. It is almost a relief to have another year in League Two if I am honest. Playing squad We don't have a lot of depth, but our best 3-4 players are of League Two quality. Tash and Steveroy my World Cup hero's, combined well all season. One player I wanted to highlight was my left back Mensah Shields, he has developed incredibly well and is easily our most well rounded player. Youth intake Our improved facilities have delivered a really decent intake this season, a couple of these are first team ready immediately. 35. Dan Al-Amin (34b) looks like the real deal and I imagine we'll struggle to keep him long term. Olly fon Williams (34a) Dan Al-Amin (34b) Sion Lucas-Letheren (34c) Dan Thorpe (34d) Finances, Facilities and Transfers I was naïve with our finances, after the season started they started to nose dive, the now full time contracts for players and staff, in addition to increased youth costs meant we started losing money. The playoff final gate receipts have helped here.
  12. Steveroy and Tash were both left on the bench in Antigua & Barbuda's final game at the World Cup. It wasn't the dream story I hoped for, but Tash returns to Nuneaton for pre-season having appeared at a World Cup final. He'll have nightmares about the 1 on 1 chance he missed against Scotland. Coming summer 2038 (I hope).
  13. Tash made his World Cup debut, I am actually proud. He came on in the 85th minute and he actually had a decent chance in the 91st minute. Steveroy was an unused sub. Not a dream start for the boys.
  14. This is just a little diversion before my end of season update. This surprised me and wanted to do a little quirky report. I present to you..... Steveroy and Tash, my dynamic duo. They had a great season in League 2, leading the way at Nuneaton in goals and assists. However, a bigger story is developing. Antigua & Barbuda have qualified for the 2034 World Cup and there is a chance both of these Nuneaton Lads make the squad. This will happen just after our season finishes and I am going to follow their progress. Tash Abraham made his international debut in 2031, scoring a hattrick in an 8-0 win. With 23 caps, I am more confident of his chances to feature at the Finals. Steveroy Richards was called up in March this year for a couple of friendlies, making his debut against in a 4-0 win over the Cayman Islands. Drawn in Group G at the World Cup. I imagine I'll never be this bothered again, but for a team Nuneaton's size, I am finding this very fun
  15. At the beginning of the next season we have £500k. The sale of Woodward has helped with that. Overall, very steady, we've never been in the red since the moment I took over.
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