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  1. TABLE | FINANCES | SQUAD STATS | TRANSFERS Salisbury FC - Season Review 2022/23 I have been avoiding this write up as the season was so underwhelming, I am hoping to move on quickly from this year. We started inconsistently and never found any real form. We were never in danger of relegation, but looking at the table shows how close we were to that possibility. A 17th place finish is a wake up call and hopefully we improve. The one highlight of the season was our run in the FA Cup. We made it to the 3rd round and were drawn away at Huddersfield (in Premier League). We got thrashed 6-0, but the money we earned has set us up for a few years. Youth Intake Stuart McCall (YP23a) The most exciting player to come through our ranks, will go into the first team immediately. Wes Scott (YP23b) A competent full back, I need depth in this position and this lad is close to our starting full back.
  2. TABLE | FINANCES | SQUAD STATS | TRANSFERS Salisbury FC - Season Review 2021/22 With the new faces filling out the squad, it seemed realistic to expect we could match last seasons 6th place finish. After a mixed start, we hit a difficult patch and really seemed vulnerable defensively. From the previous youth intake, we brought in a couple of lads to rotate at centre back and I will try and explain some of the poor performances down to this. We entered the new year bouncing between 15th and 17th position, with respite only coming in easier home fixtures. The fixture list was a factor, in that we played many of the top 7 teams in quick succession and really struggled to maintain morale. We came out of this and started picking up wins against weaker teams. At this point I had made peace with the season being over in terms of the playoffs and used it to try some things out. Overall a 12th place finish is still very respectable for us and with three youth players featuring in over half the games, our 'First Team' is evolving and should help in season three. Our cup performance this season was non-existant, we were knocked out in the first match in both FA Cup and FA Trophy. One frustration I have is that my Under 23s and Under 18s are still not playing in a league, so just have friendlies throughout the year, not sure what I can do to remedy this? Youth Intake A couple of exciting prospects in this year's crop. We now have a depth in a couple of positions we were very thin at last year. Jacob Parrott (YP22a) The best of the bunch, has a good mix of physical and technical ability and will get plenty of chances in the squad. Stuart Legg (YP22b) I need to decide to do with this lad, most likely get him training as a striker to make the most of his acceleration. Jack Baldwin (YP22c) A fairly well balanced full back, not a great defender yet, but has a great work rate and will take some of the burden from our regular right back.
  3. TABLE | FINANCES | SQUAD STATS | TRANSFERS Salisbury FC - Season Review 2020/21 PERFORMANCE League With a squad of 14 players the expectations were low, however there was quality in the players we did have. We started with some inconsistent performances and struggled to find our place. This phase seemed to pass and we then managed a great unbeaten run. One thing became clear, we had no problem scoring goals, which was a huge relief. This run came to and end eventually and in general our form was good. At this point I presented my mid-season report on here and felt quite smug. From this point on wards our form took a turn. I felt like I had cursed the team, but in reality it was injuries and suspensions catching up with us, this plus us not being quite so lucky meant we were left hoping to stay in the playoff spots. We finished with two wins to seal a 6th place finish, which I am pleased with. We were blitzed in the Play off semi-final and found ourselves 4-0 down at half time. The final score of 4-2 was a fair result and the season ended here. The most pleasing thing was the squads resilience, with 10 players starting over 40 games each. Our stand out player was Knory Scott, he scored some screamers and was a source of creativity in all games. The finale note, was I was the winner of Manager of the Season Cups The FA Cup felt like a hindrance in the most congested part of the season, we made it to the 4th qualifying round and lost to a non-league team The FA Trophy was a chance to use the few rotation options we had. We made it through to the 3rd round before losing to Aldershot. YOUTH INTAKE This is a talented intake without doubt, three of these will be in the first team next year. There is a lot of depth here, with 7-8 of these that will feature. Not sure where the foreign influence came from but great to see two lads from Turkey and Montenegro in the intake. Rob Evans (YP21a) - A quick winger, not my favourite of the intake but will be given a chance Owen Cleal (YP21b) - Another pacey winger, he may be used in a more defensive capacity so he needs some work Ollie Taylor (YP21c) - Ready to play centre back immediately, shame about the personality Wayne Goulty (YP21d) - My favourite of the intake and I plan on using a DM to get him on the pitch, love players with a decent work rate
  4. Salisbury FC - Mid season update 2020/21 Just a brief update from me, as I am making slow progress. With a squad of 14 players, I have been incredibly lucky so far with injuries. Suspensions have been the biggest problem, one of my centre backs has 14 yellow cards already. We've just had our youth intake preview and the positives don't mention a good centre back, which is worrying. We are very light on defenders (4 in total). We have been performing way above any expectations, including mine. I have been expecting us to crumble every week but it hasn't happened yet. I can't believe we will finish this high up the table, but safety is close to certain, so the mission for year one will be complete.
  5. Sorry to see your Stratford team get relegated @XaW 10 years is a long time to put into a team, and as others have said, it looked like success was inevitable. I am sure you'll bounce back in style.
  6. Salisbury FC I am the new manager of Salisbury FC. I have found quality but not quantity within the squad, so it will be a long season trying to avoid injuries and suspensions The facilities are reasonable for this level and the backroom was empty so I was able to shape it myself.
  7. South Shields F.C Season 1 2019-2020 First Team Squad | Finances | Transfers Season Review League (Table) - We made a great start to the season with the only loss after 10 games to eventual league winners York. The size of our squad started to become and issue nearer to December and with injuries mounting, our performances dropped. We had two bouts of poor form and this saw us hit a low of 13th position, dropping from a high of 5th earlier in the season. Once the games had thinned to one a week we recovered and managed to end strongly, winning 5 of the last 6. Our finishing position of 10th was way above my expectations. Cups (FA Cup) - A really great run for our first attempt, knocking out league 2 Leyton Orient was surprising. To lose in the 2nd round to Dover was a blow. Youth Intake A disappointing first intake, but with a strong first team, I will give these chances. Great to have some squad depth at least. Lennon Richards (YP01a) A slow centre back, but has some ability and will be on the bench a lot to gain experience. Transfers, Finance and Facilities Our finances look great for this league. I managed to get a junior coaching increase and will start asking for more over this summer. No movements in or out and our best 4 players are tied into long contracts so happy we aren't losing talent. Summary With the average age of the first team over 30 we are racing against time to get youth players into the squad but another year of survival would be all I ask for again.
  8. @Novafluff What a great season mate, to win it in style on the last day is brilliant. Good luck next season I am cancelling my attempt in Italy with Como and started again in England. I am the new boss at South Shields With only 18 players it will be a long season, but after a decent period of getting used to the team, I am happy and will definitely continue.
  9. I am back for another attempt, this year I will begin in Italy. Meet the new boss at Como 1907.
  10. East Kilbride F.C. Season 13 2029/2030 First Team Squad | Finances | Transfers Season Review Cups - (Results) - We were knocked out in the second round of the Betfred Cup (Our first game). In the Scottish cup we had our easiest run to the final. We had lower league teams until we met St Mirren in the Semi final. We comfortably beat them. A final against Celtic was the prize. We were poor and lost 2-0. That isn't the interesting part of this story. I have no idea if this is how it works in real life but we were given 7.5 million as a share of the semi-final gate receipts. Then after the final we got another 8.5 as combination of prize money and shared gate receipts. I suppose it was boosted by playing Celtic. That is 16 million for reaching the cup final! Europe - (Results) - The screenshot will tell the story of how far we went, Beating Bordeaux and Basel to qualify was amazing. To qualify from the group was amazing. To beat Valencia, Dinamo and Liverpool was unbelievable. To draw 1-1 away at Dortmund in the semi final of the Euro Cup was amazing. However the fairy tale had to come to and end and Dortmund really showed up in the home leg. An amazing experience and has given us financial security for a few years. League (Final Table | Results 1 | Results 2) - The league now just feels like a steady process and we sit in a group of 3 teams capable of finishing in 4-6th position. We won the games we needed to win and really struggled against the big teams. Ross County gave us some problems away from home. In the end we managed to just hold on to 4th place and again reach Europe. WE also finally managed to beat one of the old firm, a 1-0 win away at rangers after about 18 attempts! Jordan Mackay was a problem this year in the first few months of the season his body language was poor in games. He was destined to leave the club and was no longer putting in good performances. In January we sold him for 5.5 million to Man City. Youth Intake I am happy to see a really good striker come through this year. Poor old Ross Clark has been my leading man for around 8 years, with almost no back up. Some other talented players as well. Robbie Andersen (YP13a) - An attacking midfielder with quite weak starting attributes. I will given him chances and see what happens. Mark Telfer (YP13b) - The star of the intake, I have never had a more complete striker at such a young age. Is now second choice behind Ross Clark and I imagine will be a key player before too long Jason Hay (YP13c) - A really solid looking centre back. He is being tutored to improve his personality and trained to improve quickness, then he will be used in the first team Transfers, Finance and Facilities As I mentioned above, the big news was the departure of Jordan Mackay. At the time the 5.5 million was too great to turn down. I could have forced him to stay, but in the end he was no longer reliable on the pitch. His wages at Man City are more than my entire first team so I am happy for him. He is worth 12 million now and I have a 40% of next sale clause which may pay off eventually. We now sit with over 20 million in the bank. I have pushed our junior coaching and youth recruitment to there max I believe and have gained all the coaching badges. Our stadium expansion was completed and we now have a ground that holds 4895. Our attendances are still pretty rubbish and when we borrowed Kilmarnock's stadium we never had more that 4000 of our our fans at home games.
  11. That's a horrible way to lose your best player, I think it is always worth the risk to keep them and hope they change their mind. Let's hope you don't miss him too much. I going to upload the screenshot below, as I am still amazed at what we are achieving. I know to complete this challenge will take more than this but for our first attempt in Europe we are having a really good time.
  12. Great season @XaW it is incredible you only conceded 12 goals! Good luck next season.
  13. @Ross Ingersoll Yes you can keep offering new contracts to the players you start with, I usually have one or two original players stay for 10+ years. If they leave your club you just cannot re-sign them.
  14. East Kilbride F.C. Season 12 2029/2030 First Team Squad | Finances | Transfers Season Review Cups - (Results) - We stumbled in the group stage of the Betfred cup, we looked comfortable and then Championship side Inverness spoiled the party. The board were not too impressed by this. A couple of easy games got us through to the quarter finals of the Scottish cup. We played Dundee Utd, our close league rivals and missed a lot of chances in a game that finished 3-3. The replay was during a busy week, so I fielded a weaker team and we were easily beaten. League (Final Table | Results 1 | Results 2) - This is the season we finally held our own. We began as well as I could hope with wins against teams I would class as equal to us and losses to the big fish. A couple of poor results against Ross County and Falkirk were worrying but we soon put it behind us. We managed to string together 4 wins in a row and they didn't feel like flukes, the 7-1 away win against St Johnstone was fantastic. We lost to Rangers in a tight game and then bounced back to win the next two. This kind of pattern was the best we could hope for and to my surprise we managed to keep it up for the whole season. As the season got to business end it narrowed down into the final battle for who could finish in the top 5, there was already a good gap to 6th place so our position in the championship group when the split happened was secured comfortably. The big 3 teams had a good lead, so that left us, Dundee Utd and Hibernian. We were in 5th place and 1 point ahaead of Dundee. We managed to beat them at home and then go on to beat Hearts at home, which was a huge result and guaranteed 5th place. We had done enough and so I rested everyone for the final game against Rangers (only 2 days after Hearts game). Rangers did not water anytime making us look rubbish but who cares. Now to add some context, due to Scotland's rise up the reputation table (8th this year), we now have 5 teams qualifying for Europe. It does depend who wins the Scottish cup, but as Hearts went on to achieve this honour it meant 5th place would enter the EURO Cup in the 3rd qualifying round next season. On paper this is a huge jump in performance from last season and I didn't change any aspect of our formation. What did change was the quality within the squad, these players were just developing last year but this season were key players. Here are the few that made all the difference: Matt Houston (YP10d) Developed incredibly well and despite his poor jumping was a great centre back to use against pacey strikers. Alan Foy (YP10b) Re-trained into a right back and made that position his own. Continued to developed well and now we are finally a little more secure on the flanks. Jordan Mackay (YP10c) The star of the show, consistently dug us out of trouble by creating great chances. He chipped in with some brilliant goals to. We lost Dylan Waddell in the January transfer window and Jordan just excelled without him. Assist record for a season Young player of the season Youth Intake Another really pleasing intake with 4 players that have a great chance of making the first team. Lee Roy looks like he could be a great player. Lee Roy (YP12a) A natural defensive midfielder with great physical stats, he will be trained as both a midfielder and centre back as we need cover for both. Andy Lindsay (YP12b) A decent looking winger and will get into the first team as soon as possible as a back up. He is being re-trained as a right winger as well Iain Alexander (YP12c) Another good winger, he lacks mental attributes but has enough technical and physical ability that he will be given a chance. Transfers, Finance and Facilities One of the most disappointing things over the last season was how poor Dylan Waddell (YP09b) performed. He was never consistent, he never contributed much and I gave him plenty of chances. With his contract running out in 6 months and him refusing to discuss a new one I took a chance and sold him. As the review above suggests, we didn't miss him. Following the season lots of interest is being shown in Houston and Mackay (Chelsea, Man Utd, Liverpool, Man City, Arsenal etc.). I have appeased them so far but it doesn't bode well. We received 2.4 million for our 5th placed finish and got a training facility upgrade accepted. We have another stadium expansion scheduled and we will be sharing with Kilmarnock for 7 months whilst it happens. I have begun the final coaching badge. With Europe on the agenda next season I hope I can reach the group stage and then our finances should be secure for a while. It really depends on keeping hold of the talent.
  15. East Kilbride F.C. Season 11 2028/2029 First Team Squad | Finances | Transfers Season Review Cups - (Results) - A comfortable passage through the group stage of the Betfred cup, only to be dumped out by Hearts in the second round. A couple of wins in the Scottish cup set up a home tie in the quarter final against Celtic. We actually created a good number of chances, but their quality is so far beyond mine they ran out comfortable winners in the end. League (Final Table | Results) - A disappointing season this year and a wake up call for how far away this team is away from long term success. We struggled with the amount of goals we conceded this year, in the first 4 games we had shipped 14 goals. Kilmarnock were woeful this season and so despite our poor form we never had any real worries. I committed to playing my best youth prospects after I realised we were not going to make much progress. I hope this pays of for next year. We now have a set of great midfielders and a couple of good options on the wings. In the end we finished 10th. We had 9 points less than last year and conceded about 15 more goals. Youth Intake A disappointing intake this year, although the overall personality make up is much better. I had a look at the top couple of players and didn't see much I liked so I gave my 'A' tag to a player further down the list who I think has a chance. I forgot to screenshot Kieran Young (YP11b), he is refusing tutoring and so I don't have much hope for him. Kyle Fraser (YP11a) With his personality and starting attributes he may have a good chance. He will be in the U20s for season though. Transfers, Finance and Facilities Any transfer bids coming in have been easily rebuffed and players seeking bigger clubs have been dissuaded by senior players, so my squad is still intact. I released a few fringe players who were great a few years ago but now just eat up the wage bill. We are going to be in serious financial problems unless we reach Europe soon. Our 2136 capacity ground cannot bring in enough money. My wage bill has been reduced again this year and sits at 10K a week, which is pathetic as we are going into our 4th year in the Premiership. I can see us losing our best staff and players unless something positive happens this season. With this in mind no more facility upgrades for a while.
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