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  1. Just seeing how many clubs I can do it with after winning the league. Seem to be a one trick pony at the minute. Got sacked for finishing 3rd and winning both domestic cups and now in 3rd season with Chelsea barely hanging onto my job.
  2. I think the season was 28/29. The aim was to win the league, after that I set out to financially destroy them. Once I sold every player for £0 unless someone did something silly like offering millions, I maxed out the wages of all of the youth and brought in some rubbish players, also with maxed out wages and bonuses. After I offered out everything the club would allow, I quit. I holidayed for the season with a quick look in January just to see the finances. £330m in the red by January. The got relegated that year. The following season in the championship they were in administration, then out of it by the end of that season. They went into administration in their 2nd season in the premier league with a £1bn pa wage bill. Their board and sponsors gives them occasional breaks so that they can get better players.
  3. Yes. I am responsible for Man Utd getting relegated to the Championship with maxed out wages. They went into administration and got hit with a 12pt penalty.
  4. I've started a save were I try to win the English Premier League with as many teams as possible. The only catch is I have to attempt to destroy the club as much as possible, this is to ensure that it was easier to get them out of the way. I failed at my first attempt with Liverpool as were a very successful club adding another couple of Champions Leagues to their current stash, but I came along and finished 3rd. I was able to get the Man Utd job 1yr later. I only needed one season to win the league even if it did go down to the wire. This is where I start to try and destroy Utd. All of the first team was sold with the club paying the wage as well (how this was allowed by the club is another thing). After they all went I was able to start offering maximum wages to the likes of the U23 players and youth players. These wages would start at £450k and as I offered more out the maximum I could offer would lower. Lots of bonuses and 50% yearly wages rises would be given as well. I also released all non-playing staff and signed a lot of non-league players on maxed out contracts. After I resigned I holidayed to January. I added a manager to have a quick look at their finances and wage bill to see the damage as well as their performance in the league. They were sitting rock bottom with a £300m debt. As far as I was concerned they would continue to fall and hopefully fail any FFP rules. At the end of the season they had managed to win 6 times and draw a few as well. However, the finances were not what I expected come the new season. They had at least £25m in the balance and collected about £375m in sponsorships. There didn't appear to be any bailouts with a loan and still no punishment for their money issues. To top it off, they started to bid for players at my new club, Chelsea. Their wage bill was sitting at about £52m per month. They were, according to the rules, allowed a loss of £15m over a 1yr period and they were projected to lose £560m over the same period. After 13 games in the Championship they are sitting 3rd with a 9-1-3 record. How have they not been punished? How have they not plummeted even further? Does FM look after clubs to stop them all but folding? Is there anything I could've done to ensure they don't rebound so quickly?
  5. This thread has made me laugh more than I think it should have. Do you have plans to financially cripple them too? I used to give out max wages with all bonuses and max wage rises.
  6. I remove all bonuses from player contracts when negotiating. It's very rare that a player will have any kind of incentive other than his wage. I even managed it when I was managing Barcelona including Messi on FM18.
  7. Thanks for fixing the information on the club page, but on the board page its been messed up a little, see Scouting. Also, what were you thnking with regards to the mascsara covered stars? Did anyone ask for it to be improved? https://gyazo.com/f109a3eb42d232b1e722385aacbd1703
  8. One thing that I have been very happy about is players putting in transfer requests when you've told them they'll be sold and they agree. Next inbox message is the player putting in the transfer request. I'm assuming that this takes away the loyalty fee. That always bothered me on FM18 and had to pay up as well as losing an unhappy player on the cheap. Another thing. These screenies on the club page. Are they meant to be empty? https://gyazo.com/ddad359faba6afad622abaa9aaa070e0 https://gyazo.com/b26a5f0379cc9a5f474af2066c201348
  9. Grabbed this as quickly as I could. Quite a lot of brightness for a dark skin. https://imgur.com/a/mYn8mcO
  10. I loved the dark skin on FM18, really disappointed with how much brightness in on a dark skin. It doesn't help when the laptop lights up the room every time the game is processing.
  11. Can't answer your question, but have you thought about holidaying? Start a save, save it under a new name and then holiday to 2020 and then check. If you don't like the brexit then try again.
  12. Put all players that you are talking about in the senior squad and make them available for U18s?
  13. No custom league files downloaded. I've only downloaded a tactic, nothing else. I'll delete that and then see.
  14. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this? It is there when starting a new save.
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