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  1. I asked on twitter but no response. Is the fix for coefficient calculations save compatible or is a new save required?
  2. Select nation of choice, top left for overview and then season summary.
  3. I had what I think is a hard Brexit. A points based system and transfers need to be more than the average fee over the last 2 windows. If managing in England then this can be a problem. I am managing in Northern Ireland and I think it is more preferable than a soft Brexit. As players need to play in a certain percentage of games for their national team, I think all foreign player transfers will fail. However, the appeal rules are points based and this is where I think all transfers will go through. 3pts if transfer fee paid is in the top 25% of transfer fees paid in the DBP in the last 2 windows, 2pts if transfer fee paid is in the top 25%-50% of transfer fees paid in the DBP in the last 2 windows. As only 4pts are required to be successful I think this is better than the wage baggage that a soft Brexit can bring. https://imgur.com/MH2QPtn
  4. Could you post a pic of this? If you don't pay full wages then you are paying money, just not the player's full wage. The loan fee is what you are charging. It will tell you in the transfer history as to how much you will get over the duration of the loan. I think the potential to make lots of money through loan deals has been toned down over the last couple of FMs.
  5. Good to see you back. I just need to remember the change in the title. I'll have a crack at mine soon.
  6. I have to ask even though you are 50yrs into this save, would you have done anything differently to achieve the save's objective? Or do you just need more real time? Do you think there is some sort of rebounding when it comes to league rep? What I mean is the usual top 4 leagues English, Spanish, etc. will stay there unless a human manager gate crashes. Yet, in my opinion, the NI league being in an unnatural position would slide down quite badly if left to its own devices. I am really considering this as a save that needs to be added to my 'list'. I usually like to do a Wrexham save buying Welsh players only and maybe a San Marino save, but this is a nice long term target save, my kind of style. Something to look forward to for FM20.
  7. Love the poem. I don't think I've seen anyone do that on an update thread. I would have thought you would go for the next best option to Linfield and Glentoran to maintain the co-efficient. Why so low?
  8. Excellent work once again. Do you plan to take on a 3rd team or even try to get back to Glentoran?
  9. Yeah, definitely down to the success. I jumped straight into the Glentoran job rather than wait. I started this a bit late on 1st June, so I thought it would be better if I tried to win as much as possible as quickly as possible. Won the league in the first season and thought we're flying. Ended up finishing 6th in the following year with Larne winning that one. Cliftonville is the only other team to win it and that was an ending that would be hyped to the max. A head to head at Solitude were all we had to do was not lose. Lost 3-2. I have been letting other teams win the Irish Cup in a hope that a few hundred thousand and a spell in Europe would make a difference. Of course, we have been beat fair and square on a couple of occasions too. I can't bring myself to let Linfield win anything...ever.
  10. Larne won the league at the first attempt in 2019/20 and runner-up 4 times in 21/22, 23/24, 24/25 26/27, Irish Cup winners in 22/23, League Cup winners in 26/27 with 2 runners-up in 18/19 and 27/28, Co. Antrim Shield winners 23/24 & 25/16 with 4 runners up.
  11. In 2023 Larne's Kenny Bruce scaled down funding, the club turned semi-professional in 2026 and in 2032 Kenny Bruce leaves with a consortium taking over. Linfield suffered 2 relegations in 2022 and 2025. Cliftonville have been good at being 2nd doing so 5 times with 3 3rd places and a title win. I thought they should have gone pro by now. I might leave it for another season or two before using the money to encourage growth. I think we'll get the 2nd CL place along with the 3 EL places at the end of 2032/33. Hopefully Cliftonville can use that to build on. I realise this is like 30yrs behind you, so I appreciate the replies.
  12. Would you still consider the save to be organic if you deliberately paid £1m for a player worth £100k from a Bluefin Sport Championship division. I'm only in 2032 but we're the only full-time club in the DBP. I was considering using a fraction of my club's £80m to encourage some sort of growth, hoping that another club will go professional. I know its a case of play my save the way I want to, but I want a clear conscience if I get even close to the objective. Would you have done something similar if you had the funds or would you feel like you're affecting the outcome too much?
  13. Oh, dear. The board would expand because we didn't have enough fans (or however they put it). Then they surprise me with agreeing to the new stadium. I guess there will be a lot of ground sharing with Linfield for a while. I seem to do ok with selling players for big money, doesn't happen very often but usually it is for big money. Got £5m plus add-ons for a ST that had only been at the club for a season and a half and I only bought him for £28k. Bought him in Jan 2027, sold July 2028. We've qualified for the Champions League a couple of times and have £25m in the balance, as long as we keep doing that then we'll keep ahead of any potential money related issues
  14. I think you may be on to something with regards to getting a new stadium and the size of a new one. I have been unable to expand the stadium but the option to ask for a new stadium was there, so I asked simply because I could and they said yes! It is at the planning stage and it is likely to be a 6,250 seater. As you maxed out the oval first, the new stadium started out larger? I can't remember.
  15. Loving this save of yours and admire your perseverance with both Glentoran and Linfield. Could you answer a couple of questions for me out of experience and opinion? I started with Glentoran hoping to emulate what you have achieved. My question is this. Is it worth the money spent on reaching 10,000 seats at The Oval considering the initial size of the new one? I thinking of just saving up for a new stadium as we can play at Windsor Park for European matches. My other question is have you thought about managing 2 teams at the same time? Thanks in advance. I hope you achieve the objective of the save.
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