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  1. ouch I would hate to play for real in lower leagues if players had the attention span of a chicken
  2. Just look at monaco or real when a club pay want to pay 40m for a young player you dont want to sell, your club sells him anyway because he still has not fulfilled his potential. It's fine that the club dont want to sell the players but the dont want to sell price should be set lower for unproven 15-16 yo kids.
  3. I would avoid leaving the assistant manager decide on the team training as he switch that around a lot and team training dont give good result unless you leave that on a single training type for a long enough period.
  4. he may be a temperamental or be a low sportsmanship player. In that case they will only accept praise.
  5. I m not sure why they bothered putting that in game lol, my players could come and say they love sheep, pie or whatever I would care just as much.
  6. It should have an appdata folder or maybe the translation of that in french, did you make sure to set your system to show hidden folders and files?
  7. If you want to check a player's suspension go to his info panel then go to overview in the upper left of the screen then select attributes.
  8. you're welcome! I hope you can fix your problem.
  9. try in the setup and preference menu to change the size of text and image.
  10. You need to play them for longer than 4 games, after half of the season at least probably closer to the end of the season for them to judge how well you did.
  11. It shows the value next to the text saying that the player is currently operating at xx league level so you are probably right.
  12. i think the numeric rating is an approximation of the potential number of stats that can go into the important stats of their position. You could have a 150 pa player that is much worse than a 130pa player if most of the stats are in the wrong category for the first players and he would probably get a low numerical value from the scout, on the other hand the 130pa player could be a good player if he has most of his stats in the right place.
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