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  1. Does that happen on the first day of the month?
  2. ouch I would hate to play for real in lower leagues if players had the attention span of a chicken
  3. Just look at monaco or real when a club pay want to pay 40m for a young player you dont want to sell, your club sells him anyway because he still has not fulfilled his potential. It's fine that the club dont want to sell the players but the dont want to sell price should be set lower for unproven 15-16 yo kids.
  4. I would avoid leaving the assistant manager decide on the team training as he switch that around a lot and team training dont give good result unless you leave that on a single training type for a long enough period.
  5. he may be a temperamental or be a low sportsmanship player. In that case they will only accept praise.
  6. I m not sure why they bothered putting that in game lol, my players could come and say they love sheep, pie or whatever I would care just as much.
  7. I think i found the reason why you werent able to reproduce this bug. I was using the game in fullscreen mode at resolution 3840x2160 with ingame zoom of size of text and image set at 200% to make it readable. After I set my screen size to 1920x1080 and the zoom to 100%, the bug didn't happen again, going back to my regular 4k resolution and text zoom at 200% and the bug occured again, so i think the problem is between the dynamic update and the image and text zoom feature.
  8. yes i tried that the first time i encountered the bug before i found about selecting a different message works and unfortunately, none of that works.
  9. i m running on the default installation, i tried disabling my kaspersky antivirus too I can still reproduce it. By the way this is a weird kind of freeze because the game is still active and responsive. It just keeps processing the calendar forever until i hit on browse to go back to the game inbox window and then i can just select another message than the dynamic update and hit continue to get past that point.
  10. I have uploaded another save named squad dynamics update inbox before freeze.fm made the month after the first save I sent before, its a few hours before the freeze happens. To reproduce the freeze from here: we have to click continue once (i dont use spacebar) it will show the premier league fixture result window then from here click on the inbox icon then click next unread 2x, it will read all the mails up the to dynamic update then click continue while the dynamic update is still selected then the game should stay stuck at processing. To reproduce this when there are other mails after the dynamic update we have to read them before reading the dynamic update and keep it selected and hit continue.
  11. You have not managed to reproduce it? I can make another save at the next dynamic update and reproduce again if you want by reading every other news first and leaving the dynamic update as the last read item and selected.
  12. It should have an appdata folder or maybe the translation of that in french, did you make sure to set your system to show hidden folders and files?
  13. If you want to check a player's suspension go to his info panel then go to overview in the upper left of the screen then select attributes.
  14. you're welcome! I hope you can fix your problem.
  15. to get past this bug you need to select a post in your inbox that is a few post below that dynamic update thing then hit continue.
  16. try in the setup and preference menu to change the size of text and image.
  17. Is the dynamic team update the last message selected in your inbox? if so try to select a few messages down in the inbox (something else than the dynamic team pyramid) and click on continue again.
  18. can you try to check if your issue is not similar to this one? the dates sounds very suspicious.
  19. You need to play them for longer than 4 games, after half of the season at least probably closer to the end of the season for them to judge how well you did.
  20. I have uploaded one named squad dynamics update inbox freeze.fm if you want, to reproduce the bug you have to wait until the end of the month and read all messages and if the squad dynamics update is the last message that you read in your inbox and you hit continue while having it selected, it will freeze the inbox processing.
  21. this happens every month just when I receive a dynamic team update.
  22. if one of the last message in your inbox is the team dynamic pyramid update select a few post below that post then process again. For some reason that team dynamic message freeze the inbox processing.
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