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  1. When I go to my profile and look at Job History it only shows the current season. Currently only in 2021 but I can't see anything for 2019/20
  2. I think I've stupidly overwritten it using the auto save feature! If I get it again I'll upload that save
  3. I've had two offers accepted for players both of which say they have interest but when I offer a contract it says they're not interested in a transfer
  4. When selecting players, whenever you filter it gets rid of the unfilled positions on the list view. Not necessarily a bug but would be good if when you filter it didn't remove the unfilled positions.
  5. Another game with very few crosses... the majority come after I switch to a formation with no wingers. Gloucester City v Boston United crosses.pkm
  6. There are two parts to this, the lack of crosses even though the instructions are set to them and there seems to be a high number of cross field passes in bizarre situations especially when considering the team/player instructions. I have both wingers and both wing backs set to 'cross more often' yet in the match stats there were only 2 crosses attempted, there are a lot of cross field passes, my favourite one being for their winner. My player decides to try the cross field pass rather than the wing back who is on the overlap. pkm is Boston United vs Telford United wide players 81:02 is their winner. Adebayo Smith tried the cross field pass rather than the simple pass for the overlap. And the crossing is hard to highlight times because of the lack of crosses in the game. For cross field passes, if I highlight my two wing backs and wingers in the passing analysis, this is what the pass map looks like. Boston United v Telford United wide players.pkm
  7. When playing as a semi pro team with only England available to scout, if you select to scout a group of players that are based in England, it will ask if you want to pay because a specific player is out of scouting range, when they aren't on loan. Tried deselecting the player in question and scouting the rest but the same pop up comes up with the same price for scouting but says its because a player is still out of range even when they aren't. If you need more than the pictures then let me know what I need to provide. Thanks
  8. No worries thank you... Just as some extra info, I couldn't add my other mouse buttons even when I found it too
  9. This isn't really a bug it's more of an observation about ease of use. I'm finding that it's difficult to search for specific parts of the preferences that I would like to change. I want to add my third mouse button to allow me to continue the game but when searching for Shortcuts, when I select the shortcut button it comes up with the attribute colours and changing what they are, not changing the key bindings. Am I missing something? Thanks
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