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  1. I offer a contract to one of my players (Tommy Christensen) and after a day or so the commited spending jumps by an entire million even though I am only offering him an extra 25k-ish per week. Tried offering a contract to another player and it didn't do it although it was only a youth player. Have uploaded a save to the Cloud - Tom Penning - Boston United
  2. @Jemal Wiseman Thank you I didn't want to repeat something if it was already raised, just didn't know if the keeper thing was something specific that was different. Cheers for the reply, stay safe.
  3. I saw a post a while ago about two players pressing a keeper. Not sure if this is a bug or if it is caused by the same thing but I get occasions two players press the opposition, for example at 13 seconds in and at 9 minutes to name just two examples. Not sure if it is something to do with the tactics but some of the pressing just seems illogical, players running massively out of position to press, one of those examples I think is a CM tracking out of position to press when someone is already pressing. 37 minutes - LW tracks inside when the CM could've just pressed, at one point it looked
  4. 33rd minute my CB who has almost identical physicals to the striker is effectively running in treacle and going backwards. Long balls just seem ridiculous to defend, whether that's short ones played by CBs or CMs, but also on some occasions straight from the GK's kick out their hands. CB Boston United v Brighton & Hove Albion.pkm
  5. Sorry it took so long. Had a hiatus, uploaded a save before a Home game against Cardiff to your ownCloud. Called 'Boston Utd Empty Stand'. Thanks
  6. Do I need to provide anything for this or start a thread in a different part of the forum?
  7. Just checked and it says my stadium is all seater, yet the empty stand doesn't look like it has any seats
  8. It's just the fact that the game is registered as a sellout but there's nobody in one of the stands so wasn't sure how it could register as a sellout if not all stands are full. I'll check if it's terraced when I'm next on
  9. Not sure if this is the right place, but the majority of my matches are sellouts however one stand is always empty. It's only got fans in it when we play in the cup or in big games in preseason, all other stands are full. Thanks
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