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  1. Hi, Have uploaded my save called Boston United Youth Availability. Haven't played it in a few weeks but it's the RB/CM Kallum Cesay
  2. Scrap that it's done it again. He is in my Senior Squad (Can't let me move him to my Senior Squad so must already be a part of it) and none of the 'Available for U18's...' are ticked.
  3. I may have sussed it out, when the Assistant gives his recommedations for players available it just said an entire 11 made up of first teamers so there was some drop down along the top. Will keep an eye and let you know if it happens again
  4. I have a player who I am unable to stop playing for the U18s. I had some feedback from my assistant to make him available so did do and now every time I uncheck it he won't play but it reverts back when I play and finish a match with my first team so if I forget to uncheck it he will play for them
  5. Eastleigh vs Boston PKM uploaded. 23rd Min: Duxury follows House inside for no real reason, there are no instructions asking him to mark him specifically and as a result gets dragged miles out of position to then start running back into position when he should have been there all along. 65th Min: Not as obvious but Cesay sticks to Jahraldo before again running back into position too late It just looks like the defenders are clipped to the attacker and then suddenly realise, "Oh wait I'm a full back I should be out there where the ball is, not stuck to this lad" PS I'm gonna put all those headed goals down to my tactics unless that looks like a bug too, because that was a lot of headers to concede! Eastleigh v Boston Utd.pkm
  6. Not sure if this has already been posted or if it's even a bug but I can't add the extra mouse buttons on my mouse to the Shortcuts on preferences. Doesn't register me trying to ad the third mouse button as continue for example
  7. When I click on the tick box seen below it doesn't uncheck it just stays ticked.
  8. Does anybody have a way of stopping the inbox spam when you have a lot of shortlisted players? Getting messages from every Tom, Dick and Harry as they approach players on my shortlist (it is a long list). Can see you can filter out transfer messages although that might hamper me when I'm actually making a transfer myself! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Thank you, I tried adding a new one once I restarted my computer the next day and it worked.
  10. Downloaded the Beta through Steam and the Shortcut Icon is a Globe and doesn't work when I click on it. Any ideas? I can play the game opening it through Steam just not the desktop shortcut
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