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  1. No they didn't for that one just him showing as unhappy and at the end of the season he was given one anyway. Thanks
  2. So I've got four save files, one for the first part of my post named: 'SI - Resigning Derby Offer' The other three are for the transfers: 'SI - Transfer Offers AI Accepting' Which is the first save before the offer is accepted for Max Haygarth and 'SI - Player Leaving' which is the second a few days before he leaves (roughly sold with squad unhappiness on January 16th) and the the third is from the 14th January 'SI - Squad Unhappiness Jan 16th' And didn't realise until I was simming for the player to go that there is another bug, a player getting annoyed at me for no new contract when I physically can't offer one. (Glenn Hewitt) Is there anything else required? Thanks
  3. No worries will have a look when I'm at my computer, I definitely have a save before accepting the job which is towards the end of December so can probably use that to sim until a transfer. Managing Boston in the National League
  4. Bit of a double issue and might cover different aspects of the game/forum so not entirely sure the most appropriate place to post it. But I have accepted a job at another club and take over at the end of the current season (currently in January). First off should I still be able to resign from my current job? Whenever I click it nothing happens and the game just continues as if I didn't press it. Secondly, as a result of the accepting another job the transfers and contracts were taken out of my control, understandably. However when a player gets sold that I have no control over I still get squad unhappiness interactions about why have I sold the player when I had no input. Anything I need to provide I'll gladly do so. Thanks
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