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  1. Saving time is terrible indeed. Takes up to 3-4 minutes to save my game already, and that seems to increase the farther you get in the game. Hope they solve that very quickly, as it is becoming extremely annoying.
  2. 39, and playing since 1993
  3. forbidden names.bnc

    It's also the name of the mass-murderer of 17 children and teachers in Dunblane...
  4. Right after release, I would have given it a 4/10, because the match engine was completely riddled with bugs, almost to the point of being unplayable. Now, with the latest patch applied, I would give it a 7/10. Certainly playable, but the match engine still is not as good as in earlier versions. Still contains a lot of bugs and strange behaviour on the pitch. Total hours played as of today: 491. I will continue play the game, but I hope FM14 will be a lot better. I think FM13 is one of the lesser versions (in terms of quality) I've played from the CM/FM-series (I'm playing this game since CM2, so I'm not inexperienced or something).
  5. I just got another update, the version is now stated as, with match engine version 1312. However, I can't find any changelist for it.... what has changed?
  6. Did you start a new game of continued your betagame? Because with my game (I continued with my beta game) my keeper kicks the ball way upfield (preferably straight to the opposition players) 8 times out of 10, only rarely does he kick it to the defenders, as I instructed him. That's better than it was in the beta (there is was almost 10 times out of 10 he did that), but not buy much...
  7. The "defender collect"-issue seems to be the same as in the beta yes, it still doesn't work most of the time.
  8. Yes, I've the same issue as you. Only in Windowed mode, and only for midfielders and attackers.
  9. Unfortunately, Steam has pushed back the release to the the 31th instead of the 30th, so it will be only fully loaded tomorrow night
  10. I would like to be considered for beta testing future versions of FM. I'm playing the CM/FM-series since CM93/94, so I have plenty of experience with it. I'm playing quite heavily (20 hours a week easily, sometimes even more). I have two systems: a high end, and an pretty average system, which I can test it on. In the past, I beta-tested other software, so I'm somewhat familiar with the process of beta testing in general.
  11. In my situation: - First freeze: after sending my assistant to a press conference: freeze, had to use task manager to kill fm.exe - Second freeze: when 'setting up game' appeared for the second time, 5 minutes later it was still setting up, so I again had to use the taskmanager to kill fm.exe - Third freeze was mid-game, one of my defenders put the ball over the sideline, and the game stuck, so again, the taskmanager was needed to kill fm.exe
  12. Hmm, in 9.1 I never had any freezes, but in 9.2 I've already got 3 freezes in about an hour of playing, I had to kill FM.EXE via the Taskmager of Windows and start over. Patch 9.2 seems to be extremely buggy, I think i'm going to uninstall it and go back to 9.1 until 9.3 is released, hopefully in a few days.
  13. No, all fixes from 9.1 are included in 9.2, so you only need to install 9.2
  14. Did you actually read the list with fixes for more than 3 of 4 seconds?