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  1. Currently the calculation for what exact injury has occured takes place after the match. Therefore it's always possible that a disparity can occur. However, in future we're hoping to get this calculated as-live for much more realistic results.
  2. Woodwork hits stand at roughly 0.85 hits per game, compared to roughly 0.82 in the previous Match Engine, so a minimal difference.
  3. In the 15.3.0 DB (the latest one from the update) we had already changed the Cardiff home kit to blue. However, there has been a problem with the 3D Match Engine picking up the wrong kits. A solution can be found here in the 2nd post: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/421707-Fix-for-Cardiff-kits-in-15.3
  4. Please report any Match bugs here: http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/447-Match-Engine-3D-and-Team-Talks
  5. Thanks Keyzer, my knowledge of Argentinian football is not the best, so it's interesting to hear the developments at Banfield and that they have since turned away from a flat 3-4-3. It's never easy to balance research with the match engine. It's something that always has the potential to throw up strange situations and it's by no means the only factor in some of these matches with high numbers of shots on goal. We'll continue to look at any examples of these anomalous matches that you guys want to throw our way and that will help shape how we approach development of AI tactics in future. I do
  6. Just to be clear, we're not saying that a three-man defence should not work. However, I would argue that in real life, any manager employing three men at CB will also be using either two WBs (not MR/MLs) or one or two DMs to provide cover. Anything less than that is inherently aggressive.
  7. Please continue the debate in the link posted by Andu1 if you have any examples to provide of high-scoring matches. I have never, ever, seen an 8-8 match, so I'd be particularly interested in seeing that! On the Argentina issue, Banfield are an anomaly we're aware of. In particular, formations utilising three at the back with no DM or WB cover are asking for trouble. The match engine is playing out as expected. I may be mistaken, but I'd be surprised if any manager in real life would ever play in this way. Yet Banfield possess an attacking formation (3-4-1-2) and a secondary formation (3-4-3)
  8. There are always plans to make the ME as realistic as possible and improving this aspect certainly comes under that remit. It is a huge undertaking though.
  9. Hi mahzen88, if you use the in-game editor you should be able to edit a 'Type' called 'Text'. You can use this to change the colour of the title bar I believe.
  10. As RTHerringbone has mentioned in previous posts, the way we calculate a tackle is different to real life. In FM we generate a tackle every time a player loses the ball as a result of a physical challenge and these physical challenges are the primary way for possession to turn over. In real football, possession is more frequently turned over without an actual challenge ever being made, but instead the player in possession is eased off the ball, or the defender gets his body in between the man and the ball. In this case, comparing tackles to real life statistics is not very useful.
  11. Thanks George, we have been looking into high shot count matches and we've actually managed to find and fix a number of issus over the FM15 cycle thanks to reports from Users such as yourself. If you're still witnessing these types of matches a PKM upload would be very much appreciated. We can then look into how this has happened and further refine the AI's tactical approach to games.
  12. Thanks for this feedback Miek. It's something we know about, but it's not an easy one to solve. In fact, sometimes the game will play on in the background fine and without a hitch, but sometimes it will get stuck. We're looking into how to fix this, but it's not simple.
  13. Yes, please report this in the Match Engine bugs forum and we'll have a look at it. http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/447-Match-Engine-3D-and-Team-Talks
  14. Hi George. If you feel that there is a problem with the Match Engine, in this case there being too many shots, can you report it as a bug here and we can look into how or why this is happening: http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/447-Match-Engine-3D-and-Team-Talks
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