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  1. I've noticed not long ago that previous FM versions are no longer sold in Steam. I'm just curious why is that and if they will return. Not that I need them to buy (I already have 12-18), but I can't buy/sell trading cards for FM17. Will trading cards return or I have to turn them to gems?
  2. Is it the same as in FM17 that ratings doesn't tie to opposition strength? So you playing lot's of friendlies against weaker teams will give boost to partnership?
  3. Add in player info a tab with list whom he can tutor (and be tutored) in my club if I sign him. The same like development -> tutoring, but for scouted player. Just found rather good old cheap resilent player and have young balanced player on same position with same CA and good PA. So I consider to sign elder to try to tutor my player, but since tutoring is a bit mystery to me I'm not sure if I ever will have option to propose tutoring between them. But I'm sure my scouts and coaches knows for sure.
  4. Just trying imagine "Software development manager" with me and other folks having attributes like Creativity, Professionalism, Work rate, "Dreads working on big projects", "Tries to use libraries wherever possible" and others. Kinda weird.
  5. I guess some minor knock injury (as well as worsening relations with teammates) after match should also apply.
  6. Well, I'm not fond of having to save new game (with each new FM I like to try lots of different teams/countries before stick to one), but I agree with SI arguments. So the idea is quite simple and can save a lot of nerves: when you ask the save name game you give not the "Untitled" name, but club name + start date. So I can proceed with 1 click (or change it) instead of trying to remember which club (and it's exact name, since most of teams are unknown to me) I selected this time.
  7. Well... Nice. Not very much, but enough for me to buy and enjoy. Just hope stadium internals don't illustrate FM internals.
  8. To someone above to update statistics: I'm far from child, watch 3D full matches with sound on and not interested in real football. I buy every new version since FM12 and the worst issue for me - not much good changes in management possibilities. ME is less important. I was a bit angered about no info about FM17, but later remembered that steam has return policy. So I'm going to buy with loyalty bonus and then maybe (or maybe not) try if it works.
  9. Thanks for the info! But I guess it's too late to start new game in FM16...
  10. I've tried to start low league in workshop database, but was afraid of amateur status and no money at all (as well as low available staff and players). So I'm curious if it's possible to go up the leagues and get semi-pro status as well as budget and pay wages/bonuses. I guess I read somewhere that you can only go pro, not semi-pro. So can someone share what options are really are?
  11. Bah! If you want racizm you'd better look achievements:
  12. I'd like to see more options when you think player demands more than it cost. Or at least one option: "You agree to proposed wage or you have no future here". This should work both for increasing and decreasing wage compared to current contract. E.g. I have player with wage 2000 and he is "worth" 1000 with less than year contract left, I propose new contract for 1000 for 2-3 years. If he refuses I transfer list him and as noone will pay him 2000 he'll most probably leave club in the end of the year without any job. In real life I guess that's not the future he want, though I know some opposite examples.
  13. Just watched a bit football fights compilations on youtube and had a thought that in reality poor tempered players can be provoked by conventional actions (like very tight marking and force tackling). In result one team gets a red card and other possible injury. So I'm curious what can influence "provocation" level in FM16? What instructions should I give to increase or reduce chance of red cards and injury if there is explosive minded foe? Marking and tackling only? Or they don't influence much?
  14. It's more like "cheating" but there is very high probability that if you offer them new contract they will demand and accept Non-contract terms. After they agree you can fire them without poblems (or keep for emergency backups).
  15. I'm far from PRO but aren't 27 and 50 seconds episodes offsides? And yeah - defense is sleeping.
  16. I think he talks about two "camps" of players. First one think that concept "Press X to win" is great, the second one - it's awful. In games with diffuculty settings these differences are mostly negated, but in FM everyone is equal. So either game supports one side and the other is dissapointed, or it tries to balance and both sides get dissapointed.
  17. I guess tutoring is the best, but perhaps consistency would also improve if you react badly for his poor perfomances. Fines are even better.
  18. Surprise to me. I think names should be changed or thread sticked to reduce confusion. My suggestion: Very poor Poor Below Average Average Fine Good Very good Great Excellent Top
  19. I agree in general, but is it maybe blur can be made not so aggressive so it's possible to read background if needed? For example I try to start with different clubs/nations and right after start I have to save the game. It would be logical to name the game the same as the club name (the pity FM think otherwise and suggest "untitled") but very often I forget what club I clicked this time, so instead of reading background I have to give some weird name. There are many other situations where reading background can be usefull. Idealy there should be slider in preferences to define amount of blur, but hardcoded readable blur will also be nice.
  20. Maybe I was not spelling correct all the time, but the goal is not to win a match, but to find out possible tactic to score. So I will lose not 0-2, but 1-3 for example. And this 1 is not just luck, but a result of dangerous attack movements. I don't want a supertactic that always win. I just want to learn how different instructions work to consider options. Sure it would be better to have specific learning simulator where players do only what is commanded without RND, but we have what we have so only repeating over and over can give you average estimaton of your orders and player abilities. Like in any other game: if you win 100 games on easy - you will not be able to win on hard (if hard is really hard and not just a name). But if you retry 10 games on hard on 11th attempt you can win honestly. And in real life I also hate word "impossible", i always want to know "How can it be possible" to consider "does it worth it".
  21. I think it's much easier to learn when you try many different tactics in one hard situation. If you try many different tactics in many various situations you can almost never decide if it is tactic, RND, or different situation. To win a games against same level teams is not a challenge - it's boring, winning much better team without right tactic is impossible even with 100 reloads.
  22. Hi. I have not much experience in tactics but not a newbie. Takinig outsider in the lowest league I managed to get quite a nice players and tactics so I won almost all games in my league without problem. But now I try to defeat much stronger team (I'm VCS they are L1 outsiders) in a cup. My first priority is learning at a time, so yes I'm save-scumming to see how different tactics work. So I have a nice balanced team and they have team with every player better than mine. I do pretty nice in defence (sure I get some balls in but it's understandable), but attack is something horrible. If I try long passes - they are intercepted. If I try pass into space - their defenders are faster than my forward, so they grab a ball. With lower tempo and narrow short passing I sometimes can get to their penalty area (sometimes losing a ball but quicky retaking it with nearby teammates). But in the penalty area almost all players pack near the center so forward can't neither shoot nor pass, and after sometime they win the ball and send it away. Shooting from distance is also not good because I'm not that good with long shots and they have good keeper and press a lot. So I don't know what to try else. I think maybe it's possible to somehow trick them, so they all mark my STCs, Ms, AMs and my DL will move to penalty area, get a pass and shoot (he is quite good finisher)... But I don't know what orders should I give to DL moving to penalty area with haste (he already has attack task) and orders to all other to keep ball without entering 5vs5 fight in a square meter, and then pass to DL.
  23. Hmm... Looks like bribery... But in FM14 (or FM13?) I had an epic when oppositon GK decided to walk to field center with ball in hands. He got red card and I got fun game.
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