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  1. I have all my training set to rest. When a schedule change happens, random general blocks get added in. Easy to replicate, set everything to rest and let some schedule changes happen.
  2. Was reported as a bug a month ago. States its under review.
  3. Yes I think my penalty conceded stat has gone up since the beta. I'm also conceding more from corners but also seeing less headers over the bar so I'm assuming heading has been given a boost which is welcome.
  4. Requested this before but doing it again. I arrange all training myself. At the end of every season, one of my routines is to go through the calendar for next season and clear out all the training that (for some reason) the AI has put in there. It's a very laborious job as you can see. I do this as it makes it much easier to see where the matches are to put in my own sessions. I also do it for the u18 and u23. Can you either put in a way to clear an entire seasons training with one click, stop the AI from putting in training sessions if you take full control or give us an option to select one schedule to be the default? I have a custom one called "Clear" which is a week of rest.
  5. Don't use too many team and player instructions. The biggest mistake I see is people clicking every instruction without understanding why they're really doing it. Keep things simple.
  6. Seeing some lovely central play and little dinked through balls now. Much improved from the long ball smash-fest before. Really enjoying this so far.
  7. I'm noticing some juddery movement in game too, it's very subtle but players moving and long balls seem to slow down and speed up.
  8. It's the board you need to keep happy, not the fans. Ignore them. You're the boss, don't let fan opinion influence you. I run my empire with an iron fist.
  9. Takes longer than that. Months. It's to stop people hiring someone to get instant knowledge of a country I imagine.
  10. Have the scouts recently joined? It takes time for their knowledge to become fully available to you.
  11. I added the personalised instruction of "Shoot More Often" to Christian Eriksen in midfield. It's now on as default for anyone that plays in that position.
  12. You have to drag the widgets to the edge of the screen then drop them once the sidebar appears. Then pin the sidebar to keep it in place. It's a nice feature, stops them wandering around the screen. I also have three widgets on a tab at the bottom of the screen that I can pop up mid game to check on health and player ratings.
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