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  1. Kane needs boosting. Machine.
  2. There's a thread here for a Poch 3-4-2-1
  3. Fit in friendlies at home against weak opposition, play the players with worst morale and hammer them. Repeat as often as necessary.
  4. Ah ok that's great advice, thank you. I do wish that for every position, there was a blank role you could select and just put in the instructions you want.
  5. OK quick question regarding roles. I have a midfielder who I want simply to sit and hold his position. These are the options I'm looking at: Central Midfielder/Defend which has "Hold Position" and "Close Down More" Deep Lying Playmaker/Defend which has "Hold Position" and "Shoot Less Often" I don't want him closing down so the DLP/D looks most suitable. The thing is, the player is not creative or a great passer at all. He's just a brute I want to sit, hold position and play simple passes. It seems odd to assign this kind of player to a role that has "playmaker" in the title. I suppose my question is, should I basically ignore what the role is called and just focus on the duty and instructions? I mean, are there things going on under the hood for that playmaker role that aren't described by his instructions?
  6. Can anyone explain why this is happening? There is a Ukrainian director of football in the game, Eugene Krasnikov. If I type his name in the search bar at the top, I find him no problem. If I go to the staff search page, no matter what I filter it by, he doesn't show up. I have 100% knowledge of Ukraine and staff with less reputation than him show up, but he doesn't.
  7. under review

    Hi there I'm uploading a save called tiger666(work_permits). It is saved at the very start of the game on 1st July. I just tested it again with the same result. Bid 10m up front and Diego signs immediately with nothing about a work permit. Evander is refused.
  8. Ok thanks, I've raised it.
  9. As per this thread: Two players I tried to sign as Spurs. As far as I can see, neither should get a work permit yet Diego does with no need to appeal. Evander is refused and appeal rejected. Surely Diego should also get refused initially? Unsure if this is a bug anyway or I'm just missing something. Thanks
  10. Sorry to hijack your thread but I have a question regarding work permits too. I play as Spurs. Can anyone explain why one player gets a work permit and the other doesn't? Both Brazilian with no other nationality. No caps or youth caps. I paid 6m each and offered identical contracts of 15k a week as hot prospects. Scout mentions that Evander would not get a permit, nothing is mentioned about a permit for Diego. Diego is granted a work permit on first application with no need to appeal. Evander's application is turned down. I appeal and that fails too. I fully expected them both to fail, no problem there. I just don't understand why Diego got one. What am I missing here?
  11. Yes same. inbox_content_state.xml is 3mb on mine. Good work all anyway, the sluggishness was driving me mad. Good to know a fix will be incoming.
  12. The bonuses you can offer on contracts such as appearance fees, goal bonuses, clean sheet bonuses. I'm assuming they only count for competitive games? They don't come in to effect for under 23 matches right?
  13. Yes that's fixed it for me. Mine was nearly 6mb. Is there a downside to this though?
  14. So this just happened..
  15. I just came to find an answer to this. Navigating the inbox feels very sluggish compared to older versions. I started a new game with just the premier league and small database, removed facepack and makes no difference. Holding the arrow key up or down its taking a second to move between each item. Clicking on an item makes no difference, there's a noticeable delay. I have a desktop with an I7 3770k, GTX970 and 16gb ram.