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  1. I'll ask steam for a refund then. I can't play like this.
  2. Tanguy Ndombele, I'm training up as a right back on the Inverted WIng Back schedule. I only ever play him at right back. Lo and behold after a game he's reverted back to "D (R) - Playing Position" Getting fed up with this to be honest. Also getting fed up with the way you are ignoring this and not even having the decency to issue a response in this thread.
  3. There was no "wanted" icon, no one else came in and I had a free run at him. They just wanted a lot more than the asking price.
  4. I'm playing as Spurs. Lazio transfer listed Milinkovic-Savic for £47m. I offer it all up front. They now want £56m. Why would Lazio view me as a rival?
  5. End of my first season and Liverpool get their revenge.
  6. No idea why you've picked up on Lloris. I posted that just to highlight that "reject all offers" was no longer in the game.
  7. Yes, I see "Reject all loan offers" and "Reject all transfer offers".
  8. It isn't. It used to be for FM17: It's been removed in FM19:
  9. It's just the standard Data Analyst view I think, at work at the moment so can't check.
  10. Can we please get an update on this? It's easy to replicate. Dele Alli was being trained as a BWM in central midfield. I played the next match with him in the AML position. After the match he's training the generic central midfield position. For anyone using players in different positions, this is infuriating. I either have to keep a screenshot of the training screen to remember what schedules I have everyone on, or reload an earlier save to remind myself.
  11. Known bug and infuriating. Hopefully gets fixed but not holding much hope.
  12. Never worked properly in FM17 either.
  13. I'm getting double goalposts in my recorded videos. Any idea?
  14. What ever happened to rounding the keeper? Didn't that used to be a thing? Overhead kicks too.
  15. There are annoying and obvious bugs such as this first reported in March, just 5 months after release that (it appears) are not going to get fixed. I don't think it's expecting too much for a bug to get fixed just 5 months after release.
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