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  1. There were many bug reports raised for set pieces. Acknowledged, under review etc but not fixed.
  2. It doesn't make any difference. Was bug reported many times.
  3. Makes no difference in my experience.
  4. Not sure about "now". They've been ignoring this for years.
  5. I raised many bugs in this game going as far back as November, from trivial things like mouse focus being lost in the inbox after pressing continue to major things like players ignoring set piece instructions. None of them were fixed, not even the ones acknowledged by SI.
  6. Yes, as in I can see my whole team, where everyone is, their shape etc in a nice flat static view that isn't distorted by perspective.
  7. Nobody should ever pre-order a game, ever. Wait until it's out, you've read a lot of opinion, THEN make the decision whether to give developers your hard earned money. Make them earn it, don't give in to pre-order discounts, it's a cancer.
  8. The AI does not learn your tactic or how to counter you, it isn't that advanced. All it will do is go more defensive as your rep increases.
  9. There were too many bugs with FM20 to fix everything it seems, a lot of things were never addressed.
  10. There are plenty of issues with set pieces that were raised and acknowledged. As far as I'm aware none of them were fixed.
  11. Yep. It's not even worth reporting it anymore. Every year it gets brought up and ignored.
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