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  1. Just play fm17. Best version i've played. The series has gone backwards since.
  2. It's an extremely annoying bug they won't fix.
  3. This is one thing that's always annoyed me. There's no way to stop your keeper booting it long sometimes. Even with take fewer risks, distribute short, roll it out, with defenders free etc he'll still occasionally hoof it down the pitch.
  4. Went back to FM17. It's the superior version where I don't have to check training schedules every week because of a bug SI refuse to fix in FM19. Match engine in 17 is very good, no idea why it's been messed with so much.
  5. FM19 is abandoned, nothing will get done now. If this is still a thing in FM20, it will be the last time SI get money from me.
  6. The personality of your coaching staff affects your newgen personalities? That's the first I've heard about it. The only member of staff I bother looking at their personality is the HOYD.
  7. As with a lot of feedback in Football Manager, you ignore it. Must be a nightmare for a new player to learn this game with your staff giving wrong feedback about personal traits, players moaning about training not benefitting them when you can see their attributes increasing and tips on loading screens being many generations out of date.
  8. I very much doubt this is modelled in-game.
  9. I completely ignore it. Who cares what they think? It's what the board think that I care about.
  10. This is a bug that stopped me from playing:
  11. I don't agree. I believe the match engine was far better in beta.
  12. Makes no difference in my experience. Also completely ignore their protests. Another part of the game that can be very confusing for new players.
  13. Been like it for years. No idea why it can't just all work independently like Excel. Pretty basic stuff. Loads of threads have been made about it over the years and have been acknowledged then completely ignored.
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