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  1. The only way to make a difference is to vote with your wallets. Stop buying the product and especially stop paying for early access.
  2. I ignore or turn off every bit of advice from every staff member in FM. Always have, always will.
  3. No idea, I haven't seen them say anything about the match ui. I doubt they'll change it, seems to be our way or the highway.
  4. Yep, I play in 2D. I won't be buying the game while the UI is in such a bad state.
  5. This 433 you're playing. Do you mean it's 3 players in the striker positions or 1 striker + AML/AMR?
  6. Calm down, mentioning defensive play may need tightening up isn't a "nerf attack post".
  7. Saw someone on Reddit had 72 goals from Haaland in a season. Defensive play may need tightening up somewhat.
  8. Any reason we can't now decide who gets to train their weaker foot? There seems to be a lot being taken away from the managers with this release.
  9. But my point is, if you want that info, you have to have a huge tablet on screen meaning you can't watch the game. They seem to have gone out of their way to make the match experience worse.
  10. It's not even stats that annoy me the most, it's information. I can't see easily when a player has a knock, I can't see as soon as the opposition change formation. I don't see what harm having that info was doing.
  11. This is an argument I never understand. If you want less information, don't have any widgets up. It's the lack of choice that annoys me. Give us the option to have what information we want.
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