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  1. I'd rather the time and resources were spent improving the main game thanks.
  2. It's not just this year. They've been overrated for a while:
  3. Not as far as I'm aware.
  4. I always thought the same with training preferred moves. I ask my coach to train a player to do something, the coach says it won't work and suggests something else seemingly randomly, I insist and lo and behold, 6 months later the move is successful. It happens all the time. I want to know why the coach is telling me it won't work and why he thinks something else would be better.
  5. What I tend to do is make a named save when I start a new game before I touch anything. "Fresh Start" or something. Then set up all my squad, tactics, filters, staff responsibilities etc etc and make another save called "Fresh Start All Setup" or whatever so I can revert back anytime without having to do all that. Not ideal though and I agree with you.
  6. What does it matter if SI are happy with them if the customers aren't?
  7. Pressing doesn't really work in FM.
  8. What has happened to 2D view?

    Where can we turn off the flashing ad boards?
  9. You're not really helping in these threads by constantly resorting to insults.
  10. If anything, the other players should like it as it gives them playing time.
  11. You don't get to know everything about any player straight away. You get a first initial rough overview of them. Knowing 'everything' takes time, as it has done for many versions.
  12. I have a feeling there won't be an option to be turn off ad boards. The sponsors wouldn't be happy.
  13. 2D improvements

    I cannot agree with this enough.
  14. Ok fair enough. It's not a bug though. If every query we have has to be raised in the bugs forum, what's the point of this thread?